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									                                           General Business
Word Processing
                                              Improve economic
   Grades 9-12
   One Semester Long                          citizenship
   One Credit
   Learn: To format documents on             1 Credit 1 Semester long
    Microsoft Word
   Will Do:
         o Business Letters                   Create Products and
         o Reports
         o Memos                               promotions
         o Tables
         o Itineraries                        No Prerequisite
         o Ect.
   Can transfer in places of ADM 105 or
    combine with Computer Applications
                                              For grades 9-10
    and Advanced Computer Applications
    in place of BCA 191 to Western Iowa       Help develop knowledge
    Tech Community College
                                               about the American

                                               business system

                                                                          Completion Strand!
                                                                          All but one class is a
                                                                          semester long.

 Personal Finance OR
    Business Law

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                                                          OTHERWISE DELETE BOX
Personal Finance
        Semester long
        One Credit
         Grades 11-12 Can take it
         Prerequisite nothing
        Includes saving and budgeting, checking                                               Applications
         accounts, the stock market and other
         investments, credit loans, insurance, and
                                                               Accounting                     One Semester
Business Law                                              1 Yr Long
                                                                                              One Credit
        One Semester
        One Credit                                       2 Credits
         Grades 11-12
         Prerequisite nothing
                                                          Grades: 11-12                      Grades 10-12
        Help students identify legal issues and          Does not Prerequisite’s any
                                                                                              Learn about basic computer
         problems that arise in everyday living and        class
         the business world
        Topics                                            Recording business                  technology and concepts
               o    Contracts                              transactions into a journal
                                                          Combined with Advanced             PowerPoint and Excel
               o    Bailment
                                                           Accounting can transfer to
               o    Personal and consumer law              Western Iowa Tech                  Prerequisite: Word Processing
        After the course, students will be able to        Community College in place of
         outline the legal steps needed from arrest        ACC 111                            Learn how to successfully
         to conviction
                                                                                               write, create, and present in the

                                                                                               business world.

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