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                    Mama Luigi’s
                                                                                60+ Years

 Jim Talerico                          Hey . . . Mamas Calling You                              March 2010

    Pasta Fresca Night                               Spring Cleaning
            “Pappardelle Bolognese”
    One of our family’s favorite meals is fresh
                                                     FREE DUSTERS FOR
pasta. It’s easy and fun to make, it taste great     ROYALTY REWARD
and the choice of sauces you can use are
endless. We typically have a meaty sauce             MEMBERS
using short ribs,                                    Royalty Reward Members winter is
chicken and                                          coming to an end and its spring cleaning
sausage but I’ve                                     time. We broke out some boxes of
come up with a                                       dusters to help you get to those hard to
Bolognese sauce                                      reach areas. We’re giving them away to
that I make with                                     Royalty reward members when you
Black Angus steak                                    come in for dinner in March.
trimmings. My Steak Bolognese has become a           While quantities last.
big hit with the family because it has the depth
of flavor that you get from a slow cooked
Bolognese with the quality of Black Angus                                     St. Patrick’s
steak all in a rich tomato sauce.
    If you would like to try our “Pappardelle                                  Weekend
Bolognese” (Fresh Pasta ribbons with Steak
Bolognese) we’ll be offering it as a special on
Monday nights this month.                            The Best Corned Beef, Cabbage and
Our Recipe for Fresh Pasta
                                                       Boiled Potatoes You’ll Ever Eat !!!
Makes 4 to 6 servings                                  St. Patrick’s Day is special to Mama Luigi’s
Ingredients                                                Mama Luigi’s opened for business on
1 pound semolina durum flour                                St. Patrick’s Day over 60 years ago.
1 pinch salt                                            Last year we served well over a hundred Corn Beef
4 large eggs                                               dinners. (Not bad for an Italian Restaurant)
2 tablespoons olive oil                                 It seems far-fetched that the best corned beef,
                                                     cabbage and boiled potatoes would be found at an
You can make it in a bowl if you wish, or mix it
                                                     Italian restaurant, but I kid you not. Our Chef has
with a mixer. I prefer to use a food processor
                                                     mastered the art of cooking this difficult dish. Yes
because its quick and it does all the work. To
                                                     we’re talking about mouth watering tender slices of
roll out the dough, I generally use the Kitchen      corned beef with steamed to perfection cabbage
Aid pasta roller set. Manual pasta machines          and delicious buttery boiled potatoes with a side
work well, but you need to be able to clamp          dish of his spectacular secret recipe horseradish
them to the table or counter or you’ll never be      sauce. This is Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes
able to roll out your pasta. You can also roll out   like you have never experienced!
the dough by hand, but be prepared for some            We will feature this special from Friday March 12th
serious rolling time.                                            through Wednesday March 17th

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         Superbowl XLIV                                                          Happenings
What a game. The most watched event in                           Chicken Vesuvio Fiesta
television history, and the Saints make history
with their first superbowl win.
We had a packed house for our superbowl bash                      March 5th, 6th & 7th
this year. With well over 200 guests enjoying the                  The first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every
game on 3 mega projection screens the energy in                      month we have a “Chicken Vesuvio Fiesta
the room was like being at the game! Eddie and                                        Weekend”.
Flo greeted most guests when they arrived and the               Saturday and Sunday are:
rest of the staff worked to assure that every need                Prime Rib Special Regular or Double Cut
was met. I heard rave reviews from everyone I                   Our Signature Gourmet Boneless Prime Rib Roast
talked with “and I talked with a lot of people that             is absolutely intoxicating with its aroma of juices,
day”.                                                            and roasted perfect texture. Cut from the heart
I want to shout out a thanks to my friends Lenny,                  of the rib, our rib roast makes a magnificent
Jack and Les for all their help in raising over                   presentation, and more importantly, deliver a
$1200.00 for the American Cancer Society. They                  memorable dining experience. Served with choice
volunteer every year to raise money for this cause.                 of soup or salad, choice of potato and fresh
I also want to thank all the guests that donated to
the cause. Thank you’s also go out to Vince and                 Mondays are:
his party, Karen and her party and Heather and her              Pasta Fresca Night
party for working with us to make more room by                           “Pappardelle Bolognese”
moving to the lounge and giving us the inspiration               (Fresh Pasta ribbons with Steak Bolognese)
to possibly making next year even bigger and                    slow cooked Bolognese with the quality of Black Angus
better than this year!                                                   steak tips all in a rich tomato sauce.
                                                                Tuesdays are:
One simple way to reduce workplace stress                       Ravioli Revolution Tuesday
In this day and age of economic upheaval, many employees            with a different and interesting ravioli and sauce
are struggling with higher levels of work stress. The thought                    selection every Tuesday.
of job loss can create a sense of powerlessness that can lead
to depression. Many workers have had their duties shifted
                                                                              Tuesday March 16th
and increased to help cover workplace shortages after                          Psychic Night 6 to 9pm
layoffs. If you feel like your job has too many                 Wednesdays are:
responsibilities and you have too little authority, one thing
that might help is to negotiate a clear, definable job           Parmigiano Paesano Wednesday
description with your immediate supervisor.                      Where we have a distinctive Parmigiano entrée each
Getting a simple written job description of what is expected                       Wednesday.
of you helps reduce the feeling of powerlessness at work
more than anything else. You help write the contract. You
                                                                Thursdays are:
can negotiate what you do and don’t want in the description         Lotza Lasagna Thursdays
along with your supervisor. Even in tough economic times,       Choice of Meaty or Cheesy Lasagna or Have a Combo
workers deserve a sense of empowerment, job satisfaction                    Lasagna and get them both.
and respect.
                                                                Fridays are:

