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                             Panda 3.5 After Effects

Panda algorithm was introduced to find the spam contents on internet. Spam contents are
kind of contents which give no beneficial information to the users. It can be a sales page
which has no helpful information what so ever on it. It can be a page which is stuffed with
keywords and has no real value for the visitors. There are couple of things which always
trigger Google to take action against a web page. We will look into these factors one by one.

Panda Metrics 2012

            One of the most important factors to evaluate a website is SERP click through
rate. SERP click through rate is the percentage of clicks you get from the search engine
results position page. Google’s algorithm are capable to guess, what percentage of clicks
should receive a number 1 webpage or number 5 webpage on certain SERP page.

Bounce Rate
             The triggering factor for panda is the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the rate in
which the people are bouncing back to the SERP page after visiting to your page. If the time
taken to bounce back to the SERP page is really low, it simply infers that your page is not
optimized for the requirements of the users. They are just seeing a spammy content. The
webpage does not offer the exact information, which they wanted to see there.

Percentage of New Visitors
             Another important factor which is worth mentioning is the percentage of new
users every week or month. Google can track these metrics. If the web page is able to
attract new visitors, it means that, it has a quality contents. Returning visitors on certain
webpage also makes sure that it is providing useful information to its visitors. Average time
spent by visitors on a webpage also shows whether the site is useful or spammy in nature.

Auto Spun/ Poorly Spun Contents:
               Spun contents are generally created by some software which has either a poor
grammar or sentences do not make proper sense. More poorly spun contents tend to
increase the bounce rate, which triggers Google to penalize the web page.

Truncated Page Rank

                         Truncated Page Rank is a calculation that removes the direct “link
juice” contribution provided by the first level(s) of links. So a page boosted by naïve
methods (such as article marketing) is receiving a large portion of the Page Rank value
directly from the first layer. However, a link from a well linked to page will receive “link
juice” contribution from additional levels. Spam pages will likely show a Truncated Page
Rank that is significantly less than the Page Rank. The ratio of Truncated Page Rank to Page
Rank can be a signal to indicate the spammy nature of a link profile.
It is illustrated in the figure below.

     Warning: Think again before blasting your site or first tier links
     with blog comments.

     Information: Blog commenting backlinks and forum profile
     backlinks have LOST their significance. If they are not having
     good quality, they are most likely spam.

The Question Arises How to Get Rid of Panda

Well the simple approach to escape from the panda effect is to avoid the above written
points. By now you must understand that key is the “Quality Contents”.
The prominent features of Quality Contents are
             •   They are “original”.
             •   They need not to be written by a professional writer, they can be written in
                 simple English but they must offer some knowledge and value to an average
             •   They should not be keyword stuffed.
You can decide to use spun articles on your webpage, but the quality of the contents should
be great. Some of the features of the spun contents are
             •   They are spun at all three levels i.e. word, phrase and sentence levels. (You
                 can go one step ahead and spin it on paragraph level as well)
             •   The spinning process should always be semi-manual.
             •   They should not leave any footprints of article spinning.
More Tips on how to make spun contents better can be found in the final part of this

         Advance Link building Concepts After Panda and OVER SEO Penalty

Before we start to talk on some of the advanced link building techniques, we must know one
thing. If we go by the rules, you will not be penalized by the Google, while your competitors
can be. The instant impact will be that their pages will be de-indexed or affected and your
websites will take the top rankings.
Alright let’s start with some of the advanced link building techniques.

Partial Match Anchor Text:
                          As you guys know, anchor text is a text, which upon clicking, it
transports us to another page. If you are using exact match anchor text for all your
backlinks, it triggers Google for spamming. And it is not so much difficult to find this
pattern. For example of your site is about “dog training” and all your backlinks are having

exact match anchor text “dog training” then it is sure that you are going to be slapped by
What is suggested here is that, instead of using “dog training” as keyword is you should use
all the related keywords as well. Like “dog training”, “dog videos”, “puppy training Classes”,
“dog training collars”. This is also called anchor text diversity. Try to make as many
permutations of the keywords as you can. You can go one step ahead and rotate them as
well. The more keywords you use, the less visible footprints you leave, which means that
Google will not penalize you. You can add natural signals as anchor text for example “click
this link” for dog training Videos or click here for more information on dog training. These
natural signals or call to action anchor texts makes the link building process look more
natural. These type of tactics will rank your site easily but at the same time it will become
harder for Google to find you.


