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					                        Panorama Regency Hotel Batam

Subject : Quality Standards Sequence of Service – Reservation        Page : 1 /


1. Check room availability on the system.
2. Check and complete all today arrival preparation ( reservation form, guarantee letter,
   travel voucher, pick-up service, special request, etc. )
3. Check and follow up outstanding items written in the logbook.
4. Provide group arrangement order for GIT or convention two days in advance of their
5. Reconfirm today's arrival and follow up their guaranteed booking ( pre payment, GL,
   Voucher ) of today's arrival.
6. Inform FDA or print out a registration card for last minute / new booking.
7. Check all expected arrival list for tomorrow arrival.


1. Listen carefully to what the caller requests.
2. View future availability in the computer before confirming any reservation.
3. The reservation should be taken manually using the room reservation form. Make
   sure the necessary details are filled especially the caller’s contact, i.e. Telephone
   number, company’s name, billing instruction, etc.
   Standard details :
        The guest name
        Arrival and departure date
        Number of people
        Type of room requested ( number of room, type, price )
        Contact person, telephone / hand phone and or facsimile number.
        Flight number and estimated time of arrival (ETA)
        Source of booking : Company / Private / Travel Agent
        Method of payment : Company account / Personal account / Travel voucher.
4. Enter data into the system by using reservation menu.
5. Check guest history
6. Confirm the caller by providing reservation number.
7. Send the confirmation by facsimile if requested.
8. Update special arrangements.
9. File the reservation correspondence based on the date of arrival in alphabetical order.


Reservation amendment

1.   Check the reservation status in the system.
2.   Record it on amendment form
3.   Change information on the system as per guest request.
4.   Reconfirm the amendment to the caller.
5.   Take out the correspondence from the file and amend appropriately
6.   File them together.

Reservation Cancellation

1. Check in the system, status of booking.
2. Record it on cancellation from.
3. Cancel the reservation on the system as per guest request, input the reason of
   cancellation and inform to others department that have relate to the reservation.
4. Take out the correspondence and put the cancellation stamp on the reservation
   correspondence then file them together.

Waiting List

1. Inform the clients that we unable to accommodate their request due to the fully
   booked situation.
2. Offer other room type as an alternative, upsell highest possible.
3. If the status are unable to accept any new reservation, offer waiting list status.
4. Inform the client as soon as any room available.
5. Record the necessary information on the reservation form.
6. Write down on the writing list book and give it to the reservation manager to follow

Advance Deposit / Prepayments

1. Travel Agent. ( Have no credit facilities ).
2. Prepayments are received in advance before the arrival of the guests.
3. The travel agent is informed about prepayments before confirming the reservation
4. Key in “Prepayment” in the system
5. Calculated the amount based on reservation correctly and approved by the supervisor
   or Assistant Manager if necessary. ( See ex. )
6. Send the pre invoice by facsimile, email, phone as soon as possible.

   Pre invoice contains :
   Guest’s name
   Check in / out date
   Total of room / nights
   Room Price
   Total of room price

   Special comment on letter or conversation.
   Prepayment must be received before arrival
   Give Hotel Account Number
   Suggest the agent to send us the proof of transfer by facsimile as soon as possible.
   The reservation is automatically cancelled when we don’t receive prepayment until
    the date of guest arrives.

   Always double check / remind to travel agent if prepayment is not done one day
    before arrival.
   Follow up to FOM / Asst. Manager if prepayment is not received

Prepayment by cash.
1. The staff understands the different room deposit and prepayment.
2. Staff agent comes to the FDA / FO Cashier
3. Calculate the amount or check reservation correspondence.
4. Receive money and open temporary receipt
5. Additional comment is system “Prepayment paid already 2 nights”
6. One of copy TR gives to Reservation to be recorded
   Money and copy of the voucher are enveloped to be sent to accounting.

Prepayment by transfer.
1. Prepayment by transferring is done usually by out of the Batam travel agent.
2. The payment is received when The Travel Agent sends us the transferring proof.
3. Make it three copies. ( Accounting, Reservation correspondence, FDA )
4. Edit in system.

Travel Agent Voucher.

   The voucher must be sent / faxed advance by travel agents after being confirmed.
   It is valid for credit facility or No credit facility (prepayment).
   Read accurately and key in the system.
   Make it two copies. ( Reservation correspondence, FDA ).

Guaranteed Letter / Reservation.

    GL is valid for company which has a credit facility ( see list of accounting ).
    GL must be received before arrival date.
    GL must mention base on confirmation from us.
    The reservation staffs must understand the requests of GL.

1. Read and follow up in coming GL as soon as possible.
2. Record in Reservation form
3. Key in the request ( input / edit ) in the system.
4. Send back GL with Confirm - Cancel - Fully Booked stamp / Initial / Room Rate and
   additional note if necessary.
5. Keep the fax report to prove that GL’s been replied and attach with GL and other
6. Give one copy for FDA ( arrived today ).
7. File it.

