networth by AhmdMahamed


									          Net Worth Statement Worksheet
Cash on hand                                         $__________

Cash in Checking                                     $__________

Cash in bank or credit union                         $__________
Savings Account

Money Market Accounts                                $__________

Market Value of Your Home                            $__________

Estimated Value of Household Items                   $__________

Market Value of Other Real Estate
(i.e. investment or rental property,
timeshare, vacation home)

Stocks                                               $__________

Bonds                                                $__________

Mutual Funds                                         $__________

Market Value of Vehicles (check

Cash Value Life Insurance

Current Value of 401(k) plan or similar retirement   $__________

Individual Retirement Account (IRA,                  $__________
Roth IRA)

Estimated Value of Personal Items
Other Assets
Total Assets                                         $__________

Mortgage                                 $__________

Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit       $__________

Other Real Estate Loans                  $__________

Auto Loan or Lease                       $__________

Credit Card Balances                     $__________

Student Loans                            $__________

Delinquent Taxes

401 (k) Loan

Personal Unsecured Loans

Life Insurance Loans                     $__________

Other Liabilities

Total Liabilities

NET WORTH                                 $__________
(Assets minus Liabilities)

Note: A net worth statement is a snapshot of the current value of your financial holdings.
Keep in mind that the market value of your assets can change as many homeowners have
found out in the current mortgage crisis. Some homeowners are finding out the value of
their home has decline. That’s why you should update your net worth statement at least

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