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									Champagne & Sparkling
I am looking for all sorts of grower Champagnes as well as some lesser vintage Champagnes with
this space…

Duval-Leroy Lady Rosé (1/2 bt)                                                       NV
Lovely pinot noir-based Champagne with elegance & style. Just right for the
start of an evening out.
Platinum Cava (Spain)                                                                NV
Chardonnay based, refined and delicious Spanish Fizz.
Il Concerto Prosecco (Italy)                                                         NV
A classic light spumante, with subtle floral tones & a playfully tingling
Brachetto Rosé (Italy)                                                               NV
Pelorus (New Zealand)                                                                NV
Chardonnay, richly flavoured,quite a mouthful from New Zealand.
Throwley Vineyard Traditional Method (Kent, England)                                 NV
Pinot Noir from just outside Faversham. High acidity but fascinating and
Champagne René Jolly Brut Rosé                                                       NV
Champagne Abel Lepitre, Brut, Idéale Cuvée                                           NV
Crisp but with an underlying richness. Delicious & moreish, this is stylish,
modern fizz.
Champagne Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale (Chalons-en-Champagne)                         NV
Favourite tipple of Queen Victoria & Edward VII (hence Cuvée Royale), this
is Champagne of great refinement & sophistication. Beautifully clean citrus
notes balanced with a lightly toasty biscuitiness, this is ideal as an aperitif or
with food.
Krug (Champagne)                                                                     NV
Intense, toasty, smokey Champagne of inestimable class.

Pétillant Brut (Loire)                                                               2000
From the master winemaker of Vouvray, this is a delicately sparkling, subtly
off-dry wine with great finesse & élan.
Dom Pérignon (Champagne)                                                             1999
Delicate, subtle and sprightly. The '99 DP is a bit young but still stunning.
Cristal (Champagne)                                                                  2000
Deservedly one of the most highly sought-after & glamourous wines in the
"There is not the hundredth part of the wine
consumed in this kingdom that there ought to be. Our
foggy climate wants help." - Jane Austen, Northanger

Crisp, dry white wines
Sauvignon is a natural partner to so many dishes. Try exchanging Sancerre for Saint Bris and you
for the heady aromas of the wonderful South African Sauvignons.

Côtes de Gascogne Blanc (South-West France)                                      2007
A good, honest off-dry Southern French blend with fresh acidity balanced
with a touch of residual sugar. Lovely!
Sauvignon Blanc (Curicó Valley, Chile)                                           2007
A well-balanced wine, with hints of pear, citrus & floral notes. Refreshing on
its own or with fish dishes.
Coteaux du Giennois (Sauvignon Blanc)                                            2007
From a little-known wine region just to the North of Sancerre and Pouilly
Fumé, this Sauvignon Blanc is very much in the style of its famous
neighbours, with lots of goosebery & soft limey acidity, but without the
famous-name price. Delicious.
Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa)                                                   2007
Clean limey & floral on the nose which is mirrored on the palate, with a
richness that drinks well on its own or with food
Le Vele (Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Italy)                                 2007

Fresh and fruity but with a clean, steely character on the palate. Delightful.
Saint Bris (Sauvignon Blanc from Yonne, near Chablis )                           2004
Named as "Winemaker of the Decade" by Revue du Vin de France, this is
wine has crisp, limey acidity which gives way to a delicious softness on the
finish. Fabulous.
Sauvignon Blanc (Elgin, South Africa)                                            2007
Well-crafted sauvignon from this multi-award winning estate. Well-defined,
clean citrus notes & generous finish. Lovely
Sauvignon Blanc (Western Cape, South Africa)                                     2006
Zingy, lively, zesty Sauvignon of great class.
Oculus Sauvignon Blanc (Western Cape, South Africa)                              2003
This is a rare breed indeed; an oaked Sauvignon Blanc. The typical
zestiness of Sauvignon Blanc is integrated with a wonderfully smooth vanilla
aspect, which gives the wine an extra dimension of complexity. Unusual &
highly worth trying.
Isabel (Marlborough, New Zealand - organic)                                      2007
Do not be fooled into thinking that this is just another New World Sauvignon.
Apples, pears & gooseberries are to the fore, but there is also another
dimension altogether to this wine. Think of a good Sancerre without quite
such a high citrus element but nonetheless with focussed, clean fruits.

