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Resource DVDs by gracemedia


									                                                     GRACE MEDIA
                                                 Suite 1, 2 Bishopstone Ave, Essexwold
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                  RESOURCE DVD TITLES
     CODE                                                             TITLE                                                       PRICE
5356401002      2 Words that Changed Everything                                                                                    R 320.00
                Being a Christian is not easy. Two little words have changed everything. And those words? IN YOU! The
                hope of our lives is in embracing the reality of Christ living His life in and through each of us. It is Christ
                in you, the hope of glory.
                5-part DVD Series
053564027020    Alive                                                                                                              R 200.00
                Louie Giglio explores the complexities within our bodies, and makes us look to the cross to discover the life
                that God offers for our souls ... a spiritual birth that surpasses everything else in this world.
                2-part DVD Series
02G00D          Canvas                                                                                                             R 220.00
                Our lives are tapestries created by God. But instead of following His agenda, we follow our own. Because
                of our choice, He leveraged our sin for His glory by sending His Son to die for our sins. Every time we call
                Him Father, it is a reminder of His immeasurable greatness and our immeasurable gain.
                With Andy Stanley.
                4-part DVD Series
5356402202      History                                                                                                            R 200.00
                God came in human form, to weave even the darkest of sins into a tapestry of His glory. History truly is
                His story. The greatest story ever told. Find your place in the adventure and discover amazing life that
                never ends.
                With Andy Stanley.
                4-part DVD Series
8108040100338   Hope                                                                                                               R 180.00
                Life is not easy, but during the hardest parts of life, when the bottom seems to fall out, where do we turn to
                for peace? Although God does not offer any easy solutions, He does offer Himself and His cross as an
                anchor of hope, no matter what we face in life. When life hurts most, the world listens most intently to our
                message, allowing us to broadcast through our pain the goodness of the one who loves us the most.
                2-part DVD Series

5356401390604   How Great is Our God                                                                                               R 180.00
                Your life is a miracle, and the creator of the universe knows you by name. The God who spoke the universe
                into existence made you too, and He knows everything about you. He is the everlasting God!
                NEW EDITION + BONUS CD
1080401000      Indescribable                                                                                                      R 180.00
                Indescribable takes us on an image-rich journey through the cosmos, allowing us to peer into God's
                universe to discover the amazing magnitude of His greatness and grace.
                NEW EDITION + BONUS CD
5356401902      Life Interrupted                                                                                                   R 320.00
                Interruptions come crashing in on us, bringing with them a flood of questions about life and truth. Moving
                past simplistic answers, this series dives deep into the heart of our darkest nights. We see the way God
                intended us to view life in the midst of our greatest disappointments.
                5-part DVD Series.
5356401302      Lost in Translation                                                                                                R 320.00
                While at times it seems as if God's voice and direction have been lost somewhere in the translation, the
                straight-to-the-heart messages on this DVD remind us that God's will is really not all that difficult to
                discover. God has an incredible plan for our lives, a plan that we can embrace as we seek to know Him
                6-part DVD Series.
     CODE                                                        TITLE                                                         PRICE
5356402002   My Really Bad Date                                                                                                 R 220.00
             We have ll had bad dates. Relationships are hard to figure out and even harder to find. Uncover the value
             of who you truly are and the potential that God has purposed for your life. Let God change you, and let
             Him lead you to healthy relationships that last.
             4-part DVD Series.
             Passion 07                                                                                                         R 400.00
             Six talks from Passion 07 convey the spirit of a gathering that united over 22,000 college students for four
             days of teaching, worship and prayer for awakening their generation. Dig in and jump on board with a
             generation seeking to reveal the beauty and wonder of Jesus Christ to the world.
             6-part DVD Series.
5356402302   Passport                                                                                                           R 200.00
             Jesus left His followers with a simple, yet all-consuming mission: Make sure everyone on the planet hears
             about me! Passport is not about all of us becoming full-time missionaries, but about each of us adopting a
             “missions lifestyle.”
             2-part DVD Series.
5356401602   Prayer: A Remix                                                                                                    R 220.00
             Bless me. Be with me. Watch over and protect me. Forgive me. Remixed prayers embrace these four
             concepts, moving towards a God-centered prayer language that saturates our words with the phrases “Let
             me bless you,” “Live through me,” and “No matter what, use me.”
             3-part DVD Series.
5356401102   Pursuing God                                                                                                       R 220.00
             God has pursued a relationship with us, opening the way through Jesus, for us to know and love Him
             forever. Discover in these messages the vast difference between knowing a lot about God and experiencing
             Him in a personal way.
             2-part DVD Series.
5356401502   Seeing God as a Perfect Father                                                                                     R 220.00
             God longs to be known as a Perfect Father. Through Jesus Christ, this relationship – and the promise of a
             Perfect Father's blessing – is available to evreyone. Through spiritual birth, we can all see, know, and
             enjoy God as a Perfect Father.
             3-part DVD Series.
5356401802   Soundtrack                                                                                                         R 220.00
             Great stories have equally moving soundtracks, and there's no greater epic than the unending story of
             God. Everthing in life and eternity is about God's greatness, glory and grace. Worship is the soundtrack
             for the story of God, a soundtrack we have been invited to join as we celebrate the saving power of God in
             the victories of life, and the enduring assurance of hope and faith in the midnight hour.
             4-part DVD Series.

