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					Top                       Five                        Nokia                         Mobiles
The technology has made a remarkable success but along with this success, it has also become
very cheap. This fact can be revealed with the mobile phones in every hand. People of every
status wish to own an expensive mobile phone. There was a day when acquiring a mobile phone
was much difficult but now we can say that keeping a mobile phone with a single network is
annoying. Therefore, we are providing some mobiles of top companies, which support two SIM
networks                  at                 the                 same                   time.


The name is very popular and almost each of us is acquainted with it. It is the most dominated
company in the mobile world. Nokia always provide reliable handsets to its customers. There is
no doubt that users of Nokia mobile phones are much higher than the users of any other mobile
phone company. Following are the five best examples of Nokia dual SIM phones. Check their
relative                                                                               details.

Nokia           Asha           202          Dual           SIM            Mobile           Phone:

If you want a mobile phone with dual SIM operations, Nokia Asha 202 will be a perfect one for
you. The resistive touch screen of this mobile phone is the wonderful interaction facility. It is a
light weight mobile phone and available in different beautiful colors. Its internal memory is
limited to only 10MB but you can expand this facility up to 32GB by using an external memory
card. The battery timings are also good as it allows a talk time up to 5 hours. No doubt, that
Nokia Asha 202 dual SIM mobile is the best of its kind but it is a simple handset when compared
to      others.     It     also     lacks      any      additional      multimedia       features.

Nokia                                          Asha                                           200:

Nokia is recognized due to the uniqueness of its brands and here is the one example. Its a
QWERTY keypad mobile phone and can be acquired in different attractive colors. It is also a
light weight mobile phone with only 1.5 g weight. Its internal memory is also 10MB extendable
with a card slot up to 32GB. The most dominated feature of this mobile phone is its battery life.
One recharge enable you to talk up to 7 hours on this Nokia Asha 200.

Nokia                                                                                      C1-00:

Nokia C1-00 is a simple hence resourceful handset. It is best for those people who want just a
simple handset without boasting any advanced functionality. The display size is 1.8 inches and
the lightweight body measures only 72.9 g. You can choose this handset in wide range of colors.
Now comes the most advanced feature of this mobile phone i.e. its battery timings. It allows a
talk    time      up     to     13      hours,     forcing     everyone       to     say     Wow!

Nokia                                                                                       C2-06:

The people who love to own mobiles with unique styles should consider the Nokia C2-06. This
is also a dual SIM mobile phone covering the normal aspects and features. This cell phone is
embedded with 2.6 inches resistive touch screen. The ease of placing SIM cards without
removing the battery. Its battery timings are also great with 37 hours of music playback for one

Nokia                                                                                       X2-02:

The part of X Series mobiles is the Nokia X2-02. It is the best mobile phone of its kind boasting
attractive and beautiful design. The color variation of its body is available in wide range like the
one you can choose among red, dark silver, orange, white and ocean blue color. The voice
quality of this mobile phone is also good. It is also consisted of an external 32GB memory.

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