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									The eBook That Change My Life
Think back my life. Just about few years back,
I started reading personal development books since 18 it was my friend who
gave me a book. (Actually he wanted to me to join his MLM company that is
why he gave me the book to read) I didn't join but he got me addicted into
reading, and went on spending thousands of dollars buying books, tapes,
ebooks, home study courses. None of them promise me what I wanted.
My parents keep asking me to find a job all the time when I first finished my
high school to tell not to waste my time reading book.
In 2001 I found one seen then I was wondering from one opportunity to
another for higher pay (Doesn't everyone?) My last job was supervisor in but
the job more like a insurance promoter just the title supervisor make ppl think
i am do big stuff as long i got ppl to buy my product i can go to watch a
movie in cinema while i was working is like a insurance man who when out
and got sale can rest for the of the day. How hard I work was only making
others rich while I myself linger miserably in my very poor pathetic life. I was
earning just RM2,000(USD580) (The Job Was Like Cow). My second job
paying was like RM2100.00(USD615) a lot of ppl ask me why I change my
job, have you been late for work? i been only later for work 3 time and got
my paying cut for RM500, YES
RM500(USD150) and i only came late for 15 minutes!!! Just imagine my life at
that time! My father and mother giving me the money seeing me struggling in
monthly expenses.
But, habit is hard to change, again I started reading books, tapes, ebooks,
home study courses, I found myself still stumbling and fumbling along the
path of Financial Freedom and Wealth. When I got my first credit card, the
whole thing gone even worse. I started to buy ebooks, teleseminars, e-
course, joined internet based programs. I was jumping from one course to
another course, non-stop All of them pushed me into bigger and bigger debt
by the day. After the course arrived, I read it for a few weeks it didn't help
me anything. So i went online to search for more courses, more ebooks.
Finally one day,
I received a e-mail from my friend and it change my entire life changed with
just one email.
I bought it almost immediately with my credit card. Then my life started to
change the minute I finished the product. I started to move into action
instead of reading non-stop. However, this email was the opposite, it allowed
me to grow
money out of nothing while I was sleeping and having more free time to do
what i always wanted to do! This sounds too good to be true but it is
absolutely 100% truly amazing and mind blowing here in Malaysia and whole
world people who are still suffering or who wanted to make more money.

I never knew I could make money this easy and extremely fast in Malaysia!

For the first time I made a RM2,500(USD730) within hours of work my mum
was the most disbeliever in the family cause she is working as an accounting
with the paying RM2,300(USD670.00) for a month where i only work within
hours and got RM2,500(USD730), i work less and got paid more.

Best thing is... it's so SIMPLE is a Step-by-step, idiot-proof techniques turn
key revealed with live working examples that even my family & friends is also
making some money out of it! (Expect my mum cause she doesn't even know
what a mouse is.. haha)

It only take me just few hours to make money after I finish reading the book
(The book state you only need 2 hour per week)

I mention earlier that my last job was a supervisor. My job is like insurance
promoter all we need is to get customer to buy our product so when i got my
sales i mostly will hang around in the bookstore know as MPH mostly i will be
in bookstore for like 3 hours reading book. I was lucky enough to meet this
stranger we later become friend who was the one who send me email about
the book that change my life forever that is how I meet him while i was
working. It was weird I was wondering when the stranger(My friend) came to
shopping so often mostly just thinking you see the same person almost
everday shopping in the weekdays most of the time ppl will do shopping in
the weekend like Saturday and Sunday.. I though he was someone who win
the lottery cause i have been hanging around in bookstore for like a year this
is my life style and never seen him before until he arrived and when shopping
for like 3 months he always like to go to the magzine section. I one time get
to meet him and i ask him talk and talk, for few week when he came to
shopping we be like chatting until i mention is that i am struggling in my work
and life. He ask for my e-mail aacount and the next morning he did send a e-
mail that is when it change my life forever.

People just like me are making thousands of dollars every single month,
working the hours they want, being their own boss and spending lots of
quality time with their family.

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