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2012 Audi A5 Named Best Luxury Car


Updates and news about Audi cars from Commonwealth Audi of Santa Ana.

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									                       2012 Audi A5 Named “Best Luxury Car”

Santa Ana, California, April 2, 2012 – Commonwealth Audi of Santa Ana is pleased to
announce that the new 2012 Audi A5 has been awarded the title of “Best Luxury Car” in
the 2012 Total Cost of Ownership Awards presented by Kelly Blue Book. In the
inaugural year for the Total Cost of Ownership Awards, Audi won three categories,
including “Best Overall Luxury Brand” and “Best Luxury Sport Utility” in addition to
“Best Luxury Car”.

“We are sure our customers will be happy to hear this news,” says Commonwealth Audi
General Manager Matt Crandall. “Audi has a legacy for engineering impressive style and
performance at a great value, and it is great to have this award confirm that.”

Kelly Blue Book, an esteemed third-party automotive market analysis provider, has
introduced The Total Cost of Ownership Awards is a new set of awards as part of their
new category of objective market value analysis. The “Best Luxury Car” was awarded
based on the lowest projected total cost of ownership during the first five years among
luxury cars.

The value takes into account ownership expenses including depreciation values, average
registration fees, estimated fuel costs, insurance costs, and general maintenance and
repair costs that can be expected during the initial five year period. The ultimate residual
value was then compared to the average residual value across a panel of luxury brands.
The Audi A5 beat out all the other luxury cars for total cost of ownership, including those
that offered free maintenance and service during the initial five year ownership period.

Kelly Blue Book gathers the valuation data from objective third party services. Total
costs of ownership values are now available at the Kelly Blue Book website on many
different vehicles. Visitors to the website can access charts and graphs to better
understand cost breakdowns and view comparisons over an initial 5 year ownership
period, providing objective insight into the true cost of a vehicle.

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