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other hard drive folders to access stored video files


other hard drive folders to access stored video files

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									The default locations for your video files are the Windows public video
folder and the matching folder in your user account. When you are viewing
the Videos section in Files mode, both of these locations always appear
on the dropdown list at the top of the Album.

You can also choose other hard drive folders to access stored video
files. Studio lets you navigate to the folder where your files are
located by clicking the icons in the Files mode. You can also select a
file directly by clicking the Browse for file button in either Files or
Scenes mode. Both the current and previous folders are also listed, if
they are different from the two standard locations, making four different
folders that may appear in the list at any one time.

The final entry on the dropdown list is “My Favorite Folders”. If you are
working with several different video folders, Studio’s “favorites”
feature makes navigation easy. To designate any folder a favorite, use
the right-button menu command Set as Favorite folder.

Favorite folders are displayed with a star graphic in the Album. To
return to a favorite, select “My Favorite Folders”, then the particular
folder you have in mind.
Selecting ‘My Favorite Folders’. The folder at right has been designated
a favorite, as shown by the star.

See “The Videos Section” (page 63) for details about modes and view
options when working with video scenes in the Album.

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