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1. A car accelerates steadily so that it goes from a velocity of 20 m/s to a velocity of 40 m/s in 4
   seconds. What is its acceleration?
    A. 0.2 m/s2                  B. 4 m/s2                     C. 5 m/s2                  D. 10 m/s2

2. The sewer which transports the sewage to the point of treatment, is called
    A. house sewer               B. outfall sewer              C. branch sewer            D. main sewer

3. Currency of Japan is
    A. dollar                    B. yen                        C. yuan                    D. euro

4. The hardest form of carbon is
    A. coke                      B. graphite                   C. diamond                D. charcoal

5. In Bipolar Junction transistors, the type of configuration which will give both voltage gain and
   current gain is
    A. common-collector                                        B. common-base
    C. common-emitter                                          D. none of these

6. A manometer is used to
    A. measure the pressure of liquids                         B. measure the amount of heat
    C. measure the atmospheric pressure                        D. see objects at long distance

7. The equation x + y -7 = 0 represents
    A. a circle                  B. an arc                     C. a parabola              D. a straight line

8. The process in which solid converts into gas directly is known as
    A. vaporization              B. sublimation                C. crystallization         D. distillation

9. In the following sequence of letters, which letter is two to the left of the letter that is four to the right
   of the letter immediately to the right of the letter A?
    A. B                         B. D                          C. F                       D. H

10. In software programming the repetition of various steps is called
    A. structuring               B. algorithm                  C. repetition              D. loop

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Name :_____________________________           Roll. No.______________________     Signature__________________

11. Which of the following words has the same meaning as the word ALLY ?
    A. Friend                    B. Colleague                  C. Partner               D. Companion

12. Which of the following is not a network device?
    A. Hub                       B. Core                       C. Router                D. Switch

13. What would be the result of the following?
                                                     27 9 6
                                                        
                                                     74 37 17
          6                            9                             6                       9
    A.                           B.                            C.                       D.
         17                           17                            37                       74

14. What number should replace the letter X in the sequence 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, X ?
    A. 19                   B. 20                       C. 21                         D. none of these

15. Which of the following oceans is the largest ocean on Earth?
    A. Indian Ocean          B. Atlantic Ocean           C. Pacific Ocean               D. Antarctic Ocean

16. CRO is the abbreviation of
    A. closed radio oscilloscope                               B. cathode ray oscilloscope
    C. cadmium radium oscilloscope                             D. none of these

17. Which is the odd one in the following?
                              heptagon, triangle, hexagon, cube
    A. heptagon                  B. triangle                   C. hexagon               D. cube

18. Which of the following circuit breakers is preferred for extra high tension (EHT) application?
    A. Air blast circuit breakers                          B. Minimum oil circuit breakers
    C. Bulk oil circuit breakers                           D. SF6 gas circuit breakers

19. The average of three numbers is 48. The average of two of these numbers is 56. What is the third
    A. 32                   B. 42                     C. 52                    D. 62

20. Which of the following gases has the greatest percentage in the formation of atmosphere?
    A. Oxygen                B. Nitrogen                 C. Carbondioxide           D. Hydrogen

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