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South West France


The IUT of Bayonne, established in 1980, includes 5 undergraduate and
graduate departments in the field of Business Studies and Information Technology.
As a part of the University of Pau, and located on 3 campuses. It counts about
1,000 students per year (mostly undergraduates) in:
     Company Management, Sales/Marketing, Banking/Insurance, Computing,
          Industrial Management/Maintenance & Transportation/Logistics

•80 faculty members and professional experts
•50 business partners
University/college programs:
• prepare graduates for immediate job placements or further education in
graduate business schools
●foster international partnerships (Spain, Ireland, Cuba, Scotland, Germany…)
● provide a flexible study option for those already in the workplace
● produce well qualified individuals / sought-after graduates

THE IUT/ University is organized to offer students an exclusive, individualized,
academic program through:

           continuous assessment          strict attendance requirements
            workshop projects               teambuilding opportunities              4
• Since 1992, this department has been training and preparing undergraduates for
success in sales, international relations and other business positions.

•Equivalent to a go-between Diploma/BA, a two-year intensive and academic program with
750 tuition/contact hours per year (30-35 contact hours a week with strict attendance).
•Diverse training prepares students for marketing positions with great advancement
• Provides a strong foundation for further academic pursuits.                             5
Each semester, in-depth studies stimulate the professional environment.
The use of several languages is essential to the mastery of the concepts of
international trade (banking, insurance, distribution, sales/purchasing negotiations…).
140 tutorial hours are dedicated to workshops, practical extensions of classroom
coursework. These units, closely linked to all the other courses are incorporated into
the existing teaching units and should enable undergraduates to deepen the acquired
knowledge. Through supervized independent study, students can individually focus
on their future careers.
In-company missions enable students to experience business at a high level of
responsibilities while implementing newly acquired skills.
•Specialized coursework prepares students for the first year internship/work placement
as they are guided through business projects with input from project coaches as well
as academic staff.
•Developing specific skills is a core issue so as to build up a tailored coherent program
with relevant strategies for job hunting perspectives.
French Year 1= UK Year 2                      •Mrs J. Bergouignan will help you choose
                                              modules and lessons from a selection of courses
French Year 2= UK Year 3                      to validate and obtain the 20 or 40 ects required
                                              by your home university.
• Operational Marketing (year2: 3ects)        • Economics (Year2: 2ects)
• Sales Negotiations (year2: 3ects)           • Math and Applied Statistics (year2:
• International Trade (year2: 3ects)
                                              • IT Multimedia (Year2: 1ects)
• Business Law and Economics (year2: 3ects)
                                              • Communications (Year2: 1ects)
• Accountancy and Financial Management
(Year2: 1ects)                                • Languages French (3ects), Spanish,
• Quality (Year2: 2ects)
                                              • Sales force Management
• Sales Talk (Year2: 3ects)                                                             7
    Opportunities                     / Dates to Remember
French DUT holders:                       • Back to school day: on
•   are trained in the fields of sales:     Sept 08, 2008
    direct, management or coaching
                                          • Fall break: from Oct 27,
•   may also contemplate versatile
                                            08 to Nov 08, 08
    options such as accounts or
    logistics.                            • Xmas break: from Dec
•   or may take exams to get into           22, 08 to Jan 07, 09
    Graduate Business Schools             • Winter break: from Feb
    The French DUT in Sales and             23, 09 to March10, 09
    Marketing Techniques is part of
                                          • Easter break: from April
    any business: engineering,
                                            19, 09 to May 05, 09
    foodstuffs, chemistry, banks,
    transports, insurance or HRD.
Opening hours: Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm
They offer students and staff members:
• New and functional premises,
• Reading rooms with self-service documentation
• Lending possibilities
• Copy machines, etc.