Quantity of Backlinks:
                          The amount of backlinks you build daily for your website can be
easily recognized by Google. For example if you build 50 backlinks a day, 60 backlinks a
day, 55 backlinks a day and then just you order one of the fiverr gig which builds you 5000
to 6000 backlinks in a day. This spike will make it easier for Google to slap your site.
Sudden spikes in back linking process make it all artificial and little bit hard to digest. Even
a newbie can say, it is nothing but spamming.

The process of link building should be
   1) Gradual: Gradual means you are not building thousands of links overnight and
       sending Google a message to come and slap you.







              1         2         3           4             5            6     7

                                 Vertical Axis show the amount of back links
                                 Horizontal Axis shows Time in days

The blue line shows the high spikes of the backlinks which are raising a clear flag. While red
line shows the “should be” backlinking process.

   2) Random: Make the process look as random as possible. Closed link wheels are a
         gone thing now. If you are going for multi- tiered link pyramids, look for the work
         “OPEN” and “RANDOM” interlinked Tiers. Open link wheels make it little hard for
         Google to recognize the linking pattern.
   3) Google can easily screen scrape the backlinks and instantly tell if it’s a comment link
         or nav link or profile link. So the high spikes really scream out loud about the
         spamming activities. Just do not do it.
   4) 40% of the backlinks should point to the main page while rest 60% of the backlinks
         should point to the inner pages. This technique is called deep linking.

How many backlinks should one build then????

Well it is always a hot topic of discussion, but while building links, one thing should be
crystal clear in your mind. The process should look natural to Google. The general rule to
follow is the amount of backlinks per page should never exceed the number of visitors per

month. This means that if you have 20 page website and it has 100 unique visits every
month then the number of backlinks should be 100 * 20 = 2000 links maximum per
month. And the sites which are less than an year old should never exceed this formula.

TIP: Instead of choosing 5000 backlinks gig on fiverr or any other gigs sellings website,
just choose a gig which offers you 2000 links maximum and make sure they give you
randomly linked open link wheels in each tier, interlinked to each other.

Mass Spam Index Penalty
This little topic is being covered here in this advanced link building section although it
belongs to the next section.

Google has some metrics to check that how many spam index pages are linked back to your
pages. If there are too many backlinks and are spammy in nature, it indicates you are going
to get penalty.

All the red blocks show the spam links and therefore the auto spam flag is going to be
raised by Google. This is like a chain reaction. Third tier backlinks are once flagged spam,
second and first tier will also be recognized as spam. If there are 20 links in the first tier
and 4 links are spam main site will be penalized.

The general formula is

10-15% SPAM flagged pages linking back to your page = Auto Spam Flag Raised.

                               Everything is fine in this case

Google OVER SEO Penalty

Google OVER SEO penalty is out and people are significantly feeling the effects of the this
changes. Most of the people are assuming, at the time of this writing that search engine
algorithms are yet unstable and will take some time to settle down. However the whole
process can be understood by the SEO periodic table.

                                   SEO Periodic Table

Legends : +5 means extremely beneficial for your website
          -5 means Google will penalize you without a doubt.

9|P age
Cf        Fresh Contents      Are the contents on your website are updated regularly?
Cq        Quality             Do you posts give visitor the information they want?
Cl        Length in words     Articles are consisting of 500 or more words?
Cs        Spun                Do you use spun content on site and for backlinks?
St        Title               Do you have a keyword in your title?
Sd        Description         Do you have well written Description? (for improving CTR)
Sh        Headers             Do you use headers in your web page?
As        Sitemap             Do your site have sitemap?
Ac        Crawl               Do spiders crawl and index your site soon?
As        Speed               How much time your website takes to load?
Au        URLs                Are the URLs optimized for SEO?
Bq        Quality             Do you have authority backlinks pointing to your website?
Ba        Anchor Text         Are you having anchor text diversity?
Bn        Number              How many backlinks do you build a day?
Ra        Authority           Is your site an authority site?
Rr        Returning Visitor   Do visitor come to your site again and again?
Rb        Bounce Rate         How much is the bounce rate?
Pd        Dummy Content       Does your website have any dummy pages?
Pk        Keyword Stuffing    Keywords are stuffed in your articles?
Pb        Black hat           Do you employ any black hat technique to promote your site?
Pc        Cloaking            Do you cloak your contents or links?
Pp        Paid Links          Do you buy backlinks?
Ps        Spammed Links       Do you make spammy links like blog comments etc.

