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Should You Use a Liquid or a Powder Foundation?


The application of a foundation is the key to a smooth, glowing skin tone. However, there are some things you need to know first before buying your first foundation makeup. Here are some basic rules that should be followed when making your product selection.

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               Should You Use a Liquid or a Powder
               By Maragret Corey

               Foundation is the key to whether your             - which often leaves a line of makeup
               makeup will look good or bad. The                 between the jaw and neck. Generally, you
               application of a foundation will help to          will look like you're wearing a mask. The
               smooth out your skin tone, conceal blemishes      foundation color that you choose must blend
               and give you a more healthy glow. Applying        in with your natural skin tone.
               makeup without a foundation base can
               actually enhance unsightly skin problems,         Also keep in mind that your skin tone color
               rather than conceal them. But before you          will change with the seasons. In the summer,
               head out to the store, here are some basic        you will most likely need a slightly darker
               rules that should be followed when making         foundation color, as your skin will tan
               your product selection.                           somewhat (even if you don't purposely
                                                                 suntan - you still need to go outside
               How Do I Choose A Foundation                      sometimes.) In the winter your skin will
               Base?                                             lighten again back to its original tone and
                                                                 you should use your natural base color
               First, you need to select the correct color for   foundation.
               your skin tone. Often times, people choose
               foundations that are either too light - making
               them look pale and washed out - or too dark

              Deciding Between Liquid and                       tend to rub off on clothes easier since the
              Powder Foundations                                powder sits on top of your skin.

              The next decision is to determine whether         Another Choice: Liquid-Powder
              you would prefer powder foundation or             Foundations
              liquid foundation. This tends to be more
              personal choice, although there are pros and   Liquid-powder foundation combinations are
              cons to both types.                            another choice that is gaining in popularity.
                                                             The foundation makeup comes in a
              Most women seem to prefer the liquid           compact, much like powder bases, but
              foundation base. It appears to be quicker and contains a somewhat creamy mixture.
              much easier to apply. As well, once blended    Application of this foundation gives a
              into the skin, liquid foundation appears more smooth appearance, like a liquid, with the
              natural and lighter, giving the skin a smooth, absorption benefits of a powder. However,
              even appearance. However, how it is applied you have to be careful when applying this
              can also make a difference. Applying too       type of foundation, since a heavy hand will
              much will cause streaks and spots that look    give you a caked appearance. Like liquids,
              "heavier" then others on your skin. Using a    the key is to apply it lightly and blend well.
              makeup sponge rather than using a fingers       This combination is not the best for people
              can help a lot with creating a smooth, even    with dry skin as it will also give you a patchy
              appearance. Apply a small amount of liquid skin appearance. Choose this type of product
              foundation at a time and blend in carefully.   if you have normal to oily skin.

              Another advantage of a liquid foundation is       If this is the first time you are going to buy a
              that it absorbs into the skin rather than         foundation, you should visit a make-up
              sitting on top of it, so you get a more natural   counter that allows you to try out the various
              skin tone appearance. It also comes in a          products and brand like Clinique, Benefit
              variety of bases to suit women with dry skin,     makeup, MAC, Bare Mineral ... or seek out
              normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, and     a professional make-up artist to help you
              sensitive skin types.                             with your selection. For those that have
                                                                problem skin, such as severe acne breakouts,
              Powder foundations are a less popular             you should visit a dermatologist first. They
              choice, but can work just as well as liquid       can help you with making a wiser choice on
              foundation makeup. It's easy to apply and         the type of foundation makeup would work
              there is less blending involved. They are also    best, plus provide you with other skin care
              great for people that have very oily skin, as     options to help clear up underlying problems.
              the powder will soak up the oil and prevent a
              greasy appearance. You can also carry a           Remember, the best makeup techniques start
              compact powder case with you on days when         with a good foundation that is appropriate
              you need to do a slight touch up to your          for your skin type and skin tone. Be smart
              makeup or on days that are hot and humid,         and take the time to research what is out
              to rid your face of shine.                        there before spending money on any
                                                                product. You'll be happy you did.
              A slight problem with powders, however, is
              that they can look like they are caked on
              your face if applied to heavily or after a
              couple of hours in warm weather. They also


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