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Issue 442 -19 March 2010


									                                            Phone: 318 7450 Fax: 318 7451
    Inside this issue:
Cheesemaker cont..      2
                                            Email:                                                                    ISSUE 442
Local Sports            2
                                            Web:                                                       Friday 19th March 2010
Leela Beattie           3
Junior Tennis           3
100kms for Oxfam        4
Police Report            5
                                                                                                       Emilio Festa now lives at            time he worked in a cheese
Poo on Shoe, Not For You 5
                                                                                                       Aylesbury and has just gained        factory producing typical Italian
Hororata School         6                                                                              Nationwide recognition as the        che eses like mo zzar ella ,
Glentunnel School       6                                                                              winner of the Curds & W hey          provolone, taleggio mascarpone
Playcentre Awareness    7                                                                              Champion Hobbyist Cheese             and many others. Unfortunately
West Melton School      7
                                                                                                       Award for his Ricotta as well as     this company was to close
                                                                                                       the       Ka therine Mo wbray        because of financial problems
NZSO Greets Train at    8                                                                              Cham pi on H obbyi s t               and Emilio was forced to find
Arthur’s Pass                                                                                          Cheesemaker in the Cuisine New       other employment. This new
Belt Up ‐ No Excuses    8                                                                              Zealand Champions of Cheese          employment wasn’t connected
 MALVERN A & P                                                                                         Awards.                              to cheese production but
                                                                                                       Emilio comes from a small            assisted him in the areas of
   FEATURE                                                                                             village in the Brescia district of   business management and
         Pages 9 ‐ 22                                                                                  North Italy but now lives in         personal growth. Over the
                                                                                                       Aylesbury, New Zealand with his      ensuing years, Emilio continued
Sports                  23
                                                                                                       wife and children..                  to add to his knowledge of
Diary                   24                                                                             After finishing his studies in       cheesemaking by attending
Public Notices          24‐25                                                                          Agricultural Science Emilio          courses on the topic - the last
                                                                                                       attended a one year course of        of which was two years ago,
Classifieds             25‐27
                                                                                                       theoretical and practical studies    while on holiday in Italy.
Trades                  27‐28                                                                          in cheese making. During this                 Continued on page 2...
Email                   28

  CIRCULATION: Over 4700 ‐
  Area SH I West, between
  the rivers.
  The     information    and
  opinions published are not
  necessarily those of the              Emilio Festo of Aylesbury - officially a Champion
                                                    Hobbyist Cheesemaker
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  Malvern News proprietors.
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                                                                                                                                                             C rafts
         Tuesday                                              If weather poor, Market is in School Hall                                            • Arts &
Page 2                                                                                                                                      Fr iday 19th Mar ch 2010

