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 S teaks                                2 1 0 - 6 1 8 - 4 0 6 3 C ay ce
                                            Tell Us What You Want

Brisket Premium – Premium Angus Beef cooked very long &
    slow using varying temperatures. This is flavor in every bite. The
    cook process exceeds 24 hours.
Brisket Select – This is the same meat you see in the local
    grocery and is what most BBQ joints serve up. Good, not great.
Beef Ribs – Consider how great roast would be if you could eat it
    moist and meaty, right off the bone. Beef ribs are a test of truly
    gifted, patient pit-master. Our beef ribs are not dry. They are
    cooked almost a whole day to insure they are a pull away from the
    bone experience. Every time I eat one of these big boys, it reminds
    me of the Flintstones.
Hawaii T enderloin – Marinated & Grilled
    This is melt in mouth steak heaven. Be careful, people will talk!
T exas Ribeye w/Bone – Marinated, Rub or Spiced Butter.
    Baby Back or Spare. Hot and sizzling or warm with a pink center.
    Unique flavors borrowed from New York, Chicago, Dallas & San
    Francisco for your consideration.

Prime Rib – Injected & Smoked
    Once there was a place called Mother Tuckers in Dallas. Prime Rib
    was all they served. I loved it and improved it.
Steaks – U Pick ‘em, we prepare and serve ‘em
    You pick the steak type and quality. I will prepare it as good as it
    gets. I have rubs n’ hugs, marinades for days, good ole’ garlic-n-
    butter, or just plain salt & pepper. Steaks are flavored with real
    wood heat.
Roast – My momma learned this treat from her mom who learned it
    from her mom, who learned it from….. I also learned from Grandma
    Fagala who learned it from…….. And of course, I updated it with
    tricks learned from my travels.

Old-T imers Roast Beef – The roast is slow roasted
    on a low fire pit. Then warmed in gravy and served with potatoes
    and carrots. I learned this on a family vacation while my Dad and
    Uncle were researching the ole Fagala family tree. In Fagala’s Gap
    Tennessee, my great-great---- kinfolk owned the local Indian fort and
    papers mentioned this preparation for one of the local favorite dishes
    for gatherings of the whole mountain valley.
Meatloaf – Mom’s meatloaf with veggies infused with Ketchup but
    cooked on the pit.
Hamburgers – Yep, I jazzed this up too.         40 years of practice. Even
    Emeril would like it, since his method is very similar.
Fagala’s Filets – Your favorite cut of steak wrapped in bacon
    and rubbed with seasonings. Further described later. Daddy made
    with ground beef to save on $$$ budget.

Ribs – Spare or Baby Back
    Brined and slow cooked. I don’t pressure cook or use other gimmicks
    to get ‘em tender. My ribs are cooked long and slow over varying
    heats to reach a tender pull off the bone perfection. Rib fanatics
    claim my ribs are the best they have ever eaten. We specialize in
    lots of moist meat that you can pull the bone out of.
Pork Loin – Marinated
    Pulled Pork – I prefer the cooking methods used in Tennessee and
    Kentucky. Long, slow, nursed in the cooking process.
Country Ham – Smoked
    Premium quality bone-in ham is the key followed by a long slow
    heat cooking method. Injecting the meat during the cooking process
    allows the flavors to reach perfection.
Ham Steaks – Grilled
Chicken Breasts - With bone or without.
    Marinated and cooked slowly to a tender juicy perfection. Learned
    this cook method from the best of the best pit masters.
Hawaii Chicken Breast - Marinated and cooked slow to
    perfection. Took years to figure out this flavor from the West Coast
    & Hawaii. Think pineapple sweetness that melts in your mouth.
T exas Chick Quarters (Marinated and Smoked)                        If you
    like chicken, you’ll love this. Served drizzled in BBQ sauce or dry.
Chicken Halves – A whole chicken is brined, rubbed in oil,
    seasoned and grilled with a hot brick on a hot pit. I learned this
    trick in Philadelphia from a top Italian chef.
Chicken Wings – Bone in, brined, marinated and grilled.
Chicken Kabobs – Chicken marinated, cubed and grilled
    served with veggies on a skewer
Chicken Wet Rub - My own version of chicken borrowed from
    Tennessee style ribs.
Smothered BBQ Chicken - Smothered in our special sweet
    sauce on the grill.
Bricked Chicken- Whole chicken split in half and grilled on
    high heat with a heated brick on top.

Whole Turkey – carved – My cooking method requires 28 hours
    and the final product is juicy and tender, ready to pull from the bone.
    We serve it with dressing and all the fixins’.
Turkey – Boneless - Whole loaf of turkey marinated and slow
    cooked to a juice flavor.

