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    ‘In home’ meetings are a tried and true method to grow your business because it is an
     affordable and duplicatable building strategy. This is where you begin to lay a
     foundation that will soon outgrow your living room and necessitate you and your
     growing local team to expand into a larger meeting facility. Of course, once your group
     is sizable and momentum has been established, it is reasonable for you to request that
     your upline travel out to you to support your efforts and add their own unique
     contribution to your success mix.
    Appoint yourself leader and event coordinator
    Promote a Party OR a more professional reference would be a Business Briefing or
     Meeting. Let people know that there will be some socializing thereafter (Note: Consider
     potlucking it to create the environment of good business and good ‘eats’ and together
     time immediately thereafter.
    Invitation could be developed in a WORD file and SAVED to be modified for future
    For a sample invitation, SEE document to follow on next page
    10 days to two weeks in advance of the scheduled party/meeting, email, hand out or
     physically mail an invitation printed on a colored sheet of paper to serve as a visual
     reminder of the meeting and their commitment to you to attend.
    Phone to confirm the attendance of your guests two days prior to event
                      AS SEEN ON TELEVISION 18 TIMES

The latest breakthrough in the weight loss/wellness industry – a product that’s for
everyBODY. Did you know you can…

                          EAT CANDY & LOSE WEIGHT?!

Now that I’ve got your attention, I want to invite you to attend a no-nonsense (til the
conclusion of the meeting anyway) business briefing that will give you a thorough overview
of a VERY simple - VERY profitable business model and the hot product behind it that is the
catalyst that is making things happen – NOW. You can look forward to enjoying a yummy,
ALL Natural lollipop during our few minutes together so you can gain a first hand
experience of the ‘magic’ in their mix.

Here’s your chance to have it all - lose weight, gain energy and make an outrageous amount
of money while you’re doing it.

Timing counts here so seize THIS unique and timely opportunity to discover for yourself
what’s in it for you. It’s all about RESULTS!

      The Place to be this Thursday evening, January 19th at 7:00 – 8:00pm…

                                The home of John Doe

                                  Contact Number

This one hour time commitment could be worth a million $ to you. If that played out to be
true, would you consider that to be time well spent?

That’s what I thought. Go ahead… Be a Sucker. I’m looking forward to our time together.
 Details to consider to make your home suitable to conduct business:

             Clean
             Display pops w/ trees & other ancillary products plus marketing tools such as
              brochures & business cards
             Quiet environment - conducive to doing business
             Play background music that is pleasant and uplifting to take away any heaviness
              that sometimes permeates a home
             Possibly employ your teenager to manage your children as well as the children of
              parents who wish to attend (make note on invitation if childcare is an available
            Serve beverages such as cold water, lemonade, ice tea or coffee AND of course
             treat your guests to our delicious, gourmet tasting lolli-pops that will move
             everyone in attendance one step closer to becoming your new customer or your new
             Be dressed for success - relaxed and ready for business when your guests arrive

How to conduct a business briefing:

           Have your upline with you to present or co-present agenda
           Speakerphone presentations are a great option to exercise. Choose your favorite
            upline to be spotlighted. Arrange in advance what part of the presentation they
            will do and what part you will do so you don’t overlap information and run long on
        Begin your meeting by welcoming your guests
        Introduce yourself if there are faces that are new to you and tell them a little about
        If your upline is co-presenting, introduce him or her and EDIFY, EDIFY, EDIFY
            him/her to your small group
        Ask each guest in attendance to introduce themselves and take 2 minutes to tell the
            group a little about themselves. Invite all in attendance to tell you what they know
            and understand about our program. Also, ask them to tell you what they are
            hoping to hear during the course of the evening.
            That way you are fully informed as to what people need in order to make a decision
            THAT VERY NIGHT.
        Move on with the presentation.
        Discuss the following things with your Guests unless they have given you strong
            indications otherwise.
    (Note: Remember to come from a place of passion and conviction or … don’t come at all).


Share BRIEFLY with your guests, your personal ‘WHY’ (in other words… your reason for
associating yourself with FUN Unlimited). BRIEFLY talk about what you saw here prior to
making a commitment and then reference what your experience has been since you joined.

