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					                                                                                               Bay City
                                                 ELK                                         Lodge No. 88
                                                TALES                                          B.P.O.E.

Volume XVI                                                                             B. P. O. Elks #88
Issue V                                       AUGUST, 2008                                306 Fifth Street
Published Monthly                                                                Bay City, MI 48708-5807
                      Secretary’s Office: (989) 892-2281 • Dining Room: (989) 895-3502

Best Pie in July Contest:                                     News from the Entertainment Committee
Jeannie & Howard Edge Sandy & Phil                            With the wide range of activities planned, you should find
The Judges voted, the Teller counted them up. Then the        something of interest to you. Just look at this!
Teller went through the votes again! The result was the       The Summer Send Off Party on Sept will be a relaxed
same: Jeannie and Howard Diehl’s pie won over Sandy &         atmosphere with good food, your favorite beverage, and
Philip Paulus’s pie by ONE VOTE!                              great conversation.
The Diehls (probably Jeannie!) entered a Dutch Pear pie       The Sept 17th Greektown Casino Trip leaves at 9:00 AM
which was delicious,                                          from Meijers on Wilder Rd, returning around seven. The
while Sandy and Phil                                          cost of $40.00 includes round trip transportation, $30.00
Paulus brought what                                           in casino money and food at the Lodge when you return.
they called a "Moms                                           Bring your own drinks and snacks for the bus ride. You
Tribute" pie. They used                                       must pre-pay by August 29th payable to Bay City Elks
a crust recipe from                                           Lodge 88. Call the Lodge Office for reservations (989-
Phil's Mother, with a                                         892-2281) or Howard Diehl at 989-892-6468.
homemade butterscotch                                         Elks Treasure Sale will be Saturday, September 27th
filling recipe from                                           from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM. But we need you to bring
Sandy's Mom.         And                                      your items to the Lodge Office or the Club restaurant as
then they topped it off with real whipped cream.              soon as possible. If you need large items picked up call
Judging the two desserts on Friday, July 18th, were Elks      Sandy and Phil Paulus 892-2933 (no clothing, please) all
members and guests dining at the 88 Club. Each person         unsold items will be donated to Do-All.
was invited to taste each of the pies presented for judging   Elks Oktoberfest is tentatively set for Wednesday, October
and then vote for their favorite. Choosing was not an easy    29th featuring Beer & Wine tasting with Hors d’ouevres.
task, and the vote total confirmed that!
                                                              Sunday afternoon, Nov 9th will be the Chili Cook-off, and
Enjoy Texas Hold 'em Tournaments on Sept 10th and             there’s also a Ladies Card Party Coming in November!!!
October 22nd at the Elks 88 Club (Page 3 for details!)        Pick your favorites, come out and join in on the fun.

Burger ‘n’ Brat Night Every Wednesday from 5 – 8:00 PM; volunteer staff and great food!
Ice Cream Social Aug. 6th – Enjoy social time with fellow Elks and guests, enjoy the Wednesday night fare
   and special beverage prices!
Texas Hold ‘em Sept. 10th – You can play, or you can volunteer to help. Proceeds to Elks Charities.
Summer Send-Off Party Sept. 13th - $9.99 per person includes Hors d’ouevres; enjoy social discourse, cards,
   darts, or whatever you please!
Greektown Casino Trip Sept. 17th – leave 9:00 AM from Wilder Rd. Meijer’s; return approximately 7:00 PM,
   $30.00 in casino play and dinner at the Lodge included in $40.00 price.
Elks Treasure Sale Sept. 27th – Donate your unique items to benefit your Lodge and its Charities; attend the
   Sale to find that special item you always wanted.
           Also look for the Elks Oktoberfest, Ladies’ Card Party in November, and a Chili Cook-Off
PAGE TWO                                        ELKS TALES                                                  AUGUST, 2008

