V o lu m e 5 , I s su e 2

                                                                                                S pr in g 2 0 0 4


                             A L E T T E R F R O M TH E P R E S I D E N T
                                                                                                        B R IC K K ER GE

                                      Turkey Point Island, Maryland.                     June 5th the biggest event of the year
                             What a wonderful place to live! The weather       here on the Island “Turkey Point Day”.
                             has changed and I see people out walking          Ralph DeLalla is the chairman this year and
                             everywhere. All the flowers blooming and the      promises a very grand day for everyone. If
                             grass growing and the trees with leaves on        you have never been to Turkey Point Day or
                             them again. If you haven’t gotten out and         it has been a while since you last attended,
                             walked the “Island” recently try and do it        try and make it a point to come by this year.
      TPPOA                  soon.                                             The events on the Island are only as good as
                                                                               those who attend.
  General Meeting                     While we are on the subject of walk-
                             ing and especially walking with dogs, please               I hope to see you around the
                             be considerate and clean up behind your pets.     “Island”!
      Kiwanis Club           Also there has been a sharp rise in complaints
    Carr’s Wharf Road        about noisy dogs, please be considerate of
                             your neighbors.                                   Brick
      May 19, 2004

                                   TURKEY POIN T
      7:00—Meeting               ISLAN D COOKBOOK
                             Our community is putting together a Turkey       This is a simple and rewarding way to make a
                             Point Island Cookbook and we need every-         contribution to your community. You may
 Please come, share your     one’s help for it to be a success. We have       email your recipes to DavisAtTheBay@aol.
opinions, and show support   many wonderful cooks here on the island and      com, or drop them off at 3674 Bay Drive
    for our community.       we are asking for your support. We plan to       (JoAnna Davis’s house). There has been a
                             make the book available for sale. The pro-       plastic mail box placed on the wall of the
                             ceeds will go into the community fund which      house next to the garage door for you to put
                             is used to finance events and to maintain, re-   your recipes in. Don’t forget to include your
                             pair and improve our common areas and            name and an email address, if you have one.
                             beaches.                                         We will keep you informed as to our progress
                                                                              and when the book will be ready. We would
                             This is your opportunity to be published! All    like to have all submissions no later than May
                             recipes submitted will include and acknowl-      30, 2004. We look forward to hearing from
                             edgement of the contributor’s name. (You         you!
                             may request to have your name excluded if
                             you wish.) We are interested in all categories                                         JoAnna Davis
                             of food and welcome you to submit as many                                                New Events
                             of your favorite recipes as you would like.
P a ge 1                                                                                             V o l um e 5 , Is s ue 2

                        S PR IN G HAS SPR UN G!
                        At last - at last - Spring - wonderful Spring    them how to fly - I
                        is here! For many islanders, spring is           love listening to the
                        probably the most beautiful time of the          parents when they
                        year - all the flowers (springing up and         are teaching - the air is filled with osprey
                        those we have to yet plant!), the yards and      screeching, perhaps saying “Junior, I told
                        yards of mulch to spread - the painting to       you to turn left then dive for the fish in the
                        do - and yes, the birds singing!!! Speaking      water. See - you turned right and missed
                        of the birds - yes, the ospreys are back,        the fish entirely. Now I will just have to
                        nesting, and what a welcome sight they           catch our supper myself!”
                        are. Soon we will have the babies to
                        watch - and then having the parents teach

