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					                                            JOB DESCRIPTIONS


JOB TITLE                    : Telephone Operator
DEPARTEMENT                  : Front Office
DIVISION                     : Room
REPORT TO                    : Asst. Front Office Manager

Under the general guidance and supervision of the Telephone Operator Supervisor and within Panorama
Regency and Procedures, to provide efficient, courteous and prompt communication service to hotel guests
and callers consistent with Panorama Hotel’s standard.

1. Reports directly to Front Office Asst. Manager / Asst. FOM.
2. Interacts with all guests appropriately and with other departments as required.


1.    To have thorough knowledge of all guest rooms and suites, their location, ates and amenities; be
      familiar with all Hotel facilities, services, events and promotions.
2.    Be fully knowledgeable in the switchboard operating procedures and its application.
3.    Be responsible of answering all incoming calls cautiously and politely and to always provide correct
      information to any caller.
4.    Be responsible in channeling telephone calls to the proper extensions smoothly and politely.
5.    Handle international / city operator assisted calls, direct dialing, international / city calls for non-
      resident guests.
6.    To property record all operator assisted calls and send to Front Office Cashier for posting.
7.    Handle wake-up call requests.
8.    To maintain a good tone of voice and distinction of speech.
9.    To be discreet all conversation overheard must be treated strictly confidential and never divuige guest
      room numbers over telephone.
10.   Be responsible for background music, paging / beepers and entertainment (TV) program monitor.
11.   To keep working area clean and tidy at all times.
12.   Be familiar with all Hotel emergency and fire procedures as well as with city emergency telephone
      numbers and service; ensure that efficient and effective communications are maintained during
      emergency situations.
13.   know key Hotel personnel and their extensions; be familiar with hotel facilities and services or any
      other promotions available to the Hotel guest or the public.
14.   Develop a professional relationship with fellow colleagues and maintain an effective flow of
      communication with all Hotel employees.
15.   Ensure messages left by caller to guest or others are passed on to the correct receiver without delay.
16.   Maintain a well-groomed appearance and personal hygiene.
17.   To program and release Don’t Disturb (DND) status.
18.   To handle fire alarm and bomb threat calls.
19.   To handle guest lift breakdown calls.
20.   To refrain from making noise or unnecessary chatting whilst attending to calls.
21.   To report faults detected, any comments, complaints, observation or irregularities within the Hotel
      premises, mentioned or reported to his / her by the Hotel guest, executives or event staff to the
      Switchboard supervisor / Asmen / Asfom / Assistant to General Manager verbally or through the
22.   To refrain from making and receiving personal calls at switchboard.
23.   To refrain unauthorized persons to enter the switchboard room..
24. To have sufficient knowledge of information which are usually required by guest; such as places of
    interest, climate, outside movie programs, etc.
25. To perform other duties as assigned by his / her superior or Management.

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