                                                                   ...continued from front page.            deer and cropping farm and           o utle t for his prod ucts ,
                                                                   “I always dreamed of producing           also run my own small farm, but      preferring to trial it on friends in
                                                                   cheese,” Emilio said, “and when          was al ways dreaming of              return for their reviews, as he
♦ All makes & models                                               some years ago I came to New             producing cheese. I really           strives for perfection.
♦ Ride-on mowers - free pickup                     &
  delivery (Malvern area)                                          Zealand for a holiday I thought          wished to recreate the real          “As joke I sent three cheeses to
♦ Fast, friendly service                                           that this could be the right place       tastes and characteristics of        the Cuisine New Zealand
Phone Stuart or Hamish 03 318 1847                                 to do so. I decided to leave             some of the cheeses from my          Champions of Cheese Awards
                                                                   everything in my original                Italian homeland, but do it here     2010,” said Emilio.
                                                                   country and four and a half              in New Zealand.”                     The winning of the Hobbyist
                                                                   years ago I moved here.”                 Finding the right milk was only      Category with his Ricotta, a
                                                                   E milio f oun d a jo b a s               one of the obstacles Emilio          Br o n ze m e da l f o r hi s
                                                                   cheesemaker at ‘The Art of               encountered, but in the end his      “Formaggella” and a Silver
                                                                   Cheese’ in Puhoi, but to comply          p assio n, d edi catio n a n d       medal with his “Mozzarella”
                                                                   with residency requirements for          knowledge won out as well as a       confirms that Emilio’s dream
                                                                   himself and his family, he had to        chance meeting with some             can become a reality.
                                                                   move on.                                 obliging dairy farmers who           Obviously everyone would like to
                                                                   “I moved to the South Island             provided him with the correct,       try some of these outstanding
       Donations to Sheffield &                                    and realised that the climate            vital raw ingredient. So began       cheeses and so Emilio’s nex t
         Springfield Plunket                                       was very similar to my region in         his small hobbyist production as     project is to acquire the
                                                                   Italy (Lombardia) and once I             he transformed New Zealand           necessary permits to allow him
        are much appreciated.                                      had obtained the necessary               milk (which he says is ex cellent    to market his cheese at farmers
        Buckets will be at                                         residency documentation, I               for the task) into cheese, with      markets as well as ex tending
                                                                   decided to stay in Canterbury.”          the true characteristics of Italy.   the variety available..
        Sheffield Pie Shop,                                        “I now work on a beef-sheep-             To date Emilio hasn’t a retail
    Springfield Service Centre,
      Springfield Store & Café
        & Springfield Hotel
     Thank you for your support.
                                                                   Results from finals
                                                                   Mixed 1 winner        Old School
      HORORATA                                                     Mixed 1 R/U
                                                                   Mixed 2 winner
                                                                                         Pro Dairy
                                                                                         Old Buggers
   WHOLESALE NURSERY                                               Mixed 2 R/U
                                                                   Sportsw oman
                                                                                         Bar Open
                                                                                         Melinda Quart ly
     OPEN WEEKEND                                                  Sportsman             Willie Rhind
  Thi s coming Sat 20th & Sun 21st March                           Most Improved         Old Buggers
                                                                   Most Consistent       Run-a-mok
           9am - 2pm each day                                      Most Touchdowns       Pro Dairy
           Plant now for some Autumn growth.                       Committee Trophy      Jeff Strowger
            Natives, H edging, Trees & Shrubs
               to suit our local conditions.
         o Top Quality stock at wholesale prices.
                                                                                                               Devon Crequer, Nathanial Dysart and Max Summerfield with
 Sorry n
       os          Barga in Hunters!! -                                                                       Canterbury Crusader Andy Ellis following the W eetbix Tryathlon
   End of lines and 2nd grade trees going cheap!!
                                                                                                                                    last weekend.
       The best quality at wholesale prices!
    277 Hororata Road Phone 03 318 0081

                                                                       Sportsman - Willie Rhind &
                                                                     Sportsw oman - Melinda Quart ly

           The Oaks                                                                                            The tens tournament held at Kirwee last weekend was a huge
      Historic Homestead                                             Ph 03 318 8663                         success - much fun was had by all especially by the youngsters on
                                                                                                              the bouncy castle, by the players enjoying a well prepared field
              Organic menus available                               Mob 02 7 229 4965                        and by supporters viewing an entertaining spectacle. Organisers
Cn r Clint ons Road                     Ph one: 03 3 18 72 32          Fax03 318 8904
                                                                            thank all the Kirwee members that made it happen and give special
& St ate Hi gh way 73                     F ax: 0 3 318 7236
D arfie ld                            M obi le: 027 2 41 39 99         3 North Tce, Darfield                 thanks for the great music and commentary support throughout
Can te rbu ry          Emai l: th e oaks @quic ksilv e .nz   Showroom ‐ in DarfieldBakery                                  the day from Chris Singh.
Ne w Ze al and        We b: ww eoaksh omeste ad.c o.n z        3D KITCHEN DESIGN AVAILABLE                    Above the game between hosts Kirwee and Sumner.
 Fr iday 19th Mar ch 2010                                                                                                                                                 Page 3