Dry whites with a little more body…
We are getting into fertile territory here, wines that will stand up to food and perhaps add another d
Our white Burgundies are all quite lean. This is because we feel that their ability to partner food mu
wines are always a safe choice.

Picpoul de Pinet (Coteaux du Languedoc)                                          2007
Planted since Roman times, the Picpoul de Pinet grape produces wines of
delicate frangrance & lightly aromatic. Balanced with some zestiness, this
will partner food of many different styles.
Marche Bianco (Adriatic Coast, Italy)                                             NV
Crisp & dry but with light floral notes, this is a delightful marriage of the
Trebbiano & Verdicchio grapes, burstinig with zesty flavours
Pinot Blanc (Alsace)                                                             2002
From a superlative winemaker, this has delightful floral notes with a refined
and delicate body. Great with seafood and excellent value.
Pinot Gris (Meopham Valley, Kent)                                                2005
Local and popular. Really rather good.
Pernand-Vergelesses (Burgundy)                                                   2004
Classy Burgundy from a top-class producer.
Bourgogne Blanc (Burgundy)                                                       2005
Do not allow the comparatively "lowly" nomenclature of this wine to fool you.
It is of the highest calibre made by one of our favourite winemakers on the
Côte d'Or - AND from a landmark vintage. Exceptional value here.
Macon Cruzille "Les Perrières" (Southern Burgundy)                               2002
Lovely, mature Burgundy but still with a refreshingly steely fruit & mineral
element. Exquisite.
Pouilly Fuissé "Pierrefolle" (Burgundy)                                          2005
Very fresh and remarkably tightly knit wine.
Chablis 1er Cru Montmains                                                        1998
Very high acidity is the hallmark of Duplessis wine. This wine is only just
beginning to come round.
Puligny Montrachet (Burgundy)                                                       2005
Brilliant - what more needs be said?
Puligny Montrachet (Burgundy)                                                       2001
Just coming into its own now, ready for drinking. Heady - very fine indeed.

Rich, dry whites.
Chardonnay (Yarra Valley, Australia)                                                2001
Top quality Oz Chardonnay with bottle age. This is classy & delicious.
Mont Redon Blanc (Côtes du Rhône)                                                   2006

There is an exotic savoury quality to this wine, and without some of the
awkward edges of some of the others of this appellation. Very good indeed.
The Ruins Chardonnay-Viognier (Robertson, South Africa)                             2008
Rich, floral & apricot notes enhanced by the exotic aromatic Viognier.
Superb wine
Chardonnay Estate Wine (Elgin, South Africa)                                        2006

On the nose there are apricots & stoned fruits with a hint of vanilla.The
palate is rich & savoury with a clean-cut acidity. Brilliant wine, and the good
people at Decanter Magazine agree with us, recently giving it a Gold Medal!
Fossiles (Luxembourg)                                                               2004
Hand-crafted wine by a little-known master of his art. Rich though with a
savoury side, having food with this wine is verging on a divine marriage.
Pinot Gris Reserve (Alsace)                                                         2004
A really exciting wine here. Rich though balanced, this is a wine of rare
breeding. A very fine food matching wine.
Chardonnay (Nelson, New Zealand)                                                    2004
Very stylish indeed, rich but not too much so, lovely attractive fruit. More-ish.
Esprit de Chevalier Blanc (Bordeaux)                                                2001
Sensational dry white Bordeaux that develops in the glass.
Le Ortole (Pallagrello Bianco) (Puglia, Italy)                                      2006
Stunning new wave white from near Naples. Terrifically skilful winemaking.
Rich and seductive.
Château Haut-Bergey Blanc (Bordeaux)                                                2000
Classy white Bordeaux blend from the heart of the region. Delicious & fully
Château Mont Redon Blanc (Southern Rhône)                                           2006
Savoury with steely minerality, this is a serious wine worthy of the finest
tables in the land!
Palladius Chenin Blanc/Viognier (Malmesbury, South Africa)                       2006
Subtle, refined and hugely complex, steely white wine.

