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					                                     AEC Conference Call
                                      January 30, 2011


Karen Krsak               Jackie Callender        Andy Martin              Bill Roe
Marlene Atwood            Pam Fales               Jim McKee                Steve Vaitones
Willie Banks              Val Foss                Clif McKenzie            Ruth White
Linda Bommicino           Mike Hinz               Richard Messenger
Katherine Branch          Ed Koch                 Patty Petesch

Conference call began at 8:03 pm ET.

Karen welcomed the new Region reps on the call, Marlene, Bill and Tom. We are now aligned
with the Masters.

Regions – There are several issues in the South Region that will take a while to discuss so
Karen will set up a conference call to handle this independently. Karen asked Andy to send a
notice to all Association Presidents, Secretaries and Membership Chairs to tell them about the
new Regional alignment and who their Region Reps are. After that, the Region Reps can
contact the Associations that they cover to introduce themselves and provide some basic
information. Karen will also hold a conference call with the Region reps and Andy to work on
the job description.

Communications – Jim has been looking at bar code creating software and he has narrowed
it down to two vendors. The first one is very user friendly and integrates very well. Jim is still
waiting on the evaluation copy of the second vendor. Karen commented that the pilot at the
2010 Annual Meeting went very well. Ruth pointed out that this will also help with elections.

Association Workshop – should be finalized soon. Sherry and Andy are doing a site visit
and are 95% sure it will be there. August 19-21 st is the tentative date. West Coast.

Organizational Services – MAC is in category 3, suspended voting rights. Organization
Services had a meeting with several members of MAC and have given them several to-dos.
They will be monitoring them throughout this process. Adirondack seems to have turned
things around, as they are now in the black, although not by much. The committee also voted
on looking at dividing up West Texas since they do not look like they will be viable in the long
term. They have not been active in the past few years and do not even have a representative
on the Associations Committee. A letter will be sent to the neighboring Associations asking
what to do about this situation. They also discussed whether it would be better to have the
Northern panhandle of West Virginia in the Three Rivers Association or the West Virginia
Association. It is currently in Three Rivers, but there are less than 20 members from that area
at the last check. Stephanie Hightower has requested a presentation to the Board on what the
Organizational Services and Associations Committee do. Tentatively, this will be done at the
summer meeting of the Board.

Harry Siminois – The Oregon Association held a retirement gathering for Harry which Andy
Martin attended to represent the National office. Harry was touched that the National office did
send someone to the event. Andy thinks Harry will enjoy retirement, but will miss all of us!

Membership cards – were mailed out on Jan. 27. The packet includes a USATF luggage tag,
as well as the 30 year commemorative DVD for those who renewed by 12/31/10. A renewal
2/12/2011                                 1
reminder went out on January 11th, and over 2,200 people renewed in the next two-day
period. A three year comparison of renewals:
                                               Jan 11-13    January
                                    Year       renewals    renewals
                                    2011           2,270     10,700
                                    2010           1,100      8,600
                                    2009             922      7,900

A reminder will also be sent out on the first of every month to the members who have not yet
renewed, which will, hopefully help to drive the renewals.

Website – National has secured unlimited licenses for additional sites under our new website
for the Associations. Jason is working on the template, which they hope will be ready
sometime in February.

Constant Contact like service – similar to the website, they are working a template for each
Association with the same end of February goal as the website templates.

Youth Sport Concussion – many states are requiring high school coaches in all sports to
take an on-line course on dealing with head injuries and concussions. Steve noticed that
Pacific NW Association has information posted on their website regarding this. Patty pointed
out that is because they are legally mandated to follow the state law. Should this be part of
youth coaching credentials, along with the background check? Right now Washington and
one other state require this. Karen stated that it is in the high school and federation rule books
this year as well. Bill suggested we be ahead of this one and start offering this course. We
need to check with Lionel to see if it can be added to the Level 2 youth school.

CEO Search – Willie reported that the search committee has interviewed several candidates
ranging across the board - many women, minorities, people inside and outside our sport. The
Board will interview the top candidates in February and make a decision in March. Willie
guesses that they will get three names. Preparations for the lawsuit with Doug Logan are on-
going. This will be a long process, but we feel confident we have a good case. The next
Board meeting will be at the Indoor Open Championships in Albuquerque.

Sanctions Taskforce – they should be able to meet in February since they are at the point
where they need a face-to-face meeting to discuss key points for some form of standardization
on the process and fees.

Youth Committee – has been discussing Utah moving from Region 10 to 11 for youth only.

Club Council – completed the election for new officers - Devon Martin is continuing as chair,
Dave Ojay is vice chair and Bill Roe, Secretary. There will be travel stipends available for the
Cross Country championship and Andy will send out an email regarding the championships for
track and field.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm. The next meeting is March 6, 2011, at the annual meeting.

Submitted by
Linda Bommicino, Secretary

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