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									            Biotech Companies
                                The biotech companies situated in Medicon          2009 will most likely be remembered as one
                                Valley – many of which have emerged since the      of the most challenging years in biotech. The
                                mid-1990s – have recently managed to bring         global financial crisis has greatly influenced the
                                their research into the clinical stages of         access to risk-willing capital, thus forcing a
                                development. The cluster’s more than 100           huge number of global biotech companies to
                                biotech companies are operating portfolios,        eliminate projects and engage in hasty and
                                which combined target close to 150 different       unfavourable licensing and development deals.
                                products. When including the regional pharma-      Nevertheless, nearly all Medicon Valley biotech
                                ceutical companies, the Medicon Valley pipeline    companies have successfully managed to obtain
                                contains more than 200 compounds. This drug        additional funding or managed to reduce burn
                                development pipeline is comparable both            rates to survive the financial winter. We there-
     Want to know more?         quantitatively and qualitatively to the output     fore maintain the previous years’ optimistic
                                produced by geographically much larger areas       expectations for Medicon Valley in securing its
        Peter Aksel Villadsen
                                in Europe. According to Ernst & Young (2008),      position as a world leading life science cluster.
     Senior Business Analyst    the combined Danish-Swedish product pipeline
                                is positioned as the second largest in Europe,     Companies listed in this chapter
            +45 32 87 80 08     surpassed only by the United Kingdom.              This chapter comprises an alphabetical
                                   A strong public and private R&D focus sup-      overview of biotech companies in Medicon Valley.
                                ports the sustained growth and maturity of         The list only includes members of Medicon Valley
                                these companies. In addition, the Medicon Valley   Alliance. The companies are in one of six sub-
                                cluster benefits from a constant injection of      categories: Biological Products, Small Molecules,
                                national and international capital. Denmark and    Diagnostics, Process Optimisation, Delivery, or
                                Sweden, according to the European Venture          Sales Organisations.
                                Capital Association, are ranked as the European
                                countries with the second- and third-highest       Please look to page 20 for more detail on
                                level of venture capital investments respec-       definitions and methods of classification.
           Martin Andersson
Project and Systems Manager
                                tively. In 2008, ranked Denmark
                                and Sweden among the most capital-inviting
            +45 32 87 80 06     countries in the EU.

                 Biotech Companies
Biological Products, New Chemical Entities (NCE)

Alligator Bioscience AB
+46 46 286 42 80
Alligator Bioscience AB uses its proprietary FIND® technology (Fragment INduced Diversity) to discover and develop protein
based drug candidates. A competitive pipeline of early drug candidates is built within oncology and inflammatory diseases. Alligator
Bioscience has successfully collaborated with companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and is looking for
commercial partners for the development of its drug candidates.

Bavarian Nordic A/S
+45 33 26 83 83
Bavarian Nordic A/S is a leading industrial biotechnology company developing, producing, and marketing novel vaccines for the
treatment and prevention of life-threatening diseases. The company’s business strategy is focused in three areas: biodefence,
cancer and infectious diseases. Bavarian Nordic’s proprietary and patented technology MVA-BN® is one of the world’s safest,
multivalent vaccine vectors. Bavarian Nordic has ongoing contracts with the US government for the late-stage development and
procurement of the company’s third-generation smallpox vaccine, IMVAMUNE®.

BioGaia AB
+46 46 31 19 00

beverages and healthcare. The company conducts research & development and manufactures probiotic solutions that build human

systems that make it possible to obtain long shelf life.

BioInvent International AB
+46 46 286 85 50

DanDrit Biotech A/S                                                                                                           DanDrit

+45 39 17 98 40
DanDrit Biotech A/S develops and manufactures cancer vaccines, which will improve the patients’ immune response against solid
tumours and their metastases. The company’s main objective is to become a leader in the development and marketing of biological
products for the treatment and control of cancer. In order to achieve this, the company seeks to establish strong collaboration with
academic institutions, clinics, and the industry as well as attract the most skillful researchers and technical personnel.

ENKAM Pharmarceuticals A/S
+45 39 17 97 15
ENKAM Pharmaceuticals A/S is a biopharmaceutical development company focused on cancer and CNS disorders. The company’s
Protein Mimetic Technology Platform (PMTP™) allows the creation of active peptides which mimic specific functions of larger
proteins. The company has several compounds in pre-clinical and clinical development for Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease,
and breast and prostate cancer. The company has a rich inventory of active peptides and the ability to quickly create new peptides
which segregate specific activities of multifunctional proteins.

