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									Cal State Fullerton-

                       DATE         EVENT

                              Test Scores (ACT,
1/23/2012                     SAT or TOEFL)
                              received by CSUF

                              Application Fee (if
2/17/2012                     submitted by check
                              or money order)

                              7th Semester High
                              School Transcript

                              Admission and
                              admitted after April
5/1/2012                      15th have two
                              weeks from the
                              date of admission,
                              printed on the
                              admit letter, to
                              accept their
                              admission offer.)

                              ELM/EPT last date
                              to take the test(s)

                              New Student
5/17/2012 5:00:00 PM          Orientation (NSO)

                              Deadline to
                              complete Early
                              Start Program
                              Smart Page
                                                                                                   ELM/EPT scores
                                                                                                   received by CSUF

                                                                                                   Final Official High
                                                                                                   School Transcript

                                                                                                   Deadline to
                                                                                                   complete Early
                                                                                                   Start Program

Cal State Humboldt
Fall 2012: HSU is still accepting applications from all transfer and non-resident applicants.
Deadline February 15th. Apply here.
HSU is closed for in-state freshmen applicants as well as 2nd bachelor's and unclassified
post-baccalaureate applicants.
Graduate, Credential, and International applicants have separate and/or additional
requirements. Check with specific departments for deadlines. Apply here.
For information regarding impaction for Fall 2012, please click here. Contact the Office of
Admissions for more information: 866.850.9556 or
If you have applied or are thinking about applying to HSU, please join us for Spring Preview
in April 2012.

Cal State Sacramento
Your admission is provisional and based on the information you
provided on your application. It is contingent on you completing all
current classes with a grade of C or higher. We will verify your
information when you submit your final and official transcripts by
June 30th.

NEW FOR FALL 2012! The CSU wants to help first-time freshmen who test below college
level on the EPT or ELM (and who are not otherwise exempt) by providing them with an
‘Early Start’ on their preparation for fall classes. New freshman in this situation will need to
complete their Early Start coursework during summer 2012.
  Registration Deadline                                Test Date

  January 6, 2012             January 21, 2012*

  January 27, 2012            February 11, 2012

  February 10, 2012           February 25, 2012*

  March 2, 2012               March 17, 2012

  March 30, 2012              April 14, 2012*

  April 20, 2012              May 5, 2012 (Last test available for Fall 2012 admission)

* Tests on these dates are offered on Sacramento State campus only.

Cal State East Bay

Undergraduate Students Application and
Document Deadlines
Office of Admission:         (510) 885-2784

 View Requirements    Winter 2012     Spring 2012            Fall 2012     Summer 2012
 Application Filing not accepting   not accepting          10/1/2011 -    not accepting
       Period       applications    applications           4/1/2012       applications
  Partial Document
                    not applicable  not applicable         3/1/2012       not applicable
   Final Document
                           not applicable   not applicable   7/15/2012      not applicable
  Intent to Register
                           not applicable   not applicable   5/1/2012       not applicable
   (SIR) Deadline

Cal State L.A.

Undergraduate Applicants

      CSU Mentor Undergraduate Admission Application
          o Domestic Applicants – November 30, 2011
          o International (F/J Visa) Applicants – April 2, 2012
      For freshman applicants: Last qualifying SAT/ACT Testing – December 2011
      Application Fee Payment ($55 non-refundable)
          o Domesitc Applicants – December 15, 2011
          o    International (F/J Visa) Applicants – April 16, 2012
      Updating Application Information for Admissions eligibility – March 1, 2012

        °     Additional coursework for admissions
        °     Revised Grade Point Average (GPA)
        °     December 2011 SAT/ACT test scores
        °     Missing requested documents
              For information about updating your application, visit