Deep Fried Turkey – This ain’t BBQ strictly speakin’, but it
    is good stuff. Commonly called Cajun Fried, I inject it from a selection
    of ingredients that could add heat, spice, sweetness, and moisture.
    Then it is deep fried to perfection. The meat is not greasy, but is
    moist and delicate. Even the skin is a treat. (Note: others might
    stuff the bird also, but I find it affected the moisture and texture of
    the final product the meat.)
Turkey Drumsticks – Drumsticks are marinated then smoked
    long and slow on the pit with a constant mopping to keep them moist.
    In Texas we eat em’ holdin’ the bone while visitin’ with friends and
Turkey Burgers – Turkey meat is seasoned and stuffed, then
    cooked on a hot pit.

Lobster or Shrimp – Marinated and Slow Cooked
    The other guys wish they had something this tasty. This is how they
    used to cook it before electricity. Sometimes old ways are best.
Smoked Salmon – Yes the whole fish, Marinated and Smoked
    Another old-timers cooking technique improved for today’s
    technology and affluent pallets.
Salmon, Tuna, Grouper and Halibut – Available
    by the whole fish or steaks
Mahi Mahi and Redfish – served in steaks only
Herb Crusted Fish – We cook it on a platter with veggies
    directly on the grill.

Fish, U Pick ‘em, we prepare and serve ‘em,
Filets or Whole Fish – Smoked or grilled. You pick the
    fish, whole fish or filets. I will prepare as good as it gets. Yep, it’s
    chef improved and it’s good.
Pit n Pinhole Pouch Fish – Steaks or Whole Fish
    You pick the fish; we stack it in a pouch with veggies n flavorings and
    slow cook it on the pit. Where steamed foods meet smoked foods.
    Tastes like steam with a hint of grilled in there.
Fish Tacos – My version really isn’t Tex Mex but closer to a treat
    from the Caribbean. Fish Steaks are marinated and smoked on the
    pit and served on a tortilla with a Mango Salsa (some might call it a

Sausage – Making sausage is an art.       I have visited most every notable
    butcher’s in Texas and have determined my favorites, some of which
    are modified to my tastes. Sausage taste is all about freshness and
    quality of ingredients. My favorites have higher meat to fat ratio and
    lean toward beef. The suppliers are not local. I can cook to your
    budget and favorites.

      All meats can be infused with jalapenos and/or cheese
Hot Links
           Specialty Meats
Smoked Goat
Smoked Leg of Lamb
Bison (Buffalo) Burgers
Steak, Roast and Brisket – This lean meat has great
    flavor that trends very close to beef, without the extra fat. Smokin’
    it requires lots of attention because it is so lean it is easily cooked.

Exotic Game – Other more exotic game is possible with enough
    lead time to secure the fresh meat. Tell me what will make your
    event a success and we can visit about it.
Momma’s Best Recipes – Some Fresh from the Oven – Some
    Cooked Long and Slow from the Pit

           Itz Not Barbeque
Fagala Filets-            Beef (pick your cut and quality) is marinated in
    a Fagala flavor, wrapped in bacon and grilled til’ it’s dead.
    (I lean toward medium or rare, but the rest of my Dad’s family
    likes it completely dead, with no red juice on the plate).
    This is also great with ground beef as we mostly commonly ate it.

Meat Loaf – already commented on
Chicken n Rice- not my momma’s but my children’s momma
    makes this one special

Chicken n Dumplins’ - not my momma’s but my wife’s
    momma makes this incredibly tasty dish
                    Itz Mexican
T ex Mex – Momma grew up on the border near Quemada.               I grew up
     eatin’ lots of original Tex Mex flavors. Here are a few of my favorites
     that I learned to cook before I could read and write properly.
     All dishes are properly served with our own special rice and frijoles.
Enchiladas or Tacos (Beef or Chicken)
     My momma grew up on the border. I’ve been makin’ enchiladas
     since I learned to walk and get in the way.
Enchiladas – Beef or Cheese are stuffed with onion into corn
     tortillas, then smothered in our uniquely flavored chili and topped
     with cheese. This is awesome comfort food on a cold night.
Tacos – Quality beef cuts are ground, seasoned and served on soft
     warm corn tortillas. Flour can be substituted, but it just ain’t right.
Fajitas (Beef, Chicken, Shrimp)
     It’s meat, it’s marinated and it’s smoked. It’s tender or it’s not
     Jimmy’s. I improved on the best I’ve found.
Fajitas – Beef and/or Chicken and/or shrimp is marinated and
     grilled, served with freshly made flour tortillas and fresh cut tomato
     pico & salsa.
Rice – Our Mexican rice is skilled fried in a light olive oil with veggies
     and simmered slow over low heat in a light tomato sauce.
Beans – Yep we have another version of beans for our Tex Mex flavors…
     I have tried most of the rest of our beans instead as well.