•Students have free access to 4 computer rooms and one computer
lab, each equipped with 16 PC with broad
 band access. E-Learning classes are available.
 PC configurations range from Pentium III to Pentium IV, all recent
(less than 3 years old).
The IUT/University regularly invests in educational equipment. It
also incorporates a printing office and a CAD room.
Students coming from the European Union may benefit from financial
  aid to pursue their studies in a European country.
• Most banks offer educational loans at a low rate that are scheduled
 to be refunded in the future
For further information, contact the International Relations Office in your home university
before getting to Bayonne.
Foreign students –benefiting from the Erasmus/Socrates agreement- with our partner

• Must seek information on the procedure to follow from the International Relations Offices
in their home universities.
• Are to be properly registered in their home universities and selected by competent
authorities there.
• Benefit from a free full-year registration in the university of Bayonne where they have the
possibility to attend courses and sit for examinations. The Back to School Day is on
September 9, 2008, in amphi for first-year students). Examination results are sent to the
home university which validates and includes them in the home curriculum.
The request must be made either on the Internet, within the IUT premises or directly in the
regional CROUS offices from January 15 till April 30.
Students must be registered in a school that benefits from grant holders. The reply to the
request is given in June
Prior to their arrival, students may browse through to better
understand the French educational system
 « l’Etudiant » magazine also gives interesting information for foreign students in France: go

Papers required for Erasmus Students or citizens of the European Union:

A student card from the home university, a notification from the home university authorizing
the student to come and study in Bayonne, evidence of the student’s social security coverage
(E128 European form or European social security card), an ID and about ten ID pictures

There is always someone to pick foreign students up at the Biarritz airport and drive them
to the university campus.

The back to school day is on September 8, 2008 for 2nd year students, and on Sept 9, 08
for 1st year ones at 10. 00am.

Several coordinators will help foreign students adjust as well as a group of French
students who will also help them with lessons.
The « New students’weekend » usually happens in September to favor adjustment.

   Mrs Juliette Bergouignan (Lecturer of Marketing) is in charge of foreign students. She:

- Helps them find accommodation in the Halls of Residence
- Helps them check for kitchenware
- Shows the IUT round
- Helps foreign students choose subjects and modules during the academic year.
- Guides them in their search of internships/work placements

  • The student card is delivered after administrative registration with:
  • Two certificates proving registration, one is for the French National
     Railway Company to get a discount card.
  • A calculation of paid university fees which state the affiliation to the
     student social security system.

•It is open from 11:30am to 1pm from the beginning of
September to the end of June.
• Tickets are sold by tens on Mondays,
  Tuesdays and Thursdays; cost €26.
• Single tickets are also available at the cash-
 desk for €2.70.
In France, a basic social health insurance plan is compulsory (necessity to register first).
Citizens of the European Union (or European Economic area) are to provide:
•A European social security card or evidence of a conventional state insurance or of a
 private insurance company.
To benefit from a health coverage refund, send it along with:
•A receipt of services/care + a copy of the E128 or E111 form or your personal European
 social security card, + an IBAN (International Bank Account number) + details and a copy
 of the student card
Health Social security coverage includes:
• Basic coverage which provides 70% refund of health-related expenses
• A complementary health coverage, provided by a Mutuelle complémentaire, which
supplements up to 25%, sometimes 30%, to the refund; note that registration to a
complementary Mutuelle is not compulsory, but strongly advised, especially in case of
hospitalization care.
Students medical Centre: student House: 77, rue Bourgneuf 64100 BAYONNE
 (0)559 574 156 (a team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and social workers will help and secure:
 medical examination, inoculations (D.T.Polio, B hepatitis), psychological and social assistance.
•   Two photocopies of a parent’s passport or driving licence (for the Residence Universitaire)
•   Photocopies of your passport and several passport photos
•   Grant forms
•   Cirrus Bank card (from Ireland) or current account card
•   A credit card (for emergencies)
•   Plug adapters (Approx. 3)
•   A dictionary
•   Bath towels
•   A European Health Insurance Card (as a Replacement for the E128/E111 form)
•   A comforter (usually not needed until mid October) can be purchased here
•   Beachwear / beach towels
•   Warm Winter clothes
•   A pillow
•   Fitted and flat sheets
•   Unblocked mobile phone / Irish / English Sim card
•   English/Irish books
•   Ski Gear for winter time
The request for admittance in the Halls of residence is to be made via the student’s social file. When applying to the IUT, an accommodation

form is sent along with a University application form. Prior to arrival, please fill in this accommodation form and send it to the CROUS (Centre

Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires de Bayonne). Application deadline for accommodation is the end of July for the Fall Semester

and end November for the Spring one.

