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CL ASSL AST               AL
              CL ASSFIRST IVE       Salu t at io n          FIRSTNAM E ARRIED
                                                     L ASTNAM E         M         SPOUSE                OCCUPATION                SPOUSEOCUP                                  STREET
                                                                                                                                                             CHIL DRENG RANDCHIL D                             CITY                    STATE         ZIP       PHONENO
Adam s        Kathey        T RUE   Mrs.             PavelkaRichard       T RUE                         O ffice Manager           A/C Co. O wner                    3       6 1034 Rudy Road                   Axtell                  T exas           76624 254-772-9110
Alexander     Patricia      T RUE   Mrs.                    Asa
                                                     W aterm an           T RUE   Asa W aterm an Jr. English T eacher             Electrical Engineer               2       4 501 W ildwood Circle             W aco                   T exas        76712     254-772-6285
Alexander     Brenda        T RUE   Mrs.             G ravesBrenda        T RUE   Billy W ayne          G raves O il & T ire                                        3       1 C/O G raves T ire Co. 123 N. 7th Corsicana               T exas        75110
Alexander     Mary          T RUE   Mrs.             Evans  T ed          T RUE   T ed                                            O il and G as                     1       0 8615 Alcott Drive                Houston                 T exas        77080     713-467-5219
Allen         Jo Linda      T RUE   Mrs.                    W illiam N.
                                                     Durley, Jr.          T RUE   W illiam (Kirk) N. Jr.Retired RN                                                  2       4 1315 Muir Drive                  G ardnerville           Nevada        89410     775-265-5552
Allen         Joe           T RUE   Mr. & Mrs.       Allen  Joe           T RUE   Bette Boyd            Research Engineer         Housewife                         2       0 6210 Ledge Mountain Drive        Austin                  T exas        78731     512-302-0767
Allen         Beverly      FALSE    Mrs.             DockeryT hom as      T RUE   T hom as              Secretary/Bookkeeper      Police O fficer                   2       2 225 G orm an                     Corsicana               T exas        75110     903-872-4994
Allison       Freddy        T RUE   Mr. & Mrs.       AllisonFreddy        T RUE   Diane W atson         O il & G as/Pilot         Housewife                         2       1 14 Hialeah                       Midland                 T exas        79705     915-684-6458
Andrews       Jam es        T RUE   Mr.              AndrewsJam es        FALSE                                                                                     0       0 1817 W est Sycam ore             Corsicana               T exas        75110
Arm strong    Leona         T RUE   Mrs.             Fluker T om          T RUE   T om                 Retired                    Retired                           2       2 119 San Chez Drive               Lake Kiowa              T exas        76240-8802940-668-7918
Arnold        G ary         T RUE   Mr.              Arnold G ary         FALSE                        HEB Food Store                                               0       0 1300 N. 45th Street              Corsicana               T exas        75110
Atkinson      Rita          T RUE   Mrs.             Barnes Bill          T RUE   W illiam R. (Bill) Barnes T rlr. Park
                                                                                                       O wn                                                         4       4 Rt. 1 Box 326 S                  Hughes Springs          T exas        75066
Baggs         Steven        T RUE   Mr.              Baggs  Steven G .    T RUE   W anda Rebecca Kline Bailiff 368th Court        Housewife                         4       9 200 Mesa O aks                   Leander                 T exas        78641     512-259-0913
Bailey        Henry M.      T RUE   Mr.              Bailey Henry M.      FALSE                        Stage W orker                                                0       0 1528 Kiltarton Drive             Dallas                  T exas        75228     214-324-5174
Baldwin       Marilyn       T RUE   Mrs.             Elm oreMarilyn       FALSE                                                                                     0       0 575 Sandswitch Lane              Ennis                   T exas        75119
Bankston      Faye          T RUE   Mrs.             Roby    Jim          T RUE   Jim                 Hom em aker                 Cable T V Co. owner               2       0 2884 FM 2339                     Ben W heeler            T exas        75754     903-852-5333
Barlow        Mary         FALSE                                          FALSE
Basham        Jam es        T RUE   Mr.        Basham       Jim           FALSE                       U.S. Postal Service                                            2         0 2107 North Bowie #16               Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-872-7680
Beene         Carol         T RUE   Ms         Martin       Carol         FALSE                       Retired                                                        2         2 14744 Yora Drive                   Austin             T exas        78728      512-310-8303
Binford       Paul         FALSE    Mr.        Binford      Paul          FALSE
Blackford     Peggy        FALSE    Mr.        McLain       G ene Allen   T RUE   G ene A. McLain     Housewife                                                      0         0   Route 1, Box 382                 Dawson           T exas          76639
Blakney       Johnny        T RUE   Mr.        Blakney      Johnny        T RUE                                                                                      0         0   1215 Harvell Ct.                 Cedar Hill       T exas          75104     972-291-3931
Blood         Betty         T RUE   Mrs.       Stewart       Sam          FALSE                       Pet G room er                                                  2         4   7897 McG regor Park Rd.          T em ple         T exas          76502-6907817-986-8389
Borg          David         T RUE   Mr.        Borg         David         T RUE   Janet Zrubek        Research Engineer                                              3         0   5102 Sawgrass Drive              G arland         T exas          75044     972-414-0472
Boyd          Bette         T RUE   Mrs.       Allen        Joe           T RUE   Joe Allen           Housewife                   Research Engineer                  2         0   6210 Ledge Mountain Drive        Austin           T exas          78731     512-302-0767
Boyd          Billy         T RUE   Mr.        Boyd         W illiam      FALSE                       Retired                                                        1         2   5125 Park Row Blvd.              Corsicana        T exas          75110-9402903-872-3498
Braselton     Claire        T RUE   Mrs.       Shahzad      Claire        T RUE   Reza                CEO of T rade Assn.         Property Mgt                       1         2   721 Sam Hill Street              Irving           T exas          75062     972-791-1238
Britton       Jam es       FALSE    Mr.        Britton      Jam es        T RUE   Lisa                Maintenance Forem an        Cafe Manager                       2         4   4404 G reen Acres Court          Arlington        T exas          76017     807-483-7532
Brown         Clifford      T RUE   Mr.        Brown        Clifford      T RUE   T oni               Petroleum G eologist                                           3         3   1409 G overnors Drive            Corsicana        T exas          75110     903-827-6579
Brown         G ene         T RUE   Mr.        Brown        G ene         FALSE                                                                                      0         0   256 North Belt East Suite 252    Houston          T exas          77060
Brum ley      G ail         T RUE   Ms.        Brum ley     G ail         FALSE                                                                                                    1215 Andries St.                 Many             Louisiana       71449     318-256-3272
Bruton        Judy          T RUE   Mrs.       Hogue        Vernon        T RUE   Vernon              Hom em aker/Secretary       Pred. Vernon's Elec.C              3         2   122 Slaughter Ranch Road         T rinidad        T exas          75163     903-778-4293
Buchanan      Maryland      T RUE   Mrs.       Moody        W ayne        T RUE   W ayne                                                                             0         0   2018 W est 5th Avenue            Corsicana        T exas          75110
Burke         Archie        T RUE   Mr.        Burke        Archie        FALSE                       Contracter                                                     3         8   P. O . Box 6332                  Longview         T exas          75608     903-235-1945
Busby         Jack          T RUE   Mr.        Busby        Jack          FALSE                       Activity Director                                              2         1   Route 6, Box 550                 Kem p            T exas          75143-9546903-432-3572
Butler        Linda         T RUE   Mrs.       Cochran      Linda         FALSE                       Com puter analyst                                              1         0   2714 Lakeview                    Carrollton       T exas          75006
Calvert       Pam           T RUE                                         FALSE                       retired social wk/teacher                                      2         4   149 Village G reen, Apt 408      Universal City   T exas          78148     210-595-6272