Aromatic, not so dry.
Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Kabinett (Mosel Saar Ruwer)                    2002
This is the absolute pinnacle of Piesporter from the exceptional Kesselstatt
stable. Astonishingly good value.
Riesling-Gewürztraminer (Adelaide Hills, Australia)                              2007
An exotic blend, giving notes of musk, lychees & apricots. Highly perfumed
& alluring with an intensity & depth which is enhanced by its balance of
minerality & crispness.
Riesling (Alsace)                                                                2004
We love this Riesling. Honeyed apricots on the nose cut by a refreshing
acidity on the palate. Excellent.
Gewürztraminer (Alsace)                                                         2003
Lychee fruit and delicious spices make this a wonderfully rich, decadent drink.
Gewürztraminer Kappelweg (Alsace)                                               1998
A little bottle age refines this wine; notes of peach, apricots and five-spice
Riesling Kappelweg de Rorschwihr Vendage Tardives (Alsace)                       2000
Fabulous late harvest Riesling from our favourite Alsatian winemaker! Rich
& aromatic with some bottle age.

Château Larzac Rosé (Languedoc)                                                  2007
A subtle blend of Syrah and Grenache, this is a lovely example of a dry
though zingy Southern French rosé.
                                                 Bin No.

age Champagnes with a little bottle age. Watch

          Champagne                    £15.00     201

          Masia Bach                   £17.50     202

          San Simone                   £19.00     203

          Castello di Poggio           £22.50     204
          Cloudy Bay                   £30.00     205

          Duncan Wilson                £30.00     206

          Landreville                  £32.00     341
          Mareuil-sur-Aÿ               £35.00     234

          Joseph Perrier               £45.00     209

          Krug                         £125.00    210

          Huët                         £45.00     211

          Moët & Chandon               £125.00    213

          Louis Roederer               £250.00    212
for Saint Bris and you are onto a winner, or go

           Jean Blanc                    £12.50   214

          Costanera                      £14.00

          Domaine de Villargeau          £15.50   241

          Makana Reserve                 £16.00   245

          Moncaro                        £17.00

          Domaine Goisot                 £21.50   256

          Paul Cluver                    £22.50   217

          Quoin Rock                     £25.00   221

          Quoin Rock                     £27.50   338
           Michael & Robyn Tiller          £28.50     227

 perhaps add another dimension to your meal.
bility to partner food must come first. The Chablis

           Domaine des Lauriers            £13.00     267

           Moncaro                         £14.50     257

           Trimbach                        £16.50     259

           David Grey                      £22.50     242

           Rollin                          £25.00     231

           Jean-Marc Boillot               £27.50     233

           Guillot-Broux                   £35.00     235

           Château de Rontets              £35.00     236

           Gerard Duplessis                £35.00     237
Jean-Marc Boillot        £45.00   238

Bachelet                 £65.00   239

Yarra Burn               £19.00   232

Château Mont Redon       £21.50   260

Bon Cap Organic Estate   £22.50   261

Paul Cluver              £24.00   262

Abi Duhr                 £25.00   343

Trimbach                 £25.00   263

Neudorf Estate           £28.00   243

Pessac-Léognan           £29.00   244

Vestini Campagnano       £42.00   247

Pessac-Léognan           £45.00   248

Châteauneuf-du-Pape      £49.00   264
Eben Sadie                   £65.00   249

Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt   £15.00   250

The Prodigal Son             £20.00   251

Rolly Gassmann               £25.00   252

Rolly Gassmann               £29.00   253

Rolly Gassmann               £35.00   254

Rolly Gassmann               £48.00   265

                             £13.00   266
Wine is one of the most civilised things in the world and one of
the most natural things of the world that has been brought to
the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for
enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, and other purely
sensory thing." - Ernest Hemingway, Death in the Afternoon

Fruity reds…
These red wines will partner both fish and meat in my opinion. There is something really delicious a
sometimes at cellar temperature, which caresses the palate without bullying the tastebuds. The ligh
also hit the spot.

Reserve Pinotage (Western Cape, South Africa)                                         2007
Spicy cherries and pencil lead on the nose which is matched with plumy fruits
and a pleaseing dryness on the finish. Excellent.
Valpolicella Superiore (Verona, Italy)                                                2006

This is a top example of Valpolicella, made from the Corvina and Rondinella
grapes. Rounded fruits with good body balanced with a lightness of touch
unseen in many examples of this wine. If you've looked down your nose at
Valpolicella in the past, this wine could well help change your mind!

