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									                          Kingfield Neighborhood Association Meeting
                                      September 14, 2011

Present: Randy Niemiec, Brook Lemm-Tabor, Scott Bordon, Marshall Onsrud, Arthur
Knowles, Chris Sur, Tamara Eirten; Victoria Pena.

Absent: Pam Taylor, Rachel Bonds, Mark Brandow, John Barber, Joby-Lynn Sassily-James

Staff: Sarah Linnes-Robinson

Guest: Brian Cross -KFNA neighbor from 3800 block of Garfield, Council Member Elizabeth
Glidden; Matt Perry – resident East Lake Harriet

I. COMMUNITY FORUM: Scott welcomed everyone to the meeting and encouraged our
guests to introduce themselves and tell us if they had an item to bring to the Board.
        A. Brian – resident since 1986 wanted to visit the board to see how things work. He is
        currently taking an administrative class and wanted to see how KFNA functioned.
        B. Elizabeth Glidden – comments
                1. The mayor has announced a zero percent levy and explained how this may
                affect the neighborhood.
                2. The pension funds have been moved into the main system for Minneapolis and
                this should make a difference in how monies are apportioned and allocated.
                Getting Minneapolis out of the risk of the market business with regards to
                3. One Minneapolis, One Read – Minneapolis is reading the same book together
                for the first time, The Grace of Silence, by Michele Norris; former Kingfield
                resident and current MPR News host.
        C. Matt Perry – NEHBA. October 25 meeting of the Transporation, Public Works
        assessments will be dealing with the ways in which private businesses are encroaching
        the public right of way – partially, fully or not at all. He noted that the City Council had
        voted, generally, to accept the 44’ width, 46 feet wide at the 38th intersection, and, 54’
        wide at 36th Street. This intersection is also slated to have a left turn lane. The decision
        of what will be done with the encroachments under the street, issue of movement,
        destruction or just assessment. The city has never documented the process regarding
        these encroachments and this needs to be done so that businesses can be prepared for
        potential assessments as a result of the Nicollet reconstruction project.
        Today was the last day to give resident input for a “grand” identity for the area and the
        business association will move forward. “Experience Southwest” is one of the marketing
        ideas submitted for this identity.

       A. Secretaries report – July minutes – Scott asked if there were any changes, Arthur
       moved to accept as submitted, Randy seconded. Voted unanimously to accept. There
       were no August minutes as the Board participated in National Night Out instead.
       B. Treasurer’s Report –
              1. Monthly Report – Sarah reminded we have about $100,000 in the bank mostly
              through advanced payments.
              2. New Home loan program opened on August 15 – 10 applications for the 3%
              exterior home loan have been received; 2 loans have closed already.
                      a. The loan program was promoted through the KFNA newsletter and in a
                      couple of notices in the e-news.
              3. There will be a dinner upcoming for participation in the Home Energy
              Workshops – we will be honored for being in second place with amount of $2,500
              for our participation.
              4. Profit/Loss Info – we are slightly below our budget in all categories.
                      a. A discrepancy in numbers for budget vs. expenses was noted for June-
                      July that needs to be revisited.
                      b. Audit has been returned – timely – 3 findings that needed clarification
                              1) Segregation of duties – addressed every year.
                              2) Samples were discovered that weren’t following policy –
                              response that we have corrected our policy and we will do better of
                              following our own policy.
                              3) Timeliness of reimbursement requests – make certain you plan
                              your requests in a timely fashion to ensure you have money in your
                              account as needed.
                      c. Sarah would like approval from the board to send responses
                              1) Chris proposed we approve – Arthur seconded, passed

       A. Regarding the possibility of land banking the potential purchase of the lot on Blaisdell
       between 39th and 40th Streets. He noted that the management of banking this lot would
       remove many of the administrative burdens.
       B. Issues
              a. encroachments from neighborhood properties
              b. paved spot at rear of land which has been used for parking – would need to
              make this use a formal use that could help fund the site.
              c. Preliminary costs $7,000 closing costs $850.00 – other costs, maintenance,
              utilities, etc., approximately $2,500.
                       1) These expense costs could be negotiated or revised through other

      C. What Next – obtain pro-bono assistance to help decide the issues mentioned above as
      well as help us decide if the purchase is as good idea

      A. Blaisdell Community Garden Update – see above.
      B. Soundwall Graffiti Prevention Project – A flyer was presented at National Night Out
      to garner neighborhood input.
             1. Meeting (brainstorming session) was last week to discuss the possibility of
             presenting the potential design.
                     a. design being presented to Legacy committee for their review soon.
                     Current design includes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., flowers, butterflies,
                     people, pets, bicycles.
                     b. design, production and final project due by the end of the year.
             2. Second part of item regards the watering plants/orchard to be planted along the
              soundwall. City has embraced the opportunity to work on this problem with free
              standing meters available. There is a grant to acquire irrigation that will need to
              be addressed. Sarah received a bid costing about $6,000 for running water to
              care for potential landscaping. The city is still willing to pay $2,000 for this service
      C . eVotes – Scott would like to try to avoid e-voting or if we do, is there some other
      way to have this take place that is more efficient and effective than the series of emails
      that have been occurring.
      D. Plastic Recycling Community Initiated Grant – partnership with East Side Coop to
      collect plastics that recycling does not currently collect. Sarah noted that the East Side
      Coop is currently seeking 5 additional drop-off points and trying to work with another
      agency or organization for these sites to promote this idea.
               1. Sarah then asked Elizabeth Glidden about the new method of single sort
               recycling that is being tested in a couple of neighborhoods.
               2. Sarah noted that there formerly had been told there was no market for the
               products that we are planning to collect.
               3. Victoria asked for further information regarding the parameters for being
               designated as sites.
                       a. exterior site, place to store the materials collected, someone would
                       need to be responsible to getting the materials collected to the drop-off
                       site. Firm sites are at designated at a few areas.
      E. Event Committee Update – Randy – Committee always needs new members, meets
      the first Weds of the month at 7:00 p.m. (location?)
               1. First event –celebration of the opening of the new bike lane – Oct. 9
               2. Looking for items to help celebrate this opening in conjunction with potential
               3. Also seeking permission for funding for sandwich board signs to help promote
               our events around the neighborhood. We currently own 2 of these signs, the A-