                        S PR IN G F LIN G                               S U N S E T C E L E B R AT I O N S
                        Our Spring Fling Dinner Dance was held on       Speaking of Spring - time for Sunset Cele-
                        Saturday, April 17th at the Kiwanis Hall. Our   brations on Friday evenings at the Commu-
                        President, Brick Kerge cooked up a won-         nity Pier! Bring your beverage of choice, and
                        derful prime rib dinner, with herbed            some finger food, and catch up with the lat-
                        chicken too! Baked potato, salad and            est news with your island neighbors. It is a
    Control of Asian    fresh asparagus completed the plates.           great way to start your weekend!
                        Someone talked Brenda into making 144
   Tigers is up to us   of her homemade parkerhouse rolls.
                        Many islanders supplied appetizers and
   individually since   desserts - Patty Stewart, Brenda DeLalla,
   they rarely travel   Marlene Simoncini, Sandi Harmon, Gerald-
                        ine Falk, Carole Radar, Joannie DeCarlo
    more than 100       (formerly Firmani), the Keatings, and more.
                        We all had a wonderful time - great music -
      feet in their     great food - great dancing - great singing -
 lifetime from where    and the delightful company of our island
       they breed.
                        M O S Q U I TO T I M E
                        By now the first mosquitoes have ap-             spraying. Control of Asian Tigers is up to us
                        peared. As in previous years, we will get        individually since they rarely travel more
                        some help from the Mosquito Control Sec-         than 100 feet in their lifetime from where
                        tion of the Maryland Department of Agricul-      they breed. You will not have any “Tiger”
                        ture. Mosquito Control people are sched-         mosquito problems if you can eliminate all
                        uled to visit Turkey Point Island on May 12,     small water-holding containers in your yard
                        2004 to survey mosquito breeding areas           and in the yards of your adjacent
                        and treat with larvicide. Weekly nighttime       neighbors. For more information or help in
                        sprayings of adult mosquitoes with insecti-      identifying mosquito problem areas call
                        cide will begin in early summer. However,        Charlie Radar (410-798-0095), or you can
                        probably one-half of our mosquito prob-          contact the Mosquito Control Section at
                        lems won’t be addressed by these treat-          410-841-5700.
                        ments. The elusive Asian Tiger mosquitoes                                         Charlie Radar
                        breed in small water containers such as we                                 (The Mosquito Man!)
                        find around our yards and they are active
                        in the daytime as well as at night when
                        they might be contacted by insecticide
Th e I s l and T im e s                                                                                       P a ge 1

 H U N T I N G AT Y O U R H O U S E O R N O T . . . Y O U D E C I D E
    WATERFRONT OWNER? License Your
  Shoreline to control who, if anyone, hunts     If you have Internet access you may get
  ducks and geese in front of your property.     what you need online:

 It is that time of year again. Waterfowl            An explanation of the laws governing
 hunting season is months away, but Shore-           blinds and shoreline licenses: http://
 line Licensing Season is right now! You   
 must get the paperwork in before June 1!            html.
                                                     Instructions for licensing your property:
 If you licensed your shoreline last year you
 should already have received forms from             rlinstruct.html.
 the DNR for this year. If you miss the June         The application form: http://www.dnr.
 1 deadline, ANY MARYLAND RESIDENT         
 FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE.                            Please note that neighbors may license
                                                 their adjoining properties on a single appli-
 Forms and rules are available from the          cation.
 DNR. The telephone number is 410-260-                                         Bob Stevenson

 THEY’RE COMING - MAGICICADA SEPTENDECIM (BROOD X)                                                 If you miss the
 And you ask - what is a Magicicada Septen-      bite or sting. They do have prickly feet         June 1 deadline,
 decim - it is the 17 year cicada - last seen    which might scratch. 2. Is it safe for my
 here in 1987. This is one of the largest ci-    pets to eat cicadas? Answer: Yes, but they       ANY MARYLAND
 cada broods, and wherever there are de-         may choke on them or gorge themselves           RESIDENT MAY BE
 ciduous trees, you will probably find them.     and become ill. Keep an eye on your pet to
 They are large, with red eyes and drop from     make sure they don’t eat too many. Big          ABLE TO LICENSE
 the trees, fly into you, drop into your hair,   stupid dogs love them! To learn more, and
 are UGLY and are very noisy. They are just      have some fun finding cicada facts, you         A BLIND IN FRONT
 generally not welcome! They will emerge         may want to go to the website www.               OF YOUR HOUSE
 sometime between mid-May and early     - that is where I obtained
 June - and will stay around for about 2-4       the above information. We won’t see this
 weeks. To answer a few questions you            brood again until 2021!
 might have - 1. Do cicadas bite or sting?
 Answer: No. Cicadas are not equipped to                                      Brenda DeLalla

