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Information on English _ Drama by alsayedmoha


									                                                Information on
                                              English & Drama

The Academic Liaison Librarian for English and Drama is Stuart Jones
( )

The Queen Mary library web pages at provide all the
essential information about library services, including how to use the library, subject
services, access to e-resources and links to other library web pages and catalogues.
We are currently moving books as we open the Ground Floor and develop the library
service, so please look out for changes and ask if you cannot find anything.

Study skills: there are a collection of books on study skills in the library.

Books are arranged by subject and according to the Library of Congress classification
system. You will find a list of the main classmarks (call numbers) used for English &
Drama on the back page of this leaflet. To find a particular book, use the online
catalogue from the dedicated catalogue terminals in the library or via the student service
from any workstation on campus. This will give you the classmark so that you can go
straight to the right shelf. To find books on a particular subject, try a subject keyword
search. If all one week or long loan copies are out on loan, you can place a hold on a
copy from the catalogue record.

Books in heavy demand will be in the Teaching Collection.

The e-books link on the library website provides access to Oxford Reference Online,
which publishes several e-books of interest to English and Drama students. These
include The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, The Oxford Dictionary of English, The
Concise Oxford Companion to the Theatre etc.

There are a number of general reference books in the library e.g. Encyclopaedia
Britannica. The Arts and Social Science Reference Collection includes dictionaries,
encyclopaedias, companions, guides and handbooks on a wide variety of subjects, e.g.
literary terms, symbols, Arthurian literature, women writers, post colonial literatures,
twentieth century poetry, contemporary theatre etc.

Dictionaries and thesauri are in the Dictionary Collection. They are for use in the
library only.

The library takes about 140 current periodical titles in English, drama, and comparative
literature. A few examples of the range are: Chaucer Review, Eighteenth Century
Studies, Victorian Poetry, African American Review. Some periodicals are available
electronically, e.g. Victorian Literature and Culture, Arthuriana.

The library subscribes to JSTOR, which contains long back runs of a selection of titles,
and to Project MUSE, which provides full-text online access to a comprehensive
selection of prestigious humanities journals. You can browse and search for electronic
journals held by the Library by using the SFX access system on the library website at

Access to E-journals off campus is possible via a number of methods, including UK
Federation, Athens and Proxy Server. For guidance see

University of London Union List of Serials
If the periodical you want is not held by Queen Mary library you can search for a library
which has it by using the Union List of Serials accessible from the other libraries option
on the catalogue or from the library web page. Its URL is ttp://
See below for more information about other libraries that you can use.

The collection includes cinema films, the BBC Shakespeare and performance art. To
find them in the catalogue simply add the word ‘DVD’ to your search (e.g. DVD and
Hamlet, DVD and Hitchcock, DVD and film noir etc). The library also has a large VHS
video collection. You can borrow 1 DVD and 2 videos at any one time.

To find out what has been written on a particular subject, you can use bibliographies
and indexes. They will give you references to articles in periodicals and books, but not
all of these articles will be available here at Queen Mary. (See the section below on
other libraries.). The following online databases could be useful:
         Arts and Humanities Citation Index (via the Web of Knowledge)
         Linguistics and language behaviour abstracts

You can link to these through MetaLib, the Library’s single-point access gateway to
electronic resources at:
For more information see the leaflet MetaLib: an introduction.

To access databases using a college computer, you will need to have a username and
password for the network, available to all Queen Mary students from W209 in the
Queen’s Building.
Off campus, you will need a username and password. For more information, go to:

Senate House library provides access to several useful databases:
      MLA (Modern Language Association Bibliography)
      EEBO ( Early English books Online)
      ECCO ( Eighteenth century Collections Online)

To get access, you will need to go through the Senate House webpages at:
You will need to be a member of Senate House, as you need to login with the number
on your Senate House card.

Printed bibliographies include The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature (at
PR4), Year’s Work in English Studies (a periodical) and Wellesley Index to Victorian
Periodicals (Arts and Social Science Reference.) You may also find bibliographies of
individual writers shelved with critical works about them.
National newspapers, including The Guardian and The Observer, are available in full
text searchable form going back to about 1990 from the library database page, as is
TheTimes Literary Supplement (back to 1994.) We also have access to the Times
Digital Archive, the full text of The Times from1785-1985. Newspapers can be a good
source for book and film reviews.

Go the English and Drama web page for a list of useful
resources including subject gateways, search engines, other library catalogues, and a
tutorial on how to use web resources.

The MetaLib gateway at: provides access to a large
number of online resources, including bibliographies, dictionaries and encyclopaedias
and collections of electronic journals.

There are links to other libraries, and their online catalogues, from the catalogue and
from the ‘Discover other libraries’ link on the library home page, which also provides
access information. Make sure you take your Queen Mary student card with you for ID
purposes when you visit another library.
Most of the libraries of the other colleges of the University of London will allow you in for
reference, but not borrowing. See their web pages to check opening hours and access
for visitors and use the online catalogue to make sure the library has what you want.

University Library
Senate House, Malet Street, W.C.1. Tel. 020 7862 8500.
A large research library which is an invaluable addition to the resources at Queen Mary.
You can join the University Library and borrow up to 6 books. You can check the
catalogue from the library web pages here and you can renew your loans on the web.

The Poetry Library
Level 5, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, SE1. Tel: 020 7921 0943/0664
For 20th century poetry in English. Free membership, can borrow.

Idea Store Whitechapel
321 Whitechapel Road, E1 1BU. Tel: 020 7364 4332.
Good for modern literature. You can join if you present your Queen Mary card.

PE                   English language

PN                     General literary theory
(see also PG, PQ - PT for literary theory relating
to the literature of a specific country)

PN 441 - 3503        General literary theory

PN 1031 - 1514 Poetry
PN 1620 - 3191 Performing arts
                  PN1600-1988 Drama – general works
                                        PN1956-1959 Performance art
                  PN1991-1992 Radio & Television
                  PN1993-1999 Cinema
                  PN2000-3299 Theatre
                                        PN2053          Directing
                                        PN2061-2071 Acting
                                        PN2085-2091 The stage, design, lighting
                                        PN2100-2193 Theatre history
                                        PN2220-3035 National theatres
                                        PN3203-3299 Pageants, street theatre
PN 3324 - 3503 Prose
PN 4701 - 5319 Journalism
PN 6014 - 6511 Anthologies (not limited to one country)

PR                English literature
PR 8700-8893 Irish literature
PR 9080-9680 English literature outside Great Britain

PS                   American literature

Within PR and PS, English and American literatures are arranged as follows:

General literary histories and critical works
(covering more than one period and more than one genre)

Histories and critical works of specific periods
(covering more than one genre)

Histories and critical works of poetry

Individual authors, alphabetically within literary period (usually by century)

Critical works and biographies are shelved with the author's literary works.

Stuart Jones, August 2010.


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