Barbaresco (Piemonte, Italy)                                                          2003
Made from 100% Nebbiolo, this wine has cherry-fruit flavours on the palate
with a refreshingly moreish finish. Good with white meat or even richer fish
Bourgogne Rouge (Burgundy)                                                            2003
As so often with Burgundy, be guided by the domaine rather than the
appellation. 2003 produced some excellent wine here - deep and complex -
with a notable few hitting way above their weight. This, I believe, is one of
them. Satisfyingly ripe fruits with finesse on the palate followed by a finish that
will have you gasping with admiration. I cannot recommend this wine too
Hospices de Beaune 1er Cru "Cuvée Rousseau-Deslandes" (Burgundy)
Ripe & firm fruits balanced with exciting acidity & vim, this 2000 from the
Ropiteau stable is now at its best.

Firmer, richer reds including Claret…
Lots to choose from here; whether it is the classic Cabernet or a classed growth Claret, these wine

Arteaga Tinto (Spain)                                                               2006
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, this is a well-rounded wine
with good fruits and yielding tannins. Great value too!
Cabernet Sauvignon (Curicó Valley, Chile)                                           2006
Good level of fruit, well balanced with a soft, rounded finish
Château Haut-Grelot (Bordeaux)                                                      2006
A traditional Bordeaux blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine
opens up to give pleasing soft fruits & a light tannin finish.
Grand Valensac (Vin de Pays d'Oc)                                                   2005
This is a Cabernet/ Merlot blend from the South of France, rich and intense.
2005 was fabulous throughout France, and this is a wine showing a great
sense of its environment.
Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)                                                         2007
Named after the wild goose of South America, this wine has rich, ripe fruit with
generous, fleshy loganberries on the palate. Balanced with a supple
refinement not often found from the Malbec grape.
Nívuro (Sicilia, Italy)                                                             2006

A blend of the ancient Nero d'Avola with the innovative Cabernet Sauvignon,
this wine has plenty of spicy ripe fruits balanced with a full, robust finish.
Sisters (Merlot, Cabernets Sauvignon & Franc)(New Zealand)                          2004
A rich wine, with violets & blackcurrants on the palate. Delicious
Forte (Merlot, Cabernets Sauvignon & Franc, Malbec)(New Zealand)                    2002
An elegant offering made only in selected vintages, this wine has a beautifully
perfumed nose followed by a full though exquisitely balanced mid-palate of
ripe berry fruits, classic cedar & cassis. Very fine

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Coonawarra/ McLaren Vale, S. Australia)                 2000
Aged for 24 months in oak before release, this is Oz wine of the highest order.
Generous fruit balanced with a hint of mint with a reassuring whiff of the toasty
cigar box.
Château La Bernadotte (Bordeaux)                                                    2003
Owned & managed by Pichon Lalande. Top class
Château Monbousquet (Bordeaux)                                                      2002
La Vicalanda Gran Reserva (Rioja)                                                   1999
One of our favourites here. Deep, rounded flavours with a silken texture and a
satisfying finish that'll make you want to fill your glass again & again.
Château Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge (Bordeaux)                                         2003
Generous, ripe fruits just coming into its own. Top Graves estate with a
deserved high reputation.
Grifi (IGT Toscana)                                                                 1987
A Tuscan Sangiovese blended with the Bordeaux grape varieties creates what
is generically known as "SuperTuscan." This example is rare & exotic - can
you justify NOT giving it a try?!
Château Talbot (Bordeaux)                                                           2003
Altough still youthful, this is a wine that is drinking well already and opens up
in the glass to give a bouquet of violets. Put simply - this is superb.
Saint Domingue (Bordeaux)                                                           1999
Château Haut-Bergey Rouge (Bordeaux)                                                2000
Merlot-based wine from an excellent vintage.
Château Calon-Ségur (Bordeaux)                                                      1988
Château Calon-Ségur (Bordeaux)                                                      1986
Château La Lagune (Bordeaux)                                                        1983
Classic claret in a dry style, this wine from a little-known sub-region of
Bordeaux warrants closer inspection.
Château Leoville Barton (Bordeaux)                                                  2002
This is superior wine-making from one of the most highly-respected Châteaux
there is!
Château d'Angludet (Bordeaux)                                                       1983
"Delightful," according to Michael Broadbent!
Château Gloria (Bordeaux)                                                           1982
This village produces wines which can be the purest expression of claret, this
wine was created by the legendary Henri Martin in a landmark vintage.
Château Montrose (Bordeaux)                                                         1978
Before its heyday, but '78 was a lovely ripe year
Château Cos d'Estournel (Bordeaux)                                                  1970
Also from our Private Cellar, this is a remarkable property in a great vintage.
Château Potensac (Bordeaux)                                                         1989
Fully mature claret from this inestimable vintage. Still youthful with focused
fruit & soft tannins. Excellent.
Château Calon-Ségur (Bordeaux)                                                      2000
Château Pichon-Lalande (Bordeaux)                                                   2000
An exceptionally high amount of late-picked Cabernet Sauvignon in the final
blend. Michael Broadbent gives this an anticipated 5 star-rating!
Château Léoville Barton (Bordeaux)                                                 2000

Another 5-starred wine from Broadbent. Utterly dependable & utterly fabulous.

