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									  T he W elcome N ews
                    T R I N I T Y LU T H E R A N C H U R C H                 O CTO B E R 2 0 1 1
            The Antichrist, and Other Things Lutherans
                        Don’t Talk About
 OK, you’re right. Lutherans seem to avoid talking about certain topics in the Bible.
 But because our Bible-belt Christians friends talk about such things, I’m offering you
 some talking points to help you enter into the conversation (and actually know what
 you are talking about!)

 The president, the pope, and your mother-in-law have probably all been referred to
 as the antichrist at one time or another. Truth be told, if and when the true anti-
 Christ actually appears, it will probably look more like your sweet little ‘ole
                                                                                             From Pastor Craig
 grandma. Let me explain.

 The antichrist is generally considered to be some kind of huge, powerful, international person or thing that
 controls the entire world and faces off with the good Christians in the final struggle between good and evil.

 Unfortunately, that’s not how the Bible speaks of the antichrist. In fact, “the antichrist” is not exactly
 described in any biblical passage. The idea of the antichrist is pieced together from lots of different
 biblical references. And then people (as we often do) go and make a HUGE deal about something that the
 Bible itself doesn’t even make a big deal about.

 If I asked you where the antichrist appears in the Bible, you’d probably guess in the book of Revelation…
 and you’d be totally wrong. The word antichrist only appears in the books of 1 and 2 John. Don’t believe
 me? Read it and weep: 1 John 2:18-22; 4:3; 2 John 1:7. John 2:18 suggests that there is more than just one
 antichrist: “You have heard that the antichrist is coming, and already many such antichrists have
 appeared.” Then when you add in verse 22, “Anyone who denies Jesus as the Christ is the antichrist,” we
 find out that the antichrist is really an antichrist, who (using this definition) could pretty much be any of us.

 The reason we probably think that the antichrist is in Revelation is because: (1) Revelation is about the
 end of the world; (2) the antichrist comes at the end of the world, so we put two and two together and
 assume the “dragon” or the “beast” of Revelation = the antichrist of 1 John. But the biblical writers
 intended no such connection.

 The beast in Revelation is a igure that is super mean and kills believers. (Read Revelation 13, if you dare.)
 So technically, the beast is an antichrist – but not the antichrist.

 Throughout history, lots of folks have been labeled the antichrist. It’s the ultimate smear tactic. If
 someone can peg their least-favorite politician as the antichrist, then people can point and declare, “EVIL!”
 Never mind that people who really know their Bible fully realize that Revelation clearly depicts the beast
 as sleek, suave, and stylish – more like James Bond than Jack the Ripper – and that makes him all the more
 dif icult to recognize.

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              Sunday School: 9AM       Fellowship Time: 10AM Worship/Children’s Church: 10:30AM
   Ministers: All Members           Pastor: Rev. Craig M. Sturm Pastor Emeritus: Rev. William B. Johnson
      TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                              P AGE 2
What it boils down to is this: don’t focus on the antichrist, but focus on Christ who is for us and not against us
(Romans 8:31). No matter how sleek or how scary the antichrist is, Christ will defeat him. God will have the
last word. In the end, we win! This, Lutherans know, is what we should be talking about.

                               Adapted from Crazy Talk: A Not-So-Stuffy Dictionary of Theological Terms.

                                                                        HAY LIFT 2011 Underway
                                                       Iowa farmers share their bountiful hay crop with ranchers in
                                                       drought-stricken Texas. Farmers in towns like Garnavillo and
                                                       Luana, Iowa, know when they have been blessed, and they
                                                       know how to be a blessing. Their hay crop was plentiful this
                                                       year, while the crop in towns like Avoca and Miles in west
                                                       Texas failed due to the intense heat. What the heat did not
                                                       destroy this year, the wild ires did. Texas ranchers have been
                                                       praying for rain and grain.

 It was no surprise then that drought and desperation became topics of conversation when Lutherans
 gathered at the Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in Orlando, Florida,
 on August 15-19. Jesus Escamilla, the lay evangelist of San Gabriel Lutheran Mission in Alvarado, Texas,
 was one who shared the breadth and depth of the great hardships his people experience. One of those who
 heard the plea was Pastor Harold McMillin of St. John Lutheran Church in Luana, Iowa. He suggested a Hay
 Lift from Iowa to Texas. The idea caught on immediately.

 By the end of August the irst truckloads of delicious Iowa hay will be offered to some hungry cattle in
 Texas. The hay will be delivered to two church’s doorsteps – Bethel Evangelical Lutheran in Avoca and
 Trinity Lutheran in Miles, Texas – for distribution to families that are in the greatest need. Some additional
 hay is headed to Alvarado, Texas, to bless the people of San Gabriel.

 Prayers were answered because a few people from the Shepherd of the Hills Conference of the Eastern Iowa
 Synod, ELCA, had an encounter with a few people from the Rolling Plains Conference of the Northern Texas
 – Northern Louisiana Mission Area, ELCA.

 Everyone involved in this initial Hay Lift of ive truckloads expects that this is only the beginning. They
 know that other farmers in Iowa and elsewhere are coming forward to help. People will come to offer to
 drive the trucks or help load and unload them, or contribute toward the cost of transporting the hay, or help
 with coordination and logistics. Lutheran Disaster Response is lending its support and expertise to the
 project. People want to helpful.