From The Desk Of The
July was a good month for Elks
activity. The House Committee has
installed new 2.5 oz shots on our liquor bottles, so all of
our Celebrity and hired Bartenders can pour a fair drink.
We are now shut down for lunch everyday; lack of                    Benevolent and Protective Order of ELKS
participation was the main reason. The Elks Golf Banquet
night was a success with a great Prime Rib done to                           Bay City Lodge #88
perfection. Two “Texas Hold ‘Em” Card Tournaments                     Secretary’s Office …………..989-892-2281
are planned. Check the Elks Bulletin for times and dates.             Dining Room ………………..989-895-3502
We could have used more participation in our Best Pie                     Web Site: www.baycityelks88.org
Contest, hosted by Sandy and Phil Paulus.                                E-mail: secretary@baycityelks88.org
 Elks Scholarships were given to member Brad                                     Lodge Office Hours
Lodewyk's son for a Legacy and Elks State Award worth              Wednesday & Thursday ..... 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
several thousand dollars. An Elks National Foundation              Friday ................................. 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Gratitude Grant was awarded to the Saginaw Valley                                       OFFICERS
Naval Ship Museum for helping about 300 kids to cruise        Exalted Ruler …….……......... James A. Hollerbach PER
                                                              Est. Leading Knight …....................... Anthony F. Bosco
on the Saginaw River on the U.S. Navy ship USS Gray
                                                              Est. Loyal Knight ………......…. Eric K. Mulholland PSP
Fox, based in Port Huron, and helped by Sea Scouts and        Est. Lecturing Knight ….......…… Dennis R. Poirier PER
regular naval personnel, as well as volunteers from the       Esquire ……...………...................... [Your Name Here?]
Museum. The event ran June 29th thru July 5th. A food         Inner Guard ……………..........…........... Ron DeMitchell
tent was set up for the Cruisers and the Crew by local        Chaplain ............................................. Eric K. Mulholland
merchants. The kids were Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts,          Tiler ……………………………….……LaVona M. Styn
kids from the Boys and Girls Club, some physically            Secretary ....................................... Howard O. Diehl, PSP
                                                              Treasurer ……………………........……James L. Whaley
challenged kids and participation from Du All Industries
and New Dimensions as well as local support from many                        BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                              Jack McDaniel (Chair)
businesses and local people. Elks' member Dick Janke
                                                                Jack McClelland, PDDGER      Peter M. Howey, PER
organized the Cruises for the 8th year in a row.              Jean Ann Styn-DeShano, PER     Dana L. Monville PER
On the Elks National scene, I just returned from a trip to                          ~ 325 MEMBERS ~
Anaheim California. I watched the Ritual Team from
Roswell New Mexico win First Place in the National                                    365 BANKS – JULY, 2008
Contest, chaired by our own Ric Mulholland PSP.
Sturgis, Michigan Lodge was Second Place in the Nation.                                 Sandy & Phil Paulus
This was Ric's second year in this role. Howard Diehl                                   Lee & Don Moore PER (2)
PSP represented our lodge along with yours truly in the                                 Fred Haas (6)
Grand Lodge Michigan Section. It was announced that                                     Mimi & Bill Remington (3)
the Elks donated over $303 million dollars to Charity last                              Ellen Maus
year, which was a 17% increase. We gave out over                                        Clare & Marion Lowe
97,000 Press Releases about Elks Activities. Over 7,000                                 In Memory of Walter E. MacDonald
Elks, wives and significant others attended the Grand                                       (by Ray MacDonald)
Lodge Meetings held in the shadow of Disneyland. Next
year’s convention will be held in Oregon.                                        Thank you to all who support
                 (Continued on next page)                     Special Needs Children through the little banks!
                                                              New banks are available in the Dining Room and
                                                              Club room ... the kids could use some help from
                                                              YOU! Take banks home when you visit the Club!
AUGUST, 2008                                   ELKS TALES                                         PAGE THREE

               AUGUST BIRTHDAYS
  Happy Birthday from the Exalted Ruler, Officers
                                                                             In Memoriam
   and Members of Bay City Lodge #88 B.P.O.Elks
 Stop at the Club for your Free Birthday Beverage –
            its good any time this month!

