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									           Dr Pepper Snapple Group & KaBOOM!
      2012 Let’s Play Outdoor Fitness Equipment Grant
Attention all KaBOOM! Alumni! Do you ever wish you could add physical fitness equipment to
your playspace? Well you are in luck! Learn how you can apply to receive a $15,000 Outdoor
Fitness Equipment Grant in 2012!

A National Partner of KaBOOM!, Dr Pepper Snapple Group has made a $15 million, three-year
commitment to the organization as part of the company’s Let’s Play initiative. Let’s Play is a
community partnership led by Dr Pepper Snapple Group designed to get kids active nationwide.
Through Let's Play, KaBOOM! and Dr Pepper Snapple Group will provide the tools, places and
inspiration to help communities increase physical activity.

Thanks to generous support from Dr Pepper Snapple Group, KaBOOM! is excited to announce
Let’s Play Outdoor Fitness Equipment Grants. Only communities that are registered with the
KaBOOM! Alumni Network are eligible to apply to receive one of five $15,000 Grants. Please
read through the information about outdoor fitness equipment, eligibility for the grant, and grant
commitments to see if you can receive and support this grant. In order to complete the
application, fill out Parts I – IV. Please submit a complete application to the KaBOOM! Alumni
Network Manager, Mila Liachenko mliachenko@kaboom.org by 5:00pm EST February 29, 2012.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment
In many communities the need for outdoor fitness equipment is growing; kids that once played on
the playground are growing up and are looking for something new to do. Parents and
grandparents want to bring their kids and grandkids to the playground, but also want to be active
while they are there. Communities are looking to include more opportunities for physical activity
around the playground. One way to address these needs is to include outdoor fitness equipment
near and around the playground. By creating a multigenerational playspace, community
members of all ages will have an opportunity to exercise and have fun.
Starting an outdoor fitness equipment project
There are several key steps that you need to take in order to plan for and implement an outdoor
fitness project for your playground. One of the most important steps is to select a vendor. We
have 10 preferred vendors that you can choose from (you have to use one of the preferred
vendors). Click on the links to learn more about the type of outdoor fitness equipment each of the
vendors has.

BCI Burke                http://www.bciburke.com/fitness-stations.html

GameTime                 http://www.gametime.com/fitness-and-sports-equipment

Greenfields              http://www.GreenfieldsFitness.com

Landscape Structures http://www.playlsi.com/Explore-Products/Product-Lines/Park-Fitness-

Little Tikes              http://www.littletikescommercial.com/products/products-

Miracle Recreation       http://www.miracle-recreation.com/products/commercial-playground-

Play and Park Structures http://playandpark.com/products/additional-products/excercise-

Playland                 http://www.playland-inc.com/product-tab.php?tabid=59

Playworld Systems         http://playworldsystems.com/about_us/product_lines/energi

Progressive Designs http://www.pdplay.com/index.php/PD-Play/fitness.html

When selecting a vendor, it is important to ask specific questions to ensure they are able to meet
your needs. Here is a list of questions to ask that will help you with your decision for selecting a

    1. How many years have you been manufacturing outdoor fitness equipment?
    2. Ask the vendor to outline the process for planning and implementing an outdoor fitness
       equipment project. This includes all elements of the process from initial design to the
       installation of the equipment.
    3. If there is an issue with the equipment, how is a service request handled?
    4. Can the equipment be installed with volunteers?
    5. What is the warranty on the equipment?
    6. What is the lead time from order to installation of the equipment?
    7. What is the price range for the equipment?

It is also important to assess how quickly the vendors respond to your inquiries. This can be an
indicator of their responsiveness if you select them.

To be eligible to apply for this grant, you must meet the following criteria:

    1. If you have received a Let’s Play grant in 2011, you are not eligible for to receive
       this grant. (2011Spruce grantees are still eligible)
    2. Be a registered KaBOOM! alumni and have a well maintained playground.
    3. Playground is listed on the KaBOOM! map of play.
    4. Submit a completed application by February 29, 2012. A vendor will need to be selected
        and a design and pricing options must be presented.
    5. Applicant must obtain any and all necessary consents, approvals, permits and/or licenses
        required to implement the outdoor fitness equipment grant; and provide proof of said
        approvals, consents, permits and/or licenses. Check with school district, local child care
        and/or youth programs licensing offices, park district, or other entity that governs the area
        where the equipment will go.
    6. Must have space to install the equipment.
    7. Provide proof of commercial & general liability insurance for at least $1,000,000.
    8. Ability to raise $6,000 for the project. This can be in the form of in kind donations and or
    9. Be registered on the KaBOOM! website as part of your application process. If you have
        not already registered, please join KaBOOM! (kaboom.org/join) and establish a log-in.
    10. Understand the entire program requirements and commitments.

