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Are you looking to learn more about your health? Regardless of the topics you are most interested in, there are several places you can turn for information and advice. While visiting your doctor is a great idea, this is not the first thing you should try. Instead, you should go online and read as many health articles as you can find.

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									What are the situations and circumstances most likely to cause stress in
your life? Are you at risk from any of these? Here are the most common


 According to a recent survey, 40% of workers described their jobs as
very stressful. Because we all spend so much time at work, job-related
stress can be very harmful.

 You need to identify the circumstances at work that cause you the most
stress and take action. You may say thats obvious, but many people make
like an ostrich, trying hard to ignore the problem, because they dont
want to face up to the consequences.

 Action could mean talking to your boss or personnel manager to arrange a
job transfer or change or responsibilities, or it could mean changing
jobs or even careers.


 Often you dont choose your family and many of your relationships, and
you dont always get on with everybody. Anger and emotions are often
stored-up until they explode.

 Emotional stress can be relieved greatly by talking, either to a support
group of friends or professional counsellors.

 Pregnancy and sex

 Pregnancy and sex is an emotive subject that can also cause much stress.
Pregnant mothers worry about their unborn babies and spouses worry about
many issues from performance in bed to infidelity and infertility.

 If you suffer from these causes you will benefit by sweeping aside
taboos and fears, talking openly about your problems to partner or

 Yoga or other forms of bodywork, such as massage can be very effective
here, especially for mothers-to-be.

 Study and learning

 Study and learning can cause much distress, weather its professional
exams and qualifications or college studies. Often the problem is time-
management. There just are not enough hours in the day.

 Being a student can be a difficult period for many of us but there is
much you can do to counteract the stressful effects of studying and

 Plan ahead, especially when there is an exam at the end. Allow more time
than you think you need. Create a quiet space for studying where you are
not disturbed. Schedule your study time and dont allow it to be hijacked.
 Health problems

 Health problems can cause considerable stress and vice versa. A vicious
cycle can be created. Which comes first? Or, more importantly what can
you do to break the cycle?

 So what illnesses and health problems are linked to stress?

 Stress can affect heart disease and strokes, immune disorders,
gastrointestinal problems, eating disorders and diabetes. It can cause
tension, pain and insomnia, headaches, migraines and sexual dysfunction.
It can also impair memory and concentration.

 This is just a short selection!

 Traumatic events

 Serious accidents or traumatic events can be a source of stress, not
just at the time of the event, but for many years after.

 Traumatic events often causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is
usually treated by professionals. However, many less traumatic events can
be helped enormously with simple stress relievers and stress management

 Children and teenagers

 Children and teenagers can be a source of much stress. And as parents it
can be a double bind. Their stress is causing your distress or it could
be that you have difficult or unruly teenagers making your life much

 In particular, teenagers are often stressed by growing pains and
learning to live in an adult world. As adults, problems that you take in
your stride, can be a source of great anguish to them.

 Talking to them, in a non-confrontational way, to discover the source of
the problem can work. Babies dont come with manuals and we have to learn
how to be good parents by experience. But there are many guides to being
a good parent available on the Internet and bookstores.

 Unhealthy lifestyle

 Unhealthy lifestyles are the modern stressors. Drinking, smoking, drugs
junk food and vegetating in front of the TV, all contribute to stress
much more than you may realise.

 Our bodies and minds are like machines. They need to be used to
regularly in order to function in peak condition. We need to feed them
with the correct nutrients, exercise them properly and not abuse them.
 Understanding what causes you stress will help you greatly to take back
control of your life. Start learning about stress and seek out solutions
that strike a chord with you.

 And it doesnt have to be medications or pills. There are many effective
techniques and strategies that are completely natural and kind to you and
your health.

 Selecting the best combination of techniques, to either reduce or
eliminate your stress problem, is really a personal choice.

 Whatever you do, start your search today.

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