Top Five Social Websites

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					                                Top 5 Social Websites

Social websites have played an important role to make this world a global village. People of different
caste, creed and culture interact with each other and share their experiences through these social
websites. Here, we will discuss about the top 5 social networking websites on the internet. The
Facebook is at the top of the list of all social websites and also ranks at 2nd position after Google
website, which is the top ranked website on the internet. About 7.5 billion people use this website every
month. Mark Zuckerburg designed Facebook in 2004 and now he is included in the list of richest people
of the world. The Facebook website is widely used all around the world for social interaction between
the communities. People make their profiles on this website to share their pictures and videos with their
friends, family members and co workers. The twitter website is the second largest social website of the
world. This website is best known for blogs and micro blogs. Up to 2.5 billion people visit this website
every month. It stands at 9th position in global ranking of websites. Jack Dorsey created this website in
2006 and it holds more than 300 billion tweets and provides 1.6 billion queries daily. LinkedIn is the
third largest social website that is commonly used to search jobs all around the world and also used to
provide the maximum job opportunities by providing a large number of industrial and business profiles
on this website. In the global ranking, it is on 12th position. It was made in 2002 and has 33.9 million
users. The MySpace website is the 4th largest social website in the world. Pop star Justin Timberlake is
the owner of this website. It was invented in 2003 and had 33.1 million users in 2011. In global ranking,
it comes on 159th position. Global plus website takes 5th place with its 65 million users.

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