                          I T ’ S H OR SE S H OE CR AB TIM E !
 Beginning mid-May (depending on the tem-        home - woke up Ralph - and ran back with
 perature of the water), horseshoe crabs         a camera. Rusty-dog thought I had lost my
 will once again be arriving on our beaches.     mind - he had never seen me up at that
 The very first time I witnessed this amazing    time of the morning - much less running
 event, it was three o’clock in the morning      around without even a cup of coffee! So - if
 one June. Tim O’Connor from DNR re-             you have a chance to see them, please do -
 quested that I check to see if horseshoe        you will never forget it! - they are the most
 crabs came to our beaches. So I set the         abundant in mid June - they come to shore
 alarm for the “dark” high tide, and trudged     on the high tide that occurs in the dark.
 out to Cloud Beach with Rusty-dog and a         The spawning season runs from mid-May
 flashlight. I couldn’t believe what I saw -     to mid-July. They are also more abundant
 hundreds of horseshoe crabs all milling         when it is a full or new moon. My favorite
 about on the beach - there was hardly a         time is when high tide occurs about 6 a.m.
 place to put ones foot. I ran back to our       (I do not do 3 a.m. anymore!!!).
P a ge 1                                                                                        V o l um e 5 , Is s ue 2

                     D U M P S T E R D AY S
                     As a follow up to the Island Yard Sale, we       posted on the dumpster - and we will have
                     are scheduled for Dumpster Days on               copies of the list available at the May Gen-
                     Thursday, July 8th through Saturday, July        eral Meeting.
                     10th. You can bring the “stuff” you didn’t
                     sell at the yard sale and dispose of it! The     Please remember that Hazardous Waste
                     dumpsters will be available on Thursday          cannot be put in the dumpsters, nor dis-
                     from noon to 8 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. till     posed of in your regular trash. Hazardous
                     8 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. till          Waste days (from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) are as
                     noon. Brenda DeLalla is coordinating this,       follows: June 19th at the Glen Burnie Con-
                     and needs help monitoring the dumpsters.         venience Center, 100 Dover Road, Glen
                     Please call me at 410-956-0946 or 301-           Burnie; July 17th at the Sudley Conven-
                     261-7715 if you are able to give a two           ience Center, 5400 Nutwell Sudley Road,
                     hour space of time during the times the          Deale; August 21st at the Millersville Land-
                     dumpsters are “open”. If you call me, it will    fill, 389 Burns Crossing Road, Severn and
                     save me from calling you. There will be a        September 18th at the Sudley Convenience
                     list of acceptable “junk” for the dumpsters      Center, 5400 Nutwell Sudley Road, Deale.

                     I S L AN D Y ARD S ALE                               S P ECI A L T H ANK S ! !
                     At the request of many island residents, we      Special warm thanks to Tracee and
    Special warm     will be having a Community Yard Sale on          Marty Okun for their generous gift. Af-
  thanks to Tracee   Saturday, June 26, 2004. Kirk Litton has
                     volunteered to coordinate this effort. The
                                                                      ter completing the renovation to their
                                                                      home on Boyd Drive, they landscaped
  and Marty Okun     more islanders who participate - the more
                     successful it will be for everyone! Kirk will
                                                                      the triangle adjacent to the Marsh
                                                                      (west side of island bordering the Com-
      for their      arrange to have signs set up for each inter-
                     section, identifying the streets where           munity Beach) with grasses so that it
                                                                      will appear to be an extension of the
    generous gift.   homeowners are “setting out their stuff”
                     for the sale. He will place advertising in the   Marsh. Phyllis Stonebrook and David
                     papers, etc. Please contact Kirk at 443-         DeWitt, Marsh owners, are very grate-
                     203-0212 to participate.                         ful for the sensitivity and care with
                                                                      which their concerns and interests
                                                                      were met. If you haven’t walked along
                                                                      Boyd Drive lately, do so, and when you
                                                                      see Traci and Marty, be sure to give
                                                                      them your thanks for adding such
                                                                      beauty to Turkey Point Island.