      For F/J Visa applicants: Financial Affidavit and partial transcripts/credentials – April
       16, 2012
      For applicants with international coursework and F/J Visa: English Proficiency test
       scores – April 16, 2012
      Enrollment Confirmation Deposit ($100 non-refundable) – May 1, 2012
           o For F/J Visa applicants – June 1, 2012
      For freshman applicants: English Placement Test (EPT)/ Entry Level Mathematics
       (ELM) test date – May 5, 2012 (sign up by 4/20/12)
           o For F/J Visa applicants – Upon arrival in the US
      New Student Orientation Reservation – July 5, 2012

        °     Additional information will be sent in June 2012
        °     Mandatory for First Time Freshman students
        °     Strongly recommended for Transfer students
      For F/J Visa applicants: Mandatory International Student Orientation – September
          o For more information, please visit International Programs and Services at
      Official Final Transcript and/or Test Scores (SAT, ACT, AP, IB, etc.) – July 13, 2012
          o Coursework through Spring 2012 will be used to determine Fall 2012
               admissions eligibility.

Cal State San Jose
Admission Packet--Fall 2012 frosh

This information will be posted in early March 2012.

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Cal State Fresno

ALL students must submit a final, official High School Transcript to the Admissions Office
in June. Make sure you fill out the neccesary paperwork at your High School before

Attend Dog Days New Student Orientation and register for your classes.

See you at Welcome Week!

Cal State Bakersfield
                                  If you are admitted for

   Final official transcript(s) and/or other supporting documents must be received by
Winter Quarter

                                               January 15

Spring Quarter

                                               March 15

Summer Quarter

                                                June 15

Fall Quarter

                            August 15 (July 30th for transcripts)

Cal State Monterey Bay
Submit your final official transcripts to Office of Admissions. For the fall 2012 semester, all official
transcripts must be on file by July 8, 2012.

Cal State San Diego

Fall 2012 Freshman Admissions Calendar


      Submit the Financial Aid application as soon as possible.
      Accept your offer of admission by submitting your online Intent to Enroll $400 deposit as
        soon as possible.
      February 1—University Honors Program application due.
      February 10—SDSU 2012–13 scholarship applications due.
      February 11—ELM and EPT tests offered (register online or in-person by February 3).


      The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) begins mailing acceptance letters and First
        Contact program information.
      Testing information e-mail sent to admitted students.
      New Student Orientation information is available online.
      Housing License Agreement available.
        License agreement and $800 initial payment due by May 1 for a priority space in on-
          campus housing.
        March 2—Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) due.
        March 2—Deadline to submit GPA Verification Form for a Cal Grant.
        March 16—Pre-Explore Reception for Out-of-State Admits.
        March 17—Explore SDSU Open House.
        March 17—ELM and EPT tests offered (register online or in-person by March 9).


        Order official transcripts for your Intent to Enroll.
        Check AidLink and submit requested documents to the Office of Financial Aid and
          Scholarships by April 1 for priority evaluation.
        April 14—ELM and EPT tests offered (register online or in-person by April 6).


        Check AidLink to make sure you have submitted all requested financial aid documents.
        May 1—Deadline to accept your offer of admission by submitting your online Intent to
          Enroll $400 deposit, official transcripts (including fall grades), and official test scores.
        May 1—Deadline to submit your Housing License Agreement and $800 initial payment
          for a priority space in on-campus housing.
        May 5—Last chance for California residents to take the ELM and EPT tests (register
          online or in-person by April 20). If you do not take these tests, you will not be able to
          register for fall courses.
        May 11—Some SDSU 2012–13 scholarship applications due.
        May 14—Begin making reservations online for New Student Orientation.


        Class registration information sent to new students.
        Pay your basic tuition and fees as soon as possible.
        Sign up online for Direct Deposit to receive the balance of your financial aid and
          scholarship awards after the funds pay university charges.
        Request that your final high school and/or college transcripts (including spring grades)
          and official test scores be sent to the SDSU Office of Admissions by July 16. Request
          personal copies for yourself to keep in an advising file.
        EOP First Contact programs begin.