All parents know t he high financia l
cost inv olv ed in assis ting a
talented child reach their ful l
pot ent ial. All comm unities enjoy
the reflect ed glory when t hes e
talent ed youngst ers put the
                                                                                                                            A SEL ECTION OF LISTINGS
district on t he m ap and over the                                                                                          New! 5 Mulholland Driv e, Darfield – DA1292 &
                                                                                                                                     www. open2v # 220939
years M alvern has nurt ured m ore
                                                                                                                      Stunning 270m² 4 b/rm, 2 bathroom plus office Linea home.
than its fair share of talent in                                                                                      2.0022ha in 4 paddocks, plus sheep yards. Fabulous o/plan
sports as w ell as arts, music and                                                                                     kitchen/dining & living open to the covered deck, living and
design. Now it’s tim e to ass ist wit h                                                                                outdoors with mountain views. Separate lounge, log fire &
the development of the next                                                                                            heat pump. St/steel appliances, neutral colours & gorgeous
                                                                                                                    drapes add the "x factor" to this appealing property. $675,000.
Malvern succ ess st ory.                                                                                                       New! 21 Piako Drive, Darfield – DA1290 &
Sixteen year old, tennis champion                                                                                                    www. open2v # 220928
L eela Beatt ie (Hororata/Darfield)                                                                                    Spacious 4 b/rm, 2 bathroom, brick home in popular Piako
has a heav y sc hedule of                                                                                               Drive. Positioned beautifully on 5540m² with o/plan living,
                                                  Leela Beattie fast climbing the ladder to success                       separate lounge, dble i/a garage plus 2nd dble garage.
tournam ent book ings t o enable
                                                                                                                           A large deck overlooks expansive lawns. $539,000.
her t o retain her already high          Auckland (N orthc ote Team) -         Open. Won Otago O pen. A ll                  New! 292 Horndon Street, Darfield – DA1291 &
rank ings st atus. N eedless to say,     play ed num ber one s pot,            play ed in January and February                       www. open2v # 220900
these tournam ents involve trav el,      winning all games and w on last       2010                                      Immaculate 3 b/rm p.m. home with w/back log fire, HRV
accom modat ion and addit iona l                                                                                             system, heat pump and spacious conservatory.
                                         week against t he New Zealand Kelvin, Diane and Leela are al l
                                                                                                                          On a manicured 841m² section overlooking the sports
sports related ex pens es and            num ber six who had beat en her ex t r em el y gr at ef u l a n d                          domain & tennis courts. $376,000.
Leela’s parents, K elv in and D iane     in the Caro Bowl final. (Caro apprec iat ive of the assistanc e and                     714 Courtenay R oad, Kirwee – DA1284
are hoping M alvern’s bus iness          Bowl and Chels ea Cup are the support they’ve already received                4 ha fenced into 3 main well sheltered paddocks. Fully dble
community (or privat e altruist ic       two top Women’s competit ions from t he comm unity and it has                glazed 136m² home incl dble i/a garage. Ens, log fire in the
individuals) may lik e to assist wit h                                                                              living, 2 bay lock up shed + older disused house (suit storage).
                                         in New Zealand).                   gone a long way to ass isting leela
                                                                                                                    Establishment of grounds & landscaping/planting will enhance
putt ing Malvern well and t ruly on • Leela has played against and get t o where s he c urrent ly is.                             the overall value. $469,000 plus GST .
the m ap. Funding from individuals,      won against the New Zealand Leelas achiev ement is one we can                       69 Waddington Roa d, Waddington – DA1287
bus ines ses, t rust s, c harit ies,     num ber six, s even and nine in all s hare in and if we c an all ass ist       2732m² section in two titles of 1012m² & 1720m² fronting
grants or s ponsorship would be          the last few m ont hs.             in even a sm all way she can             Waddington Road. Power, phone and water adjacent, but not
                                                                                                                     connected. Selling below current rateable value. $135,000.
very muc h appreciated and ass ist • Won Wom en’s Singles at N ort h continue up the ladder of succ ess.
                                                                                                                              1141 Greendale Road, Darfield – DA1278 &
greatly wit h the ongoing expens es      Otago O pen. Won West Coast                                                                 www. open2v # 218424
involved in creating a fut ure w orld-                                                                                 6 ha of established lifestyle with option to subdivide. 4 b/rm
class champion.                                                                                                       (ens) p.m. dble glazed home, with sep office, formal lounge,
A t t he beginning of t he                                                                                              adjoining spacious open plan kitchen/dining/living, butler's
                                                                                                                          pantry. Vendors invite offers over $765,000, plus GST
2009/2010 season fift een year
                                                                                                                                                  (on land).
old L eela was rank ed 23rd                                                                                                     11 Kimberley Road, Darfield – DA1280 &
amongst N ew Zealand w omen                                                                                                          www. open2v # 218422
tennis play ers, now at t he end of                                                                                   Immaculate throughout 4 b/rm (ens) brick home with 2 living
the seas on and just turned s ixteen                                                                                 spaces and sheltered, private outdoor entertaining. T riple i/a
                                                                                                                       garaging, on a fully fenced and nicely established 1011m2
she has a t ent h plac e rank ing and
                                                                                                                                             section. $445,000
an Internat ional Tennis Federat ion                                                                                  These and our other current listings av ailable to v iew at:
World Junior ranking of 270th.                                                                                                
Leela is c urrent ly coached by her                                                                                                    Call CRT’s No. 1 Team &
father K elvin, in D arfield and by                                                                                                 let our expertise work for you.
Gary Swinkles in Auckland. Her list
of rec ent ac hiev ements is                                                                                                   Chris Abbott 027 435 2872
impressiv e:                                                                                                                   Jane Abbott 027 272 9599
• Runner U p in tw o M oney                                                                                                 Ph 0800 278 583 or (03) 317 9070
   Tournaments during Decem ber
   2009 and Semi Finals at                                                                                           
   another Money Tournament in
   the sam e month.
• Quarter Finalist in t he N ew
   Zealand Resident ials, los ing Seven Malvern Junior Tennis Players represented Canterbury Country
   only t o M arina Erak ovic.           and played against Canterbury Town at Ashburton recently. There                                           Wine Tastin g,
• Leela played in the Caro Bow l
                                        were four different age groups competing and on this occasion town
                                                              emerged the winner 3 to 1.                                                         Wine & Beer Sales
   Auckland (Roy al Oak Team) and
   won all round robin gam es at Back Left to Right. Lauren Tyler-Harwood, Rebecca Henderson , Alex                                          with Fresh Food Platters
   num ber one spot only losing in      Davidson. Simon Stronach. Front Left to right . CT Ampornacharrya,                                 Fri, Sat & Sun: 11am - 6pm
   the final. In the Chelsea Cup                    Dominic Brett-Kelly and Freddy Varley-Clapp.                                              796 High field Road, Aylesbury
Page 4                                                                                                                                Fr iday 19th Mar ch 2010