10 | P a g e

The penguin update was started by the Google 24th of April 2012. The major updates in the
Google algorithm were necessary to combat the websites which were spamming the hell out
of Google with huge amount of backlinks and irreverent contents. The overall aim of the
Penguin Update is to change Google’s search results and to punish the websites which are
spammy in nature.

It may take some time for an update to roll out completely across various data centers and
see the actual effect. In this update, it has been completely rolled out and Google has
confirmed it positively. So Guys!!! Penguin is live now.

How to escape from the Penguin Update: Some Counter Measures

Primarily these changes were done to combat the website, which were spamming Google,
so there are couple of things you MUST take care of while doing an onpage or offpage SEO.

        1      Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing is a bad idea now. While
               composing new posts on your website, make sure that you have a keyword
               density not more than 2-3%. Here is how you can calculate keyword density.
               Count the number of words you have in your article or page.
               Count how many times you have used your keyword in that particular article
               or page then

                     Keyword Density = (Number of Keywords*100)/(Total number of words)

               Example of keyword stuffing can be

                 If you’re looking for tennis shoes, you’ve come to the right place. Our
                 website is the best place to buy tennis shoes. You won’t find better
                 tennis shoes or cheaper tennis shoes anywhere else. We invite you to

11 | P a g e     check out our great selection of tennis shoes.
               Keyword density in above shown text is way more than 3% and it is one
               perfect example of spamming.

        2      Avoid Cloaking: Cloaking means hiding stuff from Google. Cloaking is a
               technique when search engine is shown completely different version of the
               web page than the human see. We are not going to go into more details
               because cloaking can be useful in some cases and many big authority sites
               actually do practice cloaking. But for a micro niche site, or an average content
               site, cloaking is harmful and your website will be slapped by Penguin Update.

        3      Avoid Duplicate Contents: Do not create multiple pages, sub domains, or
               domains with substantially duplicate contents. It is not only duplicate
               contents, which is being penalized by Google, but it’s also poorly spun
               versions of the content, which are recognized and penalized. 2011 Panda
               update was not so strict about this, and it permitted to use up to 50%
               duplicate contents on web pages. But the latest Penguin changes simply do
               not permit any duplicate contents what so ever.

                TIP1: If you have a habit of scraping article from the different article
                directories, spinning and using them on your websites then you will have
                to think again.

                TIP2: Major search engines can detect footprints and synonyms pretty
                easily. Try to stuff the articles with lot of pictures, or original contents to
                make them look unique.

                TIP3: Try to change the format of the pictures to make them unique. If
                the present format if .jpg, you can easily convert it into png or gif using
                any freeware image processing software like irfanview or gimp.

12 | P a g e
How to see if you are really hit

It’s simple. You site may start to dance. It may disappear from the search engine rankings.
If there is a significant decrease in the volume of traffic, then it is apparent that you have
been affected by the updates. If you are using Google Webmaster Central, then Google may
send you notifications, confirming spamming offenses against your website.

Recovery From Penguin Update

It is what Google Says

Because this is an algorithmic change, Google has no plans to make manual exceptions. Webmasters
cannot ask for reconsideration of their site, but we’re happy to hear feedback about the change on our
webmaster forum.

The process of search engine optimization has changed significantly. You cannot afford to
ignore certain factors, which may go adverse for your site. If you want to put up a good
site, which is able to make your smart money, then you need to adapt to the changes and
make strategies accordingly.

                The SEO process has changed completely in 2012 and there is no place for
old SEO backlinking techniques. You really can’t outsource your SEO work blindly to third
party, which is still employing the old SEO routines. Quality contents will win you the games
in longer run. Instead of going after quantity, chose to go after quality. Remember one PR6
backlinks is worth more than 500 PR0 backlinks. The context of authority backlinking will be
much more visible. Low PR profile links or blog commenting links have very less of no value.
I am sure if you go by the guidelines given above, you site will no doubt make it to TOP
rankings and earn your good amount of money.

13 | P a g e

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