 The needs are great; the drought is one of the worst in Texas history. The Hay Lift may only just begin to
 render the kind of assistance that is needed. But the Lutherans believe that this is an urgent ministry that
 they must undertake. They are a living example of the words that are attached to the ELCA’s logo, “God’s
 work. Our hands.”

 At least fourteen truckloads of hay are ready to be brought to Texas, but transportation has not been
 secured -- nor funding ( 2,     per truckload). If you have connections with trucking irms or are willing to
 contribute toward the costs of shipping, please contact one of our Hay Lift managers: Stephanie Varnum at
 Stephanie@ntnl.org or Pastor Harold McMillin at stjohnsph@alpinecom.net.
      TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                          P AGE 3
         Check out what is happening in our congregation
                   and throughout the church:
Boy Scout reminder: the troop has popcorn to sell         Please bring the following items for Key Care dur-
in the fellowship hall. Proceeds will be used to send     ing the month of October:
scouts to Winter camp which costs 125 per scout.                     Oct. 2nd     Eggs
See Duane Compton for more info.                                     Oct. 9th     Margarine
                                                                     Oct. 1 th    Canned Tuna
The Texas Ramp project has had a 4 % increase so                     Oct. 23rd    Peanut Butter
far this year, with ramps waiting to be built in Sep-                Oct 3 th     Cereal
tember and October. We are looking for a build team       Of course, ANY donations are welcome at any time!
for Trinity Lutheran Church! This team would be
made up of 3 or 4 people who would build 4 ramps          Be sure to mark your calendar for these special up-
per year. The team would build 1 ramp every other         coming services!
month on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of the month. If you     Sunday, Oct. 30 at 10:30am:
are interested in being part of this wonderful out-            REFORMATION—German feast to follow
reach program, please contact Duane Compton.              Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 7pm:
                                                               THANKSGIVING—dessert reception to follow
We will be receiving new members on Refor-                Saturday, Dec. 24 at 3pm:
mation Sunday, October 30th. If you are interest-              CHRISTMAS EVE Service of Lesson and Carols
ed in membership, please speak with Pastor Craig.         Sunday, Dec. 25 at 10:30am:
                                                               CHRISTMAS DAY Service of Holy Communion
Have you thought about which Jello dessert you will       Sunday, Jan. 8 at 10:30am:
be entering in our Jello-Jiggle Off contest? (It's             FAMILY BLESSING A Family Favorite!
like a chili cook-off, but with Jello!) Everyone is in-
vited to bring a jello/pudding dessert for this fun       "Don't Have A Stroke" is the topic for the next
fellowship set for Sunday, October 16 following           Partners In Education (PIE) meeting. The meeting
worship. You will be able to "vote" for your favorite     is Tuesday, Oct. 11th at 12pm at Trinity Lutheran
dish by purchasing a ticket ( 1 each) and placing it      Church. Dr. Andy Morales will discuss issues relat-
in front of the dessert. The winner will receive a        ed to Strokes and what we can do to try to avoid
"special" prize and the recipe will be printed in the     having a stroke or having another. As always, the
November newsletter. All proceeds will go towards         program is free and homemade pie and coffee are
our Thanksgiving Basket outreach project. For             available for the attendees. This is a program that
more information, speak to Barbara Faris                  is offered to the public through a collaboration of
(Fellowship Chair).                                       agencies, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Home
                                                          Hospice of Grayson County, Texoma Council of Gov-
A German Reformation meal is being planned for            ernments Area Agency on Aging, and Texas Health
Reformation Sunday, October 30th. German brats            Presbyterian-WNJ. We are grateful to Traditions for
will be provided. Everyone is asked to bring their        providing the pies and door prizes.
favorite German side dish to share.
                                                          Please remember to grab the coupons from the
Don’t forget to bring your spare change for the           Sunday paper and bring them with you on Sun-
World Hunger jar! For less than the cost of a bottled     day. We match up those coupons with the local sale
soft drink, you can feed a person for an entire day.      ads to purchase everyday items at a very low cost
                                                          and then donate the items to Key Care and the
There are still blank "Time & Talent" sheets avail-       Grand Central Station Dining Car (soup kitchen). By
able in the Fellowship Hall for those that have yet to    remembering your coupons, you greatly assist us
turn one in for 2 11.                                     reaching out to those in need.
                              This week be Jesus to someone.
                    Allow someone to experience God's love through you.
    TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                      P AGE 4
                               Trinity Lutheran Church Council
                                     MINUTES - August 13, 2010
CALL TO ORDER: The monthly meeting of the Trinity Lutheran Church Council was called to order at 7: 3
pm by the Council President, Mike Krenek.

PRESENT:      Mike Krenek, Pastor Craig Sturm, Jan Bentsen, Rolf Berg, Barb Faris, Mert Janovec, Mary Lonnevik,
Ken Paith, Amy Shojai, Cynthia Zinn and Loide Wasmund. Paul Wasmund was present for the Treasurer’s Report.

OPENING:      Paul Wasmund read the opening devotion entitled Daily Discipleship based on Matt 2 :1-1 .

MINUTES: Correction to the August Minutes: Bid from Carpet One for the carpet for the Education Wing should
be 1 ,77 .74. Minutes were approved with correction.