GIVE BACKGROUND on the Company

       1. Talk about the completeness of our program
          Great product that really helps people and a Great business plan that can really set
          people free financially
       2. 18 months old – ripe time to migrate into a venture
       3. Debt free
       4. Multi-million $ company that owns its own lollipop manufacturing center
       5. A company that is capturing the attention of the nation and the world - largely due to
          positive – unsolicited media attention coming to us


 Share two or three things about our owners, Michael Wenniger & Becki Molt – get reference
 points off your FUN site or conference calls

 Describe the Dream Team of experts supporting this venture –
          o Top Law firm – to keep us compliant and protected
          o Top Consultant to industry giants
          o Top Product Developers – world renown
          o Top Personal Trainers specializing in this industry


  1.     Your personal experience here is the most important thing you can add to this portion of
         the presentation
           Note: In other words, use the products each and every day. In addition to having first
           hand experiences to share as it relates to this product line you something to talk about
           from a place of personal experience, your you will be a walking billboard for our
           products, showing the world what they too could enjoy if they are willing to make a
           different decision for themselves

  2.     Talk about our flagship product, our power-pops
  3.     Engineer to do 4 things…
  4.     Immediate energy & mental clarity
  5.     Thermogetic benefit – wakes up a sluggish metabolism
  6.     Can aid the body in releasing stored fat and toxins
  7.     Suppresses the appetite
  8.     No out of pocket risk to the consumer as their satisfaction is money back guaranteed
  9.    Briefly give an overview of other products beginning next with the Kidspops

Build Image of Expansive MARKET

   1.   We have a second-to-none product line that lends itself to everyBODY - to children, to
        women and to men. Share with your guests that the condition of being overweight is
        now in epidemic proportions worldwide and negatively impacting both genders and all
        ages. Also our product lines promote energy, optimal wellness and beauty – truly
        leaving noBODY out.
   2.   This business venture also is for everyone – homemakers, ‘newbies’ to the industry,
        people who have never experienced any degree of success in network marketing along
        with the most professional and accomplished networkers this industry has ever
        produced. Also, we have a place for non-networkers who want a BIG win $$$ and the
        opportunity to earn a residual income.

Describe the COMPENSATION PLAN on a white board or chalk board

           o Give a short, tight summation of how we make our money in this program.
           o Our compensation plan is called a hybrid BINARY. Educate your guests on the
             promise of a Binary pay plan by referencing that this form of pay out (although
             one of the newer money making models to be introduced into the industry) has
             created more success stories amongst the participating associate base than all
             other compensation plans ever authored. The reason for this is…
                  The simplicity of building two sales teams
                  It fairly and richly rewards the little guy the BIG guy and everyone in
                     between – not just advantaged, experienced Superstars
                  It can be worked part time or full time to generate incomes ranging from
                     supplemental to outrageous – each person to decide independently what
                     their financial goal is.
                  Our binary specifically does not require that sales teams be balanced nor
                     does it have lofty volume requirements that set average business builders
                     up for the likelihood of failure
           o Clarify we pay weekly – on time – to the penny

           o 4 Bonuses paid – Simple to explain – simple to earn
                1. 1st Bonues: Retail profit over wholesale cost of product when you sell
                     our products to others
                2. 2nd Bonus: Fast Start Bonus paid –
                     $50.00 on $195.oo Initial Fast Start Pack (available in 4 options)
                      $100.00 on $495.00 Initial Fast Start/Business Builder Pack
                3.   3rd Bonus: Residual or team building bonus pays you 10% of the
                     wholesale dollars or points that accrue on the weaker/lesser of your two
                     sales teams
                4.   4th Bonus: Matching bonus that begins at 25% graduates to 50% and
                     then finally caps out at a full 100% match on the residual earnings of
                       everyone you personally enroll by bringing 4 people to FUN Unlimited
                       and help those four get four and help those for who get two (one left,
                       one right)
          Note: This portion of your presentation should take no more than 5 minutes. Time
          yourself. You can schedule a training session going into more detail on how money is
          earned here at a future date or refer your new enrollees to the archived “Show Me the
          Money $” call for their review from the leisure of their home.