Cathy         Lanell       FALSE    Mrs.       Young        Floyd         T RUE   Floyd               Hom em aker                                                    3         2   200 Northwest 1st Street         Kerns            T exas          75144     903-396-2565
Chapm an      Sharon       FALSE    Mrs.       T hreet                    FALSE                       Bookkeeper                                                     4         3   3024 W infield Drive             Corsicana        T exas          75110
Chavoya       Linda         T RUE   Mrs.       Aldam a      Richard       T RUE   Richard             News Dirctor NW cable       Insurance                          2         2   1946 Fairfax                     Corsicana        T exas          75110     903-874-5889
Cleveland     Jackie        T RUE   Mr.        Raborn       Jackie        FALSE                       Investor                                                       2         6   P.O . 1032                       G eorgetown      T exas          78627     512-869-1974
Collins       Jerry         T RUE   Mr.        Collins      Jerry         T RUE                       Hardware Store O wner       Bookkeeper at HW Str.              3         5   4142 Monoco                      San Antonio      T exas          78218     210-653-1419
Conner        Ruth          T RUE   Mrs.       Laudan       Roland        T RUE   Roland              H.R. Manager                G eneral Contractor                2         1   1618 W est Park                  Corsicana        T exas          75110     903-872-3370
Cook          Joe           T RUE   Mr.        Cook         Joe           T RUE   Janet               Engineer                                                       1         0   207 N. Beverly Drive             Malakoff         T exas          75148
Corn          Virginia      T RUE   Mrs.       Daughtrey    Virginia      T RUE   Howard              Newspaper Librarian         Retired Military                   2         4   1925 G lenwood St.               Abilene          T exas          79605     915-691-0568
Coslett       Eddie        FALSE    Mr.        Coslett      Eddie         FALSE                                                                                      0         0   100 Ridge W ay Apt 313           Midlothian       T exas          76065
Cox           Lynn          T RUE   Mrs.       Elm ore      Lynn          FALSE                                                                                      0         0   1811 Pin O ak Lane               Corsicana        T exas          75110
Crabb         Janie         T RUE   Mrs.       Lanier        Janie        T RUE                       Hom em aker                                                    1         0   10893 Hwy 64 E.                  T yler           T exas          75707     903-565-6877
Crews         Nell          T RUE   Mrs.       Higgins      Phil          T RUE   Phil                T eacher                    Forester                           2         0   121 Cypress Circle               Huntsville       T exas          77340     409-291-1818
Crockett      Mary          T RUE   Mrs.       Robinson     Jam es        T RUE   Jam es              Hom em aker                 Entom ologist                      3         0   2607 Spruce                      Kilgore          T exas          75662     903-984-0885
Crum          Don           T RUE   Mr.        Crum         Don           FALSE                                                                                      0         0   7629 W FM 21-321                 T ennessee ColonyT exas          75861
Cum bie       Donald       FALSE               Cum bie      Donald        FALSE
Curry         Earl          T RUE   Mr.        Curry        Earl          FALSE                                                                                      0         0   P.O . Box 43326                  Kem p              T exas        75143
Deisher       Dee Ann      FALSE                                          FALSE                                                                                      0         0
DeLuca        Barbara       T RUE   Mr. & Mrs. W hite       Michael       T RUE   Michael             Housewife                   Com puter System s Anal            3         2   903 Birchwood Ct.                Newport News       Virginia      23608      757-874-8906
Denbow        T ed          T RUE   Mr.        Denbow       T ed          T RUE   Connie              Retired                     T eacher                           2         0   417 Brook G len                  Richardson         T exas        75080      972-690-4161
Dennis        Billy         T RUE   Mr.        Dennis       Billy         FALSE                                                                                      0         0   1417 Autum n                     Livingston         T exas        77351
DuBose        Lynn          T RUE   Mr. & Mrs. DuBose       Lynn          T RUE   Jewell Richards                                                                    2         5   1732 T ower Drive                Ardm ore           O klahom a    73401      580-223-6432
Eaves         Betty Jo      T RUE   Mrs.       Bibb         Jesse Lee     T RUE   Jesse Lee Bibb Jr. Secretary T XI               Q A Insp. Raytheon                 2         2   1006 Sycam ore                   Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-874-7674
Eaves         Carolyn       T RUE   Mrs.       Sawyer       Carolyn       FALSE                                                                                      0         0   1408 Ann Arbor Drive             Corsicana          T exas        75110
Edgar         Jan           T RUE   Mrs.       Moore        Buford        T RUE   Buford Moore        Realtor                     Realtor                            2         4   2205 Highland Circle             Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-874-7255
Elliott       Ann           T RUE   Mrs.       Flowers      Joe           T RUE   Joe Flowers         Retired                     Decased                            2         2   103 Paige Lane                   Forney             T exas        75126      972-564-1499
Elrod         Betty         T RUE   Mrs.       Schwerin     Betty         T RUE   G eorge             Retired                     Deputy Constable                   1         1   110 Meadow Heath                 G un Barrel City   T exas        75147      903-880-1014
Eppler        Jerry         T RUE   Mr.        Eppler       Jerry         T RUE   Martha              Supvsr. Construction                                           2         0   209 Pam ela Street               Baytown            T exas        77521
Everett       Donna         T RUE   Mrs.       Ingham       Jon           T RUE   Jon Ed              Librarian Librarian         Asst. Principle                    2         2   3650 N.E. CR 0095                Corsicana          T exas        75109      903-872-1094
Fernald       Billy         T RUE   Mr.        Fernald      Billy         T RUE   Linda               Stockbroker                                                    3         0   Box 547                          Utopia             T exas        78884
Fitzgerald    Elaine       FALSE    Ms.        Fitzgerald   Elaine        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   P.O . Box 937                    Maybank            T exas        75147
Fondren       Sandra        T RUE   Mrs.       W indsor     Sandra        FALSE                       Asst. Prin, DISD Ret.                                          0         0   124 W est G arritty              Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-874-8248
Form by       Bill          T RUE   Mr.        Form by      Bill          T RUE   Katrine             Personal Investm ents       Building restoration               0         0   4005 Harborlight Cove            Austin             T exas        78731      512-453-7703
Fuller        Don           T RUE   Mr.        Fuller       Donald        T RUE   Darlene             Minister                    Secretary                          3         1   9212 W illard Street             Rowllett           T exas        75088      972-412-4559
G arlington   W . R.        T RUE   Mr. & Mrs. G arlington  W . R.        T RUE   Anita LaLone        Pres. Plains Dairy          Hom m aker                         3         9   4202 Bluffview Dr.               G ranbury          T exas        76048      806-672-3308
G elineau     Francoise     T RUE   Rev.       Ray          Francoise     FALSE                       Rector of St. Peter's                                          3         0   P.O . Box 196                    Carrizozo          NW               88301
G entry       Marilyn       T RUE   Mrs.       Scott        Hom er        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   1910 FM Rd. 2452                 Corsicana          T exas        75110
G lass        Patty        FALSE                                          FALSE                                                                                      0         0
G orm an      Albert        T RUE   Mr.        G orm an     Bud           T RUE   Betty Nell Harris   A.T .& T . Manager          Housewife                          2         0   2401 Lupton Drive                G arland           T exas        75044-7517972-495-4014
G orm an      Debra         T RUE   Ms.        G orm an     Debra         FALSE                       Phych. T herapist                                              2         0   3426 Lockgate                    Spring             T exas        77388     713-355-0630
G ragg        Bobby         T RUE   Mr.        G ragg       Bobby         T RUE   Mary                retired                     Retired                            2         4   6208 Pennsylvania Avenue         Arlington          T exas        76017     817-563-6101
