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					                                     COCONINO COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                          PROGRAM OUTLINE

Prepared by: K.D. Wigal-Emmons                                                                            Date: October 6, 1998
Revised by: Kathryn Kozak                                                                                             Fall 2006
Revised by: Paul Holbrook                                                                                          Spring 2008
Revised by: Kate Kozak, change MAT requirement                                                                        Fall 2010
Revised by: Paul Holbrook                                                                              Date: November 28, 2011

A.           Program Title:        Associate in Business

B.           Program Type:         Academic/Transfer Degree

C.           Catalog Description:         The Associate of Business degree is designed for transfer to the Business
             bachelor’s degree at all Arizona public universities, with the exception of majors in Accounting and
             Computer Information Systems. Students interested in this program or planning to transfer to a university
             other than the Arizona public universities should see an advisor. Students completing this degree will
             transfer 62-64 credits to all Arizona public universities.

D.           Program Goals: Upon completion of this program, the student will have met the general education core
             requirements and common university business program requirements.

E.           Program Outcomes:
             Students will:
             1.       use principles in business to guide critical thinking and problem-solving activities
             2.       identify and modify appropriate technological applications to evaluate, interpret, and summarize
                      business problems
             3.       compose clear and effective communication in oral and written forms
             4.       create solutions for business situations that require quantitative analytical skills

F.           Program Outcomes Assessment: Students will demonstrate attainment of program level outcomes through
             a variety of techniques, including course and program- level assessments.

G.           Program Requirements:
             Minimum credit hours required: 63 credit hours
             1. Degrees
                 a. AGEC-B Requirements – 36 credit hours1
                                                        Prefix/Number/Title                                           Credit Hours
                     1. Composition (6)                 ENG 101    College Composition I                                  3
                                                        ENG 102    College Composition II                                 3

                        2.   Mathematics (4-5)                     MAT 211         Business Calculus                       4
                                                                                   or higher course selected from approved
                                                                                   courses from the Math category.

                        3.   Arts/Humanities (6-9)                 Courses from 2 or more disciplines must be selected from the
                                                                   approved General Education courses in the Arts/Humanities

                        4.   Social/Behavioral (6-9)               Courses from 2 or more disciplines must be selected from the
                                                                   approved General Education courses in the Social/Behavioral

    Associate in Business degree core courses may not be used to satisfy AGEC-B requirements.
     5.   Physical/Biological Sciences (8)
                                         Any 2 courses may be taken from the approved General
                                         Education courses in the Physical/Biological Sciences

     6. General Education Options (3)
                                        Course may be selected from the above categories or from the
                                        Options category(0-3)
                                        CIS 120 Introduction to Computer Information Systems (3)
b.   Core Requirements
     Total credit hours required: 27 credit hours
                                          Prefix/Number/Title                        Credit Hours
     1. Required: 21 credit hours
                                          ACC 255 Principles of Financial Accounting     3
                                          ACC 256 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3
                                          BUS 214 Legal, Ethical & Regulatory Issues
                                                     in Business                         3
                                          BUS 232 Business Statistics and Analysis       3

                                        ECN 204 Macroeconomic Principles                        3
                                        ECN 205 Microeconomic Principles                        3
                                        MAT 172 Finite Mathematics                              3

     2. Business Elective:
         Required: 6 credit hours
                                        Check with an advisor or CEG to choose a course that
                                        transfers as elective or better to at least two state


                                        BUS 204 Business Communications             3
                                        CIS 220 Computer Applications Programming I 4

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