Delicious finds…..

Casa Vecchia (Puglia, Italy)                                                       2005
Blackberries and strong spices are only part of this magnificent wine's charm
(casavecchia is the grape. 15 months new oak)
Pallagrello Nero (Puglia, Italy)                                                   2005

A rare grape vareity that came to Italy from Greece via Ischia. Wonderful wine!
Argentiera (Tuscany, Italy)                                                        2004
Made in partnership with the legendary Marchese Piero Antinori, using the
super-Tuscan blend of Cabernets Sauvignon & Franc, Merlot with Syrah. A
wine of rare sophistication & breeding, it has recently won the Italian Wine of
the Year in the International Wine Challenge!
Connubio (Puglia, Italy)                                                           2004
The top wine from this minature estate in Campania. Owned by two Italian
judges, their wines are stunningly balanced and top flight. World-class.
Falerno del Massico (Italy)                                                        2002
Massive ratings for this wine in its first two vintages from Robert Parker. Tiny
production, high quality

Full bodied, big wines…
Syrah "Les épicees" (Vin de Pay d'Oc)                                              2006
As its name suggests, this is a lovely spicy wine from the South of France,
made with Syrah. Rich & rounded, this is a wine ideally partners full-flavoured
meat dishes.
Vin de Pays de Fontarèche (Languedoc)                                              2006
Good sun-kissed, earthy Southern French blend. Hearty but with surprsing
finesse and charm.
Ripasso Valpolicella (Italy)                                                       2006

Ripe and supple, this wine has freshness and is enticingly aromatic. Lovely.
Mont Redon Rouge (Côtes du Rhône)                                                  2005
High-quality Syrah-based wine from a vintage for the connoisseur. Spicy
though elegantly restrained, with precise fruits.
Château Calissanne "Cuvée Prestige" (Provence)                                     2000
A Grenache-based blend from the South of France, this wine offers something
altogether different. Rounded, ripe fruits with a well-mannered palate which
reflects its high pedigree. Very impressive.
The Antiquus Old Vine Shiraz (Barossa, South Australia)                            2001
Concentrated plum notes with a texture of velvety chocolate & coffee beans.
Hedonistic & sexy.
Barolo (Piemonte, Italy)                                                           2004
Full and rich with typical morello cherry & licquorice on the palate. Firm, ripe
tannins balance this exceptional wine.
Cornas (Northern Rhône)                                                            2003
Rich, ripe berry fruits with wonderfully silken tannins. Fantastic.
Syrah (Cape of Good Hope, South Africa)                                            2003

Big & generous Syrah, though made in the French style without quite so much
extraction but oozing class. This now has some bottle age & is drinking like a
Crozes Hermitage                                                                   1998
At its peak now, this is a wine from a seriously top maker. All the secondary
complexity of pencil lead & spice, with bottle age.
Passadouro Reserve                                                                 2003
Rich and rounded, with hints oif coffee & tobacco. A rarity & highly rewarding.
Roc d'Anglade (France)                                                             2003
Top-class winemaking from an exclusive & ultra-fashionable domaine. Rich &
refined with a charming balance of new winemaking skills married to the
French concept of terroir
Crozes Hermitage                                                                   1999
A treat here. '99 was an excellent vintage in the Northern Rhône, and this is
an exceptional wine from the legendary Graillot. Rare & unusual - fabulous!
Clos des Papes (Southern Rhône)                                                    2002
According to wine-guru Robert Parker, this was the wine of the vintage in the
Rhône. High recommendation indeed.
Crozes-Hermitage La Guiraude (Northern Rhone)                                      1990
Very hard to find; a real museum piece.
Dead Arm Shiraz (Australia)                                                        2002
Soft, intensely fruity and luxurious.
Godolphin (Barossa Valley, Australia)                                             2005
The Signature (Barossa, Australia)                                                1999
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz, this is wine that defies superlatives.
Amon Ra (Barossa Valley, Australia)                                               2005
Eleventh Hour Shiraz (Barossa Valley, Australia)                                  2003
Bombastic though as smooth and seductive as an ermine wearing velvet
gloves. Amazing.