G rant        Freddie       T RUE   Mr.        G rant       Fred          T RUE   Nancy               Supvsr. G oodyear T ire     Retired                            2         0   2821 Stonewall Court             T yler             T exas        75701     903-566-0874
G ray         Betty         T RUE   Mrs.       Eastland     Betty         FALSE                                                                                      0         0   Route 2 Box 94                   Beckville          T exas        75631
G ray         G lenda       T RUE   Mrs.       Novak        Paul          T RUE   Paul Novak          Hom em aker                                                    2         0   P.O . Box 498                    G roesbeck         T exas        76642
G riggs       Bobby         T RUE   Mr.        G riggs      Robert F.     T RUE   Nina                Ballard Chem . Mgr.         Hom em aker                        2         0   440 Cam bridge Drive             DeSoto             T exas        75115     972-223-6353
G rizzaffi    Mike          T RUE   Mr.        G rizzaffi   Mike          FALSE                       Property T ax Consulant                                        2         0   3800 G randview Drive            Carrollton         T exas        75007-2840972-534-6083
G room s      Meredith      T RUE   Ms.        T wom ey     Merideth      FALSE                       O wner G olden Hairpin                                         2         4   1708 W oodland Place             Corsicana          T exas        75110     903-874-5821
Hagle         T erry        T RUE   Mr.        Hagle        T erry        FALSE                       Com puter Engineer                                             0         0   7500 Ram bling Ridge Drive       Fairfax Station    Virginia      22039     703-913-0264
Hancock       Sandra        T RUE                                         FALSE
Hanson        Kay           T RUE   Mrs.       De La Santos Kay           T RUE   Adolph            Realtor                       Retired                            2         5                                                                                210-860-5238
Hardin        G eline       T RUE   Mrs.       Hargrove     Charles       T RUE   Charles Hargrove Hairstylist                                                       3         3   12380 FM 642                     Dawson             T exas        76639
Harper        Johnny        T RUE   Mr. & Mrs. Harper       Johnny        T RUE   Virginia Richards Retired                       Retired                            2         5   1712 W est 13th Avenue           Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-874-5731
Harris        Eddy          T RUE                                         FALSE                                                                                      0         0
Harvey        Diane         T RUE   Mrs.       W ebb        Max           FALSE                       Hom em aker                                                    2         0   Box 403                          Bulverde           T exas     78163
Haynes        T om m y      T RUE   Mr.        Haynes       T om          T RUE   Ann                 LT I Mgr. Raytheon          Retired                            1         0   1137 Siebold Court               Mesquite           T exas     75150     972-681-2081
Hedrick       W . D.        T RUE   Mr.        Hedrick      W . D.        T RUE   Nell                Meat Cutter                                                    6         4   Route 2 Box 251-A                LaRue              T exas     75770
Henry         Joyce        FALSE    Mrs.       Finch        Joyce         FALSE                                                                                      0         0   5781 Lewis Court                 Athens             T exas     75752     903-675-5109
Hervey        Kent          T RUE   Mr.        Hervey       Hank          FALSE                       Car Dealer                                                     2         0   317 W . 6th Avenue               Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-875-1353
Hill          Jadene        T RUE   Mrs.       Urtheil      Jadene        FALSE                       Real Estate Dev.                                               1         0   P.O . Box 90305, 617 North Fir   Brian Head         Utah       84719     801-677-3215
Hix           Larry         T RUE   Mr.        Hix          Larry         T RUE   Mary                Engineer, Arco O il                                            2         0   1203 W hispering Ln              South Lake         T exas     76092     817-488-7069
Hope          Linda         T RUE   Mrs.       Anderson     M. D.         FALSE   M. D.               Hom em aker                                                    3         4   660 St. Rt. 225                  Henderson          T ennessee 38340-7368731-983-0448
Hopwood       Sandra        T RUE   Mrs.       Behrens      Art           T RUE   Art                 Budget O fficer U.N.T .     O wner B&W Sales                   3         2   500 Northridge Drive             Denton             T exas     76201     940-382-9711
Howard        Jackie        T RUE   Mr.        Howard       Jackie        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   120 W oodland Ave.               Corsicana          T exas     75110
Howell        Ronnie        T RUE   Mr.        Howell       Ronnie        T RUE   G ail               C.O .E. T ech Sprint                                           3        10   P.O . Box 938                    Brownsboro         T exas     75756     903-852-4202
Hum bert      Jackie        T RUE   Mrs.       Lewis        Jackie        T RUE   E.M. Lewis          Housewife                                                      3         1   T ilton Road                     Angus              T exas     75110
Hunter        Andrea        T RUE   Mrs.       Richards     Andrea        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   1401 SW CR 1030                  Corsicana          T exas     75110
Hutson        Larry         T RUE   Mr.        Hutson       Larry         T RUE   Marsha              Realestate Investm ent      W orks in Property Mgr.            4         6   1025 North 24th St.              Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-872-5976
Ingham        Jon           T RUE   Mr. & Mrs. Ingham       Jon           T RUE   Donna Everett       Retired                     Librarian                          2         2   3650 N.E. CR 0095                Corsicana          T exas     75109     903-872-1094
Jam eson      Charles       T RUE   Mr.        Jam eson     Charles       FALSE                                                                                      0         0   8340 W est 67th Avenue           Arvada             Colorado 80004
Joines        Delores       T RUE   Mrs.       Moses        Delores       FALSE                       W allpaper Hanger                                              2         0   3845 Bryan Drive                 Beaum ont          T exas     77707     409-832-3810
Jones         Frances       T RUE   Mrs.       Rachel       David         T RUE   David               Retired                     T eacher T ex Youth Com            2         1   378 S. Mem orial                 Riesel             T exas     76682     254-869-0244
Jones         Jean          T RUE   Mrs.       Murphy       Roy           T RUE   Roy L. Murphy       Self Em ployed              O wner of W elding Sup             2         2   P.O . Box 1678                   Corsicana          T exas     75151     903-874-7766
Jones         Joann         T RUE   Mrs.       Howard       Joann         T RUE   Jam es Howard       Mrg. Union Carbide                                             2         2   Route 1, Box 39K                 Purdon             T exas     76679
Knight        G eorge Ann   T RUE   Mrs.       Long         G eorge Ann FALSE                                                                                        0         0   1508 G lenoaks                   Arlington          T exas     76010
Koch          T heresa     FALSE    Mrs.       Robbins      T heresa      T RUE                       Accountant                  Contractor                         3         5   12318 Split Rail Parkway         Austin             T exas     78750     512-331-8727
Labban        Harvey       FALSE    Mr.        Labban       Harvey        T RUE
LaLone        Anita         T RUE   Mrs.       G arlington  W .R.         T RUE   Dub G arlington     Hom em aker                 Prs. Plains Dairy Prd              3         9   4202 Bluffview Dr.               G randbury         T exas           76048 806-672-3308
Lane          Claude       FALSE    Mr.        Lane         Claude        T RUE   Betty O stenson     Self em ployed                                                 5         8   P. O . Box 6540                  Bossier City       Louisiana     71171     318-872-2096
Lewis         W alter       T RUE   Mr.        Lewis        W alt         T RUE   Jean                Farm O peration             Retired                            4         3   564 County Rd. 4150              Clifton            T exas        76634-5018254-675-2105
Lewis         Charlotte     T RUE   Mrs.       T annehill   Paul          T RUE   Paul                                                                               2         0   817 Madison                      Corsicana          T exas        75110
Lewis         G ene         T RUE   Mr.        Lewis        G ene         T RUE   Sheryl                                                                             0         0   912 Cedar Crest Lane             Corsicana          T exas        75110
Livingston    Linda         T RUE   Ms.        Livingston   Linda         FALSE                                                                                      0         0   3211 Berry Hill Drive            T yler             T exas        75707