        Pay your basic tuition and fees and clear any holds listed on your SDSU WebPortal at
          least two weeks prior to attending New Student Orientation.
        Activate your student loan(s) and request your Parent PLUS loan to receive funds when
          school begins.
        New Student Orientation is this month or next month.
        July 16—All final official high school and/or college transcripts must be received by the
          SDSU Office of Admissions.


        New Student Orientation is this month if you did not attend in July.
        Make sure you have satisfied the Immunization Requirements.
        August 23—Disbursement of fall financial aid and scholarship funds begins for enrolled
          and qualified applicants. Check Student Account Services and your designated bank
          account for transactions.
        August 24—Residence halls open.
        August 24—Welcome Week begins.
        August 25—New Student and Family Convocation.
        August 27—Classes begin.


        Welcome Week—First week of classes.
        Aztec Nights—Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Cal State Chico
Already Applied?
First-time Freshmen

     1. Activate your Chico State portal account by following the steps under “activate your account”. You will need your
        student ID number and your birth date to begin this process. You should receive your ID # from the application
        acknowledgement e-mail sent to you from the Office of Admissions shortly after you applied. Once you activate
        your portal account, you should frequently view the Student Center to check your to-do list, track your admission
        status, and access important dates and deadlines.
     2. Send your SAT Reasoning or ACT test scores by January 31, 2012. We do not accept scores from tests taken after
        December for admission eligibility purposes. Note that we will accept a copy of your score report from College
        Board, ACT or your high school transcripts as official. You are welcome to fax, email or mail a copy of your results
        to our office to be added to your file. Please include your full name and student ID number when faxing to our
        office. The fax number is 530-898-6456.
     3. Notify us of any changes to your application including class schedule changes, addresses, e-mail or phone
        numbers, failing grades (D or F) in academic courses and changes to your major. Email us at
        or call 800-542-4426 or 530-898-6321.
     4. Sign up to take the EPT and/or ELM, preferably by March. All incoming freshmen (including out-of-state) are
        required to take these placement tests unless you are exempt. We recommend that you test early so that you
        can determine if you need to participate in the Early Start Program.
     5. Send any EAP, AP, IB, or SAT Subject results to meet EPT/ELM exemptions or subject requirements. More
        information about the EAP program and how scores may exempt or prepare you for college-level courses can be
        found on the EPT/ELM page.
     6. Check your e-mail regularly for additional information or requests. E-mail is the primary form of communication
        for the Office of Admissions.
     7. Please do not send high school transcripts unless requested specifically by our office or using for test scores.

Been Denied? You have the right to appeal the decision made by CSU, Chico. Consideration for appeals is based on new and compelling information, extenuating
circumstances and your overall academic record. You have 15 business days from the date you receive your deny letter in the mail to submit a hard copy letter of
appeal. You are entitled to one appeal per academic term. We will communicate with an official letter once your appeal letter has been received. Decisions will be
made by July 15 for the fall semester or the beginning of January for the spring semester. Please do not contact our office during this time as it may take months
before we review any appeals or make any decisions. You will be notified once a final decision has been made regardless of the outcome. All appeal letters and
additional documentation, including your transcripts if applicable, should be addressed to:

CSU, Chico
Office of Admissions
Appeal Committee
Chico, CA 95929-0722

Sonoma State

 General Information   The Application Process

Admission to Sonoma State University is competitive since we receive more applications than we can accommodate. Under special
provisions approved by the California State University, Sonoma State University utilizes a combination of the undergraduate admissions
requirements outlined in the Basic California State University Admissions Requirements.

Supplementary admissions criteria for first-time freshmen include, but are not limited to, high school grade point averages, test scores
(SAT I or ACT), and high school course preparation.

In order to be considered for admission, you must file a complete undergraduate application, which can be found in the undergraduate
admission booklet. The $55 nonrefundable application fee should be in the form of a check or money order payable to The California
State University and may not be transferred or used to apply to another term. You should indicate an alternative major.

