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                                BETTY LUKENS FELT STORY TELLING KITS

                    The Betty Lukens range of felt story products are for special orders only,
                                 and a 50% deposit is required for all orders!

Make Your Bible Stories Come Alive!
- Brilliantly colored felt figures capture the attention of even the the
most active child.
- Bible characters and scenes are brought vividly to life as you add, remove,
and rearrange the felt pieces.
Ideal for:
- Children's Ministry
- Home Schooling
Covers Old and New Testament stories.
A great interactive teaching tool.

- 600 Figures & Objects (12 figures of Jesus plus men, women, children, animals, buildings,scenery items, tables, chairs,
pyramids,tomb, ark, fiery furnace, and many,many more.
- Three Mounted Boards: Water and Sky Background Indoor Background, Purple Board
- Four bright and colorful overlays: Hillside, Shoreline, Desert, and Throne Room
- Teacher’s Manual with 182 stories
- Filing System for storing all 600 pieces
        CODE                                                          TITLE                                                  PRICE
01700                  Large Character Deluxe Bible Set (30cm figures)                                                      R 4,900.00
01800                  Small Character Deluxe Bible Set (15.5cm figures)                                                    R 2,500.00

Teach over 180 stories with this set! Includes 600 pieces, Hillside overlay and Bible Story Manual
       CODE                                                           TITLE                                                  PRICE
7-5012               Large Figure Set (30cm characters)                                                                     R 2,400.00
7-5022               Small Figure Set (15.5cm characters)                                                                   R 1,200.00

Backgrounds and overlays are used with the Basic Bible Sets to create the setting for all your Bible Stories. Backgrounds provide
infinite uses. You can use them as they are, or by adding an overlay, transform them completely!
        CODE                                                          TITLE                                                   PRICE
                       Water & Sky Scene
                       Used in all outdoor scenes alone or with overlays
7-5014                 Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 300.00
7-5024                 Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 135.00
                     Indoor Scene
                     The Indoor Background, consisting of the walls and floor, and is used for all indoor scenes.
7-5015               Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 300.00
7-5025               Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 135.00
                     Prison Scene
                     The rich colors of the rock walls illuminate even the dark corners in this Prison Background. Use it
                     to vividly portray the imprisonment of Bible characters such as Joseph, Peter, Paul and Silas, and
                     many more.
29892                Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 300.00
7-5026               Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 135.00
                     City Street Scene
                     The cream-colored buildings and cobbled street are washed in a sunny glow in the City Street
                     Background. It’s perfect for creating a real sense of everyday life in Biblical times.
                     You can use this scene over and over in telling Old and New Testament Bible stories.
7-5016               Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 300.00
00809                Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 135.00
                     Interior Scene with Overlays
                     The Interior Background comes complete with background shown at right and the additional overlay
                     pieces shown below. Expand your teaching library with this flexible indoor scene.
                     Overlays create unlimited options: open door to reveal another room, show front door opened or
                     closed. Add carpet, change from night to day, or city to country.
00712                Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 450.00
00812                Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 190.00

Backgrounds and overlays are used with the Basic Bible Sets to create the setting for all your Bible Stories.
Backgrounds provide infinite uses. You can use them as they are, or by adding an overlay, transform them completely!
For instance, place the Desert Overlay on top of the Water and Sky Background and travel with the Three Wise Men. Or, place the
Hillside Overlay on top of the Water and Sky Background and listen to the Sermon on the Mount.
       CODE                                                           TITLE                                                  PRICE
                      Shoreline Scene (Trees etc.)
                      You can use this overlay to make the Water & Sky Background (sold separately) a beautiful river
                      bank for Moses in the bulrushes, a lake for Jesus to preach from, an ocean for Jonah to board a ship
                      sailing for Tarsus, and many others.
7-5018                Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 235.00
7-5028                Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 100.00
                      Desert Scene
                      Transform the Water & Sky Background into a desert.
7-5019                Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 235.00
7-5029                Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 100.00
                      Throne Room Scene
                      The Throne Room overlay which consists of the three pillars, curtain, steps and carpet. This turns the
                      Indoor Background into a royal palace for David, a temple court where Paul preaches to the people,
                      or a visit to Queen Esther’s banquet.
7-5020                Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 235.00
7-5030                Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 100.00
                      Cave Scene
                      When you combine the Cave Overlay with the Prison Background, you create a dramatic cave scene
                      appropriate for stories like Elijah, David and Saul, and more. You can also use the door from the
                      Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt Set to cover the entrance to the cave and create a dungeon for
                      the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den and others.
7-5017                Large Scene (32” x 48”)                                                                                 R 235.00
7-5027                Small Scene (16” x 24”)                                                                                 R 100.00

Organize and protect your felt figures with the unique filing system.
Each 2" deep, 18" x 24" box contains velour sheets on which are printed the outline and number of each figure. Each sheet comes with a
Category Tab listing the numbers found on that sheet. This makes it easy to find and then replace the characters and objects you need.
       CODE                                                           TITLE                                                    PRICE
7-5013                Large File System (2 boxes)                                                                             R 1,050.00
7-5023                Small File System (1 box)                                                                                 R 500.00