TREASURER: Paul Wasmund presented the Treasurer’s Report. Trinity’s accounts as of August 31, 2 11 are
as follows:       Mortgage Balance                117,732.81
                        Checking                            32,8 4.98
                        Special Accounts
                                              Building Fund                    8,5 9.92
                                              Community Programs                 292.29
                                              Endowment Fund                   2,833.42
                                              Memorial Fund                    2,438.99
                                              Men in Mission Acct                1 2.5
                                              Music Ministry Acct                5 .51
                                              Youth Acct                         555.41
                                              Total Special Accounts          15,5 9.95

He noted that we were 1,5     short of making budget in August, but was optimistic. Motion passed accepting report.

 FINANCIAL SECRETARY: Jan Bentsen presented the Financial Secretary’s Report. Motion passed accepting

PASTOR’S REPORT:        Pastor reported that he would resume The Story series on Sunday and there would
be eight more weeks after Solomon. We’ll take a break during Advent. On Christmas Day we will start the New
Testament portion of the series.

• Expenditure for the carpet was over 1 K and should have been approved by the congregation. It was
  inadvertently missed, and Council did not get congregational approval for the carpet expenditure. Council
  realized the mistake after the fact and wanted to bring it to the congregation's attention. The Council
  strives to be mindful of the need to follow the requirements of the constitution and will ensure that it is
  followed in the future.

• Continuing Education: Pastor Craig has two continuing education events coming up: Bishops convocation
  and NOW conference. He is asking that 25 for each event be added to his continuing education fund for a
  total of 5 being reallocated from the general fund. Motion carried approving request.
• Facility Usage Fee: Ken completed the billing survey and calculated the cost to use these buildings hourly: 9 per
  hour for education building and 13 per hour for fellowship building. Motion passed that all new non-sponsored
      TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                       P AGE 5
  groups meeting in church facilities will be charged the above hourly rates. All existing non-sponsored groups will be
  provided with a new building use contract for the 2 12 year which includes the above fees.
• Thanksgiving Baskets: Motion passed to put together the Thanksgiving Baskets again this year.
• Visitor Cards: Rolf Berg mentioned that a member approached him and said that there were no cards in
  the pews to fill out for communion or for visitors to fill out.
• Many thanks to Amy Shojai for filling in for Barbara Case while her shoulder was mending.
• One of our close neighbors in the Lutheran Church in Durant is being ordained.
• Amy Shojai has co-written a musical theatre production and Pastor Craig is going to be in it. It will debut in
  the Rialto Theater in Denison at the end of January.
• Ryan & Sarah Lloyd are moving to San Antonio. Ryan will be taking a job with NPR.

Worship — Mert Janovec reported receiving a good response from the Time & Talent sheets. Mert also
announced that he & Sheri are moving back to Tampa, Florida as soon as they sell their house. They will be
missed. A Council replacement will be needed.
Fellowship — Barb Faris is reported that Reformation Sunday will be coming at the end of October, and she is
planning on having Brat Sunday for the annual meal. There also will be a Jello Jiggle-off on Oct 1 th. The
congregation will taste test, and vote for their favorite jello dish by purchasing tickets. The jello dish with the
most tickets will win a “special” prize. More details will be forthcoming.
Evangelism — Mary Lonnevik reported that the Opening Night reception was available for the December show
at the Finley Theater. It costs 3 to purchase food for the reception. Motion carried that we sponsor the
opening night reception with funds from the general fund.
Mission Support — Rolf Berg said that we were going to concentrate on the “Hay Lift” through Lutheran
Disaster Relief; buying hay from other parts of the country where there is a surplus, and trucking it in for the
drought-stricken here in Texas.
Education — Cynthia Zinn reported that Children’s Church attendance has been really high. Last Sunday when
Pastor was on vacation, they did a lesson on the Trinity using ice cubes. There was discussion on putting in a
line for a closed circuit TV in the Kid’s Corner. Mert Janovec said that he has a TV to donate.
Building and Grounds — Ken Paith reported that Leo Scheidt wants to take the pavers sitting by the garage
that are left over from Chris Anderson’s eagle project. Motion passed to give Leo the pavers. Motion passed to
increase the budget for property and grounds maintenance by 1,            .
Men in Mission — Will meet Saturday, September 17th at 8 am at the Sherman IHOP .

ADJOURN: Motion passed to adjourn at 8:3 pm. Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 11, 2 11 – 7: pm –
Garden View Room in the Education building. Respectfully submitted: Loide Wasmund, Council Secretary

                                                  Posh Pickins’
The Denison Service League operates the Bargain Box on Main Street in Denison. Every year a fund raisers is
held called "Posh Pickins'" and this year it will be on October 1st during Denison's Fall Festival. Posh Pickins’ is
a consignment sale where we ask for large ticket items, such as nice furniture, nice home furnishings, decor
items, and the like. The donor receives 5 % of the sales price, and the Denison Service League retains 5 % of
the price. Of, course outright donations are also appreciated.

The Bargain Box will be open all day on the 1st, from 9am to 5pm; so anyone who has an item/items to donate
can contact Barbara Faris who will make arrangements to help have the item picked up, if help is needed, and
coordinate delivery of the item to the storefront. The prices at the Bargain Box are amazingly low, and there is
a huge selection of clothing, as well as housewares such as china, glassware, and the like. Last year, this event
raised 31,     . for charity. The Bargain Box is open Monday through Saturday, 9:3 am to 3pm. Please look
around your house for items you can spare or need to clear out, and call Barbara Faris at (713) 3 1-3331.
TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                   P AGE 6

       Three reasons I am a member of the ELCA
A year after the attacks on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2 1,
New York City ire ighter Jim Carney presented his pastor with a gift.
“It’s a heavy, steel cross about 18 inches high, fashioned from a beam
belonging to Tower One of the World Trade Center,” said Timothy J.
Kennedy, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, an ELCA congregation in
Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Jim received the cross as a gift from another ire ighter, who crafted it
from some of the wreckage at Ground Zero. Both men had been part         Timothy J. Kennedy, pastor of Grace
of the clean-up efforts. But Jim didn’t keep the cross for himself. “He Lutheran Church in Yorktown Heights,
gave the cross to me as a personal gift and asked me to do with it         N.Y., and the Ground Zero cross.
whatever I wish,” says Timothy.