                                                                 Once again The First Step
                                                                 p ersona l Tr ainin g S tu di o
                   Natural Health Dispensary                     (Darfield) has a team entered in
                       Stockists of :                            the Ox fam 100km Trail walker.
           • Thompsons                  • Metagenics
                                                                 T he walk, on e h un dre d
           • Weleda                     • Orthoplex              kilometres around a very scenic
           • Red Seal                   • Nurtimedicine          Taupo Track, is a major
           • New Millenium Essences     • Raceview Creams        fundraiser for Ox fam. It involves
           • Annies                     • Love Cake              a team of four, with all four
                                                                 participants walking the full one
 5 Ross St, Darfield ● Ph 03 317 9442                            hundred kilometres together.
                                                                 This Year’s Team is Bronwyn
                                                                 Adams–Hooper, Sandra Lee,
                                                                 Tracy Stevenson and Sarah
                                                                 Of course training for this event
                                                                 is a big undertaking and
            * Now in Rolleston *                                 commitment with twenty to thirty
          Back, Neck, Leg or Shoulder pain?                      k i lo m e tre wa lk s be i n g
                Constant Headaches?                              undertaken each weekend and
                 Old/New Injuries?                               on some weekends doing this             Team First Step, Sarah Adams, Sandra Lee, Tracy Stevenson
                                                                 twice! But it is this preparation                  and Bronwyn Adams-Hooper walking
 Professional Therapeutic Massage Can Help!                                                                           one hundred Kilometres for Oxfam
                                                                 that will ensure that the event is
    Rochelle Drury Dip. Massage Therapy CCNM                     a fun undertaking for the team.
          Please call to arrange you r appointment.                                                   smallgoods to the public as         ready for the freezer. Each
             P 03 347 4988 or M 027 256 8978
                                                                 “In fact last year I think I
                                                                 laughed for most of the twenty       well.”                              ticket will have a one in twenty
                                                                                                      The team have undertaken to         seven chance of winning - which
                                                                 nine hours it took us,” said
                                                                                                      sell $ 10 raffle tickets as their   by anyone’s standards is not
                                          Providing free         With each team undertaking to        fundraiser for Ox fam with a        only great odds but money
                                         pregnancy tests,                                             prize being a prime quarter of      going to a great cause! Please
                                                                 raise $ 2,000 to go to Ox fam,
                                                                                                      the cattle beast, processed and     phone 3187918 for tickets
                                         pregnancy care,         project sponsorship is vital and
                                           labour, birth         the team thanks The Shoe Clinic
                                          and post‐natal         who donated their training T-
Phone:                                  service at hospital
                                                                 Shirts plus CRT Real Estate, The            FOR FITNESS, HEALTH,
• Maxine 317 9200                                                Terrace W inebar and Cafe,
         027 430 5429
                                             or home.            Darfield Beaurepaires, Taege                   WEIGHT LOSS,
                                                                 Engineering, On Y our Bike Hire
• Val    03 312 1497                                             and David Stevenson Fencing                    MUSCLE TONE,
         021 054 2889                                            C o n tr a cto r s f o r t h e i r
                                                                 contributions.                             ENERGY, OR TO RESTORE
                                                                 “W e have been given a cattle
                                                                 beast to use as a novel fund
                                                                                                               MOVEMENT TAKE
                                                                 raiser,” said Bronwyn. “Not only
                                                                 that but we are fortunate to
                                                                                                                THE FIRST STEP
                                                                 have the n ewly bra nded
                                                                 Greendale Butchery business of
                                                                 Matt and Bron wyn Dering
                                                                                                              PHONE BRONWYN ON
                                            Business Hours
Phone 03 318 8392                  •    Mon       9am - 5pm
                                                                 donate the processing of it for
                                                                                                                   318 7918
                                   •    Tues      1pm - 7pm
      New premises                 •    Wed       9am - 4:30pm   “Greendale Butchery , as well as
 42 So uth Terr ace, Darfield      •    Thurs     9am - 1pm      th e i r p o p ul ar h om ek il l
(Opposite Malvern But chery )      •    Fri       9am - 3pm      processing business, are now
                                                                 offering high quality meats and