             Frames for these signs cost between $75-$100 a piece. Printing costs per sign is
             about $25/per sign.
                     a. Scott would like the executive committee to discuss the use of this
                     method of publication more specifically and then give Randy some
                     recommendation to investigate further.
     D. NNO Ice Cream – Scott thanked those who assisted with the distribution of Nicollet
     Pothole ice cream, courtesy of Sebastian Joe's, to the neighborhood block parties. Ice
     cream was distributed to 56 various block parties within our neighborhoods. A new
     flavor is being developed for next year. Our flavor from 2 years ago, Nicollet Pothole,
     was recently voted a favorite flavor by City Pages.
     E. CURA research grant-submitted on behalf of Building Bridges, KFNA named as
     partner organization – grant for research assistant – we would not be supervising this
     person. Proposals were distributed in Board materials but still unknown whether we
     would be getting the amounts requested.
             1. Scott requested that we add names of who’s involved in these committees to be
             able to better see who in our neighborhood is involved. This would help us
             connect to these individuals who are working in the neighborhood.
             2. Sarah noted the Pillsbury grant came through conversations with ____*(Name)
             and the scrapbooking project has been working with Art Serotoff at Sabathani
             (Regina resident).
             3. The October 4, event with Michele Noris, (Doris Christopher – Michele’s
             aunt) (Betty Tisel – Kingfield resident) (Charles Mays – Regina/Legacy
             committee member) will be formalized and announced through e-notification.
             Location to be determined.

V.   KFNA Volunteer Outreach Needed:
     A. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Legacy Advisory Council. How can we
     incorporate the neighborhood interests and the Legacy committee? As the neighborhood
     in which the park is situated, we should have representation in this process. Ultimately
     the MPRB makes the final decisions on park development.
             1. Thoughts on redoing the playground – our playground is not on the same
             caliber as that of other parks.
             2. Thoughts on building community garden at former Freedom Form site.
     B. Farmers’ Market – We need volunteers to staff the Kingfield table. Think about when
     you or a member of your committee could be available to staff our table.
     C. Eating for Art – September 22 – please consider spending some time at our fabulous
     restaurants to help collect funds for this cause.
     D. Celebrate 38th – Sept. 24 – This is only a Kingfield celebration this year.
     E. Blaisdell/1st Bikelane Celebration, Oct. 9 – Please volunteer if you can.

       A. Dog Park – Brook gave an overview of the work of the CAC and their decisions and
       then recommended that the Task Force be placed on hold and remaining funds be donated
       to an item for the new dog park on behalf of the neighborhood. Final decision on item to
       be made at a later date pending outcome of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
       decision on the location of the proposed Sixth District Dog Park.
       B. Bylaw Working Group Update – no meeting set yet. Pam will let everyone know
       when this will occur. She was not in attendance and no report given.
       C. KFNA Committees: Confirming Committees, discussing needs – Board list of stated
       committee interests. Please confirm with Sarah what committee on which you want to
       serve. Scott will stay on Youth and Schools.
       D. Discussion of Board Workshop Mission and Values Statements and Next Steps –
       reminder – do we want to explore the mission statement? It was decided to table this for
       now and continue to talk about outreach and how our statement should tie into these
       E. Redevelopment committee – no report
       F. Garden committee – currently meeting at different schedules.
       G. Solar initiative – grants due – new business recently on board.
       H. Newsletter Committee – Scott mentioned thanks to all who worked on the newsletter.
       Sarah will check on why it wasn’t received by some board members. Mailed after Labor
       I. Youth and Schools – on hiatus during the summer. The Committee is looking to begin
       again now that school is back in session. As a result of the Walking Bus created by the
       Lyndale Community School, 10 other schools and neighborhoods are going to start this
       project as well.
       J. Crime Prevention and Safety
               1. This past month seems to have been active with destruction, random bullets,
               mobile drug dealing. This activity appears to be moving out of the area again.
               Four individuals were arrested in association with some of these items.
               2. Traveling block party still working around the neighborhood informing
               neighbors how to be safe by doing the obvious (locking doors and windows, not
               leaving valuables in plain sight in your vehicles, etc.) Next informal meeting is
               Tues., September 20, at 38th and Grand.
               3. Marshall mentioned that continuing to provide information with our e-
               newsletter could be a possibility to provide information to the neighborhood.

Motion to adjourn was made by Arthur and seconded by Marshall. Meeting adjourned at 8:45

Respectfully submitted,
Brook Lemm-Tabor

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