Long          Chester       T RUE   Mr.        Long         Chester       T RUE   Mary                Retired                     Retired                            2         1   12211 Spring Branch Drive        Balch Springs      T exas        75180     972-286-8892
Love          Jim m y       T RUE   Mr.        Love         Jim m y       FALSE                                                                                      0         0   Route 1 Box 106-C-3              Detroit            T exas        75436
Maggard       W ayne        T RUE   Mr.        Maggard      W ayne        T RUE   Pat                 Storm Ins. Adjuster         Retired                            3         0   P.O . Box 2662                   Cleburne           T exas        76033     817-202-8910
Marley        Johnny        T RUE                                         FALSE                                                                                      0         0
Martin        Nancy         T RUE   Mrs.       Haught       Nancy         FALSE                                                                                      0         0   P. O . 99                        De Soto            T exas        75115
Masters       Pat           T RUE   Mrs.       Bower        Pat           FALSE                       Liberty Mutual Ins.                                            3         7   3132 Em house Rd                 Corsicana          T exas        75110
May           Sonny        FALSE    Mr.        May          A.V. (Sonny) T RUE    Doris Jones         Financial Srvc. Insur       Hom em aker                        3        14   111 East 4th Ave                 Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-872-6961
McAdam s      G eorge       T RUE   Mr.        McAdam s     G eorge       T RUE   Jane                T eacher                    Dir. Plng Cedar Park               0         0   1111 Ledbetter Street            Roundrock          T exas        78681      512-255-1513
McCain        Lawdine      FALSE    Mrs.       Haynie       Ronny         T RUE   Ronny Haynie        Sales Rep.                  Janitorial Svc. O wner             2         2   505 North 38th                   Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-874-8869
McClanahan    Diane         T RUE   Mrs.       G arner      Joe           T RUE   Joe G arner         O wns Festive O ccasion     Insurance/Investm ents             2         2   3011 80th Street                 Lubbock            T exas        79423      806-793-6031
McCollum      Nikki         T RUE   Mrs.       T hom pson   Lynn          T RUE   Lynn T hom pson                                                                    0         0   603 Katherine Court              Duncanville        T exas        75137      972-298-5210
McDaniel      Donald       FALSE    Mr.        McDaniel     Donald        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   3202 Interurban Boulevard        Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-874-7877
McG hee       Klein         T RUE   Mr.        McG hee      Klein         T RUE   Darlene             Manager Rockwell                                               3         5   930 Interstate 30                G arland           T exas        75044      972-270-9967
McNeill       Ronny         T RUE   Mr.        McNeill      Ronny         T RUE   Phyllis             Ath Dir. Plano ISD                                             2         0   451 Ashwood Lane                 Fairview           T exas        75069      972-562-8278
Medlock       Donna         T RUE   Mrs.       Paul         T erry        T RUE   T erry              Nurse                                                          2         0   310 N.E. C R 0100                Corsicana          T exas        75110
Mendez        Flora         T RUE                                         FALSE                                                                                      0         0
Mendez        Laura         T RUE                                         FALSE                                                                                      0         0
Mesker        Ersie Lea     T RUE   Mrs.       Jewett       David         T RUE   David Jewett        Hospital Cook               Crane O perator                    3         1   335 East Bethesda Road           Burleson           T exas        76028      295-4717
Metcalf       T eddy        T RUE   Mrs.       Bowm an      G ene         T RUE   G ene Bowm an                                                                      2         0   700 S. Adel St. #414             Milpitas           Ca.              95035   408-493-6627
Milne         Fayrene       T RUE   Mrs.       Sorensen     Doug          T RUE   Doug Sorensen                                                                      0         1   121 Pinion Circle                Lafayette          Louisiana     70508      337-988-4056
Mitchell      G ay          T RUE   Mrs.       Cooper       Larry         T RUE   Larry                                           Investm ent Advisor                1         0   126 El Rancho W ay               San Antonio        T exas        78209      210-828-9479
Moore         Buford       FALSE    Mr. & Mrs. Moore        Buford        T RUE   Jan Edgar           Realtor                     Realtor                            2         4   2205 Highland Circle             Corsicana          T exas        75110      903-874-7255
Moore         David         T RUE   Mr.        Moore        David         FALSE                                                                                      0         0   5626 Sawm ill Road               Needville          T exas        77461
Nave          G lenda       T RUE   Mrs.       Karahal      G lenda       T RUE   G eorge             Retired                     CPA                                0         0   7282 Lanepark Drive              Dallas             T exas        75225      214-750-0345
Norwood       Linda         T RUE   Mrs.       W ade        W ilson       T RUE   W ilson W ade       Artist- Paints              W orks with Linda                  3         3   1313 Forrest Drive               Canton             T exas        75103      903-567-3088
O 'Neal       Jim m ie      T RUE   Mr.        O 'Neal      Jim m y       T RUE   Carole              Marine salvage/Const.       Bookkeeper                         2         3   8914 Indian River                Houston            T exas        77088      713-445-9057
O sborne      Billy         T RUE   Mr.        O sborne     Billy         FALSE
O wen         Ronnie        T RUE   Mr.        O wen        Ronny H.      T RUE   Cam ille            Retired                                                        2         4                                  San
                                                                                                                                                                                   Magcase St. (Beside the Cathedral) Pablo City       Phillipines    
Phillips      Derwood       T RUE   Mr.        Phillips     Derwood       T RUE   Barbara             Insurance Agency Bus.       Business Analysist                 2         2   2719 Clublake T rl.            McKinney             T exas        75070      972-690-3242
Phillips      David         T RUE   Mr.        Phillips     David         T RUE   Danise              W riter                     CPA                                2         0   8445 Boca Ciega Drive          St. Pete Beach       Florida       33706      772-360-7057
Pim entel     David         T RUE   Mr.        Pim entel    David         T RUE   Becky               Sys. Proj. Mgr.             Registered Nurse                   2         0   1435 South Meadows Drive       Austin               T exas        78758      512-837-4254
Pipes         T om m y      T RUE   Mr.        Pipes        T om          T RUE   Kathy               Harris Co Health Dept                                          2         0   2405 Juliet                    Pasadena             T exas        77502
Platt         Irene         T RUE   Mrs.       Love         Irene         FALSE                                                                                      1         0   210 State Street               New O rleans         Louisiana     70118
Post          Lynn          T RUE   Mr.        Post         Lynn          T RUE   Lola                Soil Conservation           Retired                            1         2   3416 FM 3240                   Bandera              T exas        78003      830-796-4443
Prince        Robert       FALSE    Mr.        Prince       Robert        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   4123 South Park Drive Apt. 116 T yler               T exas        75703
Pritchett     Billy        FALSE    Mr.        Pritchett    Billy         FALSE
Ralston       Sandra        T RUE   Mrs.       Dowd         Sandra        FALSE                       Chair Art Pgm s N C                                            1         0 8303 Cochrane Cove                 Austin             T exas        78757      512-423-4438
Ram irez      Ben          FALSE    Mr.        Ram irez     Ben           FALSE
Raney         Frankie       T RUE   Mrs.       W hisenant   Frankie       T RUE   Michael L.          Housewife                   Burlington N. RR                   4        11   102 North 28th Street            Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-872-4584
Ray           Mike          T RUE   Mr.        Ray          Mike          FALSE                       Episcopal Priest                                               3         0   49 G oodrich                     Ham den                       0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Connecticut 6517-3202
Redden        Jerry         T RUE   Mr.        Redden       Jerry         T RUE   Holly               Adm isistrator DO C                                            2         0   512 Brookhollow Dr.              Palestine          T exas     75801     903-729-4518