                                                       OPENING HOURS
                                                          Mon: 7 .30-12.00 3.00-7.30

                                                          Wed: 7 .30-12.00 2.00-7.30

                                                          Thurs: 7.30-12.00 3 .00-6.00

                                                          Fri:   7.30-12.00 2 .00-6.00

                                                                                Proud to support Team First Step
 Fr iday 19th Mar ch 2010                                                                                                                                         Page 5

        Visit                                                   PEMBERTON DRIVE
                                                                                          • Easy commu te to Christchurch
                                                                                          • A quality developmen t in an
                                                                                             established country village
                                                                                          • On the doorstep of the Sou thern Alps                   REALTY LTD
                                                                                                                                                Licensed Agent RE AA 2008
                                                                                          • Prices from $138,000 - $160,000
                                                                                          • Size range from 651m2 - 1045m2
                                                                                            One lucky buyer will win a minimum cash back of $30,000 with 1-3
                                                                                            sections so ld. This a mount will increase by $10,000 increments for each
                                                                                            subsequent sectio n sold , up to a maximum of $70,000

    C on tact An nie Smith (Li censed Ag en t REAA 2 008 ) 03 31 8 854 8 or 0 27 20 2 815 5 or visit www. cashback on secti

•   As the price of metal increases again, Police are warning residents to
    be aware of what metal items they may have lying around their properties.                                         EXPERIENCED ARBORIST                 • Hedges
    Thieves are targeting copper, aluminium, lead (including batteries) and all types of                                                                   • Trees - Pruning
    heavy metal such as steel. Anyone with a yard having lots of metal components lying around should
                                                                                                                           & CL IMBER                              - Shaping
                                                                                                                                                                   - Reductions
    be vigilant. There have also been some reports of houses under construction in the Selwyn area                          John Royle                             - Thinning
                                                                                                                                                                   - Felling
    having wiring removed then the insulation burned off prior to the copper being sold.                              Ph: 03 326 7677 or 027 510 4637              - Removals
•   Diesel is also being targeted in larger quantities with several thefts of 400 to 500 litres. Most of the           Email:                 - Plantings
                                                                                                                                 - Forestry
    thefts are fuel which has been taken from trucks, tractors and diggers rather than storage tanks.
•   There are on-going accounts of intentional damage around Darfield township, usually at night. Two
    houses in Perrin Place have had windows broken over the last couple of months after rocks were
    thrown over their fences from the railway line. If anyone has any knowledge of who is behind this
    damage please contact the Darfield Police.
•   The whole community needs to keep an eye out around the streets for children, and slow down
    around school buses that are stopping to pick up or set down passengers. Drivers are reminded
    there is also a reduced speed tolerance around schools and also to spare a thought for roading
    contractors at various worksites in the district and keep to the posted speed limit when passing
    through the construction zones. As winter approaches, it’s a good time to think about the tyre tread
    depth on vehicles and the fitness of wiper blades. Keeping the windscreen clean will assist greatly,
    with the sun now being lower in the sky, mornings and evenings for the commute to and from work.
From the Team at the Darfield Police

