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									Borrowers: Jaime Mechaley
Escrow #:
Property: 404 Wilson Ave Bakersfield Ca 93308
Loan Type: Conventional Financing

The above-mentioned buyer(s) has applied for a home loan and has been approved through
N-Vestcorp and Capital of California. This approval is based on a completed Uniform
Residential Loan Application and verification of income and credit. This loan approval is
based on a sales price of $25,000.00.

Conditions prior to loan documents are:
1. Satisfactory appraisal report to support sales price
2. Estimate HUD 1 reflecting all closing cost
3. Lock-in interest rate and finalize loan amount
4. Escrow instructions and final vesting
5. Fully executed purchase and counter offer, if any
6. Preliminary title report

Funding conditions also apply, but are technical in nature such as termite clearance, proof of
insurance, executed loan documents, etc…
Credit documentation may be provided as part of our approval process. Please inform us of
any adverse changes in the terms of the purchase transaction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to servicing your future real estate
financing needs and the needs of your clients.

Thank you,

Gabriel Contreras
N-Vestcorp and Capital of California
10025 Shellabarger Rd Bakersfield, Ca 93312 Telephone (661) 444-9015

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