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Women and Our Society


									                        Women and our society

Once there was a famous and a beautiful prostitute. Everyone wanted
her but she was out of the reach of many as she was an expensive and a
premium prostitute. A man auctioned for her at a high price and put a
strange condition in front of her. The man said that she could only
come to him if she offered two navafil as prayer. She was both
surprised and annoyed on his wish of his buyer but as she was sold for
the night, she had to follow his directions. She got up and started to say
her prayer. As she started her prayer the man prayed to God:

“O dear God! I only had the power to bring her in front of you, but it is
only you who can mold her heart.”

As the man was praying, she bowed against God in sajida and her whole
world changed. She got the light to the right path and turned into a
very pious lady. History did not recognize that man but everyone knows
that lady who later on became famous and was known as Rabia Basri.
From that day no man ever saw her and she totally devoted herself to
God. She sublimated his soul to God. She was changed but for the
society she always remained a prostitute.

Our society:

In our society people have double standards which are surely
questionable. Everyone in our society today hates the prostitutes but
we all are involved in the mental and physical prostitution. Our society
is a male dominant society where women are dependent on men.
There is no forgiveness for the women. Why women are considered as
a source of enjoyment only? When one honors a woman, one wishes
that she covers herself and because of that act one feels good. But
when someone has a lust for a woman then all these acts are
unpleasant for him. It is the society who predisposes a woman to the
prostitution. These bitter facts are not acceptable for the society. Minto
has written much on women prostitution. He used to drink alcohol but
nobody criticize him on his this act but his literature always faced

What actually a woman is?

Either she is a daughter, sister, wife or mother she cannot make any
other relation. Being a woman she cannot get the due respect. For the
sake of respect she has to fit herself in any of the above relation. Why a
woman is so weak? Why she cannot get her due respect as being a
woman only? There is no place for that woman in our society who tries
to fit her in some other way except those four relations. She can b a
daughter, sister, wife or mother only no other relation exists for her but
the relation of lust.

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