Sonoma State University is a selective admissions campus. Therefore it is important to apply during the designated applications periods.
Wherever possible, we admit students on a rolling basis upon completion of an admissions file. So early application and prompt response
to requests for application support documents will speed your admissions notification.

Determination and Notification of Admission: After applications for admission have been received in the Office of Admissions and
Records, they are processed and matched with required transcripts and test scores. Evaluation of the records is made to determine
whether applicants meet the admissions requirements. Applicants who have submitted all of the required admission materials will receive
notification of their acceptance or denial from the Office of Admissions and Records for the fall semester beginning on or about
September 15th and for the spring semester on or about December 15th.

Cal State Stanislaus

Admission Deadlines for Freshmen
                                                   Fall 2012                    Spring 2012

SAT or ACT testing                     Completed by: December 2011                CLOSED

Admission File Completion*                       March 2, 2012                    CLOSED

EOP Application & Documents                    January 27, 2012                   CLOSED

Housing Application                    Application available: February            CLOSED
                                                  15, 2012
EPT/ELM                                       May 2012                     CLOSED

New Student Orientation                  Registration begins:             CLOSED
                                            March 2012

Accept Admission &                           May 1, 2012                  CLOSED
Enrollment Deposit
Last day to determine Early
Start                                        June 1, 2012                  CLOSED

Final Official Transcripts                   July 15, 2012                 CLOSED

*Freshmen should not submit transcripts along with their application; we will ask for
them if required.

                                     Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Applicant Process
For applicants to Cal Poly, here's the process when you submit your application online* and receive a confirmation number:

    1. Immediately, after submitting an online application, you are emailed by Cal Poly, acknowledging receipt of your
       application. MAKE NOTE of your confirmation number.
    2. Later in the application period after your application has been uploaded to Cal Poly's database, you will receive an
       email from the Cal Poly email address with the subject header below:

        > From: Cal Poly Admissions Office
        > Subj Header: "Your next steps after applying to Cal Poly"
        > Dear: (your first and last name)

       Receiving this specific email, means Cal Poly has assigned you a user account to access My Cal Poly and you must
       now retrieve your username and set your password using these instructions.
    3. After gaining access to "MyCalPoly," it is important for you to access this information:
           o Application status (view only)
           o Check for a "to do" list as some applicants have additional requirements to complete their application to
               Cal Poly
           o Maintain personal information including addresses (email, mailing, billing, home) and phone numbers
               (home, cell)
Cal State Northridge
E-mail is an official means of communication at California State University, Northridge. It is your responsibility to
monitor your CSUN student Gmail account or miss important information about enrollment status, registration, tuition
and other fees, financial aid and more. To forward your CSUN Gmail to another e-mail account, log into Gmail and
select Settings. Learn more at E-mail and Calendaring.

Campus Web Portal

CSUN receives thousands of applications during the filing period. Over the next few months, special attention will be
given to reviewing each application. Initial admissions decisions will be based on the information you reported on your
application. Notices of admission will be sent as your information is reviewed. In the meantime, you can take several
steps to ensure a smooth admissions experience.

Establish your CSUN account

      Using the "Activate Your CSUN User ID and Password Today" letter, set up your CSUN account.
      Check your CSUN Gmail regularly for important University notices.

Checklist of Items to Send

Make sure your CSUN application file is complete.

The items that CSUN needs from you include:

       Official High School Transcripts
     1. One preliminary transcript showing completion of the first semester of your senior year
     2. One final transcript showing completion of the final semester of senior year and verifying graduation
      SAT or ACT Test Scores. To be considered for Fall 2012 admission, all first-time freshmen are
     required to submit SAT or ACT scores by January 13, 2012.
      English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Math Test (ELM) Scores.
     For test registration deadlines, administration dates, locations and exemption information, go to the CSUN
     Testing Center. Online registration is available.

