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Section                       Description
                              The Document Information section should contain your company name, physical location, and the most current revision number of the
Document Info                 document.
                              The Document Definition section contains the following:

                              An overview that clearly defines the scope of the plan
                              Is this just for Information Technology or does in cover more?
                              Purpose of the Plan
                              Listing of Recipients of the Plan Documentation
About                         Each team member should receive two copies of the plan – one copy for on-site and the other to be stored off-site
                              The Plan Objectives section contains the following:
                              What defines a disaster?
                              Is it an incident which results in the loss of computer processing at your location to where you need to consider relocation?
                              A disaster can result from a number of accidental, malicious, or environmental events like a fire, flood, terrorist attack, human error, or
                              system failures.
                              State the primary objective of the plan
                              Is it to ensure the continued operation of identified business critical systems in the event of a disaster?
                              List the goals of the plan
                              Examples include:
                              To be operational in a specific number of days
                              To operate at a standby facility for a defined period of time
                              To reinstate facilities for the company within a maximum standby period
                              To minimize disruption to the business
                              List the Key Contacts for the Plan (include 3 methods of contact)
                              List the External Contacts (power company, property manager, hardware suppliers, software suppliers, generator supplier)
                              Phone numbers
Plan Objectives               Accounts numbers
                              The Recovery Team is responsible for data center recovery operations and the Team Leader is responsible for deciding whether or not
                              the situation warrants enacting disaster recovery procedures.
                              Responsibilities include:
                              Evaluating Problem
                              Senior Mgmt. Notification
                              Initiating and Coordinating Recovery Operations
                              Monitoring and Recording Recovery Operations
                              Liaison with Senior Mgmt. and Emergency Services
                              Declaring Recovery Plan ending
Recovery Team and Responsibilities
                              The first priority in a disaster situation is to ensure safe evacuation of all personnel.
                              Standard Emergency Procedures -
                              Activate Alarm, Notify Emergency Personnel, Evacuate Premises
                              Problem Assessment and Notification -
What to Do in the Event of a Disaster the nature and extent of Problem, Switch off equipment, Obtain a Status Report for Recovery Team Leader
                              The Recovery Scenarios Section contains the levels of scenarios:
                              Scenario One: Minor Damage
                              Computer processing is partial, communications and network are still operational
                              Scenario Two: Major Damage
Recovery Scenarios            Entire computer processing is out, along with communications and network
                               Team Tasks for Minor Damage:
                               Evaluate damage, Identify concerned Applications, Obtain Backups, Restart appropriate applications at Standby Facility, Inform Users,
                               Order and Install Replacement Equipment and Computers
                               Team Tasks for Major Damage:
                               Is this scenario, the computer processing environment is out of action. This scenario requires a full recovery procedure that is
Tasks for Each Team Overview   documented in our complete Disaster Recovery Plan.
                               The Command Center section contains the following:
                               If the Company premises are still intact can that be used as the Command Center?
                               If not, then an Alternate Command Center should be designated in the DRP.
                               Command Center Requirements
                               Copy of DRP, Whiteboard, Petty Cash, Telephone Directory, Desks, Chairs, Communication lines, Mobile Phones, Fax, Copier,
Command Center                 Shredder, Tool kit, Office supplies, Refreshments, Beds, Showers, First Aid Kit
                               The Standby Facilities section contains the following:
                               The Standby Facility can be contracted or be company owned offsite.
                               It should include: Network, Hardware configurations, Security.
                               All team members should have directions to the Standby Facilities, Telephone Number
                               Vendor should be notified of the Disaster, Date and Time, Designated site, Start Usage date, Name of Company.
Standby Facility for IT Operations

                              The Data Storage Location section contains the following:
                              An overview that describes the location of the vault facilities where secure copies of Data back up and other vital information are stored
                              Location and address, Contact person, Contact #, Type and number of vaults, Maximum capacity, Contents.
Data Storage Location         Multiple locations may exist.
                              The Business Lessons section contains the following:
                              Class 1 Applications are must have applications and are mission critical to business operations
Business Lessons              Class 2 Applications are the want to have applications that are needed but can be foregone for the short term
                              The Standby Facility must include Supplies for business operations.
                              Item, Location, and Vendor names for:
                              System , Program, File, and Record specifications.
                              Operational Standards, Procedures, Manuals, Run Instructions, Network Documentation
                              Directories containing database or printed information
                              Emergency Services, Recovery Team members, Disaster Mgmt. Team, Operations Team, Network Team, Facilities Team,
                              Communications Team, First Aiders, User Groups and
Supplies for Standby Facility Applications, Vendor and Supply Contacts
                              This section a listing of directories:
                              Emergency Services – Police, Fire, Hospitals, Gas
                              Recovery Team Members
                              First Aid Team
                              Key Business User Groups and Application Support Teams
Directories                   Vendor and Supplier Contacts
                              This section a listing of your assets and may be required for insurance claims. This should include: Manufacturer, Model No. Asset,
                              Rental cost, Insurance value, Maintenance contract, Locations….
                              Computer Hardware
                              Disk drives
                              Tape drives
Inventory Listing             Network Equipment
                              This section a list of just some of the other documentation needed for your DRP. This should include:
                              Processing Schedules
                              Backup Times
Other Documentation           Evacuation Procedures

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