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        New Generation of UTM Firewalls Deliver Proven
       Enterprise-Grade Security to Small and Distributed
SonicWALL TZ Series Provides Market-leading Security Combined with High
Performance, Ease of Deployment and Broad Mobile Platform Support

      The TZ 105 and TZ 205 provide an array of security features that deliver
       enterprise-grade network protection powered by SonicWALL’s patented
       Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® engine
      The only firewall in its class to truly enable mobile workforce with native SSL
       VPN remote access client for Apple iOS®, Google® Android™, Windows, Mac
       OS and Linux devices
      Delivers wire-speed Deep Packet Inspection performance and protection for
       today’s broadband connections

Dubai – May 3, 2012: SonicWALL, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent network
security and data protection solutions, introduced the SonicWALL® TZ 105 and TZ
205, the most secure and highest performing Unified Threat Management (UTM)
firewalls for small business, retail locations, branch offices and distributed
enterprises. With comprehensive protection against viruses, Trojans, key-loggers
and other application layer attacks, the TZ 105 and TZ 205 provide strong,
enterprise-grade security in a small form factor appliance.

Unlike consumer-grade products deployed by many smaller businesses, the TZ
Series delivers highly effective anti-malware, intrusion prevention, content/URL
filtering and application control capabilities. The appliances offer the broadest, most
secure mobile platform support for laptops, smartphones and tablets. They feature
support for native SSL VPN clients for Apple iOS® and Google® Android™ phones
and tablets. The unique design of the SonicWALL Reassembly-Free Deep Packet
Inspection engine allows the TZ series to provide full network security without
introducing latency. This is a frequent issue for other firewalls, hampering business
productivity at peak demand times.

Malware, Trojans, rootkits and viruses are more than annoyances. One successful
attack can damage reputations, destroy valuable data or interrupt business for
days. Businesses must address these threats, but they require a solution that does
not impact network performance and employee productivity for the sake of security.
For increased security, the new TZ Series provides the ability to configure separate
zones to provide network segregation with distinct security policies for each
network segment. As a result, a virus in one department remains isolated and will
not affect other groups or, for example, critical systems such as Point of Sale

With the tools provided by the TZ Series appliances, IT managers can provide not
only network access, but they can also drive network efficiency by actively
optimizing bandwidth and application usage at the user or group level.

Incorporating advanced networking features such as IPSec and SSL VPN, multiple
ISP failover, load balancing, optional integrated 802.11n wireless and network
segmentation,   the   TZ   Series   delivers   network   connectivity,   resilience   and
availability features to ensure uptime and accessibility when it matters. The
wireless, network segmentation, VPN and centralized management capabilities of
the TZ Series enable network deployments that must meet PCI compliance
standards. The streamlined GUI and advanced management features enable ease of
deployment and configuration of the TZ Series firewalls through intuitive set-up
wizards and a powerful web interface.

Click here for additional key features and benefits of the SonicWALL TZ 105 and TZ
“The new TZ Series is an elegant integration of vital security and mobility features,
combined into a single solution. It offers unsurpassed levels of security and value
while reducing complexity,” said Patrick Sweeney, vice president of product
management and corporate marketing for SonicWALL. “Our customers in small
businesses, retail deployments, government organizations, remote sites and branch
offices benefit from the most effective and comprehensive enterprise-class
protection to make security a business enabler, not a business barrier. The TZ
Series truly is the most secure, sophisticated and widely-deployed security platform
on the market today and we can prove it.”

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