     Note: To enroll in the Fall 2012 semester, you must take EPT and ELM on or before the May 5, 2012 test
     administration date unless you are exempt. Because of heavy demand and limited seating, you should
     sign up for the tests much earlier than the May deadline. (February, March and April test dates are also
       $55 application fee or request an application fee waiver for one of the following academic years:
     Fall 2011 / Spring 2012 Application Fee Waiver Form
     Fall 2012 / Spring 2013 Application Fee Waiver Form
Send required items to: California State University, Northridge; Admissions and Records; 18111 Nordhoff Street;
Northridge, CA 91330-8207.

To check the status of your CSUN application and view a list of missing items online, follow these steps:

        Log into myNorthridge at with your CSUN User ID and Password.
        Locate My Checklist and review your completed and incomplete tasks such as missing transcripts.

Learn more about My Checklist and other online self-service features with the How To Guides for Students .

If You Are Admitted

After you have been admitted, go to the Admissions and Records home page, or click I Have Been Admitted, for the
next steps you need to take in the enrollment process. You must electronically file your Intent to Register.

If you do not confirm your Intent to Register, you cannot attend CSUN in Fall 2012. See I Have Been Admitted.

                                              Cal Poly Pomona
                          Important Deadlines for First-time Freshmen Applicants

The following applies to Undergraduate applicants only:

                     Application                 Final Documents      SIR/ECD
Term                                                                                        Term Status
                     Initial Filing Period       Deadline             Deadline
Spring 2012          N/A                         N/A                  N/A                   Closed
Summer 2012          N/A                         N/A                  N/A                   Closed
Fall 2012            Oct. 1 - Nov. 30, 2011      July 15, 2012        May 1, 2012           Closed

        Those who are provisionally admitted who do not meet the final document deadline (i.e., 8th semester transcripts)
         may have their admission rescinded and may not be eligible to enroll;
        A Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) form and an Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (ECD) is now required of
         all admitted freshmen (see SIR/ECD deadline above);
        Those who respond past the SIR Deadline of May 1, 2012 may be placed on an enrollment waiting list, deferred to
         a subsequent term or not permitted to register; and
        All first-time freshmen enrolling at Cal Poly Pomona must have documentation of exemption or take the English
         Placement Test (EPT) and/or the Entry Level Math (ELM) Test.
        SAT or ACT scores must be received at Cal Poly Pomona no later than January 31, 2012.

Students coming from abroad and/or out-of-state students must also complete their testing by the deadlines. Out-of-area
testing may be arranged by calling the Education Testing Service at (800) 987 - 8493 ext. 5.

     Cal Poly Pomona EPT/ELM Test Dates
     EPT/ELM Online Registration Form
     Find out if you are exempt from the EPT and/or ELM
     EPT/ELM Test Dates at all CSU campuses
Please note that any required placement test must be taken no later than May 5, 2012.

Cal State Channel Islands
October 1– November 30, 2011
Apply electronically to CI at
December 2011
Last month to take ACT/SAT
January 31, 2012 4:59 P.M.
Transcript, SAT/ACT test score, &
application fee submission deadline.
Please note: Fall 2011 grades need not
be posted on submitted transcript.
January 1– March 2, 2012
Apply for financial aid at
Early February 2012
Deadline to apply for CI scholarships
April 2012
Admissions decisions sent. Check
admissions status at
May 1, 2012
Intent to Enroll form and deposit
May 5, 2012
Last date to take ELM/EPT
Placement Exam
May 21, 2012 11:59 P.M.
Orientation Registration Deadline (for
students who have submitted intent to
enroll form and deposit)
CSU Channel Islands does not
accept freshman applications for spring
For more information:
CSU Channel Islands
Admissions & Recruitment
(805) 437-8520
Conditional/Provisional Admission
CSU Channel Islands makes preliminary offers of admission to
freshman applicants based upon self-reported “High School
Preparation” information included in the CSU application for
admission. Applicants for whom admission decisions cannot be
made on the basis of self-reported information will be notified via
email or Dolphin VIP page of additional documentation required.
A provisional/conditional admission offer may be rescinded for
applicants who do not accurately report their academic
performance or who do not retain CSU eligibility at the time of high
school graduation, e.g., failure to complete courses in progress,
failure to maintain the grade point average, etc.
Cal State San Bernardino

Application Filing Deadlines
The priority filing period for fall applications is Oct. 1 through Nov. 30 in the year prior to when you will attend. If you plan on
beginning coursework at the university in the fall of 2011, you would apply by Nov. 30, 2010, to be considered in the priority
filing period.

