The first day of Nursery class by linxiaoqin


									The first day of Nursery class…

                              Welcome to CIS Nursery Class!! This is definitely going to be an exciting and
                              fun experience for your child!! CIS Nursery Class provides a chance for your
                              child to interact with other children, learn new languages, and most
                              important of all, to HAVE FUN!!

                              However, for some children, leaving home and coming to school for the first
                              time can be very difficult. We understand this and are very compassionate
                              about these big changes in your student’s life. Here are some important
guidelines that can help you and your child to get through this process, making it fun and memorable!

Remember to…

1. Say goodbye.

- Please do not try to sneak away when your child is not looking. It may seem to be
the easiest way to leave them, but this is a confusing and scary experience to have
you gone all of a sudden. This could condition your child to be fearful of coming to
school because they will associate it with you disappearing and it creates a negative
image of school in their memory.

- Be honest with your child and explain to them that you are leaving so that they can play and learn with
their friends and teachers. Say good-bye and remind them that you will come and pick them up at 2:45.

2. Walk away after saying good-bye, please do not stay in the window and watch.

                 - We understand that you want to see your child. We understand that you will want to
                 know if they are having fun, to see them in a learning environment, and to see if they are
                 getting along with other kids in class or not. Your child may also cry during the
                 adjustment period to school, which makes it hard for you to leave. We understand that
                 this process can be emotional and we will do everything we can so that they feel safe and
                 comfortable at school. Your presence at the window or walking by the class will not only
                 distract your child’s attention from the class activities, it will also promote other kids to
cry if they don’t see their own parents outside the door. Please limit your time at the classroom to the
drop off and pick up times.

3. Be patient.

- Some children never cry and enjoy the school activities the first time they come to school. Some
children cry for one or two days before they get use to school, some children cry for longer periods of
time. Please do not worry, it is absolutely normal. Each child is different and unique, the adjustment
period is different for every child.
4. If you need to, bring something familiar to help your child cope with the new surroundings.

- If it’s necessary, you may bring along a blanket or stuffed toy that might help your child to stay calm
during the adjustment period. But please make sure her/his name is on it!

5. Arriving on time, at the end of the day (2:45)

            - At the end of the day, the children are very excited to see Mommy or Daddy. It is very
            upsetting for a child to watch all of their friends go home with their Mommies and Daddies
            and be left in school alone with the teacher. Please pick up your child up on time. It helps
            them feel more secure at school.

                                       THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

By working together we can help your children during the adjustment process making it easier and much

                                                                                 The Nursery Team

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