         August 4                      August 20
     Jack Bigford, LM           Jerome D. DeShano, PER
         August 6                      August 21
   Blaine Trombley, LM              Robert Koffman                 The clock of their day has stopped and
        August 11                Michael Pettigrew, PER       across its dial the motionless shadows mark the
      Robert Winters                   August 22
        August 12                   Michael Beattie
                                                                                hour of eleven.
      John P. O’Brien                 Ronald Noble                    Harvey J. Ricard, Life Member
        August 14                  Raymond A. Storm                          1924– 06/23/2008
   Gerald Lewless, LM                  August 25                               Initiated 1970
        August 15                   James H. Hurley                   Charles H. Brown, Life Member
 Richard E. Bickham, MD                August 27                             1923– 06/26/2008
        August 16                 James LaCombe, LM                            Initiated 1966
    Willard Van Tuyle               James L. Whaley            Condolences to the families of all departed
        August 17                   James Schnople            members. They will be in our thoughts always.
    Ronald T. Bukowski                 August 28
      William Heynen                 David B. Geelen
        August 18                      August 29              “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” ON SEPTEMBER 10TH
     Richard C. Steele             John E. Groya, Jr.         Sign up now for the Elks Charitable Texas Hold
   Frank R. Janca, III              Gary A. Janiskee          'em Tournament on Wednesday, September 10th at
  Omer LeVasseur, LM                   August 31              6:00 PM in the Club
        August 19                   Earl J. Perry, LM         Dining Room. The Entry
    Carl H. Cooper, LM                                        fee is $70.00 per person.
                                                              This fee includes a
(E. R. Message continued from previous page)                  $30.00      Prize   pool,
Please come up to the Club and try out our new Ice            $30.00 to Elks Charities,
Machine. This now can make so much ice that we could          and $10.00 for food. We
start to sell some. It makes a cylinder shaped cube that
                                                              will      have      ½-pound
takes less space and stacks better in a glass than the
traditional cube. Just ask for your favorite drink, "On the   Hamburgers & French Fries, with
rocks".                                                       Sundaes for dessert. The dinner break will be from
We need volunteers for Wednesday nights and we need           7:00 to 7:30 PM. We will have a Cash Bar and the
more support for our Elks Raffle. The names of all the        Public is invited.
Honored Members who sold several tickets each are             To volunteer as cook, server or bartender call Tony
listed in a separate report by Co-chairman Tony Bosco         Bosco at 989-751-0090.
elsewhere in this bulletin. A special thanks to Don
Moore- PER for selling, many, many raffle tickets and         To sign up to enter the Tournament, or to volunteer
still counting.                                               as a Dealer or Gaming Assistant, contact Jack Van
Once again I thank you for allowing me to serve you as        Laan at 989-686-3694.
Exalted Ruler.                                                Be a “Player” or be a Volunteer, but get your name
Fraternally,                                                  in early, players are limited to 60 people! We are
                                                              offering great food, a generous prize pool, and a
James A. Hollerbach, PER, Exalted Ruler
                                                              Good Time will be had by all!
                                  AUGUST 2008
                                  Have a “Cool Evening” at the Elks Club!

Sunday              Monday                Tuesday             Wednesday Thursday                                     Friday                  Saturday

NEXT MONTH and Beyond ...
Sept. 10: TEXAS HOLD ’EM … begins 6:00 PM, Open to the Public; $70.00 Entry fee includes food
                                                                                                                     1                       2
     during 7-7:30 PM break, limit 60 players. Call 989-751-0090 or 989-686-3694 to register.
Sept. 13: SUMMER SEND-OFF PARTY 5:30-8:00 PM - $9.99 per person … assorted hors d’ouevres,                           DINNER 5:30 - 8:30
     Silent Auction, 50/50 Raffles, play cards or throw darts if you wish, enjoy the deck, and more.                  Buffet featuring our
Sept. 17: GREEKTOWN CASINO TRIP … receive $30.00 in play at the Casino, and dinner at the                              Famous Elks Perch
     Lodge when you return, only $40.00 per person. Just 40 seats available, first come-first served.
Sept. 27: ELKS TREASURE SALE 12 Noon to 5:00 PM … look around your house and bring in stuff
     you don’t use any more, we’re collecting NOW!