Reed          J. C.         T RUE   Mr.        Reed         J.C.          FALSE                                                                                      0         0   P. O . Box 3032                  Corsicana          T exas     75110
Richards      Virginia      T RUE   Mrs.       Harper       Johnny        T RUE   Johnny Harper       Retired                     Retired                            2         5   1712 W est 13th                  Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-874-5731
Richards      Ervin         T RUE   Mr.        Richards     Ervin         T RUE   G ail               Ham on Power T ech/Sale     Prodctn shipping Mgr.              4         4   1220 Belm ont Circle             Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-872-9452
Richards      Jewell        T RUE   Mrs.       Dubose       Lynn          T RUE   Lynn Dubose         Bookkeeper                  Business Mach. Sales               2         5   1732 T ower Drive                Ardm ore           O klahom a 73401     405-223-5924
Ridener       Faye          T RUE   Ms.        Ridener      Faye          FALSE                                                                                      0         0   421 N. E. 36th                   G rand Prairie     T exas     76050     972-264-4024
Riley         Pat           T RUE   Ms.        Riley        Pat           FALSE                       Adm inistrative Asst.                                          0         0   4333 Rosser Square               Dallas             T exas     75244     972-247-5124
Robinson      Hugh Sloan   FALSE    Mr.        Robinson     Hugh S.       T RUE   Kathy               Electrician                                                    4         1   2016 FM 1603                     Rice               T exas     75155     903-326-7133
Robinson      Jam es        T RUE   Mr. & Mrs. Robinson     Jam es        T RUE   Mary Crockett       A&M area Entom ilogist      Housewife                          3         0   2607 Spruce                      Kilgore            T exas     75662     903-984-0085
Rodriquez     Juan          T RUE   Mr.        Rodriquez    Juan          FALSE                                                                                                    16907 T ortoise Street           Round Rock         T exas     78664
Ross          Ruth Ann      T RUE   Mrs.       W atson      Ruth Ann      T RUE   Bronnie             Dom estic Engineer          Rt. Business Mgr.                  2         0   505 North 37th Street            Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-874-8830
Ruiz          Antonio       T RUE   Mr.        Ruiz         T ony         FALSE                       Production                                                     4         6   3652 N.E. CR 0095                Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-874-0781
Rushin        Mary Lee      T RUE   Mrs.       Chenault     Mary Lee      FALSE                                                                                      0         0   2733 Branch O aks                G arland           T exas     75043     972-226-9557
Russell       Bill          T RUE   Mr.        Russell      W illiam C.   T RUE   Josephine           Retired                     Retired                            3         5   236 O ld Richm ond Road          E. Swanzey                    03446
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       New Ham pshire
Scott         Betty         T RUE   Mrs.       Mewborne     Donnie        T RUE   Donnie              Sec. Republic Fin.                                             3         0   1032 W est 6th Avenue            Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-872-1962
Shelton       Hugh         FALSE    Mr.        Shelton      Hugh          FALSE                                                                                      2         0   5512 Marshfield Court            Arlington          T exas     76016
Sherrard      Roland       FALSE    Mr.        Sherrard     Roland        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   1026 South 28th                  Corsicana          T exas     75110
Sim m ons     G rady        T RUE   Mr.        Sim m ons    G rady        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   812 W illiam s                   W axahachie        T exas     75165
Skinner       Stephen       T RUE   Mr.        Skinner      Stephen       T RUE   Mavis Lane          Electrician                 Hom em aker                        2         1   5210 SW CR 1090                  Corsicana          T exas     75110     903-874-6222
Slone         Ronnie        T RUE   Mr.        Slone        Ron           T RUE   Jane                Colleger Professor          College Professor                  3         2   115 Parker Ridge Road            Palm er            T exas     75152     972-878-0786
Sm ith        Sandra        T RUE   Mrs.       Hayley       Sandra        T RUE   Holiday             Retired                     R.R. Engr. Rancher                 3         6   13500 C.R. 1113                  T yler             T exas     75709     903-581-4624
Sm ith        Shelby        T RUE   Mr.        Sm ith       Shelby        FALSE                                                                                      0         0   2218 Hawthorne Street            Savannah           G eorgia   31404
Sorensen      Doug         FALSE    Mr.        Sorensen     Doug          T RUE   Fayrene Milne       Division Sales Mgr.                                            2         0   121 Pinion Circle                Lafayette          Louisiana 70508
Spencer       Joan          T RUE   Mrs.       Baker        Joan          FALSE                                                                                      0         0   14350 W est 5th                  G olden            Colorado 80401
Spurlock      Buddy        FALSE    Mr.        Spurlock     Buddy         FALSE
Starks        Sharon        T RUE   Mrs.       Schweps      Sharon        T RUE   Karl Schweps        Journalist-copywriter       Surveyor                           2         0   38 Q ueens Square                G lasgow           Scotland      G 41-2AZ   44-141-1423-0050
Starnes       Jim m y      FALSE    Mr.        Starnes      Jim m y       FALSE                                                                                      0         0
Steely        Mike          T RUE   Mr.        Steely       Mike          T RUE   Judith              Healthcare Mgt. Cnclt       Healthcare Mgt. Cnclt              2         0   P.O . Box 5674                   Abu Dhabi                      Em 9DP
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       United ArabFY2 irates 01-19712-681-0574
Stubbs        Billy G ene   T RUE   Mr.        Stubbs       Billy G ene   FALSE                                                                                      0         0   3007 W est 2nd                   Corsicana          T exas     75110
Sum m erall   Betty Ann     T RUE   Mrs.       Young        Hartley       T RUE   Hartley Young       T eacher                  Rancher                              2         4   1613 Princeton Drive             Corsicana          T exas     75110      903-872-4459
Sum m erall   Jeanie        T RUE   Mrs.       Hodge        Richard       T RUE   Richard Hodge       Retired                   Retired                              2         1   P.O . Box 698                    Corsicana          T exas     75151-0698909-833-0459
T anner       O vie Jean    T RUE   Mrs.       Q uinn       Robert        T RUE   Robert L.           Sales Merchndsr Hershey Choc                                   2         3   2202 Four O aks Lane             Austin             T exas     78704      512-441-0049
T eetz        Judy          T RUE   Mrs.       Blessing     Herm an       T RUE   Herm an             Entex                     W arehouse Mgr.                      3         2   436 Huckleberry                  Lake Jackson       T exas     77566      409-297-1496
T hom pson    Lynn         FALSE    Mr. & Mrs. T hom pson   Lynn          T RUE   Nikki McCollum                                                                     0         0   603 Katherine Court              Duncanville        T exas     75137      972-298-5210
T hurston     Joan          T RUE   Mrs.       Crouch       Joan          T RUE   Johnny Crouch       Property Manager            Financial Mgt.                     2         2   3733 Ridgewood                   G rand Prairie     T exas     75052      972-264-5976
T ravis       Nancy         T RUE   Mrs.       Helvey       Nancy         FALSE                       Middle Sch. Counselor                                          2         0   8003 W est 99th Street           O verland Park     Kansas     66212      913-649-0304
W agnon       Maude         T RUE   Mrs.       Rushing      Bill          T RUE                                                                                      0         0   9931 NW CR 1390                  Bloom ing G rove   T exas     76626      903-695-2970
W alker       David         T RUE   Mr.        W alker      David         T RUE   Jeanne              Sales-Hom e Im provem ent Product Adm inistration
                                                                                                                                   School                            2         0   750 Mill Creek Road              Lancaster          T exas     75146      972-227-7842
W atkins      Jane          T RUE   Mrs.       Cohen        Bob           T RUE   Bob W atkins        Nutrition Specialist         Com puter Specialist              0         0   3655 McCollough Road             College Station    T exas     77845      409-690-3500
W atson       Diane         T RUE   Mrs.       Allison      Freddy        T RUE   Freddy Allison      Hom em aker                  O il and G as/Pilot               2         1   14 Hialeah                       Midland            T exas     79701      915-684-6458