                      Itz Italian
Mixed Grill T ex-Italian – Grilled meats and veggies
     with Italian flavors served with Saffron Orzo, pasta or rice.
Rattatouie – Well, really this is Jimmy’s favorite Italian, made
     with smoked meats and lots of veggies. Improvin’ from the best.
Mom’s Lasagna – This is Jimmy’s favorite Meal.                 My bride Cayce
     can tell you where she got it, and boy is it delicious.
                     (Others might call it Cajun)

Ettougee – Start with smoked meats in our base and just keep
    addin’ to it.
Jambalaya – Start with smoked meats in our base, add some
    tomatoes and just keep addin’ stuff.
Gumbo – Start with smoked meats, make a base, then a broth and
    start addin’ stuff. I like okra in mine, how bout you?
Creole – You pick the meat or as a side.       I use tomatoes, onions,
    okra and fixins’ to give it the Deep South flavor.
Grilled Fish Taco’s – Taco steaks are marinated, then
    rubbed in blackened seasoning and smoked on high indirect heat.
    Served on flour tortillas with a mango salsa (some might call it a
Finger Foods & Appetizers
If your event involves standing room only and you need a menu
for this, we can work out a menu just for your event. We have the
experience to ascertain success for your wedding or event, Black
tie to Boots. After 25 years as a consultant to Fortune 100/500
companies with a “Big 6 Firm” on my resume, I have experienced
all types of events and private gathering in the hundreds. If you can
explain the atmosphere you want, I can develop a menu to fit.

Shrimp Cocktail
Mini-Chopped BBQ Beef – on mini-Buns
Mini-Prime Rib Sandwiches – on mini Buns
Mini-Hot Links – on Buns or Toothpicks
Jimmy’s Salsa and Queso – w/Chips and Veggies
Chips n Queso/Salsa
Fusion Bean Spread – White bean spread like hummus with
    a Mexican bean dip takeoff. Fusing Mediterranean & Tex Mex flavors.
Black Bean Spread – Bean Dip with a healthy slant.
T exMex Bean Dip
Hummus – plain or Tex Mex or Italian, lightly seasoned, infused with
    a fresh veggie or a combination of flavors
Salsas – Tomato, Black Bean, Mango
Table Side Guacamole
Aged Cheddar Block & Crackers
Pimento Cheese – cheddar shredded and mixed with
    pimentos and veggies from scratch.
Finger Foods & Appetizers       (Continued)

Chili n Chips – chili is made from brisket and Tex Mex chili base.
Chili n Rice – chili is made from brisket and Tex Mex chili base.
T ex-Mex Chili Stacked Plates – chili is made from
    brisket and Tex mex chili base and stacked on traditional nacho chips
    with queso, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and cheese.
Rueben’s Meatballs – a traditional family recipe from a
    Romanian Olympic Champion
T ex-Italian Meatballs – meatballs kicked-up Jimmy
    style with a blended bbq sauce
Dumplings – Traditional Chinese favorite.     These are steamed and
    pan fried.
Mini-Dogs – smoked sausage Dogs in mini-buns with your choice
    on the fixins’ bar (onions, sweet relish, peppers, mustard, ketchup,
    sauerkraut, Tex Chili and your suggestions) I am a big fan of Chicago
    Dogs and NY styled Dogs.
Prime Rib Bar – on Buns
Sandwich Bar – Smoked Turkey, Ham and Sausage
Bite Size Casseroles – Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Pot
    Pie, Broccoli-Rice-Cheese, Spaghetti-n-Cheese or Meatballs.
Jalapeno Poppers – Stuffed with cheddar, wrapped in bacon
    and grilled on high heat.
Jalapeno Shrimp Poppers – Think pepper stuffed with
    shrimp-n-cheese and skewered with bacon.
BBQ Pizza – a pizza crust is topped with a tomato sauce, covered
    with BBQ meats then smothered in cheese, and cooked on a hot pit.
    Veggie of choice can be added.
Jimmy’s Beans – My favorite recipe, it has over 40 years in
    development. After my first bite when the Hawkins moved to Howe.
    You can’t eat just one bite.
Western Beans – Pintos with a Jimmy Lyn’s flair.                Everyone
    loves them, until they taste Jimmy’s Beans.
Baked Beans – Yep, we have these too.                 Made with bacon and
    slow cooked.
Red Beans n Rice – This Cajun treat is made with fresh
    ingredients, smoked meats & spiced from the South. You will love it.
Black Beans – Healthy version of traditional Tex Mex beans.
Creamed Corn – A local joint has made this traditional recipe
    very popular. It is their best, ours is better.
Grilled Corn Cakes
T exMex Corn – Pan cooked corn with onion and peppers.
Bakers – What can be said about a baked potato? They are moist
    and creamy with choice of condiments.
Pan Fried Potatoes – The best thing from my mom’s
    kitchen. When there wasn’t enough money for a meal, there were
    beans and potatoes.
McLobster-n-Cheese – This is Mac and Cheese with an adult
    twist. My improved version of a signature dish, from one of the best.
McShrimp-n-Cheese – Some people like shrimp with their
    Mac n’ cheese.
Mama’s Green Beans – We cook it slow in a traditional
    southern comfort fashion.
Potatoes AuGratin – It’s potatoes & cheese, boy is
    it good. Learned it in Dallas. One bite? No way!
Potato Salad – Fresh ingredients and traditional taste is the
    story we hear. Try it, you’ll like it. Cayce’s touch gives this flavor
    that even those who hate salad couldn’t resist.
Cole Slaw Creamy – Another BBQ tradition.                     How to
    improve on a classic? We stayed classic.
Sweet Slaw – If you like slaw jazzed up and non-traditional,
    this is a fantastic choice.
Garden Salad – Yep, we have one.          I like it with extra
    condiments like cheese, tomatoes, croutons, etc.
Spinach Salad – This is a Cayce special.        Two flavors to choose
    from and both are good. My family fights over the bottom of the bowl,
    yours will too.
Green Bean Salad
Chinese Chicken Salad

