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                                       “A Bit of Frolic,
                                      Laughter, & Song”

                                                 IRISH PUB &
                                            SEAFOOD RESTAURANT

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                                                      160 Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina

                        t the center of the historic Charleston Market, you will most likely happen
                     upon a bit of frolic, friendly conversation, laughter, and song. You have just
                discovered Tommy Condon’s True Irish Pub & Restaurant, where we charmingly
              re-create the air and ambiance of the Emerald Isle.
              No matter your homeland, we at Tommy’s welcome you with open arms, friendly
              smiles, and true Irish hospitality. Relax and enjoy live Irish entertainment over a tot
              of Bushmills, a pint of Guinness, or even a delicious hot Irish coffee.
              Tempt your palate with our great menu selections and lift your glass high because
              everyone becomes an honorary Irishman at Tommy’s. After all, “There are no
              strangers here, only friends you haven’t met.”

               Private rooms for up to 100 guests are available                                         We invite you to visit our other
                    at Tommy Condon’s® for all occasions:                                                   restaurants both located in
                           Christmas, Graduations,                                                     Charleston’s Historic Market area:
                                                                                                    Bocci’s Traditional Italian Restaurant® and
                   Wedding Rehearsals and Receptions, and                                        A.W. Shuck’s Oyster Bar & Seafood Warehouse®.
               Just-Because-You-Want-To-Have-A-Party Parties!
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           Church Street Crab Dip A favorite local recipe with choice blue claw crabmeat, a blend of
           cheeses, and traditional crab spices, served chilled with captain wafers. 8.29
           Chicken Tenders Tender fried chicken fillets served with honey mustard dipping sauce. 6.99
           Spinach Dip A delicious blend of spinach, three cheeses, and roasted vegetables. Served warm with corn tortilla chips. 6.49
           Wing Duo A dozen Buffalo wings lightly fried, half tossed in Teriyaki Ginger sauce, half in Firecracker sauce and served
           with homemade bleu cheese and crisp celery sticks. 7.79
           Irish Nachos A terrific blend of cheddar cheese, chopped bacon, chives, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and ranch dressing
           over crispy fried potatoes. 7.59
           Crab Fritters Lump crabmeat rolled with breadcrumbs and spices, deep fried and served with red pepper dijonnaise sauce and
           onion rings. 8.29
           Traditional Smoked Salmon Cold smoked Atlantic salmon served with mustard, capers, onions, boiled eggs, cream
           cheese, and toast. 8.29

                                                        PUB LIBATIONS
                     Our long-time bartenders are ol’ hands at mixing your favorite libations. The GUINNESS and BEAMISH stouts
                    are twice-poured o’ so slowly for that creamy richness. All our natural fruit FROZEN DAIQUIRIS are great coolers
                     on those warm summer days and our HOT CHOCOLATE LIQUEUR drinks will surely warm you up on a chilly
                     eve. But don’t leave Tommy’s without trying our famous HOT IRISH COFFEE! Ask your server about our logo
                                                  coffee mugs, T-shirts, and other SOUVENIRS. Céad Mile Failté.

                                Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with fresh Bermuda onions and garlic
                          croutons finished with our special Caesar dressing and shredded Parmesan cheese then topped with a sliced,
           grilled, marinated chicken breast. 8.29
               Grilled Shrimp Caesar 9.29 Fried Oyster Caesar 9.89
           Grilled Salmon and Spinach Salad A flame-grilled cut of Atlantic salmon atop fresh spinach, diced tomatoes,
           cucumbers, onions, and sprouts with mustard vinaigrette. 8.99
           Fried Chicken Salad Crisp, deep-fried tenderloins of chicken on a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, and
           cheddar cheese served with a delicious honey jalapeno dressing. 8.29
           Irish Cobb Salad Mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, cheddar, bacon bits, egg, and shaved corned beef
           with your choice of dressing. 7.99
           Prime Rib Salad Tender grilled prime rib atop a bed of mixed greens with cucumber, tomatoes, caramelized onions
           and toast points with raspberry vinaigrette. 9.49
           Chicken Salad Chopped chicken breast tossed with grapes and walnuts and served with fresh fruit and toast 8.29
           Blackened Tuna Salad Grilled, blackened filet of tuna served over a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers,
           bermuda onions and garlic croutons with your choice of dressing. 9.59
           House Salad Fresh mixed greens with diced tomato, cucumbers, thinly sliced Bermuda onions, and garlic croutons. 3.99
           With entrée 3.19
           Caesar Salad 5.49

                                                                                                                            FROM THE
                                        Irish Potato Chowder A 19th century                         Soup & Salad A cup of soup
                                        Condon family recipe handed down                            with Tommy’s House Salad and
                                        through generations. Made with bacon,                       choice of dressings. 6.99
                                        cheddar cheese, and scallions. Cup 3.99                     Served with Caesar Salad 7.29
                                        Bowl 4.99                                                   Soup & Half Sandwich A cup of
                                        Charleston She-Crab Soup Savor the                          soup with your choice of corned
                                        rich taste of fresh crabmeat and choice                     beef on rye or sliced turkey on
                                        crab roe, which makes this soup a “local”                   white. 7.29
                                        favorite. Cup 4.19 Bowl 5.19                                Add Swiss cheese .79

                                            TOMMY’S                100%                      GUARANTEE
            We use only the freshest ingredients available. Our vegetables and fruits come straight from the market daily. Our Catch-
             of-the-Day is cut fresh in-house each day, and our soups and sauces are homemade. If for any reason your meal is not
                                    prepared the way you ordered, please tell us. We will correct it right away!