• Résidence Arancette (207 single room apartments): 24, chemin Arancette on the campus near the university canteen to register for the APL

grant. One-room apartments are available for €170/month, the rent is payable withVisa/master card or cash.

• Foyer Lormand: chemin de l’Abbé Edouard-Cestac in Bayonne  (0)559 633 380

• Apartment Council House: 2 chemin de l’Abbé Edouard-Cestac in Bayonne (0)559 584 000

• Youth Information Office: 6 rue Albert-Le-Barillier 64600 Anglet  (0)559 582 620

• Hotel Residence Château neuf: 2 rue Pontrique 64100 Bayonne  (0)559 591 177


•A.P.L ( housing subsidies) for subsidized housing,

•A.L.S (social rent allowance) for non-subsidized housing

To benefit from housing financial aid, rrequest documents from Mrs Loustau (Housing Residences) or log on to . Allowances are

based on various criteria including the number of flatmates/roommates.                                                                    18
CITY BUSES: STAB transportation company  (0)559 590 461
• Minitel: 3615 STAB. Allo Bus  (0)559 525 952
• Bus information-sale in Bayonne: Arceaux de l'Hôtel de Ville place De Gaulle
   Prices/rates:1 ticket: €1,15; 1 ticket valid for 24 hours with unlimited rides:
   €4 ; 1 ticket valid for 7 days: € 10,50
TAXIS/CABS: Bayonne Taxis  (0)559 594 848 Taxi Station  (0)559 551 315
TRAIN Station (Bayonne): Info and sales  (0)836 353 535 A voice mail gives
   train times. Dial: (0)891 676 869
• •
• •Info and sales 

City Buses (STAB)

                    (coach inquiries)


Bayonne Train Station

Bayonne is located in the southwest of France on the Atlantic coast in the
Pyrénées-Atlantiques region.
Together with nearby cities (Anglet and Biarritz) it counts 150, 000 inhabitants
 in its urban area. Bayonne is part of the French Basque Country.
Its twin towns are:
• Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
• Daytona Beach, FL, USA
• Bayonne, NJ, USA
• Kutaisi, Georgia

    The Nive river divides Bayonne into the Grand Bayonne and the Petit Bayonne, with five bridges
    between the two. Both parts are still backed by Vauban's walls (XVIIth century). Indeed the Nive river
    is banked by many restaurants and parks, plus the covered market on its quays. The houses lining the
    Nive river are picturesque examples of the Basque architecture, with half-timbering and shutters in the
    national colors of red and green. The much wider Adour river is on the north side of town. The Pont
    St-Esprit connects the Petit Bayonne with the Quartier St-Esprit across the Adour river, where the
    massive Citadelle and the railway station are located.

    The fêtes de Bayonne are a series of festivals in the Basque town, starting on the first Wednesday of
    August. These festivals draw from 1.3 to 1.5 million visitors and include musical performances,
    concerts and other entertainments; they are some of the largest ones in France.                  22
The IUT of Bayonne is strongly committed to making foreign students’ stay as much
enjoyable as possible.
In short, the university of Bayonne is a big family where foreign students are never
alone and where their adjustment is as important as the one of any French student.
Erasmus Coordinators:
Juliette Bergouignan: (0)559 574 392

Christine Druon: (0)559 574 395

Murielle Fraty:

Gisèle Sigal: (0)559 574 366

Martin Walton: (0)559 574 374

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