Timothy hung the cross in his home, where it remained until three weeks before the 1 th anniversary
of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. That’s when he decided to present it to the congregation as a gift.

Too heavy to bear

Initially Timothy thought it would make for a lovely processional cross, “but it’s too heavy. So I went
into my garage and found some wood. In a couple of hours, I crafted two tall beams that would invoke
the Twin Towers.” He positioned the steel cross in between the beams. From my own humility, it came
out pretty nicely,” says Timothy.

The cross was dedicated to the congregation during their Sept. 11, 2 11, Sunday morning worship
services. While Timothy knew the cross would be warmly accepted, he didn’t anticipate the level of
emotional response. As members approached the altar to receive Holy Communion, they spontaneously
laid their hands on the cross, which stood at the foot of the altar. “It was pretty moving,” says Timothy.
“Many of our members were on duty the day of the attacks and, thank God, none of them were injured.
But their colleagues were. One ire ighter from our congregation intimately knew 37 irst-responders
that were killed that day.”

While the cross serves as a symbol of death and defeat, it is also a symbol of victory and redemption, of
forgiveness and love, says Timothy. But forgiveness is dif icult. “Wounds are still very deep among our
congregation’s ire ighters, police of icers and others who lost colleagues, family and friends,” he says.
“And in addition to that grief, there are ongoing health concerns among our members who worked at
Ground Zero.”

But love is a powerful message, says Timothy. Along with the dedication of the cross and
commemoration of the anniversary, it was also Rally Day at Grace Lutheran Church. “There was a little
concern among us about the propriety of having Rally Day on Sept. 11,” he says. “I think the consensus is
that while we can’t undo the past, we can commemorate. But it is in Sunday school where our children
are taught love. We can share the message that we can move forward and that God will have the last
word,” he says, “but we must also teach our children about love.”
    TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                    P AGE 7

                                                        Dear Friends at Trinity River Chapter of Thrivent,
Dear Trinity Lutheran Church,

Thank you for your $682,65 donation. We have                We are in receipt of your kind contribution of
placed your gift in our Rebuilding Fund: “Moving        $1,600. Your sponsorship of 2011’s Ribs For Rehab
Faith.” Thank you!                                      lent to the event’s success and most importantly it
I hope as you read this, your part of Texas is safe     helped raise vital funds.
from the wildfires. So many disasters. We are all
aware. I hope the Lord sends rain your way.                 Children and adults with varying disabilities and
                                                        disorders are able to secure professional, rehabilitative
Over a month ago, a demolition crew finished
                                                        treatments despite un-insurability and/or financial
knocking down our Church remains. Now our
property is flat dirt. It looks as if we were never     hardships. This is possible because of your generosity
there! It is a weird feeling.                           and your commitment to help others through your
Our faith keeps us strong and helps us to see good      prayers, volunteerism and funding support. Please
things in the future.                                   visit the Center (1216 Hillcrest) anytime to see the
                                                        benefits of your gift. You have brightened the futures
Thank you for your Outreach, care and prayers.
We are very grateful.                                   of many, both young and old. God bless you all.

Bless you,                                              Sincerely,
Pastor Sandy Niiler and Congregation                    Susan Vardell, Executive Director
Christ Lutheran Church, Cullman, Alabama
                                                        The Rehabilitation Center

                    Grand Central Station “The Dining Car”
Dear Trinity Lutheran Church,
   Our guests at Grand Central Station may not realize what a friend they have in you, and with your
generosity, but those who work there appreciate greatly your thoughtfulness and caring about our guests.
Your donation of the irst aid kits again is greatly appreciated.
   We also thank you for your 49. . donation and your constant support. We continue to feed 5 to 5
people every Monday thru Friday and perhaps 4 on Saturdays. It does take a good deal of money for that
preparation, and your contributions certainly help us to defray those costs.
    All we can say is “thank you.”

To the Dog Lovers of Trinity,
    Rich or poor, we all love our animals, but it is not easy in today’s
world to always have that money for dog food. Our guests at Grand
Central Station who have dogs appreciate greatly your thoughtfulness
in providing food for their animals.
Sincerely, Peg McClure
 TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                                 P AGE 8
                                                    PAGE ONE
                   NT-NL Mission Endowment Fund
                                     Dinner-Fundraiser October 22

“Seeds That Change” – that’s an apt image for the work
of the NT-NL’s Mission Endowment Fund, now in its 15th
year. “Seeds” are things that are full of potential and life,
things that hold within them the shape of the future,
things that foster hope and optimism. “Change” means
the arrival of a new creation, a transformation of the
present, the in-breaking of the future. Our Mission
Endowment Fund is the soil in which new, hopeful,
energizing and missional things can take root and grow.
MEF focuses on assisting new mission congregations as
they get started and grow, on supporting congregations
with exceptional potential but inadequate inancial resources to expand and enhance their ministry, and
on launching innovative projects with special promise for carrying out God’s mission in the NT-NL and
world. And now, with the arrival of the exciting vision of the DiscipleLife Alive! Initiative, the MEF will
also manage the investment of money given in endowment to provide the programming, technology and
scholarships to support “Leadership Formation for Mission”.