    FREE BROWNIE TRAY WITH                                            Fruitti Di Mare Fridays
                                                                 Shrimp, Clams Calamari and Mussels sautéed in a red
      CATERING PACKAGE                                             wine marinara, served over linguini with garlic toast
                                                                Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday menus will include
      ANY TIME IN MARCH                                         a beverage and special dessert all included in one price.

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                                                                           Can’t beat this deal
                        Easter Sunday                                       Friday nights Are
                                                                             Girls Night out
                               April 4th                        with half price drinks and appetizers IN
                                                                                THE LOUNGE
                              Brunch and                                   plus free juke box
                             Dinner Buffet                      Saturdays & Sundays are:
                              Easter Sunday is right                          Prime Rib Special Days
                              around the corner.                Mondays are:
                                                                                PASTA FRESCA NIGHT
    We’re not wasting any time getting ready; we
                                                                Tuesdays are:
    were booked to capacity last year. We are                                    Ravioli Revolution Tuesday
    expecting this year to sell out as well so please           Wednesdays are:
    don’t wait till the last minute to book your                           Parmigiano Paesano Wednesday
    reservation, we would hate to miss serving                  Thursdays are:
                                                                              Lotza Lasagna Thursdays
          Call 708-496-0900 NOW                                 Fridays are:
                                                                                 Fruitti Di Mare Fridays

                                         March 2009 Calendar of Events
Sunday              Monday           Tuesday             Wednesday        Thursday       Friday              Saturday
                    1                2                   3                4              5                   6
                         Pasta                           Parmigiano Lotza                 Chicken Vesuvio Chicken Vesuvio
                                        Revolution                  Lasagna               Fiesta Weekend Fiesta Weekend
                         Fresca          Tuesday         Paesano                         Fruitti Di Mare      PRIME RIB
                         Night                                      Thursday
                                       $2 margaritas     Wednesday                       Girls Nite Out           Saturday
                                           at bar                                        1/2 price drinks
7                   8                9                   10               11             12                  13
Chicken Vesuvio          Pasta                           Parmigiano Lotza                CORN BEEF &
                                                                                                              PRIME RIB
Fiesta Weekend                            Revolution                Lasagna                                  CORN BEEF &
    PRIME RIB            Fresca            Tuesday       Paesano                         SPECIAL NOW         CABBAGE
                         Night                                      Thursday             TILL St. Pats Day
                                                                                                             SPECIAL NOW
     SUNDAY                              $2 margaritas
                                                                                         Fruitti Di Mare     TILL St. Pats Day
    KIDS EAT FREE                            at bar
14 CORN BEEF & 15                16                      17 St Pats Day   18             19                  20
   CABBAGE     CORN BEEF &         CORN BEEF &                            Lotza          Fruitti Di Mare      PRIME RIB
 SPECIAL NOW CABBAGE                CABBAGE              CORN BEEF &
                                                                          Lasagna        Girls Nite Out           Saturday
 PRIME RIB SPECIAL NOW            SPECIAL NOW            CABBAGE                         1/2 price drinks
               TILL St. Pats Day                         SPECIAL          Thursday
     SUNDAY          Pasta Fresca    Psychic Night
                                                                                         and appetizers
    KIDS EAT FREE                                                                        FREE JUKE BOX
                                     6 to 9 pm
21                  22               23                  24               25             26                  27
    PRIME RIB            Pasta                           Parmigiano Lotza                Fruitti Di Mare      PRIME RIB
     SUNDAY                               Revolution                Lasagna              Girls Nite Out           Saturday
                         Fresca            Tuesday       Paesano                         1/2 price drinks
                         Night                                      Thursday             and appetizers
                                         $2 margaritas   Wednesday                       FREE JUKE BOX
                                             at bar

28                  29               30                  31
    PRIME RIB            Pasta              Ravioli
     SUNDAY                               Revolution
                         Fresca            Tuesday       Paesano
                         Night           $2 margaritas   Wednesday
                                             at bar

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7500 S. Harlem Avenue                             Your Banquet Here ! ! !                                                PRESORTED
Bridgeview, IL 60455                                                                                                     STANDARD
                                                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                        CHICAGO, IL
                                                                                                                        PERMIT #4358

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