Talk about our incredible MARKETING TOOLS that help make this business simple

      The Power-Pop itself is the best opening and closing tool anyone business builder could
       have at hand

      Show them our beautiful and affordable tri-fold glossary brochures

      Tell them of our Fortune 100 looking website making it easy for your prospects to gather
       information pertaining to the product(s) or the income earning opportunity of this
   (Note: Let your guests know that you would be happy, at the conclusion of your time
   together, to show them your cool and comprehensive site that helps makes it easy and
   effective doing and tracking your FUN business.

      Our daily/nightly conference calls each Monday thru Friday – that are intended to
       introduce guests to our products, business opportunity and success stories are premiered
       in a a most professional and convenient learning forum.           (Note: You can actually
       gather guests in your home on Monday, Tuesday or Thurs night and put the conference
       call on speaker phone for all to hear if you want to “pass the baton” on to some polished
       presenter(s) to paint the FUN picture for you.

Discuss the TIMELINESS of our specific business opportunity

      History tells us that the greatest incomes earned in a networking venture are most often
       times secured in the company’s early days - between their 2nd and 5th year in business.

      NOW is the time to jump in this program and start building so you can capitalize on all
       the media attention coming to our company as a result of the word getting out about our
       ‘magical’ pops. Imagine the possibility of unsolicited business coming to you -
       purchases/enrollments – and money being sprinkled into the associate base as a direct
       result of viewers and readers learning about what we have from numerous avenues of
       exposure and initiating a first time purchase and/or opting in to our money making

Ask if any of your guests have questions
Remember objections are most often about the person stating the objection and not at all a
reflection of any weakness on the part of our product or company. Take the time to satisfy in
their mind what they are needing to hear.

Move towards the enrollment process

You can do this by wrapping up your time together with one or more of the following
messages… You could say something like this…

“Fun Unlimited can give you the health and body image you desire AND the financial freedom
you’re looking for so tonight, let’s move towards achieving both goals – FAST”.

“I made what I believe to be a million $ decision for myself last December. You have the chance
right now to make that same decision for yourself.”

“NOW is the time to capitalize on this opportunity and move towards your own personal telltale
results. Imagine being a part of the founding days of NuSkin, MaryKay or Herbalife as they
went on to become billion dollar companies. Do you think some fortunes were created in those
programs? Can you see that this program has even greater potential still?
FUN Unlimited is on its way to setting a new record in the business world. I am on my way to
assembling a team of leaders that will collectively become a part of this history-making event”.

“There is no place to go backwards in this program. Your total out of pocket risk to be weighed
or considered here is a mere $29.95”

Stress to your guests that this will be a team effort unlike anything they have ever experienced
before. Everyone aspires to be a part of something that is bigger than them.

NOW… ask for the sale! If you don’t ask, it will NOT happen. Your guests will be waiting for
your directive or call to action.
Clarify the three ways an individual can become an associate in our program.

     1. First explain the option to enroll for as little as $29.95 giving the new associate the
        chance to purchase product at wholesale cost and earn a retail profit when selling to
        others. There is no potential to earn team building bonuses here or build a future
     2. Next, UPSELL to the Fast Start $537 Business Builder Pack by strongly
        recommending this ‘optimal’ option and describe its content to include $900 of retail
        products (Note: know what’s in this pack to recite its product make-up or have a point
        of reference available)
     3. Back down to the one of the four options available in the smaller Fast Start $195 Packs
        (Note: Again, know all four options – most popular being the all Power-Pop pack or
        have product descriptions available) if it more suits the needs and budget of your

Explain to your guests the advantages of accepting an auto-order or auto-ship to include
qualifying for 10% payout on residual/team bonus AND the chance to get purchases and
enrollments coming from the business generated from media exposure.

Direct your motivated attendees to move to your office/PC area
with you to do the enrollments on your beautiful, FUN personal
site while your new associate looks on. This will give you the
opportunity to demonstrate to him/her how quick and easy it is
to go into business with FUN Unlimited. Produce a confirmation
document, for record keeping purposes, for your new enrollee by
either printing a copy of the page displayed at the conclusion
of the enrollment process OR pasting it into an email and
sending it to the new associates personal email address.

Close your time out together by distributing to your guests and new FUN team members, an
invitation on white paper (to serve as their original) for the next scheduled in-home meeting.
Also, for convenience purposes, give each attendee pre-printed invitations on colored sheets as

Encourage duplication and leadership by asking your attendees if they would be interested in
hosting a future get together in their home.

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