Good Financial Management Includes Medical Aid In Budget

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					Good Financial Management Includes Medical Aid In Budget

Mendham, NJ, 05-May-2012 - MoneySmart is pleased to announce that good
financial management plans in South Africa include budgeting in the cost
of medical aid cover. While public hospitals exist that are fully
government funded, these are often overworked, poorly staffed, and unable
to provide one with any real choices in the medical care received.
Medical aid cover allows one to have a bit more flexibility and choice in
medical care by filling the gap between public healthcare and private

Long term illness can often ruin a family financially. There are often
different procedures and more costly, but more effective, medications
available to private paying patients than are available to those using
only public care. These factors can significantly shorten the length of
an illness and/or the recovery time from a major accident or injury.
However, without medical aid cover, most would never be able to afford
many of these options. Speeding recovery and returning to work is one of
the keys to sound financial management.

For more information about the importance of medical aid cover to a sound
financial management plan, interested South Africans are encouraged to
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Description: Financial management is the key to a secure retirement and/or meeting one's most difficult financial goals. Including medical aid in one's budget is one key to ensuring one stays healthy or recovers from injury or illness earlier in order to meet future financial goals.