                      MEF Dinner-Fundraiser, October 22, Advent, Arlington
                      It’s heartwarming to listen to the stories of congregations, children and pastors as
                      they recount how MEF made a particular ministry possible … and gratifying to know
                      what prayer and inancial support can do to help MEF do what it does. At this year’s
                      Dinner-Fundraiser such stories will be told. The event (4-7 p.m.) includes a live and a
silent auction, a catered dinner, and the “Scattered Seeds” Band (composed of Briarwood alums). The
evening is likely to raise 7,     for MEF projects. Look for the lyer announcing the event on the
homepage of NTNL.org and contact the Executive Director, Hattie Hammer (Hattie.Hammer@att.net) for
more information.

MEF Announces the 2011 Grant Recipients
The following grants, totally 2 ,    , were awarded for 2 11 based on a competitive grant application
∗ Abiding Grace, Southlake, Mission Developer Training
∗ Community of Hope, Fort Worth - Childhood Obesity and Safe
   Playground Initiative
∗ First Sagrada Familia, Garland - Christian Education
∗ Grace, Carrollton - Grace on the Lawn evenings for the community
∗ Lord of Life, Glenn Heights – Children’s Ministry, Ya-hoo for Christ
∗ Mount Olive, Dallas - th annual South Dallas Youth Conference
∗ Resurrection, Keller - Canvassing and Targeted Mail Effort
∗ St. Stephen, Shreveport – Vacation Church School with Briarwood staff
∗ San Miguel, Fort Worth - Sharing God's Love
∗ Trinity, Wichita Falls - Vacation Church School with Briarwood staff
                                                                    More information at www.MissionEndowmentFund.org
                                                                Page One produced by Pastor Stan Meyer, Bishop Assistant
                           To download this and other Page One articles in MSWord format, go to ntnl.org / news / page one
   TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                   P AGE 9

      Come on, y’all.
   Let’s have some fun!
 You Are Invited To Participate In The
   1    st          ANNUAL
 Jell- Jiggle-
 Jell-o Jiggle-Off
                   like a chili cook-off,
       but with the main ingredient being Jell-o)

     Sunday, October 16, following Worship

   Bring your favorite Jell-o dessert (gelatin/pudding allowed) which will be taste-
 tasted by the congregation. (To make sure everyone gets a taste, consider making double!)
  Tickets will be sold for $1 each which will allow you to “VOTE” for your favorite.

  Can’t decide on your favorite entry? We’ll sell you as many tickets as you need to
vote for all of your favorite dishes! The dessert receiving the most votes will win the
    coveted Jell-o Award and the winning recipe will be printed in the November
             newsletter. Believe me, you’ll want to experience this event!
 All proceeds from this fun fellowship event will be used to help offset the cost of our annual Thanksgiving
         Basket outreach project where we provide complete Thanksgiving meals for families in need.

   For more information, speak to Barbara Faris (Fellowship Chair) or Pastor Craig.
  TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                   P AGE 1 0

               Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
               God’s work. Our hands.

ELCA Bishop extends support for Lutherans In Jordan, Holy Land
Sep 23, 2 11

The presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Mark S. Hanson, sent a letter on
Sept. 22 to Bishop Munib Younan and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land
(ELCJHL), expressing the support of this church for a two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Hanson drafted the letter in response to growing tensions in the Middle East as Palestine submitted a formal
proposal for full membership in the United Nations. The United Nations Security Council is expected to
consider the request next week. “As leaders of government debate Palestinian membership in the United
Nations, we want you to know of our continued commitment to accompany you on the road to a just two-
state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” Hanson wrote. For more info, go to http://www.elca.org/

Kreiss to be installed as bishop of ELCA Southeast Michigan Synod
Sep 21, 2 11

The Rev. Dr. Donald P. Kreiss will be installed as bishop of the Southeast Michigan Synod of the ELCA on Sept.
24 at Christ Church Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson will preach
and preside at the installation.
Kreiss said his installation will be an occasion for building bridges and "a day filled with the hope that comes
from the Good News of Jesus' life, death and resurrection."
Kreiss was elected May 14 as bishop of the ELCA Southeast Michigan Synod at the synod's assembly in
Farmington Hills, Mich. He succeeds the Rev. Stephen G. Marsh, who resigned as bishop in June 2 1 . The
Rev. Kenneth R. Olsen has served as interim bishop of the synod since Marsh's resignation. For more info, go
to http://www.elca.org/Who-We-Are/Our-Three-Expressions/Churchwide-Organization/Communication-
Services/News/Releases.aspx?a=51 5

ELCA, African Methodist Episcopal Zion leaders gather for historic summit
Sep 19, 2 11

The ELCA and the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church have embarked on a new relationship to engage
in mission and ministry together, sharing in one another's traditions, witness and service in the world.
"It is my prayer that congregations of the ELCA and the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church will join
together in worship, Scripture study and shared commitment to work for justice and reconciliation," said
ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson.
Leaders of both churches gathered for a festive worship service Sept. 1 at St. John's Lutheran Church in
Salisbury, N.C., and a daylong summit Sept. 17 at Hood Theological Seminary, also in Salisbury, to celebrate
and explore how congregations of both denominations can engage in ministry together. For more info, go to
Services/News/Releases.aspx?a=51 4
    TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                        P AGE 1 1