We have numerous bread concepts and work to fit the bread to the event.
French Loaf – A classic. It goes with anything. Cayce’s favorite.
Fresh Risen Rolls – My personal favorite. Fresh, hot, soft,
    tender and ready for butter.
Mrs. Bairds® – Yep, it’s the brand we all know and it’s great for
    sopping BBQ.
Garlic Butter Loaf – An Italian classic that really goes
    well with BBQ & steaks.
Hard Rolls – Typical of Black Tie events.
Tortillas – It’s South Texas!

Sourdough – A unique flavor and it goes great with our sauce.
Pan Fried Wide Slices – My personal invention. Labor
    intense, but flavor intense as well.
Cornbread – One of my Mom’s favorites when servin’ beans.
    She learned it from her mom, who learned it from…….
Jalapeno Cornbread – Momma didn’t like it hot & spicy,
    but I did. My own version…

Cobblers – Peach, Apple & Blackberry made from scratch.
Banana Pudding – BBQ and banana Pudding just go together in
    my opinion. This is a combo recipe from my wife’s family tradition
    kicked up with a few learnins’ from my travels.
Spice Cake – This is not your momma’s cake but it is moist & tasty.
Deep Dark Chocolate Cake – My wife’s favorite.
German Chocolate – This is what I have for my birthday when
    Cayce really wants to tell me I am loved.
Carrot Cake – My dad’s favorite. I love it too.
Mud Pie – This is a labor of love and it was our favorite as kids.    Start
    with a foundation of chocolate and layered up with ice cream, coffee,
    chocolate, frozen cream, nuts and coconut…. It’s not cheap and it
    really hits the spot. This is best served with coffee and your favorite
    after dinner drink. I prefer a Hennessey.
Banana’s Foster – We cook it on the pit and plate it right
    in front of the guest who carries a flamin’ dish back to their table.

Ice Cream – We can work with what you want.           Blue Bell is
awesome. Premium Plain Vanilla is available or I can freeze up some of
my favorite combinations from my college job at ForeMost Ice-Cream and
Cabell’s Ice-Cream.
Gelato – This is custom made for your event.         You tell us what you
want. We have friends that make it special.
Baked Potato Ice Cream – Unwrap from a foil cover and
served with Chocolate, Sprinkles or crushed nuts.
Tootie® Pie – These are simply incredible.           The extreme flavor also
has a price tag. If you want the best in desserts, this is it.

            Specialty Drinks
Dr. Pepper with real sugar - Remember the old days before corn
     syrup? We got it. Make with real sugar, which gives it that old snap
     in our mouth, tingle your tongue fun.
Root Beer-          We ship in the best of other brewers Root Beer for
     your taste buds to sample.
Sasparilla- This is the original Pop drink form the old west.
     Standard Fare Drinks
Sweet T ea – Yep, just like mom used to make before Sweet-n-Low.
T ea – Unsweetened
Lemonade – Large containers with that good ole’ flavor.
Soft Drinks
Bottled Water

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