   Denmark          Sweden                                                                                     Biotech Companies        27
Genmab A/S
+45 70 20 27 28

inflammatory conditions. The company intends to continue assembling a broad portfolio of new therapeutic products. At present,

in clinical trials of which several have entered phase III.

Genzyme Biosurgery ApS
+45 32 52 96 14

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (MACI). In contrast to traditional autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) methods, MACI
uses healthy cartilage cells, previously harvested via a knee biopsy and afterwards seeded onto a collagen membrane.

Hansa Medical AB
+46 46 16 56 70
Hansa Medical AB is a biopharmaceutical development company focused on novel treatments of autoimmune diseases and treatment

inactivating enzyme for treatment sensitized transplantation patients prior to transplantation. Alpha-11 is a novel and specific

NatImmune A/S
+45 39 17 94 45
NatImmune A/S develops protein-based therapeutics for preventing and treating cancer and infectious diseases. The Mannan
Binding Lectin (MBL) product is based on replacement therapy and is partnered with US company Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc. Also in
development is HAMLET, a novel anti-cancer agent, with clinical proof-of-concept in skin warts, with clinical induction of apoptosis in
bladder cancers, and with strong pre-clinical proof-of-concept in glioblastoma multiforme.

NsGene A/S
+45 44 60 89 00

human cell and gene based research to product development and its EC Biodelivery™ technology is a safe and versatile platform for
local delivery of large molecules across the blood-brain-barrier, by intracerebral administration using standard neurosurgical

initiated first-in-man clinical testing in 2008 for AD.

Probi AB
+46 46 286 89 20
Probi AB is a company engaged in probiotic R&D and commercialisation focusing on gut, stomach, and vascular diseases as well as
immunostimulation and gut flora recovery. Probiotic strains with well documented health effects are marketed in food supplement
products with partners like Kraft Foods, NextFoods, Skånemejerier, Institut Rosell, Metagenics, and Health World.

    Biotech Companies
Protista Biotechnology AB
+46 46 286 38 80
Protista provides products and services for cell separation, cell culture and tissue engineering. The company is a leader in
development and production of supermacroporous functionalized monoliths (cryogels) from a variety of synthetic and natural
polymers. Cryogels produced by Protista are excellent adsorbents for cell chromatography and cell culture. Cryogel monoliths
SepA, HTS E, and Cryogel E are the brand products which provide selective binding and highly efficient recovery of bound cells.

Santaris Pharma A/S
+45 45 17 98 00
Santaris Pharma is a privately held company developing RNA medicines targeting mRNAs and miRNAs based on its proprietary LNA

company’s own research and development activities focus on microRNAs, infectious diseases and metabolic disorders. Current

through private financing and up front payments.

Symphogen A/S
+45 45 26 50 50
Symphogen is developing superior antibody therapeutics to help people with serious diseases. With its proprietary Symplex™
discovery and Sympress™ manufacturing platforms, the company captures the diversity and specificity of the natural immune
response in rationally designed recombinant antibody compositions. Symphogen is maturing a diversified pipeline of internal and
partnered products across multiple indications including cancer and infectious diseases. Symphogen’s antibody capabilities have
been validated through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Zealand Pharma A/S
+45 43 28 12 00

The company has four product candidates in clinical phases licensed out (type 2 diabetes, arrhythmia, Chemotherapy-Induced
Diarrhea, and post surgical organ failure), while one program is in Phase III (diabetes), one candidates is in phase II (organ failure) and

Disease has entered phase I.

Zymenex A/S
+45 48 25 00 54

Drug acts. The initial goal is to develop a successive number of enzyme replacement therapies. The company focuses on Lysosomal

product in 2008 and the product pipeline now currently counts two compounds of which one is in late pre-clinical and one is in late
discovery phase.

   Denmark           Sweden                                                                                        Biotech Companies      29

Camurus AB
+46 46 286 57 30
Camurus specialises in the development of pharmaceuticals based on advanced nanoscale delivery solutions that optimize the

used in developments programs with biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Camurus also develops own drug products
targeting improved performance, safety, and patient compliance of well-documented drug compounds. New candidates for oral
mucositis, prostate cancer, and acromegaly are currently in clinical trials.