FYI                  www.NTNL.org

October Emphases: ELCA Hunger Appeal
     and Women & Men’s Ministries
                                                      Sign up today!
NT-NL Campus Ministry hosts its annual                If your identity is stolen, it’s more than an inconvenience. It
   Trivia Challenge on October 9 at Christ,           puts your finances and credit rating at risk—and that’s just
   Dallas, to support the work of its ministry        the beginning.
   on campus. Info contact: Pastor Celene
   Welch at PastorCWelch@msn.com.                     Find out what steps you can take to help ensure your identity
The Mission Endowment Fund’s Dinner-                  isn’t stolen. Join us for this educational workshop:
   Fundraiser is October 22 at Advent,
   Arlington. The dinner includes a live and
                                                                          Identity Theft:
   silent auction plus music by “Scattered                            What you need to know
   Seeds”. Info contact: Hattie Hammer at             During the workshop you’ll learn:
   Hattie.Hammer@att.net.                                • How identity theft can occur.
Wildfires: Do you know of a Lutheran family              • Tips to protect yourself.
   that has suffered a loss due to the                   • Steps you can take if identity theft does happen to you.
   wildfires? Lutheran Disaster Response
   has small grants that can help. Info               Cost:       Free!
   contact: Stephanie Varnum at                       Offered by: Brian Naber, Steve Naber, Gerry Hughes,
   Stephanie@ntnl.org. Also, the Texas-                           and Gordon Wagoner
   Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod is receiving            When:       Thursday, October 20 from 7:00PM to 8:00PM
   donations from individuals to help those           Where:      Messiah Lutheran Church, 1801 W. Plano Parkway
   affected by the fires at                           Register:   Please call or email Jo Lyn Cass, 469-519-7837,
                                                                  jolyn.cass@thrivent.com by Thursday, October 13.
The NT-NL Women of the ELCA is offering
   its fall retreat on Oct. 8 at Briarwood.
   Learn more at NTNL.org.
Same Kind of Different: The LYO Jr. High
   Gathering is Nov. 11-13 at the Crowne
   Plaza Hotel in Addison. It features the
   wit and wisdom of Wes Halula. Register
   by Oct. 1 for a discount. Registration
   info at NTNL.org
Russia Adoption Program: LSS of Wisconsin               Knudson. More info at www.KingofGlory.com/Gusto.
   and Upper Michigan is seeking families            TLU Concert Choir members of the 198 ’s are invited to a
   who feel called to adopt a child. They               Concert Choir Reunion at this year’s TLU Homecoming,
   have an active Russia Adoption                       October 29. Info contact: Andrew Huang
   Program. Info contact: Pastor Martha                 (AHuang@DowntownHouston.org).
   Nack at Martha.Nack@lsswis.org.
 GUSTO! is a speaker series for mature adults        The Northern Texas – Northern Louisiana Mission Area of the
     offered the 2nd Monday of each month            ELCA – DiscipleLife: Sowing and Growing Disciples of Jesus
     (Sept.-May) at King of Glory, Dallas. On Oct.
     1 the program is To Your Health: Air and                    To receive News Brie ing electronically,
     Water Quality in North Texas by Myron                    sign up at www.ntnl.org or call 214.637.6865.
TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                   P AGE 1 2

                               Money Matters
                           Personal Financial Stewardship
 Long-term Care Insurance
     As our society grows older, more and more people
 face the probability of some day needing nursing care
 assistance. Therefore, many people are asking the
 question, “Should I consider purchasing long-term care
 insurance?” The purpose of long-term care insurance is to
 pay for the nursing care facility or other institution or a
 variety of home health care situations. This insurance can
 be of importance because, in most circumstances,
 Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for prolonged stays or
 needs of the elderly and disabled.
     Suze Orman, the New York Times number-one best-
 selling author, gives an example of the potential bene it with long-term care insurance:
     Let’s say you are 55 and will need to be in a nursing home at age 84: The projected yearly cost
 of a nursing home 30 years from now, if you live in middle America (assuming an annual rate of
 in lation of 5 percent), would be 148,176. Given that the average stay is 2.75 years, that would
 mean a total cost to you of about 407,484. The total cost of a long-term care policy if started at
 age 55 and paid each year until you were 84 would be 36,395. Look at the numbers: you will pay
 over 11 times more for the total cost of a long-term care stay than you did for the entire time you
 paid your premiums.
     When you buy insurance, you buy it in the hope that you will never need it. The truth is that
 you are actually more likely to use your long-term care insurance policy than you are to use your
  ire or car insurance. One in 1,200 people will use his ire insurance, one in 248 people will use his
 car insurance, but one in four people will use his long-term care insurance.
  The premiums you pay for long-term care insurance will depend on your age, health, and the
 choices you make, but the annual premiums can be in the thousands. If you choose to buy long-
 term care insurance, your policies should contain the following:
    A prior stay in the hospital should not be required.
    The policy should be adjusted for in lation.
    The policy should be guaranteed renewable for life.
    Home care should be included.
    The policy should allow for a waiver of premium if its owner is institutionalized.