5356402802   Tattoo                                                                                                             R 220.00
             Fuelled by Paul's confession, “I bear on my body the marks of Jesus,” Tattoo reveals the marks we want to
             show the world and we carry through life. By examing the words of Jesus we awaken to the kind of life His
             grace unfolds. A life that has been visibly altered by the sacrifice of Christ, and one that shines brightly in
             a darkened world, touching every needy heart with hope and love. Through Hus power, we can display the
             marks of the redeemed. Marks that make a difference for eternity.
             3-part DVD Series.
5356402402   The Other Side of Grace                                                                                            R 220.00
             The core of the Christian message is captured by one simple, yet profound word – grace. Through grace
             God cancelled the penalty of sin and death. God's freeing grace compels and empowers us to live a life
             that reflects His glory.
             3-part DVD Series.
5356401702   To Tell the Truth                                                                                                  R 220.00
             The lure of temptation is strong, but the power of God's truth is stronger. When embraced and applied,
             truth empowers us to live life the way it was meant to be lived – full and free.
             3-part DVD Series.
5356402102   Unthinkable                                                                                                        R 240.00
             Our very being is a masterpiece of God's design, He has invited us into the greatest relationship and given
             us a destiny that lifts us to lives of stunning purpose and meaning. This series is an invitation to embrace
             the hope of an unthinkably amazing life marked by the fingerprints of God himself.
             5-part DVD Series.
  CODE                                                      TITLE                                                        PRICE
  CODE                                                        TITLE                                                      PRICE
          Destinations                                                                                                    R 230.00
          Andy Stanley examines the disconnection between our dreams and the paths we take to reach them – that
          our direction, not our intentions, determine our destinations. In this series Andy Stanley challenges us to
          ask the questions: Where al I headed? and Who is in Control?
          2-part DVD Series.
          How to be Rich                                                                                                  R 230.00
          You can find plenty of advice on how to get rich. But where do you learn to be rich? And how do you define
          rich in the first place? Andy Stanley moves beyond the “get rich” mentality and explains God's instructions
          for the vast majority of us who are already blessed with more than we need.
          4-part DVD Series.
          It's Personal                                                                                                   R 230.00
          In his creative and casual style, Andy Stanley makes a case for the fact that adults do not become followers
          of Christ by getting all their questions answered. In most instances, some thing happens that shrinks those
          questions. And that something is always personal.
          On Location                                                                                                     R 230.00
          When you stop to consider the decaying moral and ethical climate in our world, you may wonder, Is there
          any hope? Will things ever improve? In this four-part series, Andy Stanley unpacks what it means to be the
          salt of the earth and the light of the world – where we live, work and play.
          4-part DVD Series.
          Pause                                                                                                           R 230.00
          Andy Stanley takes a closer look at the temptations Jesus faced in the desert to identify the driving forces
          behind the temptations we face every day. Once we realise what is behind temptation, and what is at stake
          every time we are interrupted, we can find the confidence to respond as Jesus did.
          4-part DVD Series.
          Simple                                                                                                          R 230.00
          In a time when religious leaders and a religious system made it increasingly complicated to connect with
          God, a teacher appeared whose message was profoundly simple. Jesus arrived at the stage of world events
          and announced that God's intent was to connect with, not confuse, humanity. To those who were
          considered to be most distant from God, Jesus offered this simple invitation: Follow Me. In this three-part
          series, Andy Stanley unpacks the compelling simplicity of Jesus' Message: Follow, Believe, Obey.
          3-part DVD Series.