W atson     Dianne        FALSE   Mrs.         Butler      Diane     FALSE                       PBX operator Hosp.                               1   0 1500 Beverly Circle, Apt. 211   Corsicana   T exas   75110
W atts      Lloyd         FALSE   Mr.          W atts      Lloyd     FALSE
W eaver     G loria       FALSE   Mrs.         Estes       G loria   FALSE                                                                        0   0   2545 Sycam ore                Corsicana   T exas   75110
W est       Dianne        T RUE   Mrs.         Short       Bill      T RUE   Bill Short          designer                Attorney                 3   3   10710 Royal Park Drive        Dallas      T exas   75230     469-232-0366
W est       Joanne        T RUE   Ms.          W est       Joanne    FALSE                       Designer/Manufacturer                            1   0   4133 Herschel Avenue          Dallas      T exas   75219-3014214-522-9378
W hitener   Sandra        T RUE   Mrs.         Sikes       Sandra    T RUE   Ernest Sikes        Liberty Mutual Ins.                              2   2   108 Martin Road               Corsicana   T exas   75110     903-872-2679
W idener    Mickey Lynn   T RUE   Mrs.         Crum        Joe       T RUE                       Loan Secretary                                   2   0   1446 W est 4th Street         Corsicana   T exas   75110
W ilson     Jim           T RUE   Mr.          W ilson     Jim       FALSE                                                                        0   0   Route 1                       Chatfield   T exas   75105
W isem an   Paul          T RUE   Mr.          W isem an   Paul      T RUE   Sandra             Utility Co. Mgr.         Exec. Assistant          2   3   RR 1, Box 372-A               G raham     T exas   76450     940-549-8178
Young       Hartley       T RUE   Mr. & Mrs.   Young       Hartley   T RUE   Betty Ann Sum m erall
                                                                                                Rancher                  T eacher                 2   4   1613 Princeton Drive          Corsicana   T exas   75110     903-872-4459