                                                                                                                      Clark Land Surveyor s Ltd
Well I really thought I had             their right to impose their dog’s       disgust of stepping in dog poo        REGIST ERED SURVEYORS – LAND USE PLANNERS
reached the giddy pinnacle of           by-products on the whole                and it doesn’t go well on                     DEVELOPMENT CONSULT ANT S
success when I was asked to             neighbourhood. Dog owners               cricketing whites either,” Mandy
write a story about dog                 need to be aware that they MUST         concluded.                            Pro mpt, friendly, innovative and cost efficient
ex crement. Imagining I may have        pick up their dog’s poo. Dogs in        So if you’re one of the careless       solutions for your surveying, mapping, land
to get myself donkey-deep in            a public place (as stipulated in        dog owners who don’t pick up         development & land use planning requirements
d o ggy -d o to th or ou gh ly          Section 20 of the Dog Control Act       after your dog - please, for the
investigate the article didn’t thrill   1996 and Section 13 of Selwyn           sake of all those that enjoy the     Free initial consultation and budget analysis
me at all, but unfortunately that       District Council’s Dog Control          Recreation Reserve, start doing
is ex actly what many users of the      bylaw 2006) have to be on a             so. It’s often helpful to take       Contact: Christchurch 03 339 0401, F ax 03 339 0408
Darfield recreation Reserve are         leash and the Darfield Recreation       multiple bags with you as our                        Email: cls@cls.c
having to do - without an               Reserve is most definitely a            canine friends can often defecate       PO Box 8177, Riccarton, Christc hurch 8440
editorial ex cuse!                      public place.                           on more than one occasion
W ould you want your child              While the Recreation Reserve            during a walk. Using the insert
playing sport on a faeces littered      committee don’t wish to take the        hand, inverted bag method is
field? Sand between the toes is         ex treme step of banning dogs           ideal - as long as you haven’t
one thing, dog poo is entirely          from the facility, they will do so if   already used the bag for the
another! Not only is it offensive,      the current level of contamination      same purpose! There are bins
disgusting and ex tremely smelly        continues.                              available at the Recreation
it poses a real health risk too.        “People cannot be ex pected to          Centre and discussion is
Anyone who has jumped into              tolerate sports fields littered with    underway on the possibility of
their car having unwittingly            dog poo,” said Darfield Township        installing more. The bottom line
trodden in dog poo knows just           a nd Re cre a ti on Reserv e            is, that it’s a community resource
how pungent and long-lasting it         Committee member, Mandy                 for all to enjoy and shouldn’t be
can be.                                 McCaughan. “The pleasure of             defiled by a small number of
While most dog owners are               playing rugby or football on            irresponsible dog owners.
responsible there are an                beautifully prepared pitches is
increasing number who think it is       taken away by the stench and
Page 6                                                                                                                           Fr iday 19th Mar ch 2010