 3                   4                    5                   6                            7                         8                       9
                     Elks Golf League -                         Ice Cream Social
                     County Golf Course                                 hosted by
                                                               JeanAnn & Jerry DeShano,    DINNER 5:30 - 8:30        DINNER 5:30 - 8:30
                                                                Jeannie & Howard Diehl,       Buffet—$9.95            Buffet featuring our
                                                                   Sandy & Phil Paulus      New York Strip - $9.95     Famous Elks Perch
                                                                    and Carol Bailey                                       $10.95
                                                               Burgers, Coney Dogs MEETINGS:
                                                                & Make Your Own     [none]
                                                                   Sundae Bar!
                                                               Open 5:30 - 8:00 PM

10                  11                    12                  13                           14                        15                      16
                     Elks Golf League -                        Burger & Brat Night
                     County Golf Course                                hosted by
                                                               Lee Styn, Barbara Baase     DINNER 5:30 - 8:30        DINNER 5:30 - 8:30
                                                                and Jack Van Laan PER         Buffet—$9.95            Buffet featuring our
                                                                Your Choice only            New York Strip - $9.95     Famous Elks Perch
                                                               $5.00 + tax Including                                       $10.95
                                                               choice of Fudge, Caramel,   MEETINGS:
                                                                 or Strawberry Sundae       6:00 PM - Trustees
                                                               Volunteers Needed            6:00 PM - House Comm.
                                                               Open 5:30 - 8:00 PM

17                  18                    19                  20                           21                        22                      23
                     Elks Golf League -                        Burger & Brat Night
                     County Golf Course                            Bay City Elks
                                                                Past Exalted Rulers        DINNER 5:30 - 8:30        DINNER 5:30 - 8:30
                                                                Your Choice only              Buffet—$9.95            Buffet featuring our   CLUB RENTED
                                                               $5.00 + tax Including        New York Strip - $9.95     Famous Elks Perch      Private Party
                                                               choice of Fudge, Caramel,                                   $10.95
                                                                 or Strawberry Sundae      MEETINGS:
                                                               Volunteers Needed            8:00 PM-LODGE
                                                               Open 5:30 - 8:00 PM