The priority filing period for winter applications is June 1-30 and for spring applications, Aug. 1-31.

Transcript and Other Supporting Document Deadlines

Failure to submit official transcripts by the deadline will result in the cancellation of your application for admission.

 The deadline to submit transcripts and other required documents from first-time freshmen, upper division transfer and
                                                  returning students:

            Quater applying for:                        Transcripts and other required documents submit deadline:

Fall                                          July 15

Winter                                        December 15

Spring                                        February 15

Financial Aid

The deadline to submit your Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) is March 2. Submit your application early so that you
will be in a better position to receive money for which you may be eligible.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Cal State San Bernardino also has a March 2 priority application deadline. There
may still be space available after the deadline, but applying early will grant access to all of the services that EOP has for you
before the beginning of the school year.

On-campus Housing

On-campus housing in Serrano Village is guaranteed for first-year students who apply by the priority deadline in March.
Contact the CSUSB Housing Office for more details.

Students who have been admitted to CSUSB are required to take or be exempt from English and math placement tests prior to
registering for courses. More information on test dates and registration deadlines for the English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry
Level Math (ELM) are available online at the Undergraduate Studies Testing Office.
Cal State Dominguez Hills

Important Dates You Should Know

For Fall 2012
                Date                                                                  Event

           October 1, 2011                      October 1st is the first day to apply to CSU Dominguez Hills for Fall 2012. Apply at

         November 30, 2011               Priority Application Date: The priority application period is October 1 to November 30, 2011.

           January 1, 2012               Apply for Financial Aid: You can apply for 2012-13 Financial Aid on January 1st by filing a Free
                                           Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Apply by March 2, 2012 for priority processing.

           February 1, 2012            Missing Application Documents Deadline: Any missing application documents must be received
                                       by the Admissions Office no later than February 1, 2012 in order to complete your application. After
                                         this date, you may be placed on a waiting list for consideration if space in the fall class becomes
                                        available. Check My.CSUDH.EDU for the latest information on what documents you're still missing.

            March 2, 2012                Priority Financial Aid Application Deadline: Apply for 2012-13 Financial Aid by March 2nd for
                                               priority processing. To apply, file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

             March 2012                     Take Required Testing ASAP: All students are required to take the ELM/EPT tests before
                                                     registration so get started right away. Sign up online at CSUMentor.

            April 15, 2012               Update Your Financial Aid Information: Update your financial aid information from tax return
                                                            documents if you used estimated income information

            April 15, 2012                              You must be admitted by April 15, 2012, to apply for housing.

            April 23, 2012               Fall 2012 Registration Begins: Make sure you sign up for New Student Orientation where you
                                         will get help registering for the right classes. Need more help? Check out our registration help

             May 1, 2012                     Intent to Enroll Filing Deadline: Confirm your Intent to Enroll at CSUDH. Log into
                                         My.CSUDH.EDU and go to the Application Status link, click on Accept/Decline, then select I
                                                               Accept Admission or I Decline Admission.

            July 15, 2012                  Transcripts Deadline: Official high school transcripts showing the graduation date must be
                                                               received by the Admissions Office by this date.

           August 25, 2012                      Fall Classes Begin: Also the beginning of the Late Registration/Add/Drop period.