Selected Grantee Program Requirements/Commitments:
   Commit to have the equipment installed no later than December 30, 2012.
   Consent to and sign a KaBOOM! Letter of Agreement (see attached sample).
   Be available for communication with KaBOOM! Alumni Network Manager to assess progress
    of the outdoor fitness equipment project.
   Take at least 2 actions for play (see list below and click on links for more information)
          Map of Play – add or rate 5 playgrounds within a 2 mile area of your playground
            Mapping Playspaces
          Write a letter to the editor promoting the cause of play Letter to the Editor
          Engage lawmakers through letter writing Letter to lawmakers
          Become a mentor within the KaBOOM! Alumni Network kaboom.org/alumni
          Add Side projects to your playspace Side projects
          Use social media to advocate for Play Social Media
          Host a clean-up Clean up
          Host a play day Play Day

   Match grant with at least $6,000. This includes cost for site preparation, in- kind
    donations towards the project and staff time dedicated to the project.
   Submit all information related to grant program and respond to any additional information
    requests. There will be a final report that will be required after the equipment has been
   Agree to hold a grand opening ceremony after the equipment has been installed.
   Agree that all eligibility requirements are met.

Selection Criteria:
Only applicants who have submitted complete applications and demonstrate they meet the
eligibility requirements will be considered. Key criteria used in the selection process include:
      Demonstrate that the equipment will increase use of the playspace.
      Registered and active KaBOOM! Alumni status.
      Demonstrate activities that have happened since the playground was built.
      Evidence of a well maintained playground. This includes the playground and the
      Demonstrate that two actions for play have been taken.
      Evidence of space available for the equipment.
      Demonstrated impact on low income areas and the number of kids/adults the equipment
           will serve.
      Demonstrated enthusiasm for this grant program and commitment to fulfill requirements.
Submit this form along with your proposal narrative and attachments.
Part I. Application Contact Information
1. Contact Person:                                2. Relationship to playspace (i.e. neighbor, director, etc.):

3. User Name used when logging on kaboom.org

4. E-mail Address:                                5. Telephone:
                                                  6. Alternate Phone:
7. Organization Name:

8. Mailing Address:

9. City:                                          10. State:       11. Zip Code:

12. Phone (different from your phone number       13. Fax:

14. Name of Executive Director (or equivalent):   15.URL of playspace record on kaboom.org

Part II. Demographic Profile (kids that use the playground)
What age groups and numbers in each age group will use the outdoor fitness equipment?
(Check all that apply)
   0 to 2             Number = ______
   2 to 5             Number = ______
   5 to 12            Number = ______
   Over 12            Number = ______

How many more kids/adults will be able to have access to physical fitness activities through this
   Fewer than 25
   25 – 49
   50 – 99
   100 – 199
   200 or more

What type of community will be served by the equipment?
  Urban
  Suburban
  Rural

What percentage of kids served by the equipment would be considered low-income? Note: if you
have access to the percentage of kids who are eligible for free or reduced price lunch, please use
that number.
   Under 25%
   25% - 50%
   51%-60%
   61% - 70%
   71% - 80%
   81% - 90%
   91% - 100%
Optional: Ethnicity of children served:
  Percent African American = ____
  Percent Hispanic = _____
  Percent Asian & Pacific Islander = ____
  Percent Caucasian = _____
  Percent Other = ______

Part III. Application Narrative
Please ensure that all questions in the application are answered completely.

1. Describe the condition of your KaBOOM! playspace. Are there are any issues with the
   equipment and is the surfacing at the appropriate level?

2. Describe the maintenance plan for the playground and identify who is responsible for
   maintaining the playground.

3. How has the playground impacted the community? Be specific about changes and
   improvements as a result of having the playground. What activities/projects have happened
   since the playground was built? Have there been individuals that have taken on a leadership
   role in the community as a result of the playground build?

4. Describe the community you serve or live in and who uses your playspace?

5. Is your playspace open to the general public? If no, are there any special arrangements to
   open the playground after hours for the general public?

6. Describe the plan to include outdoor fitness equipment around your playground? Please
   include who your vendor is and what the scope of the project is (ie. Number of stations, is
   there a path between the stations or will the stations be clustered etc.)

7. Describe how the outdoor fitness equipment will help to increase the usage of the
   playground? How do you envision the equipment being used by the community? What type
   of programming will be done in conjunction with the fitness equipment?

8. How will you raise the additional $6,000 for the project? This can include any in-kind support
   for the project.

Part IV. Application Attachments
To complete your application, you must include the following attachments. Applications missing
one or more of these documents will not be reviewed.

    1. Evidence of Non-Profit Status
       Schools or Governmental entities do not need to provide this.

    2. Letters of Support for the grant
       This can be from parents, Executive Director or Board of Directors.

    3. Pictures
       3 pictures of the well maintained playground.

    4. Outdoor Fitness options and pricing
       Design renderings of the equipment and a quote.

    5. Budget
       Provide a line item budget for the cost of the project. The budget needs to include the
       source of the $6,000 that needs to be raised.

    6. Proof of Insurance - Proof of commercial & general liability insurance not less than

    7. Proof of Land Ownership and/or Letter of Permission from the Land Owner -
       Organizations must submit proof that their organization owns the land upon which they
    plan to put the equipment or a letter of permission from the landowner needs to be

 8. Demonstration of taking action for Play
    Include a document that lists the two actions that have been taken and provide
    documentation of those actions.

 9. Signed Letter of Intent (click on links to download)
    Outdoor Fitness Equipment Grant Letter of Intent
    Outdoor Fitness Equipment Grant Letter of Agreement

                     Please submit complete applications to:


                       By 5:00pm EST February 29, 2012

  Please contact Mila Liachenko, KaBOOM! Grants
Manager, with any questions: mliachenko@kaboom.org
                   or 202-464-6168

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