                              • Hayshed s,
                                covered yard s,
                                stables & deer             A ctive S chools has bee n
                                sheds                      introduced as a response to
                              • Sheep, cattle &            falling physical activity levels
                                deer yard s for            among New Zealand primary
                                large farms or             school children.          Becoming
                                                           physically active is brilliant for
                                lifestyle blocks
                                                           health, happiness and learning.
                              • Kitset sheds               Over the past few years Hororata
                                erected                    Primary school has worked
                                                           alongside Sports Canterbury to
          Contact Kelvin Kimber                            develop an Active School Culture.
          Deer Farming Services                            Parents, Teachers and senior
                                                                                                swim fit classes for the school’s     participated in the W eet-Bix
    0274 383 572 318 7342               students have worked hard
                                                                                                more able swimmers.                   Tryathlon at QEII Stadium
                                                           supporting children to be more
                                                                                                The school is also offering pupils    Chris tchurch.       Th e tea m
                                                           active, stay active, and really
                                                                                                a variety of clubs this year to       supported by Marty Gameson
                                                           enjoy physical activity.
                                                                                                provide children with recreational    (Principal) and parents enjoyed
                                                           Active Schools is about giving
                                                                                                choices, such as gardening,           the challenge and now look
                                                           children choices and encouraging
                                                                                                wood work and the Arts.               forward to further events later
                                                           children away from the computer,
                                                                                                In addition to the aquatics           this year.
                                                           television and cell phone and
                                                                                                coaching and clubs programme          The W eetbix team (above)
                                                           ex posing them to interests,
                                                                                                the Hororata Harriers have been       consisted of Tahlia Conrad-
                                                           hobbies and opportunities that
                                                                                                running now since the beginning       Hinga, Pippa Foster, Bronwyn
                                                           involve physical activity.
                                                                                                of the year, with a focus on          Smith, Micaela Curtin, Georgia
                                                           To promote an Active Culture, the
                                                                                                preparing children for the            Reynolds, Louis Smith, Simon
                                                           school, in partnership with the
                                                                                                upcoming athletic events. In          Penney, Henry Freeman, Aidan
                                                           Hororata PTA and Christina
                                                                                                preparation for this the school       Conrad-Hinga, Elise Lineham,
                                                           Clarkson, has been running an
                                                                                                has been running daily harriers,      Murphy Kupe, Abby Thornley Will
                                                           Aquatics Programme including
                                                                                                power walking, swimming and           Freeman, Renee Penney, Holly
                                                           ability grouped swim classes and
                                                                                                cycling groups.                       Kimber, Tiffany Lineham, Ben
                                                                                                On Sunday 14 March 2010,              Kimber and J essica Osborne
                                                                                                eighteen Hororata students

                                               Phone 0800 441 007
                                               Office 03 943 0795
                                               Cell 027 230 2373
                                               Email inf

Save travel costs from the city - Use a local builder                                            Minister of Education, Anne Tolley and Selwyn MP Amy Adams are
                                                                                                              surrounded by Glentunnel School pupils.
                                                                                                Glentunnel School has really          Some questions were asked of
                                                                                                been in the limelight recently.       the students and the responses
                                                                                                Visited on March 10th by Selwyn       to “what do you like most about
                                                                                                MP Amy Adams and Minister of          Glentunnel School,” were varied
                                                                                                Education Anne Tolley, the            and enthusiastic.
                                                                                                school and its pupils were filmed     “Everything,” said one student,
                                                                                                by TV3 for inclusion in their         “our pool,” said another.
                 Price from $250 000.00 including floor cov erings                              evening news bulletin.                “Is it a good school to come to,”
• Turn key fixed price contract           • One on one with builder from enquiry                Amy commented on the strong           the children were asked.
• Fully declared cos ting structure         to compl eted constructi on                         positive feeling that ex ists at      "Yes - it's lots of fun," one child
• LOCAL D esign & Building service        • House & Land packages available                     Glentunnel School as well as the      replied, followed by, “the work is
•                                   is
  Over 100 hous e plans or cus tom ed       from $350K                                          knowledge that appropriate            hard - but we get lots of help."
  Design Service av ailabl e.             • New Builds, R enovations and                        educational programmes were           The enthusiasm of the children
• Qualified trades men                      Additions                                           being delivered to its pupils while   pretty much says it all -
    Design & Build to your budget - Check out our website for details                           Anne was most impressed by the        Glentunnel is their school and
                                                                                                strong community support the          they love it!
www. buildconn                        www.buildconne                         school enjoys.
Fr iday 19th Mar ch 2010                                                                                                                                       Page 7

