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New Arbonne Business Owner


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									Name:                                                                  Date:

             Steps to a Successful Launch
Step I – Getting Started is as SIMPLE as 1, 2, 3!

Goal of Document and Step I: Give new wholesale consultant SIMPLE steps to get started in
Arbonne without feeling overwhelmed with too much too soon!
  1. To sponsor and sign them up as a wholesale consultant.
  2. Get them on Arbonne’s products.
  3. Give them suggestions for products and business aids needed to start their
       Arbonne business.
  4. Complete Start Now Workbook
  5. Move wholesale consultant into business builder status.
  6. Get them into MASSIVE revenue producing activity.
       (Critical time period – Sign up until they are in activity = 24-48 hours)
  7. Schedule BACK-to-BACK launch parties and 20 activities in 30 days (6-10
       being group presentations).

Step II – New Business Builder Orientation Checklist
Goal of document and Step II: To provide a checklist to get NEW business builder off to a
successful start. This document will ensure you have covered the basics of what you need for
your Arbonne business.
  1. Review and complete the items on the checklist.
  2. Listen to the New Business Builder Orientation live call/Webinar: Date
     ________, number ________________, Access code _________ .
  3. Listen to the recorded New Business Builder call/Webinar: Number
     ___________________, Access code _______.

Step III – Business Strategy Workshop/Webinar
Goal of Workshop: Develop skills and knowledge to ensure effective implementation of the
Recipe for Success in Arbonne.
  1. Attend Business Strategy Workshop with upline manager for DETAILED
     training that will provide them with a successful launch in Arbonne.
Name:                                                                             Date:

Arbonne International – Phase I
     Looking Good and Feeling Great
                             Getting Started is SIMPLE as           1 – 2 – 3!!!

  1.     Sign Up with Arbonne & Set Up Your Business
                                                  Taxed                            Retail          Cost
                                                 Amount                            Volume
           Wholesale Application                                                  -------------
           Order Your Product for Business
          (Below are suggestions to get started)
              Personalized RSVP
              Color Line
              Results Package (4 RE9 Sets)

           Order Your Business Aids
             #9005 Open Now for Business Pack $79.95,                              -------------
              #2840 Basic Consultant Training CD ($12)

         Taxed Amount: ___________________                               Total: ________________
         ________% Tax: ___________________                              (Cost + tax + Shipping)
            Shipping:   ___________________

   Name on Card _____________________________________                           Zip Code: _____________

  Credit Card Type ________CC Number __________________________________________ _CC Exp_________________

  2.     Complete Your Start NOW Workbook
  3.     Get into ACTIVITY!!
                 Put your Launch Presentation Dates on your Sponsor’s Calendar
                 Conduct 15 min. 3 Way Calls with 5-10 contacts within the week
                   with your sponsor
                 Book your 6-10 presentations, Results Approach and One on
                   Ones (20 Activities in 30 days = SUCCESS)
Name:                                                                                   Date:
             Step II - NEW Business Builder Orientation
                                (Your Sponsor and/or Manager can help you with these)

Welcome to our TEAM! Below is a list compiled of important items needing your attention as you begin your
new Arbonne Business. The items listed are TO DO’s provided in a checklist so you can make sure you are
setting your business up for SUCCESS! Congratulations on your decision!