Cal State San Marcos
Fall 2012 Admissions & Recruitment Important Dates & Deadlines*
October 1, 2011 Fall 2012 CSU priority application period begins
November 30, 2011 Fall 2012 CSU priority application period ends
December 3, 2011 Final SAT Reasoning exam which would be considered for fall 2012 admission
December 10, 2011 Final ACT exam which would be considered for fall 2012 admission
February 1, 2012 Deadline to complete application information (application fee, ACT/SAT scores, residency)
May 1, 2012 Deadline to submit Intent to Enroll and Enrollment Deposit
July 15, 2012 Deadline for final high school transcript with all grades/graduation posted
*Failure to meet published deadlines may result in cancellation of the application or admission.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Over half of CSU San Marcos students receive fi-nancial aid. Begin the financial aid application process starting January 1, 2012. You
do NOT need to be admitted to start the financial aid ap-plication process.
Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 2nd to receive priority consid-eration for funds. Applications may
be filed online at In order to meet the March 2nd priority date, you may report estimated tax information if you or
your parents have not filed your 2012 tax return. The CSU San Marcos Title IV school code is 030113.
There are a number of scholarships administered by CSUSM. To apply for these scholarships, you should complete the CSUSM General
Scholarship Application found at
2011-2012 Estimated Cost of Attendance
Reflects Full-Time Enrollment
Undergraduate / On or Off Campus
Tuition fees $ 6,596*
Books $ 1,656
Food & Housing $ 10,863
Transportation $ 1,206
Personal /Misc. $ 2,853
Loan Fee $ 84

Total $ 23,258
*Fees based on 2011-2012 State University Fee levels. The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. Fees listed in pub-lished schedules or student accounts may need to be
increased when public funding is inadequate. Therefore, CSU must reserve the right, even after initial fee payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees, without notice, until the
date when instruction for a particu-lar semester or quarter has begun. All CSU listed fees should be re-garded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by The Board of Trustees.

Cal State Long Beach

When should I send my transcript(s)?

Please do not send your high school transcript prior to your graduation unless we request it.

If your application information is complete, we may have sufficient information to determine your eligibility for admission. Once we review
your application we will notify you by email with instructions and a deadline should we need any additional documents including
transcripts. You may check the status of your admissions application by visiting the application status web page at: You will need your 9 digit campus identification number when you log in. This number can be found on the
upper right corner of your application acknowledgement notification. If you cannot locate your campus ID number, you will be given the
opportunity to use your Social Security number instead.

You must respond to all requests for information in a timely manner and by the deadlines contained in the notices. Failure to do so will remove
you from consideration for admission.
When should I send my test score(s)?

To be considered for Fall 2012 admission, you must take the SAT I or ACT, preferably by the end of October 2011 but no later than December

You must request that your score results be sent directly to CSULB from the testing agency (ETS/SAT campus code 4389, ACT campus code
0302). For more information on these tests, check out the College Board or ACT websites. Additional information is also available from
CSULB Testing and Evaluation Services.

How do I get credit for my College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations?

You need to make sure that you instruct the College Board to send your AP test scores directly to CSULB at the following address:

Office of Enrollment Services
California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840-0106

Students who have completed College Board Advanced Placement examinations with a score of 3 or higher and submit an official College
Grade Report from the College Board will receive up to 6 units of college credit for each examination. Click here for a complete listing of
Advanced Placement Examination credit.

Once we receive your test scores, they will be credited to your student record within one week.

Once posted, you can view recorded test scores through MyCSULB. For more information, visit our How-to guide for Viewing Test Scores.

Placement Tests

If you do not qualify for an exemption, you will be notified that you are required to take the English and/or Mathematics placement test(s) no
later than May 5, 2012. If required, we encourage you to take them as soon as possible after being offered admission so results will be
available for advisement at your SOAR session. If the test results demonstrate that you are not ready for baccalaureate classes in English and
Math, you will be required to take the pre-baccalaureate courses in your first semester. For more information including examination dates and
qualified exemptions, please visit the please visit the Testing and Evaluation Services web site.

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