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                Title: Teleconferencing/                Procedure No: 7-4.5
                Supports Policy: 7-4 Business           Effective Date: 04/11/03

Questions       Contact the Information Services Office Client Services Group (Client
                Services) to schedule teleconferencing/videoconferencing sessions.

Purpose         Workers are encouraged to use teleconferencing/videoconferencing as
                appropriate to reduce travel costs and increase environmental benefits in
                accordance with this procedure.

Authorizing     NREL Policy 7-4 Business Travel

Applicability   This procedure applies to workers.

Options         The Information Services Office supports and funds the following
                teleconferencing/videoconferencing options. Equipment costs such as
                speaker phones or cell phones are provided on a recharge basis.

                •   Instant Meeting. A conferencing option that does not require
                    reservations or NREL operator assistance. Offers a personal telephone
                    number and pass code(s) to a conference host. Limited to 20 participants.
                    Includes international calls.

                •   Meet Me Conference Call. A conferencing option that allows
                    participants to dial into a pre-assigned toll free number. Must be
                    scheduled each time with the NREL operator. Unlimited number of
                    participants. Includes international calls.
Options            •   NetConferencing. A conferencing option that allows individuals to
                       participate without leaving their desks. Enables participants to share
                       presentations and documents on the Internet while listening to an
                       accompanying audio conference on the telephone. Supports two to 1000
                       participants. Requires a separate phone line for audio.

                   •   Speaker Phone. An option that provides conference call access in a
                       room with telephone connectivity through a combination microphone and
                       loudspeaker device for two-way communication. Unlimited number of
                       participants. Includes international calls.

                   •   Switchboard Conference Call. A conferencing option that must be
                       scheduled each time with the NREL operator. The operator dials the
                       phone numbers and connects the calling parties. Limited to six
                       participants. Includes international calls.

                   •   Teamstation Video. A conferencing option that enables point-to-point
                       video and audio communication with a networked PC. Located in various
                       NREL conference rooms. Requires one-week advance scheduling
                       through Client Services.

                   •   Videoconferencing. A conferencing option that is shared with the DOE
                       Golden Field Office (GO), enabling point-to-point video and audio
                       communication. Requires one-week advance scheduling through the
                       NREL operator. Inclusion of more than two sites requires a bridged
                       network and DOE Headquarters approval.

Responsibilities   Specific responsibilities for this procedure include the following:

                            Role                             Responsibilities
                   Client Services          Create work order.

                   Information Services 1. Consult with the client regarding needs.
                   Office - Systems and
                   Network               2. Schedule with communication vendors as
                   Infrastructure (SNIF)    needed.
                   Group -
                   Telecommunications 3. Assist with setup.
                                         4. Troubleshoot problems.

                             Role                          Responsibilities
                   Information Services 5. Provide training as needed.
                   Office - SNIF Group -
                   Worker                1. Identify the type of teleconferencing/
                                            videoconferencing needed.

                                             2. Contact Client Services with request.

                                             3. Coordinate with assigned telecommunications
                                                team specialist.

Obtaining          Use the following procedure to obtain teleconferencing/videoconferencing
Conferencing       services and facilities.

                   Step        Who                                    Action
                    1      Worker             Identify the type of teleconferencing/
                                              videoconferencing service needed. Communicate
                                              need to Client Services including:

                                              •Conference leader and telephone number
                                              •Date and time of conference
                                              •Duration of conference
                                              •Number of participants
                                              •If any of the participants are at an international
                     2     Client Services Create work order.
                     3     SNIF tele-      Consult with worker regarding needs. Assist with
                           communications setup and troubleshoot problems. Provide training
                           team specialist as needed.

Related Policies   NREL Policy 2-7 Sustainable NREL

Signed by
                   Barbara Stokes
                   Finance Office Director

Jill Deem
Information Services Office Director


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