                NOTES                                                                                                   Cau s e o f Deat h   Dat e o f Deat h   Em ail
                Children - Kristy Rachelle MantzAsa W aterm an III                                                                                              ah2om
                O wner of G raves O il & T ire. All children are girls
                Children: Lisa Evans Reagan Hobbies: Needlework, gardening, walking,antiques
                Children: W inona Jean Depew 39, Michael Capehart 37. G randshildren Brandon 15 , W esley 3, Jessica 9, Cassandra 7                   
                Children John 33, Julie 30Hobbies: Hiking, Biking, Skiing,Reading, Making Beer(G ood Beer!)                                           
                Children 33 & 16 G randchildren 7 & 4
                Daughter Karey Allison Hopkins 33 Allison Hopkins 3 1/2 yrsSon Phillip 28 Dentist                                                               chinaclipper@hotm

                Children: T om Fluker 37 Lori Bruce 31G randchild: Brent Fluker 4, David Fluker 18 Mo.                                                

                4 G randchildren. Also W elding Shop & Mechanic Shop.                                                                                 
                Children Cheri Michelle 33, Susan T anell 32, Jon Paul 31, Rebecca G ayle 29Hobbies Sports, shooting(pistol, shotgun etc              

                Hobbies: T ravel, Ranching                                                                                                            

                children Jon, W es Divorced Jon is line bkr Captain of team
                                                                                                                        Liver Failure    1/84
                                                                                                                        Cancer - Dawson T x                     Decased

                Children: Shannon 37, Cyndi 27. G randchildren: Meagan 13, Joshua 11, Ashley 10, Kristen 6. W idowed

                Children John 33, Julie 30Hobbies: Hiking, Biking, Skiing,Reading, gardening                                                          
                Children: Elizabeth 27 Hobbies: Hunting. Divorced.
                Children: Mike W ilson. G randchild: Stephanie W ilson 15, Michael W ilson 7                                                          
                Chldrn 32, 30. G rand 6-12. Mason past m aster Arlington Lodge                                                            1/23/03
                                                                                                                        Diabetes com plications
                W arren Brown 38, Scott Brown 30, Mary Brown 17

                G rnd Jake 6,Brock 2 Chldrn Kelli 34,Michelle28,Kyle 23 M35yr

                Children: Archie Jr. 37, T am m y Burke 36, Nancy G ulick 33
                O rdained Methodist Mnstr Children Kristan Ka, Bryn Kathryn G randChild Lauren Ashley
                Daughter Holly Cochran
                 two children and four grandchildren                                                                                                            pam
                Died of Cancer 7/25/87                                                                                  Cancer               7/25/87
                3 G randchildren                                                                                                             12/14/93
                Children Diane 30, Chris 25
                Black Belt instructor Children 2 G irls 31/34
                Children Ages 34, 31, 27
                Children: Renee Anders, Rachel Riley Hobbies: Antiques                                                                                

                Hobbies: G ardening                                                                                                                   
                Eddie Coslett passed away 21 March 2003                                                                                      3/21/03

                Young people, Church, Sewing, G ardening


                Kyle 22 law student - SMU, Bryan 24 Pharm acy School - U.T . Hobbies: O utdoor sports                                                           m

                Chldren: Steve Bibb, Scott Bibb. Hobby writing poetry, needle work, reading.

                Children Sally 34, Janna 29 Hobbies: Painting, Sewing                                                                                           2bm
                Children Robert 31 Laura Hanley 27 Hobbies: G eneology, reading, traveling                                                            
                Stepdaughter T eri Schwerin 34, Stepgrandson Cody Schwerin 12                                                                         

                Childrn Aim ee Kasprzyk Jon G rand Sarah Kasprzyk 7, Anna Kasprzyk 1                                                                            donnaingham

                Elaine passed away on 19 February 2004 of cancer.                                                        Cancer              2/19/04
                W idowed Moving to Corsicana 6/15/96
                Building restoration in T elluride Co. Hobbies: Skiing, G olf, Hiking, Ranching, T ravel                                              
                Children ages 31, 27, 26 G randchild 10 Yrs.
                Children Susan T aggart, T odd G arlington, G len G arlington. Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Collets key chains                          
                Children Philip Ray 33, Daniel Ray 31, Claire Catherine Ray 29                                                                                  frangelineau@gm

                Children 21, 28. Recently licensed as Prof. Counselor
                Children: Beth Mendez 31, T am m ie Varela 29                                                                                         
                Children ages 27, 30

                Children Byron 25 Kevin 20
                Am y Hollyfield Phillip                                                                                                                         m
                Son 30 Daughter 28 G randchild 2 wk, 19 Mo 6 yr 3 yr
                Loves Corvettes                                                                                                                                 terry.hagle@osd.m il