Egalet a/s
+45 44 47 80 80
Egalet a/s develops and manufactures innovative pharmaceutical products based on a new generation of drug delivery technologies
and formulations. The company has forged a strong leadership position in erosion-based drug delivery with one product in advanced
clinical development and a portfolio of early stage products for pain management. The company’s strategy is to develop a pipeline of
proprietary products by applying its formulation technologies to improve established marketed drugs. Egalet is continuously seeking
to engage in dialogue with prospective partners.

Genovis AB
+46 46 286 22 35

developed the NIMT technology (Nano Induced Magnetic Transfer) useful for biomolecule delivery. The marketed products are
laboratory instruments and consumables and have been developed to improve the efficiency in drug discovery and pre-clinical

Rockford, US.

+45 21 42 99 59

patented separation techniques. The technology is derived from mushrooms which have been used to treat a wide range of diseases

secondary immune deficiency syndromes.

LiPlasome Pharma A/S
+45 45 25 24 58
LiPlasome Pharma A/S is a biotechnology company developing and commercialising a novel lipid based prodrug and drug delivery
platform usable for targeted transport of anticancer drugs. The company has successfully concluded a part of its pre-clinical
development programme and demonstrated proof of principle in animal studies of the novel tumour activated prodrug and drug
delivery platform. LiPlasome Pharma is currently searching for partners interested in developing and exploiting the drug delivery
platform in or outside cancer therapy.

30   Biotech Companies
Nordic Vaccine A/S
+45 39 17 83 73
Nordic Vaccine A/S is a vaccine R&D company with focus on the development and commercialization of superior vaccines for
prophylactic as well as therapeutic use. The company’s development program is based on its proprietary, new immune stimulating
nano-particles: PosintroTM. The Posintro system facilitates a safe and efficient delivery of vaccines and mediates both strong
antibody and cellular immune responses. Beside a unique potential for injectable vaccines, the nano-particles enables needle-free
administration, as applied in the TransVacTM skin patch that was co-developed with Coloplast.

ZGene A/S
+45 88 88 76 76

their toxicity. The starting point is naturally occurring enzymes which can activate anticancer drugs. However, these enzymes are

or directed enzyme evolution. The genes/enzymes can be delivered by any viral and non-viral delivery systems such as adeno-, retro-,
lenti-, AAV oncolitic virus. The company’s research portfolio covers a number of common cancer types.


+45 45 29 00 00
BioPorto develops and markets antibodies and antibody-based products, including tests to diagnose human disease. This is both for

to diagnose and monitor acute kidney injury, a test for use in qualifying patients for sepsis treatment (APC-PCI) and an immune
deficiency test (MBL). The range of antibodies includes targets within the peptide hormone area, complement system and cell biology.

Chemel AB
+46 46 286 45 00
Chemel AB works in the field of bioanalysis with applications in laboratory analysis, patient and bioprocess monitoring. The current
product portfolio include laboratory analysis systems for applications in complex sample solutions such as foodstuff/bioprocess media.
Chemel has entered the clinical diagnostics area with the development of automatic immunoassay systems for protein analysis.

Euro-Diagnostica AB
+46 40 53 76 00
Euro-Diagnostica AB is dedicated to the diagnosis of disease and testing food quality. The human diagnostics division focuses on
selected specialist areas like autoimmune deficiency and rheumatology. Within these areas, the company is developing and producing
packages of enzyme immunoassays for the diagnosis and monitoring of specific diseases. Euro-Diagnostica is the primary supplier

Exiqon A/S
+45 45 66 08 88
Exiqon A/S is a public listed biotech company that develops, manufactures, and market highly specialised gene activity profiling
products based on the company’s proprietary LNA (Locked Nucleic Acid) technology. Its products are targeted towards the fast
growing private and public research markets as well as the medical industry. Exiqon supports the development of new medication and
more precise and sensitive diagnosis and markets its products directly on and through its own US sales force and
distributors in the EU and Asia.