24                  25                    26                  27                           28                        29                      30
                     Elks Golf League -                         Burger & Brat Night
                     County Golf Course                                 hosted by
                                                               Jean Ann & Jerry DeShano DINNER 5:30 - 8:30           DINNER 5:30 - 8:30
                                                                   Sandy & Phil Paulus         Buffet—$9.95           Buffet featuring our
                                                                 Your Choice only          New York Strip - $9.95      Famous Elks Perch
                                                                $5.00 + tax Including                                      $10.95
                                                                choice of Fudge, Caramel, MEETINGS:
                                                                  or Strawberry Sundae     7:00 PM—PER Meeting
                                                               Volunteers Needed
                                                               Open 5:30 - 8:00 PM
AUGUST, 2008                                                 ELKS TALES                                    PAGE FIVE
From the
HOUSE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN                                             Bay City Elks 2008 Car Raffle
Come to our
Elks      Club
Friday Fish
Fry Buffet.
Our Perch is
second       to
none         in
Michigan and
our Buffet is
plentiful, and delicious and only cost $10.95 for all you
can eat. In addition, you can get a Chocolate, Carmel, or
Strawberry Sundae for only $1.50.                                      $30.00 per ticket – 5,000 to be sold
We would like to start up our Thursday and Friday lunch            First Prize – 2008 Chevy Malibu
program again. We need your help to identify groups                2nd to 5th prizes, $500.00 cash each
that we can solicit to have their lunch meetings at our
                                                                   6th to 10th prizes, Schwinn Bikes w/helmets & lock
Elks Club 88 Dining Room. We are planning on having
an affordable and delicious menu customized to the                  Drawing Party Oct. 11th – State Theater
groups needs. We are thinking of groups like Rotary,                      All proceeds to Elks Charities!!
Lions, professional groups, etc. If you are currently               For tickets stop at the Club or the Lodge Office
participating in a group that does a lunch meeting, please
contact me. I would like to make a proposal to have their          To date we have sold $6,450 in tickets which is 215
lunch meetings with us.                                            tickets. We mailed tickets in a five pack to 290 Elks
Fraternally,                                                       Club Members. So far we received response from
Tony Bosco                                                         50 members. Twenty two purchased one or more
                                                                   tickets and I'm happy to say that 19 purchased or
                                                                   sold all five of their tickets. I want to recognize
          CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM                                   those nineteen members who we will call our Raffle
                                                                   Champions; Steve Wirt, Robert Darbee, Virgil
 Name______________________ Member #_______                        Kowalski, Bill Bell, Herbert Martin, David Hunt,
                                                                   Peter Smith, Bradley Vernon, Patrick Corcoran,
 Old Address ________________________________
                                                                   Richard Niemann, Richard Mosier, Fred Haas, Tom
 City____________________ State____Zip________                     Klink, Robert Kinde, Lionel Gallagher, Willard Van
                                                                   Tuyle, Ron Koehler, Tom LaPorte and Don Moore.
 New Adddress ______________________________                        A special thanks to all of you for your support of
                                                                   our Elks Project. Now, we must ask that the other
 City____________________ State____Zip________
                                                                   273 also rise to the occasion. We would all
 Phone _____________________                                       appreciate your help.
                                                                   We need to get to at least 1,000 tickets sold at a
 E-mail_____________________________________                       minimum.
 This form must be received at the Lodge Office by the 15 of the   Thanks in advance for your help.
 month to be effective on the first of the succeeding month.
                                                                   Tony Bosco and Jim Hollerbach PER
     Mail to: Lodge Secretary, 306 5 St.
                                                                   Charity Raffle Co-Chairs.
               Bay City, MI 48708-5807
     or email to secretary@baycityelks88.org.
B.P.O.ELKS No. 88                                                                        NON-PROFIT ORG.
306 Fifth Street                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
Bay City, MI 48708-5807                                                                       PAID
                                                                                          BAY CITY, MI
                                                                                          PERMIT No. 20

                                       ELECTRONIC EDITION

                          Wednesday is Family Night
                     Brat or Burger just $5.00 – including dessert!
      Come out and enjoy – support our Lodge with your attendance!

                LODGE MEETING August 21st at 8:00 PM
 ♦ ICE CREAM SOCIAL: Wednesday, August 6th – enjoy an evening with fellow Elks,
    your favorite beverage, the Burgers and Brats.
 ♦ TEXAS HOLD ‘EM NIGHT: Wednesday, September 10th at 6:00 PM – be a Player or be
    a Volunteer! All proceeds to Elks Charities!
                        For details call Tony Bosco at 989-751-0090.
 ♦ SUMMER SEND-OFF PARTY: Saturday, September 13th – Hors d’ouevres, Silent
    Auction, Raffles, Cards, lots of fun!
 ♦ GREEKTOWN CASINO TRIP: Wednesday, September 17th – Casino money, bus trip,
    and a delicious meal when you return to the Lodge!
                               HAVING A FAMILY EVENT?
           Your Lodge is available for Showers Anniversaries, Birthdays and other occasions. To
                reserve call 989-895-3502 Thursday or Friday between 5:30 and 9:00 PM.
                     You can also leave a message and someone will get back to you.

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