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Gray_Marble by iamchaitanyaa


									                                                               Gray Marble
                                                               compound/conditioning pad
                                                               PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS

1.0 Description                                                3.0 Use                                        7.0 Directions for Use
The Gray Marble Compound/Condition-                            Designed for use on marble and stone           The Gray Marble compound/conditioning
ing Pad is a floor maintenance pad made of                     surfaces. Synthetic fiber and open texture     pad is used for crystallizing, cleaning, and
polyester fibers in a textured nonwoven                        make this ideal for cleaning and restoring     polishing marble and stone floors. Use on
construction.                                                  the gloss on dull or honed surfaces. Ideal     dull stone or marble floors to restore the
                                                               for use on machines speeds up to 175 rpm.      gloss. Dust mop floors before and after
2.0 Properties                                                                                                each use.

  Property                                Value                4.0 Construction
                                                                                                              8.0 Product Care
                                                               The Gray Marble Compound/Conditioning          To prolong the life of this product it may
  Thickness                               1 in
                                                               Pad is constructed of polyester fibers and     be washed using a hose with a pressure
                                          26 mm
                                                               synthetic adhesives that will not be           spray nozzle to remove soil. To dissolve
  Weight (20” Pad)                        0.29 lb              notably affected by water or cleaners          heavy soil or finish this pad may be soaked
                                          132 grams            normally used for floor maintenance. The       in detergent or diluted stripping solution
                                                               abrasives used in this product are synthetic   prior to washing.
  Fiber Type                              Polyester
                                                               material. This pad has been designed for
  Fiber Weight                            13 oz/yd2            use on both sides.
                                          441 g/m2                                                            9.0 Sizes
                                                               5.0 Labeling
                                                                                                              Disc Size (Diameter)            Center Hole
  Average Mineral                         0.04 lb              Labeling is to clearly identify product,       (O.D. ± 0.06 inch)
  Weight (16” Pad)                        17 grams             size, and quantity. Americo brand or           13 inch                         3.25 inch
  Binder System                           Cross-linkable       private label is available for this product.   14 inch                         3.25 inch
                                          water based                                                         15 inch                         3.25 inch
  Binder Application                      Spray/Dip            6.0 “Green” Initiative                         16 inch                         3.25 inch
                                                                                                              17 inch                         3.25 inch
  Abrasive Application                    Spray/Dip            a. Polyester fiber used in our pads come       18 inch                         3.25 inch
                                                                  from 100% post consumer and                 19 inch                         3.25 inch
  Abrasive                                Yes                     industrial recycled waste product.          20 inch                         3.25 inch
  Color                                   Gray                 b. Water Based Latex Resins are used           Additional sizes available.
                                                                  in the manufacturing process. No
  Pack                                    5 per case                                                          Check for availability on additional
                                                                  phenol-formaldehyde resins are used in
                                                                                                              center hole dimensions.
                                                                  our binding process.
                                                               c. Shipping cartons contain at least 45%
                                                                  recycled material.
                                                               d. Plant is operating under EPA approved
                                                                  Clean Air Permit.
                                                               e. In-house water treatment has reduced
Note: Due to the intrinsic properties of the material             our waste water flow by 83%.
and variable conditions of use, there may be slight
variations in the specifications and results. Please
contact Americo with any questions or concerns.

Americo Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Rev. 1/15/2009
Gray Marble Compound/Conditioning Pad Product Specifications

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