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					How To Start Money Making As Freelancer ?

For beginners to understand, freelancer is the one who works for multiple employers without any
long term contract. That means freelancer is too flexible guy who could work based on the
availability of jobs and based on the availability of his time to work. Internet has the opportunity
to make money working as a freelancer. There are numerous sites to provide outsource jobs to
workers online.
To understand clearly, it’s a virtual office in Internet, there employer’s posts job opportunities and
employees could choose a job among the list. Or the other way, employer may choose the relevant
employee’s from the list. Finally, employee will be paid money by the employer. In general, the
Internet terminology of doing this is Freelancing.

Requirements For Making Money From Freelancing.
Making money as a freelancer is a great idea for individual who are willing to work from home.
Either, you could do this as part-time or full-time based on the availability of time. There are couple
of freelancing website there you could join freely to choose a job of yours.
But what are the requirements you need to join and take a freelance opportunity?
Knowledge To Work. What kind of job knowledge do you need ? Before that freelancing sites offers
different kind of job opportunities from Data Entry Jobs to Software Programming Jobs, copy writing
to web designing, customer care to BPO etc. So it’s purely based on your knowledge and the
experience in that particular Industry, you could select the available jobs.
Time To Work. Secondly, the most important requirement is Time. As I told before you could work
either part-time or full-time based on the availability of time or based on your life style. If you are
already doing a day job then you could work as part-time. If you staying in home then you could work
as a full-time that depends on individual’s comfortableness. Also, more quality time if you are able to
spend definitely, you could finish the assigned jobs and that credits you with money.
Importance of Freelancer Profile. Once you joined a freelancing site, the first step will be creating
a profile of yours. Your profile carries everything about your technical experience and work
experience. So creating a good profile yields you more opportunities.
Most of the freelancing sites have certification tests. ie., for a particular skill set you have to write an
online exam and your score will appear on the profile. If you have higher score then more chances
for employers to hire you for their job offer. Moreover, your authority or rank will increase based on
the feedback from the employers that you work earlier.
So what I want to say is, your profile decides your job. In the initial stage, you have to prove yourself
by taking 1 or 2 offers and later once you are comfortable to work with that system, you will easily
take more offers from different employers.
Now the question, for what basis a freelancer will be paid money ? Payment is purely based on
the time you work for an employer. Generally, it is per hour basis. Pay-per-hour rate varies based on
the type or domain of job. As far as I know, software programmers, copywriters, web designers are
the most earning freelancers. But definitely, you could make a decent income from freelancing sites
if you are able to spend quality time part-time or full-time basis.

What Freelancing Sites To Join ?
 There are numerous freelancing sites to join but i know few of the popular and trusted sites. Here is
 the list.
 Odesk, is a service based site especially for small sized business/employers to hire, manage,
    and pay freelancers for the work done.
, a freelancing site which has more than 1,00,000 offers and workers to choose.
 Rentacoder, a freelancing site specially for IT professionals to find jobs related to software
 Guru, the biggest freelancing network with more than 10,00,000 freelancers joined and doing
    good with their system. The best freelancing site to start or give a trial to start making money as a
If you are really looking for making money as a freelancer then just join odesk or guru, they are true
in paying.
Working from home as a freelancer, to spend your spare time useful and to make some money is
great idea. More important, you should manage your time well to work on a freelancing site,
especially if you are going for a full-time job.
If you able to spend at least 10+ hours per week then be a freelancer. Or if you are staying home
full-time then join. otherwise, just drop this idea because you will be stressed without managing your
time effectively.

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