   Denmark          Sweden                                                                                    Biotech Companies
Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics A/S
+45 39 27 17 77
Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics A/S specialises in supplying components used in immunoassays such as ELISA, Blotting and tissue staining.
The products are mainly for enzyme based assays having Alkaline Phosphatase or Horseradish Peroxidase as the enzyme marker.
There are five areas that the company’s products cover. These are Liquid Substrates, Substrate Tablets, Buffers & Stabilizers, Avidin
& Streptavidin, and Enzymes.

                                                                                                              MEDICAL PROGNOSIS INSTITUTE
Medical Prognosis Institute A/S
+45 40 86 21 56
Medical Prognosis Institute A/S (MPI) is a pharmacodiagnostic company focusing on improving cancer treatment, although its
proprietary DNA-microarray technology for Drug Response Prediction is applicable to any type of drug. MPI is introducing its first

ViroGates A/S
+45 36 98 06 45

measurement of the blood protein suPAR, whose elevated levels indicate poor patient prognosis or disease outcome. This valuable
information helps guide patient decisions in a number of indications, including sepsis and HIV. The company’s first product
suPARnostic® has been launched in 2008 and is marketed in several European and Asian countries, also market entry in Africa is
being attempted.

Process Optimisation

Fluxome Sciences A/S
+45 47 18 84 00
Fluxome Sciences A/S is a fast growing Danish based industrial biotechnology company. The company uses its cutting edge
technology platform within metabolic engineering of microorganisms to utilize these cell factories for cost efficient production of
high purity nutraceutical ingredients.

Novozymes A/S
+45 44 46 00 00
Novozymes A/S is the biotech-based world leader in enzymes and microorganisms. The company’s Biopharma division is focusing
more than sixty years of industrial experience in microbial expression to provide recombinant animal-free solutions for the
biopharmaceutical industry. Novozymes has further teamed up with Millipore to offer two animal-free supplements, CellPrime™
rTransferrin AF and CellPrime™ rAlbumin.

UNIZYME Laboratories A/S
+45 45 76 01 54

affinity purification of therapeutic proteins using his-tags and tag removal without the risk of degradation of the target protein.


32   Biotech Companies
Small Molecules, New Chemical Entities (NCE)

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals AB
+46 40 601 34 00

kinase receptors, as targets for small molecule discovery. There are currently five drug candidates in clinical and preclinical

therapy for schizophrenia, and treatment of schizophrenia. ACADIA also has development programs in the areas of neuropathic pain
and glaucoma, respectively, in collaboration with Allergan, Inc.

Action Pharma A/S
+45 45 47 50 20
Action Pharma A/S is dedicated to the discovery and development of novel drugs with significant therapeutic improvement within
the area of inadequately treated cardiovascular diseases. Action Pharma has a pipeline of six different compounds that are in
different stages of pre-clinical or clinical development. The lead compound, AP214, has completed clinical Phase IA, phase IB and
phase IC and has now entered phase IIA. Another compound is in phase I while the remaining is still in pre-clinical development. The
company’s main objective is to bring one or two compounds into clinical development per year.

Active Biotech AB
+46 46 19 20 00
Active Biotech AB is a biotechnology company with R&D focus on autoimmune/inflammatory diseases and cancer. Projects in pivotal
phase are laquinimod, an oral immunomodulatory small molecule for the treatment of multiple sclerosis as well as ANYARA for use in
cancer targeted therapy, primarily renal cancer. Further key projects in clinical development comprise the three oral compounds

pharmacokinetics, analytical chemistry, radioactivity labeling, and disease models.

Alkalon A/S
+45 38 86 84 82
Alkalon is a pharmaceutical start-up engaged in galenic development and supply of generic OTC products to Pharma companies. The
business is operated from Copenhagen and in-house R&D activities are performed in the labs of the fully owned subsidiary in

existing products on the market. Alkalon operates in the middle of the value chain and have entered strategic partnerships and
supply agreements with a range of well-known pharmaceutical companies in and outside of Europe.

AnaMar Medical AB
+46 46 10 13 50
AnaMar Medical AB is a biomedical company, commercializing a unique knowledge platform in the field of cartilage biology and
associated joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Two biomarkers are commercialised. Through proprietary disease models,
AnaMar Medical has also attracted interest from partners leading to highly productive development of new drug candidates.