  CODE                                                       TITLE                                                       PRICE
          Don't Waste Your Life Vol. 1: One Single Passion                                                                 R 90.00
          This DVD is a passionate call for this generation to make their lives count for eternity. John Piper
          acknowledges the risks for those who seek to accomplish something in life – risks in relationships for the
          sake of righteousness and authenticity, risks with money for the cause of the Gospel, and risks in
          witnessing to the truth and beauty of Christ.
          Don't Waste Your Life Vol. 2: Risk is Right                                                                      R 90.00
          This DVD is a passionate call for this generation to make their lives count for eternity. John Piper
 NEW      acknowledges the risks for those who seek to accomplish something in life – risks in relationships for the
          sake of righteousness and authenticity, risks with money for the cause of the Gospel, and risks in
          witnessing to the truth and beauty of Christ.
 COMING   Don't Waste Your Life Vol. 3: Making Much of Christ

  CODE                                                      TITLE                                                        PRICE
          Creating an Intimate Marriage                                                                                   R 180.00
          by Jim Burns
          This kit contains a DVD with six sessions and a resource-packed CD-ROM with six small group leader's
          guides for use with DVD sessions, as well as reproducible participant guides, and ideas for a church
          sponsored marriage and family month. It also includes sermon outlines, PowerPoint presentations,
          posters, bulletin inserts and more.
CODE                                                       TITLE                                                         PRICE
       Epicenter                                                                                                          R 150.00
       by Joel C. Rosenberg & Skip Heitzig
       Filmed on location in the Middle East, Joel C. Rosenberg and Skip Heitzig conduct exclusive interviews
       with a variety of key leaders from military, government, business and Christian ministry, as well as
       skeptics and critics of Evangelical Christian views of the “last days.” These interviews will give a
       historical context and a foundation for how current events will shape our future.
       Every Young Man's Battle                                                                                           R 180.00
       by Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker
       This DVD will take guys straight to the heart of their frustrations and fears. It will give them the truth they
       need to hold on to – truth that will drive them forward and give them hope. By learning to go to the dark
       and difficult places in their hearts, and standing up in God's power in all the battles they face, guys will
       find themselves sull of spiritual confidence and courage.
       Evidence for Heaven                                                                                                R 100.00
       What if there is proof beyond faith that Heaven exists? Do scientific discoveries and cutting edge research
       actually prove the existence of Heaven? In this DVD, scientific studies, personal testimonies and
       experiences of those who say they have had a near death experience, in which they have been to heaven
       and back, are examined
       Reflection on Psalm 23 for People with Cancer                                                                      R 115.00
       by Ken Curtis
       Over 3,000 years ago, Israel's King David wrote what has become the most popular song in the entire
       history of the world. It is known as the 23rd Psalm. When you combine its comfort and courage, then hope
       is generated. And hope is one of the most essential and valuable resources to help anyone suffering from
       cancer, or from any major illness or setback in life.
       13 8-minute Sessions.
       The Jesus DVD                                                                                                      R 130.00
       Explore the life and world of Jesus in impressive virtual reality.
       Use your remote control to zoom into a bird's eye view of cities of Israel.
       Watch animations on the life of Jesus.
       Take a tour of Israel's history with archaeologists.
       The Language of Sex                                                                                                 R 90.00
       by Dr Gary Smallley & Ted Cunningham
       In The Language of Sex, Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham go beyond the book to take a deeper Biblical
       look at the topic of sex in the marriage relationship. This DVD is a fantastic resource for couples to watch
       together and is equally useful for individuals, small groups, pastors and leaders.

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