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									Business services

Case study

Conexus Credit Union slashes Citrix
logon time with AppSense

“When we used AppSense to move the               Introduction                                         Allen explains: “The quantity of cookies attached
cookie folders from the Citrix profile to        Conexus Credit Union is Saskatchewan’s largest       to each user profile has crept up recently,
                                                 credit union and the seventh biggest in Canada.      probably because we are increasingly using ASP
the users home drive, logon times                                                                     for business critical programs - accessing them
                                                 With over 1,000 employees serving more than
were cut from seven minutes to six                                                                    through the Internet rather than hosting them
                                                 118,000 members, Conexus administers more
seconds! It was incredible!”                     than $3.69 billion in assets. The organization has   ourselves.”
                                                 undergone a number of strategic mergers in the       Allen tried deleting some of the cookies but his
Trevor Allen,                                    last five years which have broadened Conexus’        actions caused problems when users tried to
Supervisor of Infrastructure Services at         service offering to include financial and banking    logon to applications, sometimes stopping
                                                 services, real estate and insurance.
Conexus                                                                                               access entirely. He needed a way to limit the
                                                                                                      number of cookies each profile needed to
                                                 Background challenges                                download every time it logged on, in the hopes of
                                                 Conexus had been running a centralized Citrix        speeding up the user experience.
                                                 IT environment for over nine years, providing
                                                                                                      Separately, Conexus was also looking for a way
                                                 employees across all divisions and subsidiaries
                                                                                                      to manage the complex application access
                                                 with access to more than 200 applications
                                                                                                      requirements across the business. While over
                                                 through thin client devices.
                                                                                                      200 applications are in use across the business
                                                 In recent years, Conexus employees began to          - ranging from Microsoft Office™ to specialist
                                                 complain about slow responses to simple tasks        banking applications - most individuals only
                                                 such as logging onto the system at the start of      require access to a handful.
                                                 the day. This is because Citrix creates a profile
                                                                                                      Allen explains; “We needed a way to lock down
                                                 for each user and downloads it in full every time
                                                                                                      access to certain applications, providing
                                                 they logon. The profiles had become excessively
                                                                                                      role-based access to ensure only the appropriate
                                                 large and were taking a long time to download.
                                                                                                      employees could use each program.”
                                                 Upon investigation, Trevor Allen, Supervisor of
                                                 Infrastructure Services at Conexus discovered
                                                 the primary cause of the large profiles was the
                                                 number of cookie files each profile had attached
                                                 to it.

 Reduce application access and logon times
 Provide role-based access to applications

 AppSense Environment Manager
 AppSense Application Manager

 99% reduction in logon times
 Simple centralized application access control
Business services

“The graphical user interface is very easy to        The introduction of AppSense                         AppSense Application Manager enables the
use, making it much less time consuming to           Allen first heard about AppSense at a Citrix         IT department to define role-based access rights
assign access rights across all divisions,           iForum where he was looking for potential            as well as setting parameters based on location,
subsidiaries and even right down to individual       solutions to the cookie and access problems.         firewall settings and time of access. Application
role level.”                                         Due to issues with printers and peripherals,         access can even by restricted by device, enabling
                                                     Conexus had taken the decision to move from          Microsoft licensing to be easily enforced.
Trevor Allen,
Supervisor of Infrastructure Services at Conexus     thin clients to locked-down low cost PCs and         Allen explains the value AppSense Application
                                                     Allen was referred to AppSense to see if they        Manager brings to Conexus; “We are using
                                                     could find a solution to work with the new           AppSense Application Manager to manage our
                                                     infrastructure.                                      group policies and have been relieved to find
                                                     Allen comments; “I told the guys at AppSense         that it has dramatically simplified the process.
                                                     about our issues and they were confident they        The graphical user interface is very easy to use,
                                                     could sort them all out for us. So we kicked off a   making it much less time consuming to assign
                                                     pilot of AppSense Environment Manager and            access rights across all divisions, subsidiaries
                                                     AppSense Application Manager.”                       and even right down to individual role level.”

                                                     AppSense Environment Manager takes a user’s          Conexus is still at the beginning of its thin client
                                                     settings, including application and OS-level         to PC migration, but Allen is confident that
                                                     personal settings, and manages that information      AppSense has ironed out the problems and
                                                     independent of the desktop session. The profile      made it possible to make a few more changes to
                                                     is streamed to the user who sees a consistent        the company’s critical IT infrastructure;
                                                     desktop session, fully personalized to their own     “We have migrated 50 PCs so far, and have
                                                     preferences without the need for cumbersome          another 450 in progress. We also have projects
                                                     profiles or complex scripting. Importantly for       on the go to upgrade the Citrix environment to
                                                     Conexus, AppSense Environment Manager also           XenApp 4.5 and Microsoft Office 2007. We will run
                                                     can also redirect elements of a profile to be        on the new Citrix farm for a couple of months to
                                                     managed by the users home drive, presenting a        see how it performs but already have it on our list
                                                     solution to the cookie problem, as Allen explains:   to talk to AppSense about their Performance
                                                     “Our pilot with AppSense Environment Manager         Manager product to make sure our new set up is
                                                     demonstrated to us that we could keep the            a sleek and optimized operation.”
                                                     central management of profiles but didn’t need
                                                     all the cookies to download each time. Moving        Network environment
                                                     the cookie folders to the users home drive           n	35   Citrix servers
                                                     reduced logon times from seven minutes to six        n	50   low cost PCs
                                                     seconds. That is a 99% reduction! It was so
                                                                                                          n	450 thin clients to be replaced over next
                                                     astounding that we stopped the pilot immediately
                                                                                                            two years
                                                     and rolled it out across the board.”

About AppSense
We are the leading provider of user virtualization
technology to enterprise organizations. User
virtualization is a way of managing user-specific
information independent of the desktop, and
applying this information into any desktop (local
install, virtualized, published, streamed etc)
on-demand. This enables IT to standardize the
desktop build, automate desktop and application
delivery, and migrate users to new desktops – all
while ensuring the user experience is seamless,
personal, predictable and easily manageable.

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