   Denmark          Sweden                                                                                       Biotech Companies     33
Evolva A/S
+45 35 20 02 30
Evolva A/S uses genetic chemistry technology platforms to replicate, on an industrial basis, the ability of nature to evolve molecules
with exquisite “design”. Evolva employs people at locations in Switzerland, India, US, and Denmark. Evolva has filed IND equivalents on
its most advanced compound (end 2008) and expects to file a second one mid 2009 – one for cardiovascular/metabolic disease and
one for fungal diseases. Evolva is interested in partnerships through which the company can explore and develop novel small
molecules that derive from genetic chemistry.

Meabco A/S
+45 32 46 03 70
Meabco is a biotech company primarily focused on oncology and radiation protection. The company was established in 2000 to develop
and commercialise pharmaceutical applications of technology owned by RD Innovation A/S. The company’s products are based on
combinations of BP-Cx-1, a benzo-poly-carbonic-acid polymer, and pharmaceutically active metal ions such as platinum and molybdenum.
The company is currently finalizing protocol for Phase II (placebo) trial for its lead product, BP-C1, in breast cancer patients.

NeuroSearch A/S
+45 44 60 80 00

covers the development of novel drugs, based on a broad and well-established drug discovery platform focusing on ion channels and
CNS disorders. A substantial share of NeuroSearch’s activities is partner financed through an alliance with Eli Lilly and Company and

has a broad portfolio of preclinical drug candidates.

Newpharmaresearch AB
+46 46 286 21 10
Newpharmaresearch AB works with drug discovery and improvement for human and animal pharmaceuticals. The company also offers
customer services.

+45 39 17 96 86
ReceptIcon is a biotech company based on the identification of novel receptors in the kidney that are responsible for renal uptake
and nephrotoxity of therapeutic drugs. The company is focused on the development of receptor antagonists that prevent
accumulation of therapeutics in the kidney. Such antagonists can be used as active pharmaceutical ingredients for reformulation
of marketed nephrotoxic drugs thereby precluding their toxic side effects. ReceptIcon is open for collaborations with public and
industrial research partners.

Respiratorius AB
+46 46 16 20 60
Respiratorius AB develops new drugs aiming for improved treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe
asthma. The company’s unique concept is based on a world-leading measuring equipment constructed by the company together with
a new class of patented substances, with a novel mechanism of action. These substances have a superior capacity of relaxing the
small airways compared to the existing therapies. Respiratorius was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from Lund University, Sweden.

34   Biotech Companies
TopoTarget A/S
+45 39 17 83 92

combines clinical experience with in-depth understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer. Focus is on belinostat, which has
shown proof of concept as monotherapy in treating haematological malignancies and positive results in solid tumors where it can be
used in combination with full doses of chemotherapy. Belinostat is in phase III in PTCL. The pipeline includes HDACi, NAD+, mTOR,
FasLigand + TopoIIi. First product Savene®/Totect® is marketed by own sales force in Europe and the US.

Valderm ApS
+45 45 88 87 14
Valderm ApS is focused on the development of the second generation anthracycline valrubicin for innovative once daily topical
treatment of hyperproliferative skin diseases e.g. psoriasis. Preclinical studies have confirmed the anti-proliferative effect of
valrubicin and an attractive safety profile upon repeated topical applications has been documented.

Vipergen ApS
+45 39 17 97 98
Vipergen has developed a small molecule drug discovery platform called the YoctoReactor® which provides access to drug-like small
molecule libraries of millions to billions of members. The YoctoReactor’s unique and robust design makes drug discovery in a single
tube format feasible by the principles of molecular evolution. Vipergen seeks to leverage its drug discovery engine within the biotech
and pharmaceutical industries to identify high affinity and highly selective hits through strategic collaborations centered on targets
of high medical and economical value.

Biotech Sales Organisations

Genzyme A/S
+45 32 71 26 00

services focus on rare inherited disorders, kidney disease, orthopaedics, transplant, cancer, and diagnostic testing. The company’s
commitment to innovation continues today with a substantial research and development program that concentrates on these fields,
as well as immune disease, infectious disease, and other areas of unmet medical need.
+46 8 54 56 69 60

59 countries and total revenues of € 7.6 billion (2008). Merck has an extensive range of products designed to support all stages of
the drug manufacturing process from research to industrial-scale production and quality control. The company offers services
that support specific safety and regulatory issues.

External members are located outside Medicon Valley.

   Denmark          Sweden                                                                                      Biotech Companies     35

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