 Insurance premiums will be much cheaper if you begin paying the premium in your 40’s or 50’s.
 Remember, it’s buyer beware. It is to your advantage to compare several policies before you make
 your inal choice.
 As a Christian, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs
 1 :3). Insurance is a vehicle that helps us plan for the future. Through insurance we prevent the
 possibility of being a burden to others (2 Corinthians 11:9).
    TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                  P AGE 1 3

A Look Into The Past of Trinity Lutheran Church
From “The Tidings,” October, 1971
Contributed by Pastor William B. Johnson

       This Sunday, we will return to our regular schedule for Divine Worship and Sunday School. Sunday
School will begin at 9:3 a.m. with Divine Worship beginning at 1 :45.

    At the same time, we look forward to better and more steady attendance both in worship and in Sunday
School. It seems that summer always presents two problems regarding our attendance. First, the weather
is hot, (note: there was no air conditioning in the church at this time), which discourages some people from
regular worship. Second, the hot weather necessitates an earlier service, which also discourages good

    We hope the hot weather is over and since the service will be later, we hope also that our attendance
will improve.

   However, the cool weather will come to an end again next spring. One of the things we intend to
investigate in our stewardship program is the possibility of air conditioning the nave of our church. We
hope to include a concrete proposal on how we can achieve this needed addition. Then perhaps we can
expect better attendance all year round. If you have any suggestions regarding this, please share them with
me or the council members.
TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                    P AGE 1 4
                                          Key Care
We sincerely apologize for neglecting to list the Key Care poundage for the months of August and
September!!! The information was given, but never made it to the monthly newsletter.

The donations you bring every week have such an impact on our community! The table below shows how
the need for assistance has increased dramatically in just one year. The numbers for September have not
been updated, but Trinity Lutheran Church donated 24 cases of gallon sized bottles of Sunny D and 184lbs
to Key Care in September. Additionally, we donated 24 cases of large sized bottles of Sunny D and 24 cases
of small drink sized bottles of Sunny D to the Grand Central Station Dining Car. The Dining Car serves the
large bottles throughout the week, but the drink sized bottles are perfect for the Saturday sack lunches!

Thank you so much to Gary Scheidt, the son of Leo and Billie Scheidt, for the wonderful Sunny D
donations! Gary works for the Sunny D corporation, and Leo and Billie let Gary know when there is a
need. Gary provides the cases of Sunny D.

A huge thanks also goes out to you! So many people in our community are struggling financially. The
donations you bring every Sunday really do make a difference!!! The numbers tell the story and it’s grim,
but your giving glorifies God and brings light and hope to so many families.

Thank you and God bless you for your generosity.

                   People     Total Pounds    Items of                                         Volunteer
 Month-Year        Served       of Food       Clothing     Prescriptions      Volunteers        Hours
    Jan-11          258          5,383          8 5             13                 28             214
    Jan-1           1 5          2,981          1               1               No Info         No Info
    Feb-11          2 9          5, 1           753              1                 28             232
    Feb-1            84          1,257          25               3              No Info         No Info
    Mar-11          352          8,5 8          1, 95           1                  29             285
    Mar-1           231          5,785          528              3                 3              289
    Apr-11          258          7,   7         7 2             22                 3              289
    Apr-1           27           4,484          92               4                 29             285
    May-11          349          9, 97          839             19                 31             324
    May-1           197          3,998          742                             No Info         No Info
    Jun-11          415          1 ,127         91              12                 31             332
    Jun-1           2            3,778          59               2              No Info         No Info
    Jul-11          483          1 ,5 8         77                                 32             352
    Jul-1           2 1          4,193             ,3 1          3                 41             2 8
    Aug-11          574          1 , 9          1,279                              33             349
    Aug-1           388            ,594         98               3                 38             255
    TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                      P AGE 1 5

     Church Ladies with Typewriters (Present company excepted)
Thank God for church ladies with typewriters. These sentences (with all the BLOOPERS) actually appeared in
church bulletins or were announced in church services:

The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.

Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the
house. Bring your husbands.

Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say 'Hell'
to someone who doesn't care much about you.

Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help.

Miss Charlene Mason sang 'I will not pass this way again,' giving obvious pleasure to the congregation.

For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a nursery downstairs.

Next Thursday there will be tryouts for the choir. They need all the help they can get.

Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in
their school days.

Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the
deterioration of some older ones.

Scouts are saving aluminum cans, bottles and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will be used to cripple children.

Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered.

The church will host an evening of ine dining, super entertainment, and gracious hostility.

Potluck supper Sunday at 5:      PM - prayer and medication to follow.

The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon.

This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church. Bring a blanket and come
prepared to sin.

Ladies Bible Study will be held Thursday morning at 1 AM . All ladies are invited to lunch in the Fellowship
Hall after the B. S. Is done.

Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 PM . Please use the back door.

The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Church basement Friday at 7 PM . The
congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.

The Associate Minister unveiled the church's new campaign slogan last Sunday: 'I Upped My Pledge - Up Yours.