                                                                                             By: David DeWitt and
                                                                                               Phyllis Stonebrook
                     S ER VIC ES F OR S ENI OR S
                     The Anne Arundel County Department of
                     Aging has many services and programs to
                     assist seniors with their needs. There will
                     be booklets available at the May General
                     Meeting listing all the services, and infor-
                     mation regarding obtaining needed assis-
                     tance. If you are a senior, or a family mem-
                     ber of a senior, these booklets will come in
Th e I s l and T im e s                                                                                              P a ge 1

 In our last newsletter, I asked that you send a recipe to share. I haven’t received any, so I
 will offer one of my own that many will find not only easy, but delicious!
          Until about six months ago, the word Miso was not in my vocabulary. My how
 things change. Not only is it in my vocabulary, but I find new uses for it every week. This
 recipe for Miso salmon is adapted from one in a cookbook named “Flavor” by a wonderful -
 inventive chef by the name of Rocco Dispirito. I have altered the recipe to suit our palates.
 Miso is Japanese soy paste - it comes either light or dark - I tend to favor the dark, as I feel
 it has more punch! You can buy it at Whole Foods, in either the dairy case in a small tub, or
 in the condiment aisle in a pouch.

 Miso Salmon
               - Brenda DeLalla

 Whisk together in a small bowl ½ cup miso paste, 1 tsp. Spicy brown mustard, 2 tbsp. Rice
 wine vinegar, 2 tbsp. Olive oil, 1/8 tsp. Salt , and several grinds of fresh pepper.

 Arrange 4 salmon filets (about 6-8 oz. each) on a lightly oiled baking sheet. Brush gener-
 ously each filet with the miso paste sauce (use up all the sauce on the 4 filets).
                                                                                                    Mark Your
 Let them sit covered at room temperature for 30 minutes. Bake in a preheated 400 de-
 gree oven for 10-12 minutes, then transfer to a broiler and broil until the tops are browned       Calendars!
 (watch carefully as they will brown rather quickly).
                                                                                                    TPPOA General
 I serve them over a bed of wilted fresh spinach, but you could use kale, or sautéed sweet
 pepper strips and Vidalia onions (now in season). Use your imagination - and serve them               Meeting -
 with whatever suits your fancy.                                                                    Wednesday, May 19

 Buy the freshest salmon you can - and wild salmon, if possible. The better the salmon, the         Turkey Point Day
 better the dish will be. Enjoy!
                                                                                                      Saturday, June 5

                                                                                                    Island Yard Sale
 L A S T , B U T N O T L E A S T … T U R K E Y P O I N T D AY I S                                    Saturday, June 26
                                                                                                     Dumpster Days
 Saturday, June 5th, 2004 will be our own          T.P.P.O.A. members - guests are $10.00             July 8—July 10
 Turkey Point Island Day Celebration. It will      per adult and $5.00 per child (between 5-
 be held at Cloud Field from noon to 5 p.m.        12 years old) - under 5 years - free.
 As usual, we will have a wonderful picnic -
 pit beef, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked             At 3 o’clock we will be having our
 beans, pot-luck salads and desserts               “interesting” “unusual” and always
 brought by island residents - the ice cream       “exciting” auction. This event helps us pay
 truck - and that just covers the food. Our        for the day, so please contact Brenda at
 own Rex Raper will provide music as he            301-261-7715 or 410-956-0946 if you
 has done for many years - please be ready         have some “great stuff” to donate. I will be
 for a wonderful day. We will set up at 9 a.       happy to pick it up. Or, if you wish, just
 m. - and need helpers with trucks to get          bring it to the picnic - there will be tables
 the tables, grill, etc. - and helpers to set up   there for your items. We especially like old
 the tents, tables, etc. Please contact Ralph      mementos of our island - they are impor-
 or Brenda at 301-261-7715 or 410-956-             tant to each and every one of us - and
 0946.                                             bring in some good money!

 We will be having some exciting new               We hope to see you there! - it is less than a
 events - you just have to be there to see         month away !!! P.S. Clean-up will occur at 5
 what they are! This annual event is free to       p.m. - please stick around to help.

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