Playcentre’s Biennial Awareness     them. Thanks to a very             microwave, fridge and printer.
W eek is held between March         g en ero us don a tio n fro m      A generous grant from the
21st and 28th and Hororata          Fonterra Co-operative Group        Community Organisation Grants
Playcentre is embracing this                                                                                 Latest Scan Tool Diagnostics
                                    Limited – Clandeboye Site the      Scheme funded the new signage         Full Servicing & Lubes
year’s theme of W hānau tupu        Hororata Playcentre now has a      recently installed at Hororata        WOF Inspections
ngātahi or families growing         brand new Heat Pump that was       Playcentre and plans are afoot        Full Mechanical Repairs &
together.                           installed over the summer          to use fundraising money for          Maintenance
Hororata Playcentre is inviting     break. A grant from the            the purchase of new books,            Tuning/Welding/Auto Electrics
local families to visit their       Canterbury Community Trust, is     music, sand and bark.                 Windscreen Replacement &       Cnr of Thornton &
playcentre on the mornings of       enabling the Playcentre to         Hororata Playcentre sessions          Chip Repairs                      South Tce
Monday March 22nd and Friday        upgrade their Under Two’s area     are held on Mondays from              Mechanical Warranty
March 26th to see just how          and has allowed them to            9.15am-11.45am and Fridays            Insurance Approved            Phone Jason or Paul
Playcentre and families work        purchase new bunk cots plus        from 10am-12. 30pm . For              Puncture Repairs                 03 318 8113
and grow together.                  bedding, a change table and        further information please            Subaru Specialist
Throughout New Zealand about        Playnest with Gym and still more   contact Amanda Henriksen 03
11,000 Playcentre families at       to come. Hororata Playcentre       3180949 or 021 100 5827.
nearly 500 centres will spend       have also upgraded their           Email:
the week celebrating their six ty
two year-old early childhood
option in a myriad of ways.                                                                                 Gum Leaf gutter guard has been proven on 1000’s of homes
Hororata Playcentre is a parent-                                                                                        across Australia for the last 12 years.
                                                                                                              Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with unique
run Early Childhood Education
                                                                                                           patented louvre which will even keep out pine needles. Will not
Centre which acknowledges and                                                                               rust or sag with age or load. Colour matched to your existing
supports parents as the first                                                                                  roof colour. 10 Year warranty for total peace of mind.
and most important educators
of their children.                                                                                          Call Rohan Rudd for a no obligation assessment and quote today
In the last two years Hororata                                                                               03 9828850 or 0800 486532
                                                                                                            Any time, any day except Sunday
Playcentre has seen some                                                                                         (we all need a day off)
ex citing new changes assisted           Kiana Joynes and Logan Hadfield get to know each other
by the community that supports                                                                      
                                                         at Hororata Playcentre

Recently Year three students        willing parent helpers who         Camping Day at sch ool,
from West Melton School had a       dished up a nutritious breakfast   participating in a variety of
sleepover at the school as part     of Weetbix and toast. All of the   activities including orienteering    • Grabs, cut s trunks up to
of their Education Outside the      Year 0-3 students then had a       and team challenges.                   400mm diameter, a nd
Classroom programme of work.                                                                                  lowers the m i n a
The students could opt to sleep                                                                               controlled way
in tents or classrooms and not                                                                              • Can top to 8m high
surprisingly the majority chose                                                                             • Minimi se damage to
the outdoor tenting option.                                                                                   buildi ngs, fences,
Although the evening proved to                                                                                gardens etc.
be rather cold (with the                                                                                    • Free quote s Canterb ury wide
temperature getting down to a
cool four degrees overnight) all                                                                                       Phone Peter Whyte
emerged from their slumber                                                                                         027 426 5595 or 03 347 4941
with smiles the follo wing
morning. The pupils were             George Turner and Nicholas Pitts outside their tent after a West       
greeted by a troop of keen and                   Melton school sleepover experience.

                                                                                                                                                   Try our;
                                                                                                                                             100% Pure Beef
                                                                                                                                                   range of

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         021 0253 6001
                                                 All our animals are home grown                                                                  Traditional
      Also available from                        Processed animals ar e all naturally aged before being                                        wood smoked
       Oxford Farmers                           packed                                                                                          Biersticks &
          Market                                Wide range of products available (bulk packs o n request)                                         Metworst

    Available: DARFIELD FARMERS MARKET every Saturday 9am-1pm

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