Women Education

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					                                    Women Education
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Education is compulsory for both, the boys and the girls. Islam teaches us all aspects of life; there is no
distinction between male and female in our religion. Still, some illiterate people treat both with different
attitudes. In all over the world people are talking about the importance of women education. It is said
that there is a woman behind every successful man but who is behind a successful woman? Women also
have a right to be educated, to be familiar with good or bad. There is another conflict between rural and
urban women. A rural woman knows laws, rules and regulations but she has no right to use them while
the urban women are considered more sophisticated and educated to interact in all-important matters
of society. The main drawback for women is that they are still murdered on karokari blame; get married
in their childhood, Quran weddings are also common in some rural areas. No one can deny the
importance of women education because history notifies that women have ruled over some countries
just because of their education.

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