           Aren’t you glad your Church Lady with the computer never makes mistakes—ha ha ha ha ha!
   TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                                   P AGE 1 6
                October Worship Responsibilities
Sunday, October 2, 2011                                    Sunday, October 23, 2011
Assisting Minister    Krista Flinn                         Assisting Minister    Roger Hale
Acolyte               Harrison Flinn                       Acolyte               Eric Cantu
Lector                Rolf Berg                            Lector                Stephanie Mayo
Children's Service    Lauren Hale                          Children's Service    Michelle Cantu
(Assisting)           Marsha Powers                        (Assisting)           Felicia Cantu
Communion Assistant   Debbie Allison                       Communion Assistant   Eileen Burrus
Communion Bread       Duane Compton                        Communion Bread       Lorraine Nagel
                      Stan Simmons, Dale Stein,                                  Steven Mildward, Mark Nagel,
Ushers                Leo & Billie Scheidt                 Ushers                Dave & Jan Bentsen
Greeters              Ray & Marlene Tillman                Greeters              Bill & Cindy Quick
Flowers               Powers family: Marsha's bday         Flowers               Johnson/Pfeiffer: Muriel, Bill & Billy's bday
Fellowship            Volunteer needed                     Fellowship            Volunteer needed

Sunday, October 9, 2011                                    Sunday, October 30, 2011
Assisting Minister    Mert Janovec                         Assisting Minister    Paul Wasmund
Acolyte               Felicia Cantu                        Acolyte               Holly Cantu
Lector                Bob Cape                             Lector                Marty Burkart
Children's Service    Loide Wasmund                        Children's Service    Debbie Allison
(Assisting)           Marlene Tillman                      (Assisting)           Sierra Hayes
Communion Assistant   Kit Benson                           Communion Assistant   Krista Flinn
Communion Bread       Mabel Bauer                          Communion Bread       Billy & Carol Pfeiffer
                      Ken & Marsha Powers,                                       Chris Anderson, BJ Manke,
Ushers                Bill & Cindy Quick                   Ushers                Don & Sierra Hayes
Greeters              Kitty Strause & Barbara Rechtzigel   Greeters              Jack & Laureen Pfeiffer
Flowers               Paith family: Jenny's wedding        Flowers               Peippo family: Sue's 29th bday
Fellowship            Lois Richardson                      Fellowship            Volunteer needed

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Assisting Minister    Loide Wasmund
Acolyte               Kalinn Rohre
Lector                John Lonnevik                        Altar Care            Marsha Powers
Children's Service    Sharon Krenek                        Wine for Month        Tamara Williams
(Assisting)           Terri Paith                          Head Usher            Joe Benson
Communion Assistant   Rolf Berg                            Offering Counters     Mert Janovec & Kathy Manning
Communion Bread       John Lonnevik                        Worship Duty Caller   Duane Compton
                      Mark Peippo, Jack Pfeiffer,                                Mike Krenek, John Krenek, Charles Meyer, Ken
Ushers                Ute & Stephanie Mayo                 Lawn Care             Paith, Ken Powers
Greeters              Stan & Roma Simmons
Flowers               Renee Anderson
Fellowship            Renee Anderson

    TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                  P AGE 1 8

              November Worship Responsibilities
Sunday, November 6, 2011                                 Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Assisting Minister    Sharon Krenek                      Assisting Minister    Loide Wasmund
Acolyte               Eric Cantu                         Acolyte               Will Pfeiffer
Lector                Stan Simmons                       Lector                Marty Burkart
Children's Service    Cynthia Zinn                       Communion Assistant   Kit Benson
(Assisting)           Stephanie Mayo                     Communion Bread       Lorraine Nagel
                      Joe & Kit Benson,                                        Mark Nagel & Dale Stein,
Ushers                Dave & Jan Bentsen                 Ushers                Bill & Cindy Quick
Greeters              Lorraine Nagel & Mark Nagel        Greeters              Terry Krawitz & BJ Manke
Communion Assistant   Dale Stein
Communion Bread       Marsha Powers
Greeters              Dave & Jan Bentsen
Flowers               Benson's: Family bdays
Fellowship            Volunteer Needed

Sunday, November 13, 2011                                Sunday, November 27, 2011
Assisting Minister    Carol Pfeiffer                     Worship Leader        Krista Flinn
Acolyte               Ashley Wright                      Acolyte               Felicia Cantu
Lector                Amy Shojai                         Lector                Carol Pfeiffer
Children's Service    Kerri Sturm                        Children's Service    Sue Peippo
(Assisting)           Holly Cantu                        (Assisting)           Marsha Powers
Communion Assistant   Stan Simmons                       Ushers                Ute & Stephanie Mayo
Communion Bread       Barb Rechtzigel                    Greeters              Diane Lorms & Kitty Strause
                      Eileen Burrus, Andy Carr,
Ushers                Rolf & Shar Berg                   Sermon                Leslie Dunlap
Greeters              Billy Pfeiffer & Steven Mildward   Flowers               Ann Tucker
Flowers               Johnson's: Will Pfeiffer's bday    Fellowship            Volunteer Needed
Fellowship            Dave & Jan Bentsen

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Assisting Minister    Bob Cape                           Altar Care            Terry Krawitz
Acolyte               Sierra Hayes                       Wine for Month        BJ Manke
Lector                Lorraine Nagel                     Head Usher            Duane Compton
Children's Service    Carol Pfeiffer                     Offering Counters     Kathy Manning &
(Assisting)           Will Pfeiffer                      Worship Duty Caller   Barbara Rechtzigel
Communion Assistant   Marsha Powers
Communion Bread       Leo & Billie Scheidt
                      Stan Simmons, Dale Stein,
Ushers                Leo & Billie Scheidt
Greeters              Ann Tucker & Rose Simonian
Flowers               Bridgette Nagel
Fellowship            Volunteer Needed

 We’re Thankful
   for YOU!


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