Dessert wines & Fortified

Eiswein 37.5 cl (Rheinhessen, Germany)                                            2002
Intensely sweet but with rapier acidity, this is a wine of great finesse. Clean
though luscious, you'll enjoy this wine to the very last drop of nectar!
Château de Cérons 37.5cl (Bordeaux)                                               1996
A real treat here. Marmalade & fresh apricots are the tell-tale sign of good
dessert wine, and here is one with some bottle age to tempt you to a glass of
Red Muscadel (Robertson, South Africa)                                            2006
Slightly confectioned though with a palate-cleansing crispness. Very good with
Domaine de Noble (Bordeaux)                                                       2003
Similar to its more famous cousin, Sauternes, this is a delightful wine with
honeyed apricots on the nose, beautifully balanced on the palate & a clean,
moreish finish. Excellent.
Maury Vin Doux Naturelle 50cl                                                     1928
Vouvray Le Mont Moelleux (Loire)                                                  2002

According to Noel Pinguet, the winemaker, 2002 was one of the finest years in
recent memory in Vouvray. This wine is intense & slightly viscous, resulting
from the extended growing season & the natural influence of "noble rot."
Mascaron 50cl (Bordeaux)                                                          2004
Dow's Quinta do Bonfim (Port)                                                     1992
                                                   Bin No
thing really delicious about a gentle red wine,
he tastebuds. The lighter reds from Burgundy

           Makana                         £16.00    207

           Zenato                         £19.00

           Dezzani                        £23.50

           Domaine Tollot-Beaut           £31.00    208

           Ropiteau Frères                £35.00    271
wth Claret, these wines rarely fail to delight.

            Navarra                          £13.00   215

            Costanera                        £14.00

            Premières Côtes de Blaye         £14.00   216

            Domaine de Valensac              £15.00   218

            Kaiken                           £18.00

            Feudo di Santa Tresa             £22.50   278

            Passage Rock                     £26.50   219

            Passage Rock                     £28.00   281

            Geoff Merrill                    £35.00

            Haut-Médoc                       £45.00   284

            St-Émilion                       £50.00   286
            Bodegas Bilbainas                £50.00   273
Pessac-Leognan   £55.00    344

Avignonesi       £63.00    345

Saint-Julien     £65.00    288

St-Émilion       £65.00    289
Pessac-Léognan   £70.00    290

Saint-Estèphe    £75.00    292
Saint-Estèphe    £75.00    293
Haut-Médoc       £80.00    222

Saint-Julien     £80.00    287

Margaux          £85.00    223

Saint-Julien     £90.00    224

Saint-Estèphe    £95.00    294

Saint-Estèphe    £125.00   296

Medoc            £142.00   275

Saint-Estèphe    £150.00   297
Pauillac         £195.00   299
Saint-Julien         £250.00   300

Vestini Campagnano   £35.00    304

Vestini Campagnano   £38.00    306

Bolgheri Superiore   £55.00    307

Vestini Campagnano   £55.00    308

Masseria Felicia     £60.00    309

Domaine Les Yeuses   £13.50    225

Sud de France        £15.00    310

Corte Giara          £18.00    226
Château Mont Redon          £22.00   228

Côteaux d'Aix-en-Provence   £25.00   229

Peter Lehmann               £35.00   319

Dezanni                     £36.50

Alain Verset                £38.00   268

The Foundry                 £42.00   347

Graillot                    £43.50

Douro, Portugal             £45.00   323

Vin de Pays du Gard         £55.00   324

Graillot                    £57.50

Châteauneuf-du-Pape         £65.00   325

Alain Graillot              £65.00   326

D'Arenberg                  £65.00   328
Ben Glaetzer          £65.00   329
Yalumba               £75.00   270

Ben Glaetzer          £75.00   330
Massena               £79.00   282

Kendermanns           £15.00

Cérons                £17.00   272

Nuy Winery            £17.50   331

Loupiac               £19.00   335

Languedoc-Rousillon   £29.00   333
Domaine Huët          £35.00   230

Sauternes             £55.00   336
Quinta do Bonfim      £60.00   337

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