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Importance of Business Communication


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									                      The World of Communication
It is the world of communication. In this age where time is changing at a rapid pace, the
communications are the sole way to interact with our friends and relatives that live all around the
world. These are the main source of spreading our thoughts and our voices in different regions of
the world. One cannot refuse the importance of communications for spending life. In fact, the
communications are greatly responsible for making the world a global village. Business
communication is also very important like other aspects. For any business, communications
decide whether the business is going to be on the horizons of success or not. Now, you can
interact with the whole world while sitting in your office. You can share your ideas with others
and can make final deals with other your clients saving your precious time and travelling
expenses. You can ignore the importance of business communication in the world as the better
communication builds goodwill and the customers of a business. The following techniques will
greatly assist you to make strong relations in the best interests of your business.

Strong                                                                              Connections:

If you are running a business, you should be acquainted with the word of clarity. It means the
clear explanation of your ideas and messages. Whenever you send any proposal or any message
to other person, it should contain clear meanings otherwise it could lead to wrong perception. So
try        to         convey          clear      messages          to         other       people.

Good         Communication            Ensures          Good         Working           Conditions:

The first and utmost principle of business is that you should keep your nerves at normal level.
Listen to the wordings of your clients, partners and customers with a cool mind and if they make
complaint about anything, try to solve it with every possible measure. Good communication
greatly           ensures            the            good           working            conditions.

Make                                        More                                        Relations:

The worst situation in a business is that when you are confused with dealing two people who are
the rivals of each other. Let’s suppose that you are the owner of an advertising agency and at the
same time you have to deal with the owners of same businesses. And both are asking you to
cancel the contract with other. What way you will adopt in such a situation? You should be
diplomatic in such a situation. You should not tell anyone of them about the other and don’t let
anyone of them to be your enemy. There will be lot of incidents in your business dealings where
you            have           to          adopt           a         diplomatic          behavior.

You should give proper training to your employees for the about the importance of your
business. Give them the training as how to make effective business communication using the
modern approaches. You can provide them the information about the latest devices on timely
basis. Its your employees who lead your business on the way to success. The behavior of your
employees has great impact on the success of your business. So consider the importance of
business communication and be a successful executive.
Money                                       Laundering                                       Cases:

Today, the power of ruling over any country is used in negative sense and especially in Pakistan;
politicians just come for money laundering purpose. They do not have any kindness for the
nation. There was an era when Hazrat Umar R.A ruled a big state and without hurting anyone or
doing injustice to the citizens. He is the role model of any leader in the world that how to rule
over                                             a                                          state.

Our                                                                                     Politicians:

Now have a look at the current political structure of our country. Now politicians just seek the
leadership for the sake of corruption and all the current politicians are associated with bundle of
money laundering cases. They are just playing with the emotions of innocent people. The
International Judicial Conference has declared that the agencies should be properly watched out
for their activities and there must be a law for taking back the amount of money laundering from
foreign countries. The departments should work according to the mandate and their interruption
in           the           judicial         affairs         should           be           restricted.

The         Judicial         Measures           to        be         Taken          Care         of:

The International Judicial Conference has also ordered the courts to make biased decisions of
every case. On the other hand, the government is ordered to restrict their interruptions in the
decisions of the courts. The court should announce its final decision about the money laundering
cases and the responsible persons should be given punishment accordingly. The departments
should assist the Supreme Court according to the provisions of article 190. The Judiciary should
control                       the                     intelligence                      agencies.

Cases                  on                  President                   of                  Pakistan:

There is no basics for the money laundering cases. But with reference to the current government,
the Judiciary is forcing the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari not only to declare his assets
but to write a letter to the Swiss Government for issuing the list of wealth of politicians.
Furthermore, he is being asked to take necessary measures to bring back the wealth of our nation
that is saved in the foreign countries. But no response from the president at all. He is just
indifference of the ongoing issues in the country and just busy in spending a luxurious life.
Punishment           to         the         Prime          Minister          of         Pakistan:

Recently, the Chief Justice of Pakistan has punished the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the thirty
seconds period that is a brave step in the history of Pakistan. But nothing seems to be affected on
Pakistan’s leadership. The Prime Minister has openly said that not only he, the other Prime
Ministers shall also never write a letter to the Swiss government. He should be ashamed of his
wordings. The Judiciary, on the other hands, has appreciated the steps of Chief Justice of
Pakistan. But what are the solution to the devastation of human values?
Will           we            accept            the           dominance           of            law?
Is the current law is similar to that of earlier times of Khilafat-e-Rashida?
All these things are well worth of considering. The nation is suffering from a deplorable
situation. Who will bring comfort to their lives?

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