____    Reviewed Getting Started 1 2 3 Document with Sponsor/Manager
____    Received and Completed StartNOW Workbook
____    Completed Wholesale Application and Placed Product Order/Bus Aids
____    Learn how to place orders/applications online (yours will be your first time!)
____    Get your ID# and PIN# through 1-800-Arbonne or through email
____    Scheduled Back to Back LAUNCH Presentations with Sponsor/Manager
____    Scheduled 20 activities in the Month-see definition in StartNOW wkbk on activity
____    Identified 4-5 KEY people whom You want on Your team and Conducted 3 way 15 minute calls with
        each of them w/ your sponsor to assemble your team within the first week of joining the business.
____    Create and write down a Consistent Work Schedule for your Arbonne Business
____    Set your goals with your Sponsor/Manager Monthly and complete goal sheet
____    Forward your RVP your Email Address to be added to team email blast
____    Get your RVP/NVP’s Month’s Schedule of Events – Put dates into your Calendar – Attend all meetings
        with Guests! Look online for Car Presentations and other events. Get Connected and Stay
____    Listen in on the Nation’s Training Conference Call every Sunday Nights – Phone
        number__________________              Access code _____________
____    Sign up for Autoship – to ensure $100 (retail) order every month
____    Put together Sponsoring Packets and have with you all the time ready to share
____    Put Professional Message on your Answering Machine and Cell Phone
____    Open Separate Checking Account (doesn’t need to be a business account, can be a free account)…order
        your debit/credit card – Arbonne only takes debit and credit cards. Get a Credit Card with Air
____    Order Business Cards, Labels for Products, and wholesale application/order forms
____    Get an Unlimited Long Distance package on Phone…and, 3 way Calling Option
____    You will need to get or have access to – Printer/computer and an EMAIL address
____    Complete all trainings - Arbonne University, Start with Basic Consultant Module
____    Signup for National Training Conference – NTC – IT IS A MUST!
____    Learn to navigate through Arbonne.com ----look at your webstats for volume and tracking for the month
        – Learn and Burns, signup for subscription to Learn and Burns – Shop Online – Success Stories –
        Download Forms – Demographic Map
____    Set up Group Emails for your Team and your Clients as your business grows
____    Review your Policy/Procedure Manual from Arbonne for Qualification Rules for levels
____    Get your Upline’s Home and Cell Phone numbers and Email Addresses – use email first for questions
        for quicker response
____    Do PERSONAL Development – Books from John Maxwell or Dr.Tom Barrett
Name:                                                                            Date:

Sponsor’s Checklist for Strategy Meeting:
Schedule a Business Strategy Session within 48 hours.

At this strategy session, you will go through the following steps:
___     Discover their WHY. Find out why new BB is doing Arbonne – a sort of mission statement. To
        get them thinking, here is a question “If money wasn’t an issue, what would your life look like?
        Would you go back to work tomorrow?” Help people get off their hamster wheel and teach
        them how to dream again.

___     Review the names in their STARTNOW Workbook. Have new BB start creating 100 name
        “wedding” list!! Ask them to star the top 5 names of people they would love to work with
        regardless of whether they think those 5 will be interested. Ask upline how we IDENTIFY these
        key people. (Already successful, Has $$ to get started, Person of influence, Told you already
        WHY they need Arbonne). Help them call these people right NOW. If they’re not sure what to
        say, have them try this: “I’m really excited! I just started a new business with Arbonne, and I
        want you to come hear about it!! It might not be for you, but you might know someone who it’s
        right for. I would love for you to come and support me.”

___     Set a date for an Assemble the Team Meeting/Business Launch Celebration. They will invite
        their top 5 key people, friends and family to this meeting/ conference call to hear the information
        they heard that got them interested. Do within 72 hours. (Those that don’t attend set up a 3-way
        call with the sponsor or VP). This is “The Yellow Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” for their new
        business! See who wants to join their team. Keep it fun and SIMPLE! This is also where you
        are asking for their friends and family to support them with love, encouragement, using
        products, having parties, giving referrals, etc.

___     Determine what days they will work their business. Have them set times that they will fill with
        their 20 one-on-ones and group presentations. They need to set aside at least 2-3 days/week
        that they will work their business typically to hit their goals. Work with them to set up their 6-10
        group presentations – get them on the books!!

___     Have them call at least two people to do a one on one with before leaving this business strategy
        session. Choose dates that you; the sponsor can attend as well.

___     Set their goals. These goals should be ACTIVITY goals, not monetary (volume) goals. Volume
        goals often shut people down and can be intimidating. We want people to focus and attach
        themselves to the activity, not the outcome.
Name:                                                               Date:

Step III – Business Strategy Workshop/Webinar
Attend workshop, roll up your sleeves and work the following agenda:

  1. The Start Now Workbook – This is the KEY/FOUNDATION to your success
     in Arbonne! Fill this out in DETAIL:

         21 Reasons WHY – 5 of these need to CONNECT to your heart, we say,
          “At least 5 need to make you cry!” They are YOUR purpose for doing
          Arbonne. These “why’s” will be what hold you accountable, keep you
          committed and give your upline a resource to help you push through

         Create a powerful “I” Story – Use 5 Strong Why’s and Listen to Deanna
          Wilkinson’s Learn & Burn on “How to create a powerful “I” Story”. Use
          “I” Story Checklist as a guide for your own story.

         100 Person or MORE Contact/Wedding/Graduation/Christmas Card List -
          Ask friends and family for their contacts too. More is better – It helps you
          think abundantly! This does not have to be close contacts. Who can you
          connect or reconnect with and share the Arbonne products/opportunity?

