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					  Superior Receivable Solutions

Are Your Recoveries
Healthy and Strong?
                       Superior Receivable Solutions
                          I   Nationwide Service
                          I   Se habla Español

        RRS provides you with a broad portfolio of
   innovative services and technologies, designed
 to improve your recoveries and cash flow. With a
highly motivated staff and drawing on 30 years of
      experience, RRS specializes in implementing
          custom solutions that meet your specific
             needs and exceed your expectations.

                                                     INDUSTRIES SERVED

                                                      I   Healthcare

                                                      I   Banking

                                                      I   Retail

                                                      I   Telecommunications

                                                      I   Education

                                                      I   Commercial
                         Are You Receiving a
                         Custom Tailored Approach?
                         Virtually all RRS programs are customized
                         to your specific needs. We listen to your
                                                                                  OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES

requirements, analyze your operations, and work with you to build                 I   Temporary Staffing
the right solution. We will go that extra mile. For example, in the early         I   Insurance Billing/Follow-up
1980s, RRS created Healthcare Financial Assistance (HFA), a separate              I   Data Mining
entity, to specifically address the growing business office needs of our          I   Statement Mailing
healthcare clients. In short, RRS is a true business partner and always           I   Call Broadcasting
looking for better ways to serve you and find solutions.                          I   Consulting

Early Collection Efforts = Improved Cash Flows
Prior to delinquency, a third party authority is very effective in accelerating collections and
reducing write-offs. To stimulate cash flow at this early phase, RRS offers a high impact
pre-collection program that consists of letters and phone calls at a nominal cost. This program
gives you the benefits of third party impact at a cost that is usually much less than working
an account internally. In fact, many entities have saved six figures annually in collection costs
via our tailored pre-collection programs.

Multiple Recovery Strategies = Superior Performance
                                         Delinquent accounts require a comprehensive program
                                         that includes skiptracing, predictive dialing, credit
                                         bureau reporting, special notices and, sometimes, even
                                         litigation. Utilizing the latest technology in these areas
                                         and an approach specifically tailored to your accounts,
                                         RRS has consistently exceeded national recovery averages.

                                         We are confident we can set a new benchmark of
                                         superior performance for you.
Do You Have
Online Access
to Your Accounts
and Reports?
View Your Accounts
in Real Time 24/7
For your security and convenience, our state-
of-the-art website gives you an encrypted
secure interface* to communicate with us
24/7. On the website, you can securely
transfer files, review specific accounts and
receive various performance reports among
many other features. You are no longer in the
dark as to what is happening on your accounts.

*HIPAA compliant

More Databases, Better Results, More Money for You
To generate contact with debtors, you often have to locate them. RRS utilizes many of the same
databases used by law enforcement and private investigators. In fact, we use over 11 databases
that allow us to find people that others don't and, thus, recover more money for you.

             Let Us Do the Calling
             Are you regularly calling your receivable accounts? Should you do it yourself?
             Maximizing contact WILL maximize recoveries. How much would it cost you to
             make 1,000 calls in an hour? Do you have the staffing, software, hardware, phone
lines, etc? With our automated dialing technology and based on your needs, RRS can call
thousands of your accounts in one day and get results.

The program is highly flexible, efficient and effective.               PREDICTIVE DIALING
       I   Detailed reporting available on the results                  Let Us Do the Calling
       I   Calls scripted exactly as you wish                            Guaranteed Results
       I   In-coming traffic can be handled by you or RRS
                                                                                Call us at
       I   No set-up fee
       I   Tangible results that can be measured
                                                                         to arrange a demo.
Rest Assured
We Do NOT Cut Corners
A truly superior approach includes not only the latest technology, but also
procedures that maintain the strictest compliance with applicable laws and
regulations. You can rest easy knowing that RRS stresses compliance as much
as results. In fact, RRS has never been cited for any compliance violation or sued
for any reason.

You are Represented Professionally
RRS staff is comprised of highly motivated professionals dedicated to superior customer
satisfaction. Although focused on maximizing results, these professionals remain respectful
of your corporate philosophy and culture, and every effort is made to maintain your
goodwill in the community.

With just under 100 professionals, RRS is just the right size to provide you with:

       I   Comprehensive services
       I   The latest technology
       I   Personal approach
       I   Superior results

                     Grow Your Recoveries with
                      a True Business Partner.
                              Call RRS at 1-800-459-0116
Superior Healthcare Receivable Solutions

      110 Veterans Blvd., Suite 445
          Metairie, LA 70005

      4710 Bellaire Blvd., Suite 340
          Bellaire, TX 77401

           Se habla Español.

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