                                             (For Your Convenience, an 18% Gratuity is added to parties of 6 or more.)
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        Fried Shrimp Fresh shrimp lightly battered and deep-fried until golden. Served with french fries and homemade
        cole slaw. 9.29
        Fish ’N Chips An ol’ Irish favorite! Basket of french fries and lightly battered whitefish served with homemade
        cole slaw. 9.39
        Shepherd’s Pie An Old World casserole of tender ground beef simmered with onions, corn & peas topped
        with mashed potatoes. 9.39
        Baby-back Ribs 1/2 rack of the sweetest and tenderest ribs in town, coated with our own Irish gold BBQ
        sauce. Served with french fries and cole slaw. 10.49
        Chicken Tender Platter A plate full of chicken tenderloins deep-fried until golden served with french
        fries, cole slaw, and a honey mustard dipping sauce. 9.49
        Grilled NY Strip An 8-oz. choice NY strip seasoned and grilled to perfection, with crispy fried onions and
        cole slaw. 13.89

                                           Award-winning Signature Dishes
                                             Voted Charleston’s Best!
                           Lowcountry Jambalaya                                                 Shrimp & Grits
              Delicious creek shrimp, marinated chicken, and                   A Lowcountry tradition of whole ground grits blended
            smoked sausage sautéed with tomatoes, celery, onions,              with cheddar cheese, topped with fresh sautéed shrimp,
           and peppers in a Lowcountry spiced brown sauce served                    peppers, onions, celery, bacon, and tomatoes
                       over Carolina white rice. 9.39                                       in a rich cream sauce. 9.29

                   THE DUBLIN DELI
         “All Dublin Deli Sandwiches served with French Fries and a pickle spear.”

        Tommy’s Awesome Reuben A traditional Reuben made with lean corned beef, swiss cheese, thousand island dress-
        ing, and sauerkraut on marbled rye. 8.69 Sub Turkey 1.00
        Fried Chicken Club An outrageously delicious sandwich with fried chicken tenderloins covered with melted cheddar,
        ham, tomatoes, and BBQ sauce served on toasted Texas bread. 8.29
        Corned Beef on Rye An Irish pub favorite! Lean corned beef, sliced thin and piled high on rye bread with lettuce
        and tomato. 7.99 Add Swiss cheese .79
        Chicken Salad Croissant A medley of chicken breast, grapes and walnuts topped with lettuce on a toasted crois-
        sant. 7.99
        The Original Tommy Burger Charleston’s best 1/2 pound chargrilled burger with
        lettuce, tomato, sliced onion, and choice of swiss or cheddar cheese. 7.59                          Ms. Mary’s
        With cheddar & bacon 7.99 With Swiss & mushroom 7.99                                            Lowcountry Cooking!
        Market Street Chicken Our 6-oz. chargrilled marinated chicken breast on a fresh              Monday: Carolina Gold BBQ
        deli roll with lettuce and tomato. 7.69                                                      with French Fries and cole slaw
        Blackened with red pepper dijonnaise 7.89
                                                                                                     Tuesday: Meatloaf with mashed
        With cheddar & bacon 8.29 With Swiss & mushroom 8.29
                                                                                                     potatoes and green beans
        Charleston Crab Cake Fresh crabmeat seasoned with Old Bay then deep-fried and
        served on a deli roll with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce. 10.29                          Wednesday: Ms. Mary’s Choice
        Ranch Chicken Wrap Our grilled, marinated chicken breast wrapped in                          Thursday: Corned beef & cabbage
        a flour tortilla with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, Bermuda onions, and ranch
        dressing. 8.59                                                                               Friday: Fried Carolina flounder
                                                                                                     with red rice and squash casserole
        Dublin Cheese Steak Flat grilled shaved roast beef with onions and roasted
        peppers, topped with cheddar on a toasted hoagie. 8.59                                                      7.29
        BLT Crisp bacon piled high with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on grilled Texas
        toast. 8.29
        Carolina Gold BBQ Sandwich Chopped pork BBQ with slaw on a toasted kaiser bun. 8.29
        Chicken Quesadilla A huge flour tortilla filled with marinated chicken, black beans, onions, and cheddar cheese
        served with lettuce, tomatoes, and spicy slasa. 8.29 Black Bean Only 7.29

                      T HE B OOKMAKER S ANDWICH
        The Irish “Bookmaker Sandwich” was made originally for the working class man of Ireland who
        labored for days away from home! Depending on the amount of time spent away from his family,
        his wife would make the sandwich to length. (1 foot per day)
        Half-Day Bookmaker Sandwich Tender roast beef, sliced thin and served on a deli, fresh hoagie
        with au jus, french fries, and pickle spear. 7.29 Add cheese .79

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