                Children Michael W histler 37, Metha W histler T odd 31. Hobbies Crochet, Moview, plants, Bible Study, Antiques, Music                          kaydelasantos@hotm

                Children: Rodney 32. Hobbies: Am ateur Radio, Com puters, Motorcycle riding                                                           
                Raises and fights gam e cocks

                Children: Zeb Hervey 24, Aaron Hervey 20: Hobbies Cars

                Husband deceased. Children David Johnson, Sherri Johnson O hm satte, T ina Johnson McElroy                                                      lm anderson@m ym
                Diana 29, Mike 28, Layne 25                                                                                                           


                Dam ara Ann Hutson W atkins 39 , Larry Lynn 38, Kedra Hodges39 Brett Shirley 39, G olf T ravel                                        
                Children: Aim ee Kasprzyk, Jon. G randchild Sarah Kasprzyk 7, Anna Kasprzyk 1Hobbies: Antiques, Silver Sm ithing, reading                       jonathan.ingham

                Children 35 & 29 G randchildern 14&9
                Business 611 E 7th Corsicana. 2 grandchildren.

                Children ages 33, 38, 40 G rand 5,2,18, 15, 15 years
                                                                                                                         Heart Attack - California
                Children: Susan T aggart, T odd G arlington, G len G arlington. Hobbies T ea Pot and Nativity Scene collections                       
                                                                                                                          passed away W hitehous
                Children: Cheri Lane 38, Claude Lane Jr. 36, Rhonda W ilson 35, Chris Lane 32, Matt Lane 10. Claude Heart Failure -10/08/01  10/08/01
                Children: Laura T aylor 37, Judy Ralph 34, Elizaeth Powers 29, Ben Lewis 24                                                                     waltlewisbosqueboergoats@gm

                Children: Jeffrey 38, Am y 31: Hobbies Fishing, G ardening, Painting, T ravel                                                         
                P.O . box 257
                Has son. FAX 817-648-0456. Cell 817-296-6900                                                                                                    waym

                Children: Vernon May 40, Bubba May 38, Sherry Current 35                                                                                        am ay@airm
                                                                                                                                                                georgem cadam
                Children 2 Boys 30, 33. G randchildren 2 G irls 4, 6
                Lisa G arner 38, Shannon T um linson 34. G randchildren: Jennifer 16, Heather 11                                                                digarner61@hotm

                Children Chad 28 Misti 24                                                                                                                       rm

                Married 40 Years
                Daughter Sarah Son John                                                                                                                         G bowm an@com
                Doug is deceased                                                                                                                      
                Child: Kevin Mitchell Cooper 25                                                                                                       
                Buford died 27 March,2005                                                                                                    3/27/2005          2bm

                Hobbies: Reading, Snorkling, G ardening, T ravel                                                                                      
                Children Allyson 35,Justin 31,Chance 30: Cell Phone 214-236-3979                                                                      
                Children (G irls) 28, 31 G randchldrn 3,7 (Boys) 1 1/2 yr girl                                                                                                                                               rhowen82@hotm
               Children Robin 37, Adena 30 Hobbies: G olf, T raveling, Antiques                                                                       
               Children: Brittany 10, Rachel 8. Hobbies: Fishing                                                                                      
               Children: Jason 26, Kevin 24. Hobbies: Photography, Hiking                                                                                       dpim

                Son Jim Bob 22 Yrs.
                Children: Scott 30. Hobbies: Photography, Hunting, Lapidary, Fishing, Cam ping                                                        
                                                                                                                        Liver Cancer      5/2/94
                                                                                                                        Motorcycle accident
                Children: Courtney. Likes Com puter art, Internet, T ravel                                                                            
                                                                                                                        Viet Nam tour of duty
                children Sheila Ybarra 38,Darrell Buckner 34, Corey W hisenant 30, Michelle W hisenant 28                                                       whizm

                W orks for Departm ent of Corrections. (DO C)

                Chldrn ages 33,31,24,20 G rand. 14,7,5,3. Boy Scouts/Explorer
                Reading, Swim m ing, T ravel
                Alternate Phone 214-264-4042

                chldrn 34,26,16,11 G randchld 6 - Hugh died in Novem ber 2003                                                                                   acatfish@airm
                Farm ing, Photography

                Chldrn Mark 32, Matt 25. Restoring 51 Ford, Make stain glass

                Country W estern Music, O utdoor activities                                                                                                     wjruss@m

                                                                                                                        Died in Dallas       6/23/03
                                                                                                                                                                Died June 29, 2010

                Children Mark 27, Josh 25, G randchild T y 6 Mos                                                                                                 noshortz2002@hotm
                Children Scott 34, Lori 31, Bethany 11. Hobies: Antique Cars, Stained G lass Art                                                      
                Children T am m y Blair 38, Charley Blackm on 37, Kelly Hayley 31: Hobbies: Sewing, Needlecraft, Reading, Cooking                     

                G olf                                                                                                                        10/98              Died O ctober 1998

                                                                                                                     Murdered Unsolved Dallas
                 Sons Matthew W ithey 32, Aaron W ithey 28: Hobbies T ravel, Urban farm ing, Cooking, Com m unity work                                
                                                                                                                                                                Died in Chicago, Ill and bared there
                Children: Sarah 19Manchester U. Medical School, Jessica 16 Cam bridge High School Adu Dhabi:Msg's to Mike are not secure                        steelys@em

                Children: Julie 31, Cheryl 30                                                                                                         
                Children: Chris 34, Dr. Lee Hodge 33.Hobbies: T raveling in Airstream trailer
                Children: Regina Newton 32, T eresa Davis 29                                                                                          
                Children 34, 32, 22 Yrs. G randchildren 4, 2 Yrs.

                Children: Julie Crouch (Deceased 1966-1984), Jeff Crouch 38                                                                           
                Children: Steve 29, Chris 27. Hobbies: Reading                                                                                        
                Sons Bert and Brian                                                                                                                   
                Jane has a Ph.D and works for A&M Health Center
                Chldren Karey Hopkins 33 Child Allison Hopkins 3 1/2 Phillip 28 Dentist in Dallas                                                     


                                                           Electrocuted on job7/77
                                                           Diabetes com plications
Dchildren: W est Short 31, W ill Short 22, Kate Short 20                                dshum
Son Matthew died 7/94, aged 25                                                

Children: W endy, Sherri; Hobbies: Lots of them !                             
Children: Julie 31, Cheryl 30


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