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					                                     What is Internet
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Due to the effects of globalization, the world has turned into a small village and it is not impossible for
you to get any kind of information on the web. Millions and billions of people are now working on the
internet and they can solve any kind of problems and answer to the queries in their minds. Several
protocols are used for the connections between the internet users like (IPTV) and (VOIP). These are the
latest technologies and some examples of internet. The history of internet was started in 1960s when
the cooperation of private institutes and United States Government get advanced in this field for the
first time. However, this advancement was not proved very effective; so in 1980s, with the cooperation
of National Science Foundation and several other private institutes, a new foundation of internet was
established on latest networks. It was further developed in 1990. The best thing about internet is that,
there are no restrictions of age and sex to use the internet. These kinds of free policies also allow
hackers to perform their unethical actions on the internet. You can even make a handsome income on
the internet while working in several fields like marketing, finance, social media marketing and much

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