       CODE                                                          TITLE                                                     PRICE
7-5032         Birth of Jesus                                                                                                   R 250.00
7-5033         Crucifixion & Resurrection                                                                                       R 250.00
7-5034         Noah's Ark & Adam and Eve                                                                                        R 180.00
7-5066         Second Coming                                                                                                    R 190.00
7-5066         Heaven Scene                                                                                                     R 180.00
7-5035         Story of Jesus (44 lessons)                                                                                      R 770.00
00924          Complete Manual (Contains 182 stories)                                                                           R 175.00

     CODE                                                            TITLE                                                     PRICE
               Christian Armour (12 lessons)

                     Teach the importance of the Christian’s spiritual defenses as described in Ephesians 6. Twelve talks
                     are provided in the Teacher’s Manual, each followed by a story to illustrate the topic.
                     The figures are 20" tall.
7-5036               Christian Armour                                                                                          R 215.00
                     Dream About Trees
                     Follow the dreams of three trees as they “grow-up” to fulfill significant roles in the life of Jesus as
                     the crib, the boat and the cross.
7-5067               Dream About Trees                                                                                         R 180.00
                     Home Worship Set (23 lessons)
                     What a delightful way to teach your children Bible stories at home! Children can re-create these
                     favorite Bible stories and they will remember them forever.
                     This set can be purchased separately or as a Deluxe set which includes figures and objects, lesson
                     manual, a filing system, and the blue mounted board (16" x 24"). The small blue mounted board is
                     self-standing and can be used on a table or on your lap.
00903                Home Worship Set                                                                                          R 216.00
00904                Home Worship File (1 box)                                                                                 R 156.00
00905                Deluxe Home Worship Set                                                                                   R 400.00
                     Tabernacle Set (12 lessons)
                     Now you can accurately portray the rooms and furniture of the tabernacle in full color. Included are
                     12 devotional talks for children.
7-5037               Tabernacle Set                                                                                            R 215.00
                     The Two Ways (13 lessons)
                     This is a theme set for Primary and Junior-age children. It is designed to help them make decisions
                     between right and wrong and to decide on following Christ.
                     The Manual contains ten theme talks and a story to illustrate each theme.
7-5071               The Two Ways                                                                                              R 215.00
                     Jesus as a Child (12 lessons)
                     The “Jesus as a Child” felt illustrations have been developed to remind children that Jesus was once
                     a child like themselves. While He is most often thought of as either a baby or an adult, He certainly
                     understands what it is like to be a child.
                     (Boy Jesus figures approx. 11" tall)
7-5040               Jesus as a Child                                                                                          R 215.00
                      Fruit of the Spirit
                      This set is designed to teach lessons about the work of the Holy Spirit. It includes a large basket with
                      17 pieces of fruit.
                      The words are taken from Galatians 5, and are printed in large felt letters for use with the life-size
                      fruit pieces as the lesson is being taught. These items may also be arranged to form an exceptional
                      bulletin board display.
7-5038                Fruit of the Spirit                                                                                         R 215.00

- Beautiful background pages and moveable characters develop a child’s imagination as they create their own stories.
- Provides hours of learning fun with an endless variety of scenes.
- Develops a child’s eye-hand coordination as they position and reposition the felt play pieces throughout the book!
- Made of the highest quality, durable, washable felt that won’t tear and will last for years to come.
- All felt kits can be assembled into a book or used as a teaching visual on a felt board.
         CODE                                                             TITLE                                                   PRICE
                         Bible Stories & Activities
                         This brightly colored seven page book makes the ideal introduction to Bible stories for young
                         children to understand, enjoy, and remember.
                         (7 pages 7-1/2" x 10-1/2")
7-5041                   Bible Stories & Activities                                                                               R 215.00
                         Noah's Ark
                         Gather all the animals into the ark to save them from the giant flood! This timeless story emphasizes
                         God’s protecting care for his faithful followers.
                         (5 pages 10" x 8")
7-5046                   Noah's Ark                                                                                               R 215.00
                         Old Testament Bible Stories
                         Open this glorious eight page book and find eleven of your favorite Bible stories. See the Red Sea
                         part, face the giant with David, find baby Moses in the bulrushes, and more.
                         Your child will never forget these stories!
                         (8 pages 7-1/2" x 11")
7-5045                   Old Testament Bible Stories                                                                              R 215.00
                         Life of Jesus as a Boy
                         From the miracle of Jesus’ birth, the shining star and the three wisemen, ending with His visit in the
                         temple, this book introduces children to the life of Jesus as a boy.
                         These heart-warming illustrations make this a favorite with parent and child
                         (7 pages 7-1/2" x 10")
7-5048                   Life of Jesus as a Boy                                                                                   R 215.00

     CODE                                                              TITLE                                                      PRICE
FBBL          Small Board (16” x 24”)                                                                                               R 55.00
FBEL          Large Board (32” x 48”)                                                                                              R 150.00
STD           Stand                                                                                                                 R 50.00

                                       PRICES CORRECT AS OF 1 APRIL 2008.
                                  PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

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