No Show

1. When a guest holds a guaranteed reservation for a hotel but does not arrive, a
   guaranteed no-show occurs.
2. Get a no-show report from FDA on the system.
3. On occasion of full house or normal situation or special agreement the guaranteed no-
   show reservation by cash, credit card, GL, Travel agent must be screened by
   RDM/FOM/Sale before they can be charged.
4. Reservation staff follows up with the client who’d guaranteed or non guaranteed
5. Give a completed back up report to FDA or Cashier to post fee of a guaranteed no

Unconfirmed Booking / hold 06.00 PM

1. The check-in hold time 06.00 pm or other time is valid for low and high season.
2. The time is informed by oral or confirmation letter.”Reservation automatic cancelled
   until the hold time”.
3. The time is determined when the reservation is made without guarantee.
4. The reservation will be cancelled by FDA until the time.

Transfer Voucher.

1. The only travel agent has cooperate (A ) with us that can send the guest with voucher.
2. Sometime travel agents without cooperating ( B ) will send the guest to us.
3. Travel agent B buys a voucher to travel agent A.

4.   Travel agent A book to us with reservation form and copy voucher.
5.   Travel agent guest B checks in with travel agent B ( Transfer voucher )
6.   Travel agent voucher B and A are needed for invoice.
7.   Special note on voucher B = The payment through a Travel agent A

Take note : Travel agent with cooperated and credit facility is a voucher
            A travel agent with cooperating only is prepayment
            Travel agent without cooperating is transferred voucher

Pick – up Service

1.   In reservation some guests request pick-up service at airport or Ferry terminal.
2.   Reservation staff completes Pick up Service form.
3.   Input in the system ( guest account ) “Pick up service by a 153 arrival time 14.30”.
4.   Sent and take over to Concierge with pick up the service log book.

Cancelled / Changed
1. The guest cancel to be picked up.
2. The guest cancels to stay.
3. The guest change his departure date or time.
4. Revise and fill out change / cancellation of pick up service form.
5. Attach the change / cancellation form to the original request and ensure that new
   arrangement are made
6. Send back or take over to concierge.

Checking Blacklisted Customers / Company

The guests who have a bad payment.
1. Personal guest has a bad record in payment before.
2. The name should be recorded with FO.
3. Next check-in or reservation, FDA makes sure to always control the expenses before
   more than the deposit.
The companies ( with credit facility ) which have a bad payment.
1. Companies don’t pay the payment base on appointment.
2. The blacklisted company will be issued by FC in the memo.
3. The reservation or FDA will not confirm a reservation with GL before getting
   confirmation from FC.

Credit Facilities

1. Credit Facility is a form of credit
2. Credit Facility is given to a company based on hotel survey and approval from the
   Accounting Department.
3. Accounting Department will issue the list of a company’s name that can use the credit
   facility in the period or update the list.
4. Reservation should key The Credit Facility in the company’s profile.
5. Reservation and FDA should be aware of the company.

Payment Authorization.

Some guest book room for someone else and will cover all charges or certain items for
his/her guests.
Credit Card.
1. By corresponding.
2. The seller confirms to pay for his guest.
3. Reservation staff makes sure the amount or all charges.
4. Ask for the payer to send Credit Card Authorization Letter.
5. Contain : Date, Guest’s name, Check in and out date, Amount, Card holder name,
    Card type, card number, expire date, Telephone and fax number, Card holder
    signature, copy of credit card and IC or passport.
6. Or reservation send the CCAF ( see the form attach ) to the guest by fax.
7. Ask the buyer to complete the form and return back to us before arrival date.
8. Compare the form and copy of credit card as soon as receive.
9. Card verified by manual with that amount or average expenses.
10. Give the original document to the FDA and file all copies.
11. If the payer come to the FDA, do the same procedure with Payment Authorization

By corresponding.
1. The guest request to pay by cash.
2. Reconfirm the amount or average expenses and additional payment is necessary if
   expenses come to the limit.
3. The money must be sent before arrival date.
4. Ask the buyer to send the official receipt by fax asap.
5. Send one copy and others document for FDA and file another one.
6. If the payer come to the FDA, do the same procedure with Temporary receipt.



Incoming facsimile

1.   Record all the incoming faxes into the logbook.
2.   Upon receipt of faxes, read and check what the client need.
3.   Follow up by facsimile.
4.   Reply within 24 hours.
5.   File the incoming facsimile with relevant correspondence.

Outgoing Facsimile.

1.   Send confirmation of booking by return fax.
2.   Double check destination, name, country code and other details.
3.   Record all the outgoing faxes into the logbook.
4.   File the outgoing facsimile with relevant correspondence.


Incoming E-mail.

1.   Reservation, Business Center, FDA always checks incoming E-mail in a computer.
2.   Read and print all E-mails.
3.   Check the client need.
4.   Follow up by E-mail or others as request.
5.   Reply within 24 hours.
6.   File the incoming E-mail with relevant correspondence.

Outgoing Facsimile.

1.   Send confirmation of booking by return facsimile or others as request.
2.   Double check destination or Email address and other details.
3.   Record all the outgoing Email in computer and print.
4.   File the outgoing facsimile with relevant correspondence.


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