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DESCRIPTION                                                   MCC           Proposed

All Airline MCC's                                              3000-3299   YES
All Automobile Rental MCC's                                    3300-3499   YES
Passenger Railways                                             4112        YES
Airlines, Air Carriers                                         4511        YES
Travel Agencies                                                4722        YES
Toll and Bridge Fees                                           4784        YES
Car Rental Agencies (not elsewhere classified)                 7512        YES
Transportation/Travel-Related Arrangement Services             4761        YES
Direct Marketing Insurance Services                            5960        YES
Direct Marketing Travel-Related Arrangement Services           5962        YES
Financial Institutions—Merchandise and Services                6012        YES
Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies                             7321        YES
Stenographic Services                                          7339        YES
Legal Services, Attorneys                                      8111        YES
Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services                 8931        YES
Key-Entered Telecom Merchant                                   4813        YES
Visa Phone                                                     4815        YES
Telegraph Services                                             4821        YES
Cable and Other Pay TV Services                                4899        YES
Utilities - Electric, Gas, Water, Sanitary                     4900        YES
Precious Stones and Metals, Watches and Jewelry                5094        YES
Agricultural Co-op                                             0763        YES
Railroads                                                      4011        YES
Local and Suburban Commuter Passenger Transportation, including Ferries    YES
Ambulance Services                                             4119        YES
Bus Lines, Including Charters, Tour Buses                      4131        YES
Steamship/Cruise Lines                                         4411        YES
Boat Rentals and Leases                                        4457        YES
Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminals                 4582        YES
Package Tour Operators                                         4723        YES
Wire Transfer - Money Orders                                   4829        YES
Mobile Home Dealers                                            5271        YES
Duty Free Stores                                               5309        YES
Boat Dealers                                                   5551        YES
Recreational and Utility Trailers, Camper Dealers              5561        YES
Motor Home Dealers                                             5592        YES
Snowmobile Dealers                                             5598        YES
Furriers and Fur Shops                                         5681        YES
Used Merchandise, Secondhand Stores                            5931        YES
Pawn Shops                                                     5933        YES
Antique Reproductions                                          5937        YES
Luggage and Leather Goods Stores                               5948        YES
Stamp and Coin Stores                                          5972        YES
Religious Goods Stores                                         5973        YES
Hearing Aids                                                   5975        YES
Orthopedic Goods                                               5976        YES
Cigar Stores and Stands                                        5993        YES
Electric Razor Stores - Sales and Service                      5997        YES
Security Brokers/Dealers                                       6211        YES
Insurance Sales and Underwriting                               6300        YES
Insurance Premiums                                             6381        YES

DESCRIPTION                                                      MCC      Proposed
Insurance (Not Elsewhere Classified)                             6399    YES
Timeshares                                                       7012    YES
Sporting and Recreational Camps                                  7032    YES
Trailer Parks and Campgrounds                                    7033    YES
Shoe Repair Shops, ShoeShine Parlors, and Hat Cleaning Shops     7251    YES
Funeral Service and Crematories                                  7261    YES
Dating and Escort Services                                       7273    YES
Tax Preparation Services                                         7276    YES
Counseling Services - Debt, Marriage, Personal                   7277    YES
Buying/Shopping Services, Clubs                                  7278    YES
Massage Parlors                                                  7297    YES
Health and Beauty Spas                                           7298    YES
Truck Stops                                                      7511    YES
Motor Home and Recreational Vehicle Rentals                      7519    YES
Express Payment Service Merchants—Motion Picture Theater         7833    YES
Dance Halls, Studios, and Schools                                7911    YES
Billiard and Pool Establishments                                 7932    YES
Commercial Sports, Professional Sports Clubs,                    7941    YES
Athletic Fields, and Sports Promoters
Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips,         7995    YES
Off-Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Tracks                             YES
    Clubs, and Private Golf Courses
Doctors                                                          8011    YES
Dentists, Orthodontists                                          8021    YES
Osteopaths                                                       8031    YES
Chiropractors                                                    8041    YES
Optometrists                                                     8042    YES
Optical Goods and Eyeglasses                                     8044    YES
Chiropodists, Podiatrists                                        8049    YES
Nursing and Personal Card Facilities                             8050    YES
Child Care Services                                              8351    YES
Political Organizations                                          8651    YES
Religious Organizations                                          8661    YES
Automobile Organizations                                         8675    YES
Court Costs, including Alimony and Child Support                 9211    YES
Fines                                                            9222    YES
Bail and Bond Payments                                           9223    YES
Tax Payments                                                     9311    YES
Intra-Government Purchases—Government Only                       9405    YES
Automated Referral Services                                      9700    YES
Financial Institutions - Manual Cash Disbursements               6010    YES
Financial Institutions - Automated Cash Disbursements            6011    YES
Non - Financial Institutions - Foreign Currency, Money Orders,   6051    YES
    and Travelers Cheques                                                YES
Parking Lots and Garages                                         7523    YES

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