Mobile phone by rajabadameh


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									 A mobile phone is technology created to serve the people . It has a lot of advantages first, people keep
their mobile phone with them so its easy to find, and they don't have to look for payphone, second , It is
very convenient , you can carry it every where and you can save your time for example , you can contact
  your relatives or friends by sending one message to all of them at the same time without the need to
make a phone call to each one of them Also, the mobile phone has disadvantage ,It release some waves
                                       which may cause health risks

 Some times using a mobile can be considered rude for example , some people make phone calls while
driving. This behavior is very dangerous because it may cause a lot of accidents . And some boys bother
   girls .they repeat the phone calling and say bad words . their behavior is very bad .Finally we must
                 benefit from this technology in all aspects of our life and avoid misusing it

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