         5 Key People – These are already on your 100 or more list! Identify them
          by asking the qualifying questions of each person on your list. Place a * by
          their name, each time they fit the profile of the following questions:
          a. Who do you want to work with in Arbonne?
          b. Who has told you they would benefit from Arbonne, because they need
             a change in their life, they need to add relationships to their life, or they
             need the freedom and flexibility that it offers with time and money?
             They have made statements like: “I hate my job”, “I want to be home
             with my children”, “I don’t know how I am going to pay our bills this
             month, we don’t have enough money”, “My husbands job is killing
             him”, etc.
          c. Who is a person of influence? Not because of title, but because of who
             they are and how they treat people. People flock to them. They light up
             a room…they don’t darken a room! Put 2 STARS beside their name,
Name:                                                                   Date:
              because if they decide to join Arbonne, they will be able to influence
              others to do the same! Their business can grow quickly!
           d. Who has a little money to get started with their business?
           e. Who is that is already successful in what they do in life? They are
              hardworking, driven, ambitious, etc.
           After you have gone through these qualifying questions, look at your 100
           or more person list and see WHO has 4-5 *’s beside their name! These are
           your “KEY” people. Let your upline VP help you assemble your DREAM
           TEAM by talking to these key people and let them know why you thought
           of them, when you started Arbonne.

         Mark your calendar – Work this business consistently 2 nights/week. We teach 2
          parties + 2 drop off sets + 2 people invited to a business presentation/ week.
          ACTIVITY is KING! Plug into RVP/NVP calendar first and then schedule your
          activities around training events.

         Get into Activity – 20 Activities in 30 days. 10 of these activities need to be GROUP
          presentation. Your goal is to get in front of and share Arbonne products and business
          to 50-60 people/month. When you do this with group presentations, with 4-10 people
          at each presentation, it is easier than doing 50 or 60 one on one’s. We call this
          working SMART NOT HARD! Revenue producing activity is one of the following:
          Group presentations, one on one’s, Results Drop off of sets or sample packs, Launch
          party, Discover Arbonne with prospects.

  2. Verbiage for Activity – Review it. See or ask upline NVP for the attachment. Look at
     new business builder verbiage for inviting people to have a party, attend a Discover
     Arbonne, etc.

  3. Call for Revenue Producing Activity for 45 minutes and get ACTIVITY on your
     schedule. (Have everyone bring their calendar with open dates for activity, contact list,
     and cell phone. Before the calling begins make a statement similar to this to make them
     think first: “Our Success Plan calls for 6-10 presentations or 20 revenue producing
     activities in 30 days. Your dreams need to equal your activity! If I told you in the next 1
     hour, that you needed to book at least 6-10 parties or 20 activities on your calendar in the
     next 1 hour, how many of you could do it? (See how many raise their hands, then ask…).
     If I told you that I have a 10K dollar check for your name and when you book those
     activities, you would get this check (write out a fake check), how many of you could do it
     now? It is amazing to me, when someone wants to stay home with their kids, but then I
     look at their calendar and I see NO activity. What makes them think that dreams can
     come true when this is what we do? It makes me assume you just must not care that
     much about your “why’s” for doing this business.
Name:                                                                  Date:
         Prizes for the most and least booked! Success Happens in Network Marketing for the
          most booked, because that is how you get successful. A “belief” bookmark of some
          kind to the one that booked the least. I BELIEVE you can still achieve success in
          Arbonne, if you don’t quit!?

  4. Brief Arbonne=Results Presentation – Notify the people in attendance and getting started
     of the next Earn & Learn that is scheduled for them to attend. Share party tips, games,
     and scheduling tips. Teach them that I end the party on Page 20 of the Arbonne = Results

  5. Discuss the “Where do you see yourself”, Page 22, with my customers at the time of
     ordering when it is more private. Work to invite them to an event.

  6. Plug into training and support – Arbonne.com, register for Learn & Burn subscription for
     $5/month, Arbonne University, get on upline RVP email blast, get upline phone # and
     email address, and attend monthly meetings with guests!!! Do not go alone!

  7. Personal Development – Read books, this is one on one time with these incredible
     authors! Show consultants the books that you read, so they know what they are looking
     for when shopping:

              The Gift by Shad Helmstetter
              The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson
              Dare to Dream and Work to Win by Dr. Tom Barrett (only available on his site,
              Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell
              Any book by Dr. John Maxwell. My favorites are: Today Matters, Failing
              Forward, Developing the Leader Within Me and